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5.0 out of 5 stars Another vote for the best title in the series!
I won't bother by giving you a synopsis or details about the game that can be easily found in a general review. Instead I will list a few details why, even with only 20 or so hours into the game so far, that I believe that X and Y are the best installments in the series. In no particular order:

1) The boring guided intro is gone and you are almost immediately...
Published 5 months ago by hunter_aran

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3.0 out of 5 stars Solid, but stripped down.
Great game overall, I liked how Pokemon from older generations were available right from the beginning. However, I feel that it is stripped of many features included in older games, such as: any form of contests, a clearly antagonistic rival, significant post-elite 4 gameplay, difficulty, and a logical plot line. I miss the contests from Gen 3, because they added an...
Published 8 days ago by Charlie

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another vote for the best title in the series!, October 18, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Pokémon X (Video Game)
I won't bother by giving you a synopsis or details about the game that can be easily found in a general review. Instead I will list a few details why, even with only 20 or so hours into the game so far, that I believe that X and Y are the best installments in the series. In no particular order:

1) The boring guided intro is gone and you are almost immediately on your own catching Pokemon and exploring.

2) Many old favorites from generation I and other fan favorites are featured almost right from the beginning. This is in stark contrast with B & W, where only new unknown pokemon are featured initially. This should appeal to gamers who are fond of the first games form the 90's.

3) No more waiting for powerful pokemon in the late-game, formerly only really usable in post-game. I caught a Bagon by the second gym and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

4) Mega-evolutions bring interest back to fan-favorites, showing younger gamers the great pokemon they are not familiar with and, again, appealing to gamers who played the original games.

5) "Super Training" makes EV training (competitive training) fun, easy, fast, and accessible for anyone. You can fully EV-train pokemon in less than an hour, and undo it all with a special item, and redo it as you change your strategy.

6) Trainer customization and online features make this feel more like an RPG.

7) The shiny encounter odds are reasonable now.

8) Perfect IV pokemon are a few breeding steps away with the new "Friend Safari" and new breeding mechanics.

9) The graphics are stylized just like the anime now. It REALLY looks great.

10) Now that Game Freak has tweaked the game to be more reasonable, competitive pokemon can be trained in a reasonable time, therefore cheating/hacking is not even necessary (it is blocked for the foreseable future anyway).

Now if I had to give it a few negative points: the 3D is only active in single battles and only certain parts of the overworld because the framerate is low when 3D is on and would probably become terrible with more action, the dialogue is still a bit childish and boring for the most part with bland side-characters, the difficulty needs to be higher (although they did make is accessible for all ages at least), and the 3DS really needs a cellular card in it or something because WIFI is still not consistent enough when going various places to take advantage of the new online features. I am sure if Nintendo had an online service for the 3DS like the Amazon Kindle does, even for a low cost, that many would subscribe just for this game.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Loving it, but a HUGE note of caution, October 23, 2013
This review is from: Pokémon Y (Video Game)
Pokemon X and Y are a fantastic progression of the Pokemon series, and just like with 'Black' I & II and 'White' I & II, my daughter and I each chose one of the two games--this time around she's playing 'X' and I'm playing 'Y'. It's amazing to see how much more we get in the terms of content, graphics, music, and of course general things to do. However, before I say more I think you should be aware that there is a savegame bug right now that could kill your savegame. I'll post a link to an article about it in the comments, so be careful and avoid saving your game in the affected areas of Lumiose City: Game Freak tells us that eventually they'll be pushing a fix for us.

If you're new to Pokemon, the shortest way I could explain it is that you are a young person in a land where many different kinds of creatures exist in the wild called 'Pokemon'. These creatures can be captured and cared for, and for many children this is a kind of rite of passage: you learn how to capture and train Pokemon, travel the land on your own, and have adventures. You use your Pokemon to have battles, against other trainers and against wild Pokemon. If it sounds a bit cruel, keep in mind that this is a game for young people and as such Game Freak goes out of their way to make the story a positive lesson: you have to take care of your Pokemon, they grow to like you, and no one ever dies--they just 'faint' and can be revived. Some creatures can 'evolve' into different forms, and with X and Y we now get 'Mega-Evolution' that adds to our options and makes the possibilities even more diverse.

