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Pokemon Emerald
by Game Boy Advance
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For the most part yes. There are some minor changes along the way and at one point a new section was added.
12 days ago by zach cole
You can play it on the gameboy advance, gameboy advance SP, nintendo DS, or nintendo DS light
12 days ago by Megan Simicsak
There's many different ways to tell real from fake. The obvious is the case: Pokemon Emerald is a transparent green, fakes may use a solid green; the Official Nintendo Seal will also be on the logo sticker, some fakes forget to put that on; another the nintendo logo on the cartridge (under the casing) which is visible by tilting the game or just taking the back off; the very sad way to figure out the game is a fake is having the save function just not work at all (note that Emerald does not need the internal battery to work to save the game. The internal battery just determines certain in game events and anyways that can be replaced). There isn't any way to tell if the game is fake or not until you have it in your hand (seeing as online sellers can use real images from anywhere and state they are theirs) and when purchasing it's purely based off of trust.
19 days ago by mia
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