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on April 25, 2011
As usual the guide is outwardly nice. Good quality paper, and attractively designed. The layout is fairly easy to understand. It starts with the pokedex, and ends with a series of lists (for example, an alphabetical list of abilities, showing the pokemon capable of having that ability).

The Good:
1. Full UNOVA pokedex showing pokemon moves, abilites, etc. (as usual in the pokedex)
2. Details about game features: Dream World, Entralink, Battle Subway, Musicals, and more.
3. Locations and special evolution requirements
4. Lists of items, abilities, moves, weaknesses, etc.

The Bad:
1. No National pokedex

This guide is a good companion to the first book. Although it might work as a stand alone as it allows you to know where to find particular pokemon (but without story spoilers from the first book). The first guide was more of a walkthrough of the game. This guide is more about strategies beyond the story of the game.

Note, there is a lot of the information in this guide was available in the first guide (such as locations for the pokemon). However, this guide allows you to find the location based on the pokemon (as opposed to looking at the location and seeing what pokemon are there in the first guide).

What I find best about this guide is its focus on strategies. How to breed pokemon, how to train, how to battle, and how to win at the mini-games (such as the musical). This guide also includes a weakness list by pokemon so that if you know what to expect, you can correctly figure out what to use against it. This is especially useful since pokemon types are not alway apparent AND a lot of pokemon have 2 types (and the 2 type pokemon's weaknesses are not always clear).

Certainly, a lot of this information is available on the internet. But this guide is still useful if: 1. you don't always have access to the internet, 2. you don't want to need to use your computer for this information, 3. you appreciate the graphical presentation not typically found on websites.

NOTE: There is a code inside that allows you to change the background on your C-Gear. You need to access Dream World to do this.
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on June 10, 2011
Volume 2 of the Pokemon Black and White guides isn't a bad book. But for those who bought Volume 1, you're paying to get a lot of the same information again.

Even though the guide clearly reads "Pokedex" along the front, be sure to note that this is the UNOVA Pokedex, meaning you'll only get entries on the most recent 150 Pokemon, the ones natively available in the routes you travel up until you beat the end-of-game boss. All of this information was available in Volume 1, which also contained a detailed walkthrough and I would highly recommend.

When you consider the Volume 2 on its own, it's actually a pretty good book. It contains very in-depth information on Entralink, the online web-based Dream World, advanced battle tactics, breeding information, Pokemon-catching tips, and more. Plenty of that stuff wasn't mentioned in Volume 1. It contains almost no maps, but mostly charts, screenshots and information. The stuff I found most useful was information on where to find Pokemon from the previous games, using alternate methods like Pokemon outbreaks, fishing, and trading.

If you own Volume 1 and are savvy to websites that contain this very same information (there are many) then you'll probably be okay skipping this. However, if you like having ALL the information at your fingertips even when you're away from the internet, and you don't mind its lack of the National Pokedex (all 650 of 'em!) this book could be considered a reasonable purchase.
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on April 25, 2011
I haven't played pokemon since pokemon ruby and was surprised that it was split into 2 guides. I decided to hold out for this guide as it was quite easy to find the steps to beat the first part of the game online and what everyone really wants is the pokedex with the move list. My first look at this book shows me that this is a big book and every page is full of color. There is a poster in the back as well.

I will write out the table of contents for you:

Unova pokedex index 6
unova pokedex 9
how to use the unova pokedex 10
unova pokemon completion guide 91

complete the unova pokedex 92
techniques for catching wild pokemon 94
use pokemon moves and abilities 96
catch pokemon that appear in the wild 98
catch pokemon while surfing 101
catch specially appearing wild pokemon 102
obtain pokemon through evolution 104
evolve pokemon by using stones 106
evolve pokemon through friendship 107
obtain pokemon by restoring fossils 108
get certain pokemon during story events 109
link trade for pokemon 110
catch cobalion, terrakion, and virizion! 112
catch tornadus or thundurus 113
find zorua and zoroark 114

complete the national pokedex 115
catch pokemon from other regions
obtain pokemon by hatching eggs
pokemon egg groups-unova pokemon
transfer pokemon with poke transfer

communication features guide
try the communication features

how to use the c-gear
collect data using tag mode

battle over the infrared
link trade pokemon with infrared
check compatibility with feeling check
exchange friend codes with lots of friends

talk to your friends with the xtransceiver
explore other players' worlds with the entralink
expand black city or white forest
greet other players in the union room
enjoy battles in the union room
link trade pokemon in the union room
have fun drawing in the union room
spin trade eggs in the union room

accessing nintendo wi-fi connection
use th extransceiver in the wi-fi club
enjoy battles in the wi-fi club
link trade pokemon in the wi-fi club
battle trainers worldwide with random matchups
trade pokemon worldwide using gts
check out other players' musical photos
watch other players' battle videos
use the vs. recorder to record battles

pokemon global link
access the pokemon global link
befriend pokemon in the pokemon dream world
bring back pokemon from other regions in the pokemon dream world
grow berries in your garden
decorate your home
dream catalogue
swap items on share shelves
bring back berries and items
set up your profile
communicate with your game pals with e-z mail
customize the game
check your rankings at the global battle union

