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on August 20, 2013
This camera was an early Christmas gift last year and I find it perfect for what I need. I wanted a camera that took digital pictures, had expandable memory, was easy to use, and printed out pictures directly from the unit. The Polaroid Z340 Polaroid Z340 3x4 Instant Digital Camera with ZINK (Zero Ink) Printing Technology was too much money and bigger in size than I wanted and the Polaroid 300 Polaroid PIC-300P Instant Film Analog Camera (Purple) didn't have the memory ability I was looking for.

After some research of this and the Fuji Instax instant camera line, I settled on this one because of a couple of things.


1) The Polaroid Z2300 has the throwback design that ultimately made it more portable than the Fuji Instax cameras. Yes, it is bigger than many purely digital cameras but you have to take into consideration that it has the printer inside. I have no issue with their being actual buttons, at times it is easier for me than having a touchscreen.

2)User friendly memory. I got a 16gb sd card as a promotion and it serves me to be able to selectively print pictures than to just have them print immediately after taking them. I am not the world's best photographer and I wasted many an instant camera in high school due to my lack of skills. Nothing sucked more than finally getting everyone together in the perfect pose at the dance than to press the shutter and find my last picture was already taken :( I have been able to successfully transfer photos from my computer to the sd card to print from Facebook and other cameras, and have also used my phone's micro sd with an adapter to make prints directly using this camera.

Some photos do not show up because they are too high resolution (12MP is where I maxed out.) The Polaroid Z2300 only likes landscape, otherwise you get an error message and cannot print. I set my Polaroid Z2300 at 8MP and the pictures come out nice, very little gets cropped in the printing process. My new phone (HTC ONE 32GB)takes true landscape pics and I found that it will fit the entire picture in the print, but the pictures come out "letter boxed" at the top and bottom with white bars (see customer pics for mine.)

The ability to take video was another selling point as I do not always have enough battery or memory available on my phone to take HD videos. The format is .avi and to my amateur pov looks good, definitely HD quality. Be warned that the video takes up A LOT of memory and the camera only takes up to 32GB SD cards.

3) INSTANT MEMORIES! I love that I can just print out a picture and touch it, use it, rub it and none of those things will mess it up after it's done. The fact that it is also a sticker makes making albums and Smashbooks easier. I have given them out as gifts to friends, use it to make going away presents for coworkers and it has been handy to use as "wallets" like back in the day. My little cousins personalized backpacks and for an avid Disneyland visitor like me, having prints of those memories is priceless.

1) Picture quality is not always the best, you have to learn what setting works for what scene. This may be a hassle for some people but since I choose what pictures to print and save, not so much of a dealbreaker, just wanted to point it out to others. Colors are either brilliant and spot on, or slightly orangey. They look better on the computer than the camera's LCD screen. Printouts also can come out washed out but it depends on the picture taken in my pov.

2) Battery life not so good when printing multiples. It tends to run out faster when I am just in a printing session and unfortunately taking out the camera battery deletes the date/time setting, which you have to set before being able to take pictures. The battery is removable though but it does charge through ac adapter only. I have yet tried to charge it through usb. Mine came with all these plug adapters for different countries, which may be useful for those that travel, but I just stored them in the junk drawer. I do plan on getting a new battery for just in case.

3)You will not find ZINK Premium photo papers Polaroid 2x3" Premium ZINK Photo paper - 50-Pack in stores. I have been able to order some off Amazon but if I run out, I cannot just go to the store and get more. Keep that in mind if you are wanting this camera for crafting purposes or events. The paper itself is cheap and I haven't wasted more than a handful in the past year. I believe around $0.50 a print.

If you want a fun camera that helps you shares memories in a unique way, I recommend this camera. This is a gadget in all the sense of the word, not something professional photographers or nitpickers should get, because you will be disappointed. Figure out if your needs are what this camera can give you, because I am thoroughly happy with mine and will be giving one to my cousin now that the price has gone down.
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on September 9, 2012
I give this 4 stars because it is a bit bulky, the materials feel pretty cheap and it feels a bit like a toy camera. The little latch in the back to open the camera and insert the zink paper is really flimsy. I accidentally bumped it once and all the papers fell out. The power button on top can easily be accidentally toggled as well. I've resorted to keeping a rubberband around the body to keep it from opening. It is only a little bit inconvenient that in order to review your pictures you have to move over the little slider to the playback option, much like older cameras, rather than a playback button - but that's just a minor complaint.

Other than that, for $160, you get a fully functioning 10 mp camera. The pictures look much better on the computer than what you see on the LCD screen. The prints are pretty good, though definitely not film quality. This camera is to be used more for fun and you should not expect anything close to professional quality. You do get a few cool options, like color selection when taking photos, and a few frames when you print the pictures. It also takes 720p video which is always nice.

Definitely a fun camera and if you buy the paper online, prints are pretty cheap.
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on May 30, 2013
I bought this camera to use for my wedding. We had a photo guest book so people could take their own pictures and put them in our book. This camera was very user friendly and the quality of the photos was great too. Perfect for our intended use.
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on September 6, 2012
If you like using your phone to take instagrams your going love this camera! Insert sd card and choose the prints you want to print. Sticky backed photos perfect for scrapping. You can also upload to Mac or windows and print off larger images. Best of all, the instant camera prints are only 50 cents a piece. Not bad for instant crafting.
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on August 18, 2015
I got this camera for my 13 year old daughter. She was very excited to get this, as she has never experienced a Polaroid camera before. Before she played with it; however, I took it for a test drive, so to speak, to see what it could do.

