Customer Reviews: Pokemon White Version Bundle - Nintendo DSi
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Color: Pokemon White|Edition: Bundle|Change
Price:$129.95 - $349.55
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on March 21, 2011
The Poke'mon Black Version Bundle (and I'm sure the White Version Bundle as well) is really a steal! Whether you have never owned a DS before or are just ready to upgrade to a DSi from another version it'd be really hard to beat this price considering everything you get. I have priced new DSis at many places and they alone still run between $140-$160. With this bundle not only do you get a unique-looking new system but the newest Poke'mon game that runs about $32 - $35 by itself. The carrying case is great for not only providing some protection for your DSi but also transporting up to six games and two extra stylus so you'll never be bored! I have owned this for about a week and so far I have had no problems at all.

I believe a DSi is great fun and provides wholesome entertainment even without games inserted.

The Poke'mon series of games are engaging enough to keep you interested but easy enough to play that it provides entertainment for a wide range of ages.

I recommend this bundle if you enjoy Poke'mon or know someone who does, and you need a DSi. I do suggest you shop around for this bundle as some sellers have had it for as low as $160 which is the steal!
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on March 22, 2011
The bundle was a lot more then I expected; I was expecting the game cartrage, DSi system and a small game carry case. The case you get is big enough to hold 12 games, 2 stylus and you DSi.

The DSi itself is quite beautiful, the contrast from the matte finish background and the slightly glossy decal is excellent, and the decal itself is well placed and doesn't look cheap.

I have only played the game for a few hours but so far the story seems far more engaging then the other Pokemon games.
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on November 28, 2009
I just "upgraded" from the DS Lite. I was hesitant on the DSi because it did not seem worth it and I did not like the colors that were out.
When I saw this bundle I jumped on it. I like the color and the Mario games were ok not what I expected tho. And if I did buy them I would have not been happy, but they were free so no complaints.
The color and texture was not what I expected it was better. I had the Onyx DS Lite and the Crimson/onyx one and preferred the crimson one because the bottom part was like a matte texture and felt more comfortable while playing games. One thing I liked about the DSi was they were all matte texture but I was afraid Metallic Blue would have a metallic texture but it doesnt its matte like the others. It is kinda shiny look to the color tho.
I like the bigger screen but have to get used to the button placement.
Camera I have not played with too much yet but it seems fun and you can mess around with the pictures and you can upload your pics to facebook or whatever so thats cool.

the amazing thing tho about Amazon was I was shopping the Black Friday sales after midnight and ordered this 12:50am on the 27th (yesterday) it was immediately processed and then shipped out around 5am and I got it in the mail this morning.

Wow I am so happy I ordered this when I did on Black Friday (staying awake to wait for gamestop to open actually) I got this for a sale price(under 160) and received it the next day.
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VINE VOICEon May 26, 2011
My daughter's DS was secondhand from me, and my wife and I agreed that it's starting to die of old age and kid-fatigue. With her birthday coming up, I looked into the newer units and decided that the Nintendo 3DS was a bad idea: she logs hours on her DS, and Nintendo themselves don't recommend that children spend much time using the 3DS. Spending time with a 3DS myself, I ended up with a headache that reminded me of the bad old "Virtua Boy" days.

This Pokemon Black bundle fit the bill: she wanted Pokemon Black more than anything, and this has got to be the coolest package a kid could get. The DSi is black with a really neat etching on the lid of two of the Pokemon new to the game. The unit comes with an extra stylus. The carrying case is just slightly bigger than the DSi and contains elastic slots for 6 games and the extra stylus, and of course it comes with a copy of Pokemon black, case, booklet and all. The DSi is different from the DS in that it does not have the older "Game Boy Advance" cartridge slot, it is slimmer and has a larger screen, and it adds a camera and a slot for SD memory so you can take pictures with it. There is also a browser included in the unit, but we have not played with the Wi-Fi and/or browser capabilities yet--that's what phones, tablets, and laptops are for. :)

If you're a collector and you like keeping all your packaging, you should know that this product's container is very hard to open. Strong glue holds the box flaps down, and you'll need to completely open the top surface of the box all the way--inside it's got cardboard bands holding the DSi in place. We cut and ripped our way in, but I could see someone who liked to keep the box getting frustrated at how the glue disintegrates the cardboard.

Beacuse this bundle is well-packaged, everything arrived from Amazon in perfect shape. The DSi charged within hours and was ready to play. There's a very thick booklet with detailed information on the DSi written in three languages, and of course you have a power adapter.

