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on August 10, 2004
Obviously, Pokémon still has a large fan base, seeing as how this is currently the second most pre-ordered game, LeafGreen is the fourth, and Colosseum was the first back when it was released.

I have played the Japanese version of FireRed, and it is amazing. The graphics look beautiful, the sound is wonderfully redone, and the wireless adapter is one of the most brilliant GBA accessories I've seen. Tons of improvements over the Red and Blue versions.

Also, it will be fully compatible with all the existing third-generation Pokémon games (Ruby, Sapphire, Box, and Colosseum). I am looking forward to it's release in the US, and I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at this game.
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on June 10, 2004
I have imported Pokemon FireRed from Japan and played through the Elite Four and a majority of the Island areas. It seems as though everything they've done wrong in the past, they've done right this time. Even some aspects that you never knew were lacking have been enhanced. Best of all, you will finally be able to get every last Pokemon (aside from Mew, Celebi, and Deoxys) if you've got access to Ruby/Sapphire, Colosseum, and FireRed/LeafGreen. The revamped Red/Blue from yesteryear will bring back a lot of old memories with the nearly identical storyline, but once you complete the main story, a whole new set of sub-stories begin. There will be enhanced e-Reader support and enhanced trading via the wireless adapter. If you get close to someone who's playing in the Union room, their character will show up in your Union Room, even if you can't see them. They could be in a nearby car or at another table at the same restaurant. As long as you stay close enough, you can trade with someone without ever even knowing who it was :)
Definitely get this when it comes out if you are even remotely interested in Pokemon. This truly is the best edition yet!
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on August 25, 2006
When Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out, I was very distraught to learn that some of my favorites from the original Game Boy generation, particularly Nidoking and Persian, were absent from them. Furthermore, since the Advance Generation employs a different system for Pokemon stats and is on vastly different hardware, I could not upload my power Pokemon from Crystal or Blue. And there were some things that annoyed me about Ruby/Sapphire, including the spineless rival and outlandish town concepts (Who builds a town atop trees or inside a crater?).

Enter LeafGreen. This game, along with the companion game FireRed, takes us back to the world where Pokemon got its start, but now with all of the Advance generation upgrades. The graphics are pretty good, and the lead girl character is the cutest I have seen in a Pokemon game.

Most of the dialogue remains unchanged from the original games. You have the shorts-obsessed youngsters, the really sensitive Lasses, and that poor scientist that was shipped off to the Russian Tiksi Branch of the regions major corporation. Team Rocket and its enigmatic boss Giovanni are here in all their glory, as are the original crew of gym leaders and Elite Four.

In addition to the main region, there is a chain of islands. Here, there are some new quests and some of the Johto Pokemon are found out there.

The controls are pretty much exactly as they were in Ruby/Sapphire, which means the menus and commands are well designed and intuitive. A device called the Vs Seeker allows you to challenge trainers you've already beaten. It doesn't take too long to recharge and is a great way to level up your army and earn cash.

There is a help function triggered by hitting the shoulder buttons, but it's only for newbie trainers and gets annoying because I have a tendency to hit the shoulder buttons by accident. At least the help menu can be turned off. The game also does a "recap" of your recent accomplishments. It's cool the first two or three times, but then it just becomes a waste of time. There is no time function in this game, so time-dependent evolvers must be traded back to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and that isn't possible until you've beaten the Elite Four and tackled an island sidequest. The music is remixed from the original games, but you'll still want to have your iPod handy.

Other than that, though, this game is an excellent RPG and involves a lot of strategy. Is it better than Emerald? Yes. This game takes place in a far more engaging world, the characters look better, and some of the Pokemon animations in Emerald look just plain dumb.

Note that the wireless battling is essentialty the same as before except without the hassles of cables. The wireless chat room is a good concept, but limited range of the included wireless transmitter really limits it.

If you can only pick up one of the GBA-generation Pokemon games, LeafGreen is the best of them all. The selection of Pokemon gives it the edge over FireRed, and the better-looking sprites and nostaligic feel combined with the current game mechanics places it well above Ruby, Sapphire, and even Emerald.

Again, I stress that the girl lead character from LeafGreen is super cute!
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on October 18, 2005
When this version first came out, I didn't buy it right away. Frankly, I was more than a little upset that Nintendo was trying to pass off this remake as a new game. But a few years later, I had the itch to play the original versions of Pokemon again, and figured, "Why not get the graphically updated GBA version?"

I won't bore you by describing the basic mechanics of the game; anyone who hasn't been living in a cave for the past decade knows how Pokemon works, and this is no different. Suffice to say, it's a remake of Pokemon Red/Blue.

