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on December 3, 2012
We bought this camera for a 10 year old for Christmas this year. Due to the mixed reviews on it, we decided to test the camera as soon as it came in. That way, if it was crap...we had time to return it & buy something else before Christmas gets here. I'm sorry, but we are not having any of the issues that everyone else is having.

You CAN upload pictures from the camera. I think people freak out when they open the battery hatch, and the batteries fall out. It's OKAY! Just plug the USB cable to the computer and camera. The cable supplies the camera with power from the computer and it WILL turn on to transfer pictures. You have to press the power button on top of the camera to turn it on after plugging it in. It will not turn itself on. (We're using a HP desktop computer with Windows 7.) It would have been nice if the USB port on the camera was in a different location than the battery hatch. The Time/Date stamp will reset every time you open the battery hatch. I don't use that feature, so it doesn't matter to me either way...but it might matter to you.

Some people complained that their pictures were blurry? Did you notice the protective film on the camera lense & pull the tab to remove it? After removing the film, did you check to make sure that the lense was clean? You would be surprised what a finger print can do to a photo. That is one downside to this camera...there is no cap, or little door to close to protect the lense.

Moving on... In my experience, most cameras eat batteries. At least mine do. I switched to Lithium batteries. They cost a little more, but are worth the money. Lithium batteries last a lot longer than regular or industrial batteries. You can save power by turning OFF the front display when it isn't needed or wanted. We turned that feature off since we did not need sense in wasting power.

We took pictures indoors & outdoors...low light & bright light. Even when the camera was set down to 3MP, the pictures looked great. The camera is a little slow, but not too bad. We didn't try it out in water, so I can't comment on it being water proof.

All in all, we thought that it was a great little camera and we had fun with it. We bought this one for our daughter, but I kind of regret not buying two of them.
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on June 10, 2013
Based on the cost and reviews of this camera, I didn't expect too much. I bought it with the hope that if I got at least a couple decent shots of my family and I running the Dirty Dash 10K I would be happy.

This little camera exceeded my expectations in almost every way. I'll get the few downsides out of the way. First, there is no way to focus on a specific feature in your shot. It's just point and hope for the best. IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO USE THE LITTLE LEVER ON THE SIDE OF THE CAMERA - THIS ADJUSTS THE FOCUS RANGE FROM NEAR TO FAR. NOT USING THIS LEVER WILL GIVE YOU CONSISTENTLY BLURRY PHOTOS! I was successful in setting it at long distance and leaving it. I haven't used it for any close-up portrats yet. Second, the battery life isn't good. We cranked up the settings to get a full res, biggest size shots, didn't use the flash (it was a beautiful sunny day), and only got about 60 photos. Switch to lithium batteries, rechargeables, or carry extras, because you'll need them! The batteries lasted about 1/2 way through our 10K.

Now, those 60 photos were pretty dang good. Especially considering that camera had just been thrashed through 3 miles of mud, water, hay bales, and climbing walls! When the lens wasn't mud-caked, the shots were clear and crisp. I found the camera very easy to use. I was able to hold it in one hand, point without really looking at the screen and snap a shot. 9 out of 10 times, the photo was perfect.

This little camera survived quite the thrashing! Submerged numerous times in mud and water, bashed around on rocks and walls, and kept on ticking right until the batteries died. For the $70 I spent on it, I couldn't be happier for what I got! 4 out of 5 stars considering the quality, cost, and performance. Overall I firmly feel I got more than my money's worth.
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on August 9, 2013
I got this camera just in time for a pool party, and it was fantastic! Not only does it work perfectly in the water, but the picture and video quality are pretty amazing for the price. My favorite part, however, is the front facing screen, which is perfect for selcas, pictures with friends, and vlogging.

The other reviewers are correct about the short battery life, but I simply purchased 4 batteries and a battery recharger, and those four batteries lasted me for about 6 hours of continuously filming and playing with the camera. Actually, the only problem with this camera that I've noticed so far is that, because this camera is great for outdoor activities, people tend to accidentally turn the video on and off when they, say, jump in the pool. So just be sure to keep your fingers away from the buttons!

Also, as an earlier reviewer stated, -do- pay attention. There is a switch for close up and far away shots on the side of the camera, and it really does affect the quality of the pics and video! That's probably where most of the people who left bad reviews went wrong...

Anyways, I give five stars and my highest recommendation for this camera!
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on December 29, 2013
Ok, I admit that if I don't have a photograph of it, it didn't happen. So in my photographic addiction I am not able to go snorkeling without documenting every sea cucumber and parrotfish. But, since I know that underwater photos do not come out that well, I was not willing to drop a bunch of money on an underwater camera. I LOVE this camera for what I wanted. It has a large lens to let in lots of light - and it takes reasonable photos underwater. It does not compare to a $500 camera, but it is great for what it is. I can take a million shots as I snorkel, and then touch-them-up on my computer afterwards. Just what I wanted.
I find that now that I own it I use it for all sorts of things - it's really fun at water fitness classes (hehehehehe - then I put them on facebook!), works great for white-water rafting (no worries about getting it wet), canoeing, boating, water-skiing, kayaking, camping, hiking in the rain -- basically anything I do where my expensive camera might get wet or muddy. The photos aren't as good, but at least I have some!
On the negative side, the lenses are not great quality compared to all the Cannon cameras, and the screen is hard to see underwater (because it is not bright enough, but it is still easier to see than trying to look through a view-finder with a mask & snorkel on).
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on July 29, 2014
Love this camera. So far I've used it in 2 freshwater springs and in saltwater at the beach. Great pics and video.
May not be HD video, but for the price, the quality is really good.

