Customer Reviews: Polaroid 32" LCD TV
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on October 16, 2006
If you search for the Polaroid LCD tv, you're sure to find several to many reviews which discuss the complete hell of trying to get this thing serviced. It is all 100% true. For 8 months my 32'' LCD was excellent. It stopped working on 13 August 2006 after 8.5 months. The warranty company sent out a technician within 5 days. He couldn't fix the TV so he carried it off with him. Two weeks later, I called to find out the repair status. He said the power (board?/supply?) was bad and he'd ordered a new one but it was backordered. I called the warranty company to verify and they said it was backordered for a few more days. A week later it was still backordered. Six weeks later it was still backordered. According to the service technician (who apparently gets the same run-around) he received new parts that were defective out of the box. Finally I managed to get the warranty company to bump me up to a manager who said he'd authorize me to return the TV to Circuit City (a name which I have learned to hate) and get a new one. They offered me the comparable Polaroid, but I paid an extra 100 dollars and went with another model.

The warranty company is not even connected to Polaroid. In fact, if you call Polaroid about this tv, they automatically connect you directly to the warranty company. You'll be on the phone for 35-40 minutes MINIMUM before you get in contact with a person. Sometimes they'll give you the option of leaving a voicemail for a call back as soon as a customer service person is available. NEVER DO IT! Most of the time the voicemailbox is full and you are disconnected to go through the entire call again. Even if you do get to leave a message, they will never call you back. Be prepared for different stories and promises from each person you talk to. Be prepared to feel like you're never going to see the tv again. After 30 days of inaction, insist on being moved on to a manager who can authorize returning or refunding your money. Once you talk to this person, GET THEIR EXTENSION NUMBER. He or she will help you, but they'll tell you to leave messages on the voicemail system for callbacks. I picked up my new TV today after 3 weeks of being in contact with the "expediter". Bottom line: don't buy a Polaroid LCD tv. You'll learn to hate the warranty company and Polaroid.
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on October 16, 2006
I purchased this item in April of 2006. In August it started to have lines appear across the screen. I called into Poloroid's warranty company and was told they would have to find a local tech and call me back with his information. I never got a call back and had to call 3 times to contact them to find out the status. They finally gave me a local tech's number and he came out but wouldn't do anything except look at the tv because the warranty company never emailed him to verify they would pay for the repairs. Since the I have called the warranty company twice more and been told to wait a few more days to let them contact the tech again. Now after reading the previous review I am going to call in to try to get a refund. This will be my 6th call into the warranty company in over a month to try to get this fixed. Stay away from this company!
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on October 4, 2006
In continuation of my first review with Circuit City....Polaroid's customer service is very poor. I have never experienced anything like it. Calls were promised to be returned several times by supervisors but I never heard back. Still never got any response in regards to me initial problem and I finally wrote letters to the Better Business Bureau and President of Polaroid in Waltham MA. Too soon to hear anything yet but I will keep you informed. I did find out through the sub-contracted service center that I was "mis-informed" (lied to by Polaroid) several times about my TV. They did send out the parts to repair my TV several times but every time the (refurbished) part was defective. Eventually after my constant nagging they agreed to send out a replacement (refurbished) TV which I say is unacceptable since my TV was only 2 months old. Well the service center finally received my TV and called me to inform me that it also was defective, wouldn't even turn on. The technician was just as upset as I was. We both called to harass Polaroid and after being on the phone for about 45 mins. I finally persuaded someone in upper management to refund my money in full since I was getting stressed about this. I was asked to fax the receipt and I will report to you when I received it. I suggest all others who have had this similiar experience to do the same. No one should be treated like this and they must get the message. Even if you have had some luck with your set, BEWARE.
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on March 1, 2007
Don't let that trusty warranty fool you, because with Polaroid's customer service department it's more useful as fire kindling than a guarantee for service on your product.

My Polaroid FLM-3232 stopped working after less than 3 short months of infrequent use. After taking the TV to be serviced, I thought the issue would be resolved. Instead, I've been waiting 12 WEEKS with dozens of calls into customer service and a resolution no where in sight.

Each time I call I'm assured by their friendly but incompetent customer service staff that my issue is being handled, but I have yet to receive my TV. Worse yet, I'm a recent college grad and have moved out of state from where I was having my TV serviced. This probably wouldn't create a substantial issue for most companies (since the TV needs to be shipped out from a service center anyway), but the repercussions with Polaroid have been a logistical nightmare.

After the service department kept me waiting for weeks on various parts, it's been determined the TV needs to be completely replaced. That was more than a month ago. On my latest call to customer service this evening, they assured me that a representative would contact me within 2 to 3 business days to discuss the possibility of shipping me a TV... which is what I've heard the last 2 times I called as well.