If you're contemplating buying a Pokémon game for a child in your family, there is educational value to be had here: I'm amazed at the huge and creative variety of creatures, and my daughter has coached me on strategies: type matching and analysis are important skills that require memorization, reasoning, and a bit of basic math. You have to manage money to buy things and plan your inventory before taking a trip out of town. And sometimes your character is asked questions to make them think.

Pokemon X and Y are the latest entries in the series, and they take the new ground that was broken in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White (both of which had sequels, I & II) several steps further. Perhaps the biggest change in X and Y is that you interact closely with your Pokemon:

- play with them: there are fun minigames that you play together
- feed them: you get "Pokemon puffs" that look like little pastries that you can hand-feed them using the stylus
- interact with them: petting them makes them happy, and when they're in a particularly good mood they'll play a game with you in which you get to make faces with them: the 3DS camera will show your Pokemon your smiling, winking, or making a 'kissyface'. Your Pokemon delight in your antics.
- train them: you can play other minigames that boost their stats, allowing you to really bump up their skills! Have a Pokemon that's slow? Do lots of Speed training and they'll get faster. It's been huge amounts of fun watching my favorite Pokemon's stats raise and they really do perform better in battles.

All of this revolves around a central story line, with good guys and bad guys, and the difference between X and Y seems to be that the storyline in 'Y' appears to go into a little bit darker territory than 'X', though both have the same overall story. You are encouraged to use the wireless aspects of 3DS to trade, battle, and 'see' each other's Pokemon when you're with someone else who is playing X or Y. You also get "O-Powers", which can be used to bump up stats as well. And early on in the game you have a chance to choose one of the three first-gen 'Starter' Pokemon and add them to your party, which is a really nice nod to the earlier games.

There is a lot more to X and Y in that your character can now change clothes and mix and match different outfits. You can buy clothes in various boutiques throughout the land, and my daughter loves coming up with her own fashion ideas. Your character can shoot 'promo videos' of themselves, though this bit is kind of weird and a bit lame, like the 'movies' that you could make in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White...not very clear how it works, not sure exactly what the purpose is.

There are huge benefits this time around too: most of the game is animated, and it all has a very nice cel-shaded look (think Sly Cooper or recent Zelda games). Camera angles are fairly dynamic, especially during battles, when the camera pans around or does split-screen effects, etc. Battle is a lot more animated, with more visual effects. The music sounds really great, as if it's been orchestrated this time around. The region you are in resembles a European village, complete with a lot of French-sounding names and places. As a very long-time player of JRPGs, I really didn't mind the look of the prior games at all--but I really LOVE the new look & feel of Pokemon X & Y! But the biggest boosts to the gameplay are:

- Experience Share isn't specific to one Pokemon: it's in your pocket and causes bonus XP to be shared with every member of your party
- It used to be that if you captured a Pokemon, no experience was handed out for the battle: now, you still get XP.
- It also used to be that if a Pokemon fainted during a battle and wasn't revived before the battle was over, they didn't get XP. They do now! I even had a Pokemon faint and level up while fainted. This was a pleasant surprise that makes level-grinding easier to do.

If you're new to the Pokemon games and this is your first one, X and Y are a great place to begin--you'll be a bit spoiled! If you're a fan of the original games, picture this as another step forward, with a whole new look. I've really enjoyed the additions and changes, as most of them seem aimed at making the entire experience of a Pokemon game more enjoyable.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This made me love Pokemon again, October 15, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Pokémon Y (Video Game)
Let me begin by saying that I am a long, die hard, Pokemon fan. I began back with Pokemon Ruby, and subsequently moved to play the first and second generations. I was absolutely and completely mesmerized by the amazing fun and thrilling rush of playing any Pokemon game. I still remember skipping middle school to stay home and train my Larvitar in Pokemon Silver. I still remember bringing my Gameboy Advance everywhere to try to find Surf in Pokemon Red. I vividly remember beating the Elite Four in Pokemon FireRed for the first time and maniacally pressing A in hopes of catching Mewtwo with the UltraBall.

However, things have changed. I am a college student now. Pokemon Black and White, was for me, a major disappointment. I logged over 100 hours in Pokemon Pearl and Platinum and barely even got my 7th badge in Pokemon Black before completely quitting and never touching it again... I feared the worst, oh god, did I outgrow my childhood? Was I becoming more cynical, more serious, heaven forbid, more mature?! No!! Where was my childhood thrill that I got from training my Dragonite, capturing Lugia, and chasing down Mesprit?! I feared the fun would never return and I was just another grown - up...