If you're in the market for a new unit and you want to skip the 3DS, this bundle is a great deal for any Pokemon fan. The etched lid makes the unit look really neat and the entire bundle made my daughter feel very special on her birthday.
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on September 16, 2011
I've been playing Pokemon games since I was 10, the same age a trainer is when they begin a Pokemon journey. I've grown up with the series for the most part, and Pokemon White was a return to my childhood.

As stated above, I've been playing Pokemon a while(about twelve years), but never actually followed the series when it moved to the DS years ago. I kept on playing the first three generations in the mean time, but with various expenses, a DS was never able to be purchased for me. When I started college, all of my friends had them(one even worked at GameStop and got a lot of cool special features at a discount) and I lived vicariously through their adventures with the game for years. I was surprised this year, after coveting Pokemon Black and White for months, that I was told I could order a DS and a game with my school textbooks for my last year in college. I had been eying this particular bundle for a while, and decided to get the White version bundle, along with Soul Silver, for my own.

I love this game. I have barely been able to tear myself away long enough to do my homework. Its just like being ten years old again with a Gameboy Pocket and Blue version. I don't know about any of the Pokemon, except what I've read online about them, and know nothing about the land. Its so much fun to go through the game with new experiences. I couldn't be happier with the storyline, which feels a touch more grown up than the past versions. Only complaint is the reliance on friends to unlock certain features and the fact you have to have seen a Pokemon to search for or request it in Global Trade.

The DSi itself has captured my friends' attentions, everyone loves the design and wishes they had one as well. I think I spent the first two full days back at school showing it off. I opted for the DSi over the 3DS because I already get headaches from things like 3d movies and the price was more reasonable(I could have gotten Diamond version as well and still be under the price of the 3DS at the time). My only issue is that some of the features were hard to configure at first, but they were eventually worked out. I could have really used a car charger too, as I spend a lot of time in my car, but they do sell them separately.

The extra stylus is useful, as I tend to lose anything and everything at some point in my life, and I love the case. It securely holds my DSi, games, extra styluses(I bought the Pokemon figure ones a week ago, and they do fit into the outside pocket, but you have to place them in at an angle), and the Pokewalker that came with my Soul Silver game. I even used it as a wallet while on a weekend trip a few weeks ago, held everything I needed except my phone, phone charger, and the DSi charger. I really don't want to break the charger, or I'm sure I could have made it fit.

All in all, there is nothing about the bundle I can really say that is bad. I highly recommend the package.
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on December 27, 2014
Bought this for Christmas Gift in the US. Interestingly, during set-up of the game, the United States wasn't a country of origin in the drop down menu. I have no idea if this will affect any of the games my 10/year old will play but it certainly wasn't advertised as just for the EU market. The game console and Pokemon White game seem to be good and they might deserve 5 stars, but since I have no idea what issues may come later due to this unit being mfg. for EU market, I'm giving it a 3.
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on April 1, 2011
After buying Pokemon White from Amazon and before receiving it, I heard that the games were region-locked and would only work with DSi's from the same region (like DVDs or electric currents). This was true with the Japanese games, but because I have a European DSi, I wanted to be on the safe side. I also wanted to make sure that I got Victini, which you can find by getting the Victory Pass from Wi-Fi until April 10, and other special Pokemon that need Wi-Fi. If my old original DS can't get Wi-Fi, and my DSi doesn't work with the games, then I would need a new DSi from the right region. Unfortunately, I didn't. White Version seems to be working perfectly. Either the region for both the DSi and the game are somehow the same, or only the Japanese ones are region-locked.

I wanted to get the most for my money, too. I would have probably gotten the 3DS if it wasn't $250, and I don't like the styling or many colors of the DSi XL. The XL is also only $10 less than the DSi bundle with Pokemon Black, and the bundle saved me money since I would also end up buying Black at some point. The special-edition Pokemon DSi rather than a regular color was a plus. So was the carrying case, which had a pocket and little pouches for individual games and extra styluses. If I was going to buy the DS, I would have bought it in white so that it came with the White version. That's just my preference, partly because my old DS is also black and the two look a little weird together. The only part of the design that I don't like is that it says Pokemon Black in gold lettering across the bottom.

I've always liked the DSi. With two cameras, a music-making program, a slot for an SD card to move the files to a computer, and the ability to use Wi-Fi and access the Internet. It has a lot more features than the regular DS/ Lite, and is a nice size, shape, and weight. The matte finish also feels like you have a good grip on it, although may at first feel a little gritty.

