Customer Reviews: Pokemon Sapphire Version - Game Boy Advance
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on February 18, 2003
Ready to battle it out with over 100 Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire? Well get ready!
The creatures are coming! No, don't run for your life - it's just two new Pokemon games, Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, arriving on the Gameboy Advance in March.
Here's a sneak, peek at the coolest features of both games.
Brand New Pokemon:
Ruby and Sapphire will unleash more than 100 new battle-ready Pokemon. Here are a few Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon:
1.Groudon / Type:Ground / On Pokemon Ruby box cover
2.Kyogre / Type:Water / On Pokemon Sapphire box cover
3.Torchic / Type:Fire / Starter Pokemon
4.Mudkip / Type:Water / Starter Pokemon
5.Treecko / Type:Grass / Starter Pokemon
New Trainers:
You can't have new Pokemon without new trainers, and each game offers up a never-before-seen pair. Gamers can test Landon and Terra in Ruby and Sean and Marina in Sapphire.
Two-on-Two Battles:
The intense - and tougher - new battle schemes in both Ruby and Sapphire will satisfy even the most hard-core battlers. Now you can battle two characters against your friend's two characters, or link up and battle three friends with each player managing one Pokemon at a time.
Here's some tips:
1.Early in the game, catch a few Zigzagoon! Their special ability can get you a lot of great free items.
2.Make sure to replant berries to keep your berrie supply growing.
I hope this information helps you in your quest to be a Pokemon Master.
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on February 22, 2016
These are fake Ruby versions. Not official Nintendo as advertised. Take your business elsewhere.
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on October 28, 2003
Just to start off, this game is essentially the same as Pokemon Sapphire, for those of you who are new to Pokemon. There are some differences, such as who the bad guys are and what Pokemon you can collect, but if you're just starting out with the series, don't worry about that. In the Pokemon games, you start off by choosing to be a boy or a girl, and then you get right into the game. The goal here is to capture wild Pokemon by battling them. Then, you train them so they will be strong enough to fight other trainers' Pokemon,
Pokemon Ruby is a great new addition to the Pokemon family, anyone who enjoyed any of the other Pokemon games will love this one just as much. Even if you are just starting out with the Pokemon games, this is a great way to get in on the action. Ruby has more than 200 all-new Pokemon to capture, updated graphics, new battle styles and tons of other great features.
At its heart, this is an RPG, so if you hate them, stay away from this game. Of course, if you love RPG's, this is a great game for you. The graphics are also wonderful for an RPG on the Game Boy advance. It plays just like the previous Pokemon games (looking in a 2D-like position over your character, but that's pretty good, considering this game is going to take you a VERY long to beat), but now there are added effects such as rain and volcanic ash.
The sound is (thankfully) much better than that of the previous games. The soundtrack fits the game and is pleasant to listen to (if you play for hours on end though, it can get kind of annoying, but that's why you can the sound off).
The most notable new battle mode is the battles where you can have two of your Pokemon battle at once. You can use this to get a good advantage over your opponent by using different type Pokemon together.
And then there is the multiplayer function (you're going to need a game link cable and another game pack, however). You can battle your friend's Pokemon in head-to-head battles, and even trade Pokemon with each other. You can't trade Pokemon with any of the Game Boy Color games though.
New graphics
New battle modes
Hundreds of new Pokemon
Can take a while to get from one place to another
Wild Pokemon get really annoying when they attack you every five seconds
This is definatly an excellent addition to the Pokemon family. RPG and Pokemon fans alike will love this game (you're going to be staying up late playing this one).
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on January 11, 2003
Okay, I heard about this in September 2002 but there was little info. I've been checking up on many sites and it just seems to get better. It arrived in Japan November 21, 2002 and Ruby and Sapphire already got the best selling of the year in only a little over a month. The Pokedex should be really good and the graphics are much better from the screen shots that I have seen and the newer info has been very awesome. You can battle with two Pokemon at once or even team up with your friend. The main part of the game is to either beat team Magma or Team Aqua apart from being a Pokemon Master. Team Magma is after all the legendary Fire types and Team Aqua is after all the legendary Water types and it's up to you to stop them. You can make your own fort and trade with others. Apparantly Kanto and Johto are non-exsistant in this game. But there will be 386 Pokemon from what I heard. So literally I can't wait. We must be waiting for a treasure, surely not junk.