What makes this well worth a purchase, though, is the surprising amount of new content. I was pleased enough to be replaying the best Pokemon iteration with vastly improved graphics, but I was euphoric when I discovered the boatload of new stuff to explore near the end of the game. There's an entirely original new area of Kanto to travel to, filled with Pokemon to catch, puzzles to solve, items to find, people to meet...even yet another Team Rocket-infested base. This is no tacked-on afterthought, it's a whole new chapter.

This, along with the liberal sprinkling of improvements throughout the game that I'll let you discover for yourself, make this a great buy for anyone who feels nostalgic for Red and Blue.
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on July 8, 2004
Title; Pokemon Fire Red
Players;1-40 (in the union room)
Genre; RPG
Introduction; Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are both remakes of the original two Pokemon games that launched in Japan which were Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. The mass popularity of these games then led to the release of Pokemon Blue, and then Pikachu (Yellow as we know it)version.
Review; Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are definately my most anticipated titles at the moment. Why? Because of four reasons.
2.It comes with the super-cool Wireless Adapter which clicks into the holes either side of the link cable port and the link cable port and allows you to play Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green WIRELESS!
3.Every place has had a complete makeover, and the sound has been improved too, making the graphics as good as Ruby/Sapphire!
4.Nine new islands have been added to these games, but they aren't like Johto, Kanto, Hoenn or Orre. No, they are just a few towns each.
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on November 11, 2004
I am a fan of all pokemon games. I have bought every pokemon game that came out. This one is so far the absolute best pokemon game that has been made.I purchased the game right away. This is why I like it. Like in Ruby & Saphire version you also have runnig shoes which allow you to run instead of walk. You also gat a chance to battle the first 8 gym leaders. In this game you are able to catch almost any pokemon.Except for Ruby & Sapphire pokemon. But you are allowed to trade & battle between Ruby or Sapphire & Fire Red. Their are a lot of new awsome features like Battle Tower & The Sevvi & Rainbow Islands . It is a challenge to beat this game because you have to fill up your pokedex to 352 pokemon. But if you have Ruby or Sapphire it gets pretty easy. I purchased this game in September & I still have not beaten it.Even though I think its so fun that I play it every day. I reccommend this game to all pokemon fans. You will not regret buying it.
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on April 28, 2006
Everyone my age has played Pokemon Blue/Yellow/Red on the GBC, so EVERYONE of us knows that storyline. But what about the younger generation? They probably do not have access to an older brother/sister's ancient copy of Pokemon Blue or a Gameboy Colour (missing the back-piece battery cover, of course), therefore do not know the storyline for the game. But for those of us who do know it by heart, this is a fresh look at the old tale. The Pokedex has been greatly detailed, the most up-to-date one yet. It has down to the very last piece of info you could need about Pokemon in the game. There are also very slight twists in the game itself (people you meet and events). I will not diclose any for not spoiling's sake. Let's just say you won't be snail-walking to Cerulean City. There is the nice graphics boost, but I'm an old-school kinda girl and I like the original better. You also have a choice between playing a boy or girl character. The boy looks like an Ash-clone and the girl looks like she is going to catch bees or something (very large sunhat on her head!)

This game is still incredibly fun. I highly recommmend.
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on May 23, 2010
EDIT: Gee isn't it awfully STRANGE that the seller withdrew this item 1 day immediately after I reviewed it & revealed the game for what it was? Hmmm... what an odd coincidence. But consider yourself warned (& smarter for it): ANY Pokemon game that comes "pre-loaded" with every single item & pokemon, including rare event-only ones, all lvl.100 shinies with maxed-out stats (that likely would NEVER pass the legit-checker Nintendo uses to pass or fail pokemon entered in official tournament use), no matter what the title, is the same exact thing as this game here. They are simply games started, altered by an Action Replay, and saved by the seller, who typically charges a RIDICULOUS amount of money for something you could do yourself for a fraction of the cost. What good are all those pokemon if you can't use them for tournament use (or even just battling a friend) because they stick out like a sore AR code, practically screaming "I'm a hack!!!" NO ONE is going to want to play vs. you with a hack team!

NOTE: Please realize the star rating is NOT FOR THE GAME ITSELF (Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen are 5/5 stars IMO), but this "All 386" version of the game that comes with ALL the pokemon and all the items in one's possession at the start of the game.