Pokemon battle primer
new pokemon battles in the unova region
master all the battle formats to win
connect with link battle and battle anyone
master type matchups
know stats for battling and raising pokemon
inflict status conditions to get an edge
become a pokemon move master
take advantage of pokemon abiliites
use items to develop new strategies
adapt your strategy to win battles
master the art of the combo
when a battle is lost, consider this
find the right pokemon to train
raise pokemon from eggs
master the art of strengthening pokemon
plan ahead to raise pokemon that fit your strategy
put your team to the ultimate test at the pokemon world championships

Battle Subway Strategies
Win on the Battle Subway
Learn Battle Subway Basics
Take on the single and super single trains
take on the double and super double trains
take on the multi and super multi trains
take on the wi-fi trains
techniques for winning on the battle subway

Pokemon Musical strategies
be a star in the pokemon musical
learn all about the pokemon musical
dress up your pokemon
give performances for good reviews
after the pokemon musical performance
perform with your friends

***Adventure Data*** 271
pokemon moves 272
field moves/moves learned from people 283
tms 284
hms 285
pokemon abilities 286
items obtained with the pickup ability 290
pokemon's natures and characteristics 291
items 292
items held by wild pokemon: unova pokemon 306
items that certain people will buy from you 307
pokemon musical props 308
pokemon moves reverse lookup - unova pokemon 310
pokemon abilities reverse lookup - unova pokemon 334
how and where to meet special pokemon 338
pokemon weakness chart - national pokedex 340
type matchup chart 352

special sections
shiny pokemon and the mysterious pokerus
use the battle-combo moves that the three starter pokemon can learn
teach your pokemon the ultimate move
upgrade your trainer card

Then the next page has all the pokemon in ABC order and the page it is on. The pokedex pages are great has everything you would want on it. Basically if you have the game, this is THE book to have if you are in the market for one. I may update this once i get to use it more and feel free to ask a question on here and i'll answer it.

I have had some time to look through this now and I don't think it includes all of the pokemon in the pokedex portion. It only shows pokemon 1-152 (snivy-kyurem). The pokedex page shows you all the moves they can learn, egg moves, and where to find them. My only other complaint is that the print on detailed pages is small. I wish they would have made that bigger but considering you have over 300 pages of full color that had to be expensive to make and i paid less than $12 for it.
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on June 17, 2011
The Pokedex (which is the same one as the Pokedex at the end of the collector's edition) is incomplete and does not include any of the Sinnoh, Hoenn and Johto/Kanto Pokemon, even though they have distinct B/W movesets. All of this info can be found online at, the new 3DS app, or any of the various third-party fansites. This book also doesn't cover the main quest (getting gym badges and making it through to the Pokemon League) - all of that is in volume 1.
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on April 28, 2011
I bought the collector's edition guide when it was first released, and I enjoyed it immensely. Helped out very much, and that version came with the Unova region pokedex, great for getting to know these new Pokemon. Now, there were no details on this guide for the Pokedex, whether it would be the complete set or not. If you have bought Platinum Guide or the HeartGold/SoulSilver Guide 2, you would know what I mean. I was expecting to have the whole Pokedex at my fingertips, but sadly, it was the same Unova region Pokedex from the Collector's Edition. No new Pokemon, nothing new. Replica is replica. Although disappointed with that aspect, the rest of the guide goes into detail on every other Pokemon Black and White know-how and what to do after you beat the main game, which really isn't much in these versions of Poekmon. Since White Forest is post game, I was expecting a complete Pokedex, from that point of view. So had I not already had the Collector's Edition, I'd give this 4 stars, but since I did, I bought this for no real reason other than to never have to look up stuff online. So to all those out there, get the hardcover Collector's Edition guide. Or, if it is not available, get this and the first guide for cheap on Amazon.
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on April 15, 2014
these guidebooks are always cool to have, and they really help. It is also great illustrations and statistics for stuff you wouldnt find out on the game.
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on June 27, 2011
I bought this (and both games) for my sons birthday. I expected a lot less information about a bunch more pokemon. After flipping through it casually before tucking it away for his birthday I was impressed with how much detail is included for each pokemon, including where to find it, which moves it can learn and what level (or how) they evolve.
After actually playing the game for a few minutes and needing info we started really looking it over and the information in the back is amazing. There are lists for just about everything and pictures to boot for most of them. The space I had assumed was dedicated to older pokemon has lists of moves, berries, items, evolution information, stone information and anything else you can think of and the fact that the older pokemon aren't listed really goes out the window...
This is the game guide to make any other game guide look like someone wrote sticky notes and stuck them on a piece of poster board by comparison.
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on December 5, 2013
It wasn't very intuitive the way that pages were organized. For one, since when does an index begin as a table of contents - that's where the Pokemon list is located? That could be great and all, but it would be consistent if that was also included in the index. There aren't a lot of pokemon in this book, but it's okay.
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on May 27, 2011
The pokemon information was very useful in training my pokemon. But, I found that the mass excess of information was very wasteful and uneccessary. Though, if you do not know much about pokemon, this information would most likely be very useful to you.
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on April 28, 2011
Totally no use, no national pokedex, only has Unova Podedex which exactly the same as Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version Collector's Edition, no point to buy duplicate one.
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