Pokemon is for all ages, not just for kids. You need to beable read well for this game and figuring out battle strategies isn't exactly for small kids to figure out easily. Education is also provided through this, when I played for the first time when I was 11 I didn't know that water conducted electricity, this game taught me that. So if you're here to diss the game you'll have to live through my Hydro Pump attack. Pokemon isn't stupid and maybe you should actually try it before you judge it.
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on February 26, 2003
This is about my 6th review and each review told different things about this game. What I am doing now is putting all the information from those reviews and putting them in this mega review. All of this information has been confirmed and is true.
Okay Pokemon Ruby came out to the public in Japan on 11.21.02 also with its brother Pokemon Sapphire. The game was ranked as the No.1 game in Japan the first week it came out and stayed at the top for about a month and a half. The American realease date for Pokemon Ruby is 3.17.03 and there is a rumor that Nintendo changed the release date to 3.19.03 but I don't think that it is true. It will feature 135 new Pokemon to catch and train ( don't ask me why they picked 135 other than 100 or 150 ). It will also feature a totally new battle system that enables you to use 2 Pokemon in battle instead of just 1 against an opponents 2 Pokemon. With the use of a Gameboy Advance Link Cable you are able to link with 3 friends and battle in teams. This means that you and a friend team up to battle against 2 other friends with each player managing 1 Pokemon each. The new battle system is what enables this. And instead of just 1 gamesave slot, now there is 3 slots so now you can start 1 game with Treecko the grass starter Pokemon, 1 game with Torchic the fire starter Pokemon, and 1 game with Mudkip the water starter Pokemon while you journey through the land of Houen which is the new land you have to explore. Team Rocket was getting old so Nintendo replaced them with Team Magma who are after all of the legendary fire Pokemon ( Team Aqua in Pokemon Sapphire who are after all of the legendary water Pokemon ). You can make your own fort where you are able to feed, play, and hang with your Pokemon. The point of the game is to catch, train, and battle with your Pokemon to try to win gym badges and defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion. There are also some new trainers, Landon and Terra
( Sean and Marina in Pokemon Sapphire ). That's all I know but here are a few tips. 1.Early in the game, catch a few Zigzagoon! Their special ability can get you a lot of free items. 2.Make sure you replant berries to keep your berry supply growing. I hope you can use this information or I wrote this all for nothing. See ya!
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on February 6, 2003
There are exactly 386 Pokemon, meaning there are 135 more, not 100. Of course, we don't know how to catch most of those 386 (everyone playing the Japanese games right now can only get a maximum of 200 right now). It is thought there will be another game (Gamecube or another Advance game) you will have to trade with to get all those other Pokemon. These games WILL NOT trade back with Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal.
Some of the best new features of thse games include; a secret base which you can decorate with items collected on your journey, a popularity contest in which you can get ribbons for you pokemon to raise his fame, 2 VS 2 battles (both via link cable and with pairs of characters in the game, including a set of twin gym leaders), and the ability to plant trees to get special nuts & berries. There are at least 7 new legendary Pokemon, and while there are no new types of Pokemon in this game, the new critters have many new abilities to keep gameplay fresh.
These game may not be "all they could be" according to some people, but they are more than worthy successors to the Pokemon saga. We all eagerly await the coming of the Gamecube Stadium game...
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on February 1, 2003
How can you ditch Pokemon? If it were for little kids they would have olkadotted cats and striped dogs as Pokemon. But they dont so this game was meant for bigger kids. First I will give you some bacround on the game.
You just got off your moving truck, and now you are in Little root Town, a new town in the new world of Pokemon, Hoenn. Your Mom tells you to walk for a bit. While you do, you run into Proffesor Birch, who is being attacked by a wild Pokemon, which I think is a Zigzagoon, needs your help. He droppes his pouch, which has three new Pokemon in it. Treeko, the grass Pokemon, Mudkip, the water pokemon, and Torchic, the Fire Pokemon. Chosse wisely, you get to keep the pokemon you use to save Professor Birch with.
But overall this game is awesome. Who cares if you cant go back to Kanto and Johto? When I played my Gold, Silver, and Crystal, thats when I thought the game got boring. And a slashed Pokedex means less to catch! But I know GBA can produce better graphics than this.
Another cool feature is that you can battle 2 on 2 with a friend! And the animations have been spiffed up a LOT...