Well, Pokemon Y brought it back... and during midterms week.

I have logged in more than 20 hours with Pokemon Y so far, (who needs microecon anyways?) and I barely got my 8th badge, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME. I feel the same rush I felt when I was in middle school training my pokemon! This game is great! It fixed all of what was wrong with Generation V such as boring and lackluster Pokemon interactions, and revamped the system without taking away my beloved formula of capturing Pokemon.

My Charizard, Raichu, and Greninja are all ready to tackle the Elite Four and I feel like a Pokemon Master again! DEFINITELY BUY THIS GAME IF YOU LIKE POKEMON. Even if you were disillusioned with Pokemon Black and White, give XY a try. I did, and I do not regret it. The graphics are amazing, and the magic is certainly there.

Pokemon Y brought some well needed air to the franchise and I can say that I am a Poke Maniac, once again.

This game feels a lot like Generation III and IV! This feels like a TRUE Pokemon game!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Game Freak's latest - but greatest?, October 12, 2013
This review is from: Pokémon X (Video Game)
To put it simply - maybe! Read on to see why, but be warned of some minor gameplay spoilers. To avoid them skip down to my "bottom line" section. Also, make sure to check there for the latest on the "save bug" that may temporarily break your game!

To those familiar with the series, you'll recognize the old familiar pattern right away. Receive Pokemon and Pokedex and then fight your way to the top, beating the bad guys along the way. For those new to the series however, Pokemon X/Y offers a more than adequate introduction, though because of this gameplay exposition, conversation is just a little bland for the first few towns. On that topic, while newcomers will find these games entirely accessible and enjoyable, there are several friendly nods to eras gone by placed with in the games, as old familiar faces make appearances. Further, you'll get to pick a first generation starter right off the bat to augment your team, a touch that I absolutely loved.

Speaking of familiar, the story and its baddies are nothing really new - starting with Black and White, Pokemon started making more of an effort in that department, but plot is still not is strong suit. That said, some of the cast members do manage to stand out, especially a couple of really unique gym leaders and other NPCs. Most, however, are fairly cookie-cutter. Still, where this would ruin most RPGs, it's not a huge concern for Pokemon, where the goal is always catching em all and being the best.
As for catching them all, I confess myself slightly disappointed - there are significantly fewer new Pokemon than were introduced by prior generations. However, the lack of quantity is neatly compensated for by high overall quality - prior generations have seen some serious "dud" Pokemon, but there don't seem to be any this go-round. (Addendum: Found the dude Pokemon. Klefki, I'm looking at you!) The new additions are, fortunately, well-padded by five prior generations, and so you never run out of things to catch.

Next up is gameplay. While the basics have remained the same, Game Freak has, as always, tweaked the balance just a bit - in fact, they've done rather a lot this time. Introducing a new type for the first time in 14 years is a bold move, as was retconning a few Pokemon into the new type. Fortunately, it seems to work out - no doubt it'll give the hardcore metagame analysts something to chew on for a good long time, and for the rest of us, the game is more balanced than ever. Next in line of gameplay changes is the well-hyped "mega evolution" mechanic, and YES, it is exactly as cool as it sounds. I'd hate to spoil anything, but I will say that some are game-dependent, and overall X seems to get the "cooler" end of the stick in that department.

Additionally, "Pokemon Amie" is an entirely endearing side-game that I think really adds an extra dimension to Pokemon interactions. While it may not do much for some audiences, for those that really enjoy bonding with their virtual pets, this really takes things to new heights. Again, I don't want to spoil much, but there are some Pokemon that it is just endlessly entertaining to pet.

As to graphics, well, screenshots obviously don't do the game justice. Pokemon in 3D is reminiscent in some ways of the console games, especially with the exciting dynamic camera movements and attack animations. The sheer amount of "stuff" going on in battle makes it very exciting - except for when it causes a bit of lag. This is mainly an issue in larger-scale battles (horde battles are also an exciting introduction!), but a slight disappointment nonetheless, since it's precisely those big, epic moments that would be most impressive in smooth, 3D glory. On the other hand, the world is absolutely gorgeous - running your customized character through Kalos is a real treat, especially with all the ways to get around. Having played since the first generation, jumping up a ledge for the first time was an absolute joy.