I have used it 3 times total and now all I get is a white screen when it comes on.
The last time that I used it I noticed a little drop of water behind the lense.
The water has since disappeared but now all I get is a white screen.
I never went near 10 feet deep and took care with it so I'm not sure what happened.
I guess it's not so waterproof after all.
In short, it lasted less than a month.
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on April 21, 2015
This was a birthday gift for my 10 year old daughter. After having read several reviews, I was concerned about battery life but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by how long the batteries lasted. After the first two days of taking photos (about 40 total) I replaced the batteries as a precautionary measure (there was no indication that the batteries were low). The 2nd set lasted quite a while - several days of swimming and snorkeling in Hawaii and the batteries lasted for about 100 more photos without dying.

The only real complaints I have:

1. In daylight (not even particularly bright daylight) it is next to impossible to see the screen. This means you can't see what you are taking a photo of or what menu you might be on.
2. It is pretty slow. There seems to be a delay between pressing the button and it taking the picture.
3. When I replaced the batteries the timestamp reset to January 1, 2014 (you will see this in the attached photos). This is easy enough to change, but I didn't think I would need to. In fact, I don't want the timestamp at all so I will see if I can figure out how to remove that.

We took some very good photos with this camera, but much of it was guess-work. See attached photos that we took with this camera.
review image review image review image
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on October 14, 2013
This is an easy to use camera and worth its price. The photos are good and the no-frills functions are simple, which is why I purchased this model. I prefer to buy a name-brand device like this if the price is right and it was.

I am pleased with this camera EXCEPT for this point in the design: tricky access to the batteries, memory card and USB slot compartment. I finally found a YouTube video that showed me how to open it.

It is counter-productive to have a latch that requires pushing a lever in one direction and attempting to slide the cover in another direction. To add to the frustration is the lack of a good surface to grip while sliding the cover. There are two raised bumps for this purpose but I feel they should have been beefed up for this purpose. Oh, and of course the batteries fall out when I plug in the communication cable but now I just remove them as soon as I get the @#$!!**@#$ cover open.

I found that the camera depletes battery juice quickly, but so far I have been using standard (Duracell) alkaline batteries.
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on March 26, 2014
I bought this camera to take on a cruise to the Bahamas. We were celebrating my niece's 19th bday and I had paid for her and my daughter to swim with the dolphins. I wanted a waterproof camera for our trip. I wasn't worried about submersing it. I just didn't want a camera that would get ruined if it got wet. The camera NEVER MADE IT OFF THE SHIP.

The BAD:
BATTERY LIFE: I read that the battery life is horrible for this camera, but the price was good, so I bought extra batteries. It definitely eats batteries. Even when you're turning it off between takes. It takes 2 AAA batteries, so buy a 10 pack.

BATTERY DOOR. The battery door is terrible. Some waterproof cameras have 2 doors to the batteries (an inner and an outer.) This one has ONE. ONE very HARD to open door.

IT BROKE. We took a few pictures on the cruise at dinner and of our cabin and towel animals. After that, it never turned back on again. We tried multiple sets of batteries. NOTHING. I had to use my cell phone to get pictures and video of the girls with the dolphins. I'm very disappointed in this. I'm an adult. A mom. The camera wasn't used in any rugged way whatsoever. It simply went to dinner with us on a cruise ship. It was secure in a camera bag. We returned to the room and it would not work again.

TIMING - It takes a while to take the picture. You hold the button down and wait. Definitely would not be a good camera for action shots.

NO MULTIPLE SHOTS OPTION - Because I also have smaller children, I like cameras that take multiple pictures (one right after the other). It helps to catch that 'perfect' picture. This camera does not have that option and is blurry unless the objects are standing still.

SELFIE MODE: Like most cellphones, this camera has selfie mode.

I am returning this camera and getting my money back.
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on July 8, 2013
I bought this camera as a back up to my large 35mm camera for a canoeing/camping trip. I planned to purchase 2-3 waterproof disposables, but at $10 each plus a similar amount for processing, figured I would just try a cheap waterproof digital camera. I am so glad I did! Not only did it take very decent photos, but we got the bonus of video as well. Have to agree with other reviews - don't use the zoom feature. The pictures get blurry quickly with zooming in on anything, but the wide angle shots were crisp and clear. Took fun underwater shots as well, but only went a foot or two deep, so I can't speak to the tolerance of 3 meters as advertised. Nearly all photos were taken outdoors and the lighting was great. The few done with flash did require a long flash charge time. Batteries wore down quickly - used 6 AAA batteries for roughly 200 photos and 15 minutes of video over 5 days - but still well worth the cost. Tolerated water, mud and the general banging around of camping without any difficulty. If you get the SD card with an adapter (around $10), you can download the photos into any SD card port rather than using the cord.
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on August 6, 2014
Polaroid has been known for cameras and I truly believe they are making a comeback with the advent of this camera. First of all, the price is AMAZING! Nowadays, you can't even get a cheap Nikon point and shoot for this price. Secondly, the dual LED feature is a must given that it's great for family selfies, and also normal shots. Last but not least, buying the brand of the camera. Over the course of 5 months, I have not faced one problem at all. I'm also surprised that this thing has not died after facing many drops.
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