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on April 3, 2007
We bought ours 10 months and it simply quit working. I contacted Polaroid and was instructed to remove and replace the fuse in the to the power cord. I did and the TV blew..almost burning me. I called Polaroid and they filled out a liability report to cover their butts. They also sent a repair guy to get the fix it. However, even if fixed..that does not change the design of the fuse box in the rear. Which, I'm sure, will blew again. We have been taken for a whole lot of money. I have contacted the CPSC about this matter.

Marsha Kovach-Deaton
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on September 6, 2007
Like many others my tv died after 8 mths. I have been waiting for 4.5 weeks now and still have no idea how long it will be before they fix it. The Warranty Center lies to you (IE different ETA's on the same day of calling in, they tell you your warranty is extended, then no it's not, then it "freezes" from the day you phone in but won't give you anything in writing.)

I finally decided to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and will be calling Better Business Bureau to do the same. From the number of negative reviews I've seen on the Amazon and Circuit City websites I hope everyone else will do the same. This is obviously a defective product line and should be recalled by Polaroid. We should not have to suffer and waste our time chasing after them to get this resolved. The phone call to FTC only took 10 minutes. Please take action!!
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on February 9, 2007
My FLM-3232 was purchased from Circuit City in April 06. It broke down in November 06. I called Polaroid's farmed out warranty company. They located a service center which I dropped it off at. The tech could not fix it so Polaroid stated they would send out a refurbished unit. That was three weeks ago. I just called Polaroid. They told me the replacement unit has been sitting at their facility and they forgot to send it out to the service center. They stated it would be another two weeks before it would arrive at the service center. Awful!!! Stay away from Polaroid.
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on July 8, 2007
The Polaroid TV model I purchased was the FLM-323B, but I am warning all potential purchasers of Polaroid televisions that they might want to consider another brand. The TV is fine--great picure--until it dies. Our television died--no power, no anything--exactly one year and two days after we purchased it for over $1,000, including the warranty. Since we were good consumers and bought the warranty, we thought it would be no problem. We would have our TV fixed or replaced in no time, right? WRONG. We are going on SEVEN weeks since the repair shop picked up the television. According to the repair shop, there are really only two major parts that go wrong on the television: the screen and a main circuit board of some sort. The board is the part that died.

I have called Polaroid repeatedly, each time getting some new story about when the part will be available and about how they are working to resolve the issue. I have made repeated calls to the repair shop to see if they have been able to get the necessary part. Polaroid told me the part would be ready on 24 June (a Sunday) and they would use expedited shipping. I checked--again--on the part on 25 June and got nowhere with Polaroid. The repair shop, however, was able to do a little research. They told me that the part in question had been on back order since MARCH and that the date Polaroid expected to receive the part had been changed from 24 June to 13 July. The repair shop made clear that they did not think Polaroid would have the part by the July date either. Another call to Polaroid and another lie about how someone would be calling me from the service department.

Indeed, I have been assured during at least four separate phone calls to Polaroid that I would be contacted by people from their service department. Those people would then take care of fixing the TV or refunding my money. What a load of manure. I did not receive a single return call from Polaroid until I called the corporate office for the chain (Wal-Mart) from which I purchased the TV. Now the person who is FINALLY calling my house wants a week to get the TV fixed or replaced. He is "not willing to refund on a year-old TV." I have had it. The name Polaroid does NOT mean what it used to mean. I used to trust their brand--not a mistake I will ever make again. What have I learned from all of this?
1) Polaroid customer service is the worst customer service I have encountered in my life.
2) I will NEVER purchase another Polaroid product as long as I live.
3) I will NEVER purchase a warranty that does not offer immediate replacement of a product that dies.
4) Did I mention that I will NEVER purchase another Polaroid product as long as I live?
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on April 10, 2007
We have had 2 of these TV's. Both stop working. The first one was within 15 days of purchase and the second one 1 yr and 2 weeks. Powering the TV on and off you will hear a popping noise and soon you no longer have a picture only audio.
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on April 22, 2007
I bought this TV Feb, 2006 at circuitcity. It is dead after 14 months of use. Call company hopefully to find a "authorized service dealer" to fix my problem. Service rep basically said try to find one on your own since there is no authorized service dealer for customers out of warranty. Call a major local LCD repair shop, he told me no one can fix Polariod LCD TV since it is hard to get a good part.

The silver lining is cheap replacement cost (I can buy a new 32" LCD TV for half of what I paid in 2006). The lesson I learned is either you buy a first tier manufacturers (Sony, Philips,..) or buy from low price no-brand competitors.

Polariod is just a brand with very low value.
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