And now for Black: If you want to read it all, check out my review for Pokemon White Version. Generally, the beginning is incredibly fast-paced (for the worse, in my opinion) and the two friends/rivals of yours follow you around a lot. The graphics are more 3D, and there are changes in perspective in battles and just walking around. The only thing with this is when zooming in, some things look pixelated. Some scenes, like when entering buildings like gyms and Pokemon Centers, or after exiting the battle scene, are incredibly slow. There are no PokeMarts any more, and are instead salespeople incorporated in the Pokemon Centers. But the games have all-new Pokemon before you win the game, rather than a mix of new and old, so it really seems like Pokemon is restarting. Some old favorites and not-so-favorites found in all of the other games are therefore not in the games. There are new ways to battle, new ways to catch Pokemon, and a new feature for time: seasons, which changes the weather and some chances for finding Pokemon. These games set the bar for Pokemon games just a little higher.
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on April 4, 2016
My mother bought me this back in 2011 just before my wisdom teeth were removed. I remember recovering from the surgery playing Pokemon Black for hour on end. I absolutely love this Ds system. It was the first one I've own, the only one as well. The design on the system itself is pretty and it fits well in my hands. Definitely not awkward to handle with my tiny hands. Years later and I still don't have any issues with it. It came with the DS system, Pokemon Black, and a travel case with an extra stylus. You get what you see and arrives on time.
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There has no question about the success that Nintendo has accomplished about the dynamic and strong gameplay shown from the Nintendo DSi. Since it came out back in the Spring earlier this year. It has showcased the way we now play video games on the road with even more joy, and exciting challenges. Not only with the joy of playing all of your favorite DS games of the past like Meteos and New Super Mario Brothers, but all the exciting features of the DSi Ware, you can now download great original games especially made for Nintendo's great little bundle that are sure to delight the handheld gamer in all of you. But, there are those whom cannot wait to go online, and download all the great DSi Ware games online. Well, here is a new opportunity for anyone who doesn't have a Wi-Fi connection to play those DSi Ware games, with this new extended DSi.

This new DSi Bundle is gracefully showcased for those that can't wait to log on the net, and download great titles, because they are right here. The game includes 3 pre-installed DSi Ware titles that are exclusive to the Nintendo DSi, that have launched the DSi to a new era, as well as a few expansions that add on to the Mario fun. The 3 DSi Ware titles, are fun and entertaining fun of all kinds, including Dr. Mario Express, a new rendition of the original and classic NES game, that drove with puzzle addicts all over nearly 20 years ago, with a renewed and exciting gameplay that is sure to knock your socks off, WarioWare: Snapped!, a fun and entertaining picture game, where you have to mold you face in certain shpes and sizes with motion sense, through over 30 mini-game actions while riding a wicked Warioware roller coaster. This honestly was one of the most surprising games I've ever played for the DSi Ware, where you really have to showcase the true motion sensitivity, which really rivals surprisingly eye toy games that were made for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 2 & 3. Also there is Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2, a specialty made game for the DSi, that brings back on one of the more surprising DS titles, where you have the bundle of mini-Mario droins trying to cross a series of puzzling levels (similar to the classic addictive game Lemmings.) The other 2 titles are applications that you can usually buy from the DSi Shop from the Nintendo DSi, the Mario Clock & calculator, which in ways take you back a trip down memory lane with a look that feels classic from the original Super Mario Brothers games.

All in all, you get a lot of great excitement for the Mario fanatic, here in this specialty made DSi Bundle Pack in a strong and dark metallic blue. While I do though wish there could've been a few other great DSi Ware games pre-installed here instead like Art Style: Base 10 and Aquia, it still fares as a great treat all over for anyone whom has yet to own a Nintendo DSi, and wants one to have for all of their gaming on the go. If you've never purchased a Nintendo DSi before, this is truly one bundle pack, you'll want to have.

Price: B+

Graphics: A-

Sound: A-

Control: B+

Fun & Enjoyment: B+ for system; B for DSi Ware titles

Overall: B+
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on July 20, 2011
My younger siblings have had DS systems for years now, and I would play on theirs when I wanted to. I've been considering getting one for myself for a long time but couldn't convince myself it was worth the money. Well I earn quite a bit of money recently so I had some extra to spend, so I told myself, why not. I'm glad I did it. I absolutely love the DSi. The camera isn't half bad, and the internet capability made me quite happy. But the pokemon game and the case were just as great. I've loved pokemon since I was little (and I'm 21 now) so naturally I wanted to have one of my own, and as many versions as I've played, I really like this one so far. The case is good because I like to carry my DS with me, and I have a tendency to drop/destroy things if they aren't well protected. I would definitely purchase this again if I had too.
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