Sound effects are, as usual, a bit outdated. The music however is gorgeous - not quite a match for the second generation (in my own opinion) - but beautiful nonetheless.

Overall, X and Y are fantastic additions to the Pokemon family. They shake things up in exactly the right way while maintaining the philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Hardware limitations can sometimes put a damper on things, but they hardly dim the brilliance of a very exciting sixth generation.

**UPDATE ON THE SAVE BUG** Nintendo and Game Freak are aware of a game-crashing bug that may occur when saving on the outskirts or some inner avenues of Lumiose City. A patch has been released for both the downloaded and cart version, and can be downloaded for free from the 3DS eshop. There are different downloads for versions X and Y, be sure to get the correct one!

Questions or comments? Feel free to leave them below, or to contact me at
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pokemon as it should be, October 12, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Pokémon X (Video Game)
I've been a fan of the Pokemon franchise since Blue Version. I was pretty disappointed with the Pokemon in Black/White and the games have seemed to be getting worse and worse. That being said, Pokemon X has been quite amazing so far.

Although I haven't gotten very far in the game yet, it's a completely different feel from any of the past Pokemon games. The battles are very reminiscent of the console versions, which brought back a lot of nostalgia. The graphics are very crisp, and the towns are beautifully designed and very different from Pokemon towns that you might be accustomed to. The new Pokemon are actually interesting so far, and I haven't come across any poorly-named ice cream cones or garbage bags.

Definitely happy with my decision to buy it, and a good step back in the right direction for Pokemon.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best in the series., October 17, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Pokémon X (Video Game)
Everything about this game just screams polish. The new Exp. Share guarantees that you will always enjoy your game rather than worry about grinding. The new Pokemon are interesting and diverse, and the new Fairy type is definitely complimentary to the series as a whole. The largest change overall is probably the graphics. Normally, graphics are low on my list of important things, but this game is gorgeous with only minor issues when battling in 3D (there's some slowdown). The unique features for each individual Pokemon, from Braixen's wand being used for special attacks in its animation, to Pikachu entering the battlefield with a quite prominent "PIKA!" are completely complementary to the gorgeous faux-Paris setting. There are cafes and boutiques everywhere which give you a real sense of customization that doesn't feel phoned in. I strongly recommend this title, especially to Pokemon fans.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Pokemon Game Ever!, October 12, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Pokémon X (Video Game)
Out of all the Pokemon games I own and have played, Pokemon X (and Y) is amazing! Probably the first time I interacted with other people around the world. This game is definitely worth getting!
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4.0 out of 5 stars The Next Evolution of Pokemon - An In Depth Review, October 13, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Pokémon Y (Video Game)
Pokemon is back on the 3DS (and 2DS)! It has many notable improvements, while still relying on the same mechanics that have been around (and updated) since the Blue/Red generations.

--Be sure to go to the Title Screen, select Mystery Gift from the Internet to get your special Torchic while it lasts!--


Graphics: 5/5 - The graphics are nothing less than stunning. The games exploration is non-stereoscopic 3D that transitions into stereoscopic 3D battles. The 3D effects are gorgeous. The pokemon look better than ever and it looks like it could have come straight from the show. NOTE: While the 2DS can obviously play this, players will miss out on the phenomenal stereoscopic graphics which is a shame. The 3DS is the definitely the better experience. Note: there is lag when the 3D effects are on during battles. It doesn't bother me at all, but others have noted that they don't like it.

Audio: 4/5 - The chiptunes are still here with several familiar themes, remixes and brand new arrangements. Considering the more powerful hardware of the 3DS, it would have been nice to hear some higher quality music. The sounds from Pokemon and their moves have received an upgrade.

Gameplay: 4/5 - This is still the Pokemon that has been around since Red/Blue: Catch Pokemon, Defeat Gym Leaders, Challenge the Pokemon League. Limited to 4 moves, there are TMs and HMs (Technical and Hidden Machines, respectively, that allow you teach a Pokemon a new move). The addition of new battle types (Horde and Aerial), improvements to experience gain (players will get experience points for capturing Pokemon and the item called EXP Share that does what it sounds like), and the new Mega-Evolutions keep the game feeling fresh.