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on January 31, 2003
I have been playing the Japanese version of Sapphire for about 20+ hours now, and I believe I might be able to shed some light on what to expect.
Overview: The game starts out with the ability to choose between a boy and a girl character. Like previous games, you may choose the name of your character HOWEVER you can not choose the name of your rival. After taking care of some basic things, you head out to become a Pokemon master. The same aspects of the previous games once again apply, and of course, Team Rocket(in the form of Team Aqua) will once again try to stop you. The game is very easy to follow and manipulate, so even the youngest fan won't have a hard time becoming a Pokemon master.
Graphics: Unlike Crystal, the Pokemon are no longer given an "intro" animation. While this does reduce battle time significantly in the long term, it might be a dissapointment for many younger players. However, the animation for attacks and item usage has been greatly improved. Certain attacks, like "attract" are now given a greater spotlight and have become long-term status effects. This new addition, along with many other new TMs, will greatly delight even the oldest Pokefan.
Music: The music is rather cheesy. This newest release does feature variations of the battle themes that most G/S/C fans are accustomed to, but the variations aren't incredibly good.
Pokedex: Yes, the Pokedex has once again gone a major upgrade and it will not be a dissapointment. The most interesting feature is that your Pokemon will now be shown relative to your character, giving the player a better idea of how large each Pokemon is.
New Pokemon: If you expect the new release to have lots of cutesy Pokemon, you will be in for a let-down. 186 of the "old" Pokemon are not availble in either Sapphire or Ruby, and as you can not trade with the earlier versions of the game, completing your Pokedex will be impossible until further versions are released. The nice thing is that, until Milo Town(3rd town), you won't encounter any of the old Pokemon. This means that you can not longer rely on familiar faces like Mareep and instead you'll have to adapt to new Pokemon like Jigumaguma. There are 5 Pokemon featured in this game that can not be caught in Ruby; Habunake, Hassboh, Latias, Kyogre and Runatoon. Both Latias & Kyogre are "legendary" Pokemon.
Overall, despite the music and the inability to trade Pokemon with previous versions, this is a great game that will keep anyone busy for hours on end. Sapphire is definetely worth the [price].
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on February 18, 2003
Just when you thought it was safe to own a Game Boy Advance, Nintendo announces a brand new Pokemon title.
What we have learned is that -- in addition to a hoard of one hundred new monsters being added, as per the usual -- four player GBA link cable play is being tucked in. How do four players Pokemon at the same time, you ask? Easy: two-on-two battles. With four players (and monsters) involved, the battles get that much more hectic. For that matter, just two players can choose to engage in "Double Battle". That means even with just two trainers present, you can send out two Pokemon at once to battle in a four monster free-for-all.
Beyond that, the Pokedex has been entirely disposed of. It's been replaced with the Pokemon Navigator (of course, it's known as "Pokenavi" for short.) Inside the Pokenavi's copious confines you'll find more than a simple list of Pokemon. You'll be able to see a map of the game's world, and check out what's in different towns you've visited so you can refresh your memory without trekking back there to discover it all again. In a section of the Navi dubbed "Trainer Eye", you'll be able to review your win and loss record, and the inclinations your Pokemon display during battle. You'll be able to check strategies and schedule rematches with other characters.
It seems like Team Rocket finally hung up their hats, because this time you'll be battling two syndicates of Pokemon mischief: Team Magma and Team Aqua. Team Magma will trouble players of Ruby, while Sapphire fans will have to contend with Aqua. The stories of the two games are more or less the same, otherwise, though.
With the addition of new modes, new monsters, and all-new game interface options, it sounds like more than a little care is being put into Ruby and Sapphire to assure fans of an extremely enhanced Pokemon experience.
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on March 4, 2003
Pokémon is coming to the GBA with more battle-options and of course more pokémon.
You start in Littleroot Town, where you'll get a pokémon from professor Birch.
You can choose from
-Treecko, gecko grass-type pokémon.
-Torchic, fire-type pokémon.
-Mudkip, water-type pokemon.
With your pokémon-friend at your side, you will be traveling through Hoenn, earning badges and catching all 386 pokemon!
However the graphics don't seem that much improved from the previous GBC titles, the world Hoenn itself is much and much bigger.
I played this game, and had even more fun than with Golden Sun!
(For those of you who can compare Golden Sun with another GBA-game!)
Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire is going to be a real hit, and pokemon-fans are going to love every minute of the game!
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