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on June 15, 2005
Pokemon Advanced: A Bite to Remember contains episodes 23 through 27 of the 52-episode sixth season of Pokemon. The trio of Ash, Brock, and Misty is now a quartet: Ash, Brock, and brother and sister Mai and Max. Mai is cute, but does not like to study or use other words besides "awesome."

Episode 23 (Season 6) - A Bite to Remember - On the journey to Rustboro City and the gym there, Max tries to force a cute little Poochyena to evolve. I don't think he should force it. It is cute as it is, and look how long Ash has had Pikachu, and it has not evolved into Raichu. Team Rocket plays on Max's concerns with an "evolution machine" that has Meowth dressing up in different Pokemon costumes. Funny!

Episode 24 - The Lotad Lowdown - Brock befriends a cute little Lotad, a water-lily type Pokemon. The gang finds a Pokemon preserve managed by two sisters. The little sister develops a crush on Brock, while Brock pines over the older one.

Episode 25 - All things Bright and Beautifly - At last, Mai has found her calling. She meets two friends who participate in Pokemon "contests." The contests are not battles; attacks are judged on beauty, skill, and poise of trainer and Pokemon. May falls in love with the pretty ribbons winners get. This episode is absolutely hilarious because Jessie enters the contest completly unprepared, putting her Sviper in a nervous sweat. I was laughing my head off.

Episode 26 - All in a Day's Wurmple - The stunningly beautiful Beautifly evolves from a caterpillar-type Wurmpole. Mai and Jessie both race into the forest after the same Pokemon.

Episode 27 (Gonna Rule the School) - Finally arriving in Rustboro City, Ash is dismayed by being delayed at going to the gym, as Mai and Max are very taken with a Pokemon Academy that teaches kids all about Pokemon. The school has a vault of Pokeballs containing Pokemen each wearing the school emblem, and who will obey any trainer. Team Rocket is delighted at the prospective haul.

This DVD is great because it contains the last two episodes as "Bonus Episodes" instead of the usual three episodes. DVD is only available in English Dub. I world love to have the option to hear the Japanese voice actors.
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on June 18, 2004
This DVD contains five episodes, two of which will not be included on the VHS version. They are:
A Bite to Remember: Ash and co accidentally stumble into a Pokemon preserve. There, they meet Katrina and her pack of Mightyena. They also meet Katrina's Poochyena, which hasn't evolved into Mightyena yet. Max is intrigued and is determined to help this Poochyena evolve. This is a great episode, and it's one of my favorites over the entire season so far.
The Lotad Lowdown: Ash and co take a break at a lake to swim. They learn that this lake is inhabited by playful Lotad that can use Water Gun. Brock is drawn to one Lotad that can't quite do everything right. They also meet three girls who run a flower ship: Rita, Nicole, and young Natalie. Then, Natalie goes missing and Team Rocket tries to steal the Lotad! Can Brock and his new Lotad friend save the day?
All that's Bright and Beautifly: Ash and co have finally arrived at Rustboro City, and they find out about a Pokemon contest being held at Rustboro Hall. They also meet trainers Chaz and Janet with their Pokemon, Chaz's Venomoth and Janet's Beautifly. May falls in love with the world of Pokemon Contests. Meanwhile, Chaz tells Ash about an attack that will come in handy at the Rustboro Gym, Iron Tail. Ash and Pikachu struggle to master the attack in time. This is another great episode, Hoenn's Pokemon contests are just as exciting as battles and are one of my favorite features from the Ruby and Sapphire video games.
All in a Day's Wurmple: While walking through a forest, May is frightened by a caterpillar-like Pokemon called Wurmple. However, when her brother Max tells her that they evolve into Beautifly, May instantly wants it. Unfortunately, Jessie also wants a beautiful Beautifly. While May is out searching, Ash meets a young trainer named Forrest who challenges Ash to a Double Battle, in which each trainer uses two Pokemon at once. Ash, of course, accepts the challenge. Can May catch the Wurmple she desires, and can Ash master the challenge of a double battle?
Gonna Rule the School: Ash, Brock, May, and Max find a lost Poliwag in Rustboro City. They return it to its owner, Roxanne, a teacher in a Pokemon school near the gym. They also find that Roxanne is the gym leader! Before Ash can have his match, she has to finish teaching her Pokemon class, so they accept. Max is excited by the class and Roxanne lets him attend it for a day.
This is a great DVD, I give it 5 stars - mostly for containing episodes like "All that's Bright and Beautifly" and "A Bite to Remember." However, if you want the last two episodes, don't get the VHS version. Only the DVD has these two episodes.
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on September 16, 2005
this dvd features cool episode such as

A BITE TO REMEMBER- this episode features a feisty poochyena that is always using tackle desperetly wanting to see a pokemon evolve max starts to train the little poochyena

THE LOTAD LOWDOWN- in this episode Brock cathes a lotad and a little girl gets a crush on him

ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFLY- May finds her passion for pokemon when she meets two trainers and watches their venomoth and beautifly do amazing stunts and tricks


ALL IN A DAY'S WURMPLE- the group is walking in a forest when a wurmple jumps in front of May scaring her realizing wurmple can evolve into beautifly she wants to catch it but later on finds out team rocket's after the same wurmple

GONNA RULE THE SCHOOL- finally reaching Rustboro city Max and May become fascinated with the pokemon trainers school Max attends a begginer trainers class and befriends a shy poliwag while May takes a class to be in pokemon contests
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on December 29, 2015
my son is very glad to have this movie he is very excited and loves this movie!
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on July 6, 2014
No problems with it.
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