Online: 4/5 - The online does what it promises - makes it easy to meet people for battles or trading. You can search for trades or opponents over the internet without the need for a friend code. You can still swap friend codes for an easy invite though. The Pokemon Online Bank is set to come out in December with a 4.99/year price tag which will make transferring Pokemon a lot easier.

Overall: 4/5 - This is a fantastic addition to the Pokemon franchise, and certainly worth the purchase price. The game is gorgeous but still suffers from old gameplay tropes and plays like previous iterations, for better or worse. It is definitely faster paced that the older games. The new gameplay mechanics are a welcome addition and I have been having a blast so far.



The 3D battles and effects are truly amazing. The Pokemon aren't just pop-up book style cutouts, having depth and looking like true 3D. Each Pokemon is animated as well, making the old sprite based games look ancient in comparison. Each move looks fantastic and realistic, as if it was taken from the show. The Pokedex pulls up in 3D as well. Like any other Pokemon game, there are some fantastic models, but there are also some ridiculous ones as well that I can't imagine people will use other than to add another number to the Pokedex of caught Pokemon.

The camera is typically at an angled, top-down view. At certain locations the view is zoomed in to show detail or where the character is going. The scenery looks great as well, with the blue water sparkling as it shifts, grass blowing in the wind, and the towns looking vibrant.

Character models have seen a huge improvement as well, getting a full 3D makeover. Player can choose to be a something-teen boy or girl, select one of three face/hair/skin color combinations, and even have the ability to find/earn/buy new clothes to equip on their character, allowing them to look diverse and unique.

The battle screen looks similar to the older games, with a typical backdrop and the Pokemon themselves in a "terrain" circle (surrounded by grass, for instance, when in the plains) and across from the enemy. The backdrops have been improved and look great. The screen zooms in and cuts between the two contenders while selecting a move to perform and helps make it feel like each battle could be part of the show.


I was expecting the same chiptune roars and squelches that I've heard before. And there are still there. There are also some new ones that I was not expecting. The first time I ran into a Pikachu I knew I was going to hear that 8-bit thunder-cry it's had since the first generation -- instead I heard it say "Pikachu" as it would from the show. Some are less impressive than others; the quality varies.

The music is cheery and bright, not much has changed here. The songs sound like they came from any of the last few generations. This is a good or bad thing depending on how much you like the previous tunes. I can't recall any particular tune as nothing is extraordinarily fantastic.

Aside from the music, there are some classic sounds as well. Booting up the computer elicits a familiar sound. Opening up your backpack sounds like shifting leather/cloth material. The sounds aren't overly fancy, but get the job done.


There have been numerous upgrades to gameplay. Starting the game greets the player with the Professor greeting the player and explaining what Pokemon are. Then you choose your gender and get started. Within a few minutes, you'll have your first Pokemon and will be off battling and capturing! The starts are classic Fire/Grass/Water types; pick the one that looks best to you and be assured you can trade for the others later.

You can run from the outset by holding B. Before you even defeat the first Gym you'll get Roller Skates that allow you to glide around extremely fast. Use the Skates by moving the Circle Pad. You can go back to the traditional movement style by using the Directional Pad.

Experience points have seen a much needed upgrade. Capturing a Pokemon no longer results in 0 experience points, you'll still get the normal amount. Also, after defeating the first Gym leader, her younger sister will give you the EXP Share Key Item before you head out to Route 4. This handy item gives ALL Pokemon in your party 50% of the experience that the active Pokemon earn. The active Pokemon who participated do not have any reduction in their XP for having the item on.

Battle is the same as it's always been: a maximum of 4 moves, you pick one, and the higher speed goes first. Each move has a number of times it can be used between Pokemon Center visits. There are, of course, new moves which add more depth. A new Pokemon type has been added: Fairy, which is strong against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark. New battle types are present too. In addition to the classic single and doubles matches, there are also Horde Encounters where up to 5 wild Pokemon fight the player. There are also Aerial battles that pit two flying Pokemon against each other high above the ground. These add variety to the typical battle styles which helps keep things feeling fresh.

Battles do move quickly. The animations are fantastic which add to the joy of watching each battle play out. However, many players will find themselves watching the same move get played out over and over again when they first start. The same mechanics basic battle mechanics are in place, with moves being more effective against some types than others, and Pokemon who use moves that match their type get a nice power boost.