Why on earth anyone would ever want to start a pokemon game with a 100% filled-out pokedex, every pokemon in one's possession (and every single one SHINY!?) all LVL.100, and every item in existence in one's possession is beyond comprehension. IT RUINS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE GAME. Plus you're not even going to be able to use them right from the beginning since you won't be able to control lvl.100 pokemon until you've got most of the badges! Even if you want the pokemon for battling others, they're going to be OBVIOUSLY non-legit since the odds of having an all-shiny party is 1 in 50,000 at the very LEAST. Your versus partner doesn't have to be a genius to realize, instantly, you're using cheated pokemon. The fun of the game is discovering new pokemon as the story unfolds & you venture from town to town, catching pokemon in the wild and finding rare items some of which will help certain pokemon evolve. If you start off with EVERYTHING, then what more is there to do?! Running through the storyline is without reason, and if there's nothing to discover then you might as well not even bother playing in the first place. And what good are lvl.100 pokemon if they haven't any further opportunity to raise the IV & EV stats through party use? That's right, IV & EV scores no longer count once the pokemon is lvl.100, so who knows what kind of disposition or stats these ready-made, "instant pokemon" have? Are they even friendly, like a lvl.100 pokemon (a legit one, raised from, say, lvl.10) should be? Or are the stats ridiculously maxed out, making their non-legit-ness even MORE glaringly obvious?

But the real tragedy of this RIP OFF is the ridiculous price tag!! You're not PHYSICALLY getting anything more than if you just bought the game off the shelf of a retail store. You're getting a regular old game cartridge, nothing special about it other than the game has already been started & saved, and then they used an ACTION REPLAY device on the cartridge to cheat and insert all the pokemon in the PC boxes and own every item. Be aware that you'll be stuck using whatever name THEY picked as the OT name, and if you attempt to start the game over, you will LOSE everything they gave you under the first OT's name!

What's sad is that they're preying on uninformed SUCKERS with the lure of being a "pokemaster" with that ungodly price (at least $180.00, sometimes upwards of $200.00). They ruin the game for you, which you can just as easily DO YOURSELF for a LOT LESS COST by simply buying yourself an Action Replay (or the defunct Gameshark) code altering device, a cost of $20-$30 and even less if you shop around or get a used one. You can use the same exact codes they used ~ AR & GS codes for ALL Pokemon games are available all over the net, and from the official AR website as well; plus you can update your AR for automatic update for the latest codes by hooking up with your PC, with a cord & disk with software that comes with the AR. It's very easy to use & you can input codes manually or copy & paste codes onto the AR device from codes you find on the web. What they do to the game is in no way worth the additional $150+!! All they do is start a game, press a few buttons, save, and there you go, every pokemon & all items are in the PC. I know for a fact there are codes available that do that very same thing. So why would anyone pay $180+ when they could buy the game retail for $30 and the AR for $20-$30, a total of $50-$60...far less than HALF of what they're charging uninformed people who just don't know how to use an AR or realize how easy it is. You can use the AR for never fail captures, running into ANY pokemon, getting ANY pokemon as SHINY, and also even for getting EVENT POKEMON into your possession without having gone to an event (which is likely OVER, & never to come out again for this game)...and you don't even need to ruin the entire game if you just want to cheat a little. Plus, you can continue using the AR for code manipulation for ANY other GBA game!

Don't support these RIPOFF ARTISTS, they are a SHAM, charging an outrageous price for something anyone with a GBA, Pokemon cartridge, and AR device could do the same for much, much less! And you won't be stuck using someone else's trainer name!
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2004
Quickly, this is basically Pokemon Blue for GameBoy remade with better graphics and tons of new options. Why it's green this time around, I don't know... if you like "oldschool" Pokemon, you know what to expect.

Also quickly, I'm 21 and I love Pokemon. It's not just for kids! The strategy and the quality of the game are excellent, and it's sad to see the game typecast as being "just for kids".

Simply, you play a character whose name and gender are selectable. From the start, you're given a Pokemon, a healing Potion, and thrust into a world of battles and collecting. Your goal: to catch at least one of every Pokemon in the world, and to become the best trainer ever. To get there, you'll have to master the battle system, which is turns out to be kind of like a chess and RPG fusion. Your Pokemons' levels primarily affect their success in battle, but having the correct "type" of Pokemon also matters (a rock pokemon is weak against grass or water types, but virtually immune to lightning or fire types). It's simple to get in to, addictive to play, and can provide endless enjoyment as you link up with friends to battle or trade (you can only get all the available Pokemon by trading with other trainers).

For those familiar with Pokemon, exactly what's new?

-Several (~21) exclusive Pokemon.

-Links with FireRed, along with Sapphire and Ruby if you have Pokemon Colosseum. When you complete LeafGreen, you unlock certain items that make this game completely compatible with all the Link features of these other titles.

-Now in color, with new animations to match.

-New battles, including the four-Pokemon battles from recent titles where each side sends out two Pokemon at once.
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on January 21, 2015
I only really bought it to help my progress in FireRed by trading a Blastoise into it and to also complete my collection of the Gen III games, but the one from PENGFC definitely was counterfeit. As someone already reported, the save lagged for 10 seconds and the sound became muddy and choppy after. I opened the cartridge to see the difference between it and my original FireRed cartridge (which I received when it had first come out) and noticed /significant/ differences (picture). True, in some cartridges there are slight differences on the insides, but this was really noticeable.
review image
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