Catching Pokemon is still a similar affair too. Weaken the wild Pokemon, throw a ball, and wait for it to jump around 3 times to see it captured. The Pokemon in the beginning areas tall grass are quite varied as well, meaning you can start to capture them all, or just build a large variety team early on. In the first forest it's possible to catch at least 7 to 8 different kinds of Pokemon if you stick around long enough. Each Pokemon still has a % chance to show up, with common Pokemon like Caterpie and Weedle showing up the most.

Money is doled out quite frequently. I try to keep a full stock of Pokeballs at all time and several potions on hand just in case.

There are new mini games: Pokemon-Amie lets you play, feed, and pet your Pokemon to enhance your bond with them and Super Training allows you to increase their EV (base stats) for the more competitive players. After playing Pokemon-Amie with one of my Pokemon, in hopes of increasing it's happiness to evolve, I discovered that there is both affection and happiness in X and Y, and these are two different things entirely. When you maximize your affection in Amie, your Pokemon will have a closer bond with you; so far my Riolu has dodged attacks and had more critical hits, in addition to sometimes playing an animation of my character petting him for good work after the battle.

Player Search System (PSS) is a new way to find, trade and battle with players locally and globally. This should make online interactions quicker and easier than ever before.

Mega-Evolutions are a new temporary evolution state that certain Pokemon can achieve during battles only. Only certain Pokemon can perform these evolutions with a Mega Stone equipped, like Mew-Two, Charizard, Blastoise, Venosaur, and Blaziken. There are others to discover as well!


Online works really well, including being able to trade using the Global Trade Station (GTS) and conducting battles from the start. You can trade, battle, send messages, and grant O-Powers to others. There are no co-operative elements to the online, which is understandable given the single player driven type of game this is. You can easily add friends through the Friend Code function or by detecting them using a local connection. Once there, it's easy to look through your lists. At the bottom of the PSS is a huge list of players that you can scroll through. All in all, the online is functional and useful for staging battles or trading for your favorites.


This is definitely the next evolution of the franchise. The same gameplay mechanics from past generations are here with notable additions. The graphics are beautiful, the highest selling point of the game likely. The sound is adequate and well done well, but nothing stands out as striking or extraordinary. The mechanics have been refined further, but I can't help but think this may have been an opportunity to try something new or synthesize new mechanics to give the series a fresh take. I suppose the old adage of "if it's not broke, don't fix it" applies here. Everything is refined and works. This game is a 3DS game definitely worth owning.
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5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING., October 14, 2013
This review is from: Pokémon Y (Video Game)
Game Freak does NOT disappoint, the next generation of Pokemon is here and its truly incredible. The graphics are amped and the gaming experience is beyond brilliant with the new Nintendo 3DS XL console system (I highly recommend getting the XL version rather than a regular 3DS).
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5.0 out of 5 stars As usual Pokemon has outdone themselves again, but more so than ever., October 13, 2013
This review is from: Pokémon X (Video Game)
The graphics are great, the battlescenes are jaw-dropping, all in all the visual quality is amazing.

(Warning, If you read on, some, but not a lot of events will be spoiled, chances are it doesn't even matter)


One of many things that I found significantly better was the amount of pokemon you come across from each generation. Once you walk on route 2 (route 1 has no grass -.- not that much of a spoiler) you have the chance to catch several different pokemon right off the bat. So far I've caught around 45-50 and barely beaten the second gym leader.

Another amazing thing about this game is how long it has been for me. I admit playing a bit casual and slow because I'm trying to savor every moment, but being 2 badges in with 10 and a half hours of gameplay so far is insane for me. Previous-gen pokemon games had me beat the elite four around 24- 30 hours, but X is most likely going to top that with an additional 20 hours.

I haven't tried out mega-evolution yet, but that's because I'm still not that far in the game, but overall I'm starting to think this is my favorite game by far in my opinion. (Opinion is a feeling of emotion towards something, not facts.)

If you don't have a 3ds I wouldn't really recommend a 2ds because you will be missing out, but if you're on a budget, saving a few bucks is understandable.

Overall I rate this 5 out of 5 for being such an amazing experience even so early in the game and I would most definately recommend this to anyone.
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