This camera comes with many things which make it unique. The obvious difference between this and other digital cameras is that this camera can print pictures. Furthermore, the photo paper itself is unique, because it doesn't require any ink. Additionally, the charger for the camera comes with four different plug adapters, making it easy to take this camera on an international trip. Finally, the instruction booklet is printed in twelve different languages. I don't know how things are done internationally, but in the United States most instructions/signage, other than the stuff we buy at IKEA, are printed in English, Spanish, and maybe French. So, I thought that was really innovative thinking on the part of Polaroid, because it is able to create a product which is marketed with a more global appeal.

The camera also comes with the standard products available with most point-and-shoots. It includes a wrist strap and a USB cable so that you can hook it up to your computer. It also comes with the "Polaroid Z2300 Instant Print Digital Camera Software." Of course, as I already mentioned, the charger is included. So, you don't have to worry about batteries. As this is a camera which can print, they also provide a sample of the 2x3 Polaroid ZINK paper for the camera.

So, now that I am done covering the basic information, here's what you really want to know. How does the camera compare to others? How well does this camera work? To test the camera, I had my daughter take four pictures of me: indoor with low-light and no flash, indoor with low-light and the flash, indoor with no light (completely dark room) and the flash, and outdoor before sunset with no flash. For a 10MP camera, all of the pictures seem a little grainy and soft. I don't really see any crisp photos. Honestly, the picture that I took of the camera and the components, which was taken with my HTC One M8 rear camera in low-indoor lighting, came out better than the photos snapped with the Polaroid. I did find that natural outdoor lighting seems to be better than indoor lighting. A lot of the pictures taken indoor were deleted, because they came out really blurry. However, I was impressed that the camera was able to capture as much detail as it did in a completely dark room.

Unlike the old Polaroids, the digital Polaroid only prints the photos that you want to print. The printed pictures come out fairly close to the way the photos look on the computer screen, maybe a bit fuzzier/softer.The ZINK paper used for printing is said to be smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. I did try to tear the pictures. Let me tell you, these suckers are hard to tear. The paper backing on the photo did rip, but the top layer with the actual printed photo only wrinkled. Water is not absorbed into these pictures; it stays in droplets. While the drops can be shaken off the pictures without harming them, if you rub the water in hard enough (I had to rub it around quite a bit) it will smudge the ink some. So, the pictures aren't entirely smudge-proof, but you do have to really work to get the ink to move around on these. I did try to smudge the ink when I first printed the photos, but it didn't damage the prints at all. There was no ink transfer and I didn't have to wait for them to dry.

Honestly, I would give this camera three stars. It's okay. Personally, I grew up with Polaroid cameras. I value the new technology and the crisp clear pictures. I have a printer to print photos up to 8.5"x11" and the photos print very nicely. My Canon 12MP point-and-shoot wasn't much more than this a few years ago and the pictures from that camera are so much clearer. So, I really can't say that I am impressed with this Polaroid camera. That being said, I didn't get this camera for me. As I stated at the beginning of this review, I got this for my 13 year old daughter and she loves this camera. She never had a Polaroid and couldn't wait to get this and start taking pictures. According to her, this camera is "four stars, because it's a Polaroid and it prints pictures very well. It's just cool, look at it." So, while I received this camera at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I am giving this camera four stars for my daughter. If you are looking for quality pictures from a point-and-shoot, this isn't the camera for you. However, if you are looking for a fun camera, maybe for your teenager, then this might be for you!
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on August 23, 2013
I bought this camera as a novelty item but expected something better than a marginal device. The camera's sensor is on par with a 2009 cell phone camera; granted, I didn't expect stellar images and in no way was this intended to replace my DSLR, but I had hoped that images viewed on a computer would be at least decent. Not so. Images in low light are very difficult to accomplish and the flash doesn't help with the results (muddy, grainy prints.

The 'fun' part of the camera is printing images on the paper which double as stickers - while it is neat to be able to print images immediately, the glitz wears off once you realize that the images fade very rapidly - I took some pictures of employees at work when I first bought the camera and now the images are just blue blobs that resemble the employees. The printing does work, but as others have mentioned, the printing function kills the battery. Another unfortunate feature is that the proprietary charging cable is lost (as in my case), there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get one - I imagine I will have to call Polaroid because the cable is not available on Amazon or the Polaroid website.

I gave the camera two stars because there is a certain level of fun when first using the camera and if you don't take it too seriously, it does deliver a good time and if the camera is for a kid, for example, they will overlook the menus, the size of the camera, etc. Of course, at $200, this is a pretty expensive toy - mine has been on a shelf for months and it doesn't look like a need is going to come up for me to want to use it again.
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on November 17, 2015
I bought my camera brand new at Camera world in Portland Oregon while visiting great helpful staff. The camera worked just fine for the first 10 photos when I had to re load the film my camera would not push out the blue piece of paper for the new film to be ready I took it back to the store they messed with it over and over again. Ended up pushing the blue paper into the rollers to give it a head start that work well although that is not how this camera is supposed to operate so first day red flag. They were nice and gave me a free pack of film for the inconvenience and sent me on my way the next day when I turned on my camera the screen was messed up. When the camera is shut off the lcd screen is solid still has the protective film and everything but when u turn it on half the screen is black and miscolored. I contacted Polaroid about the mishap directly emailed them the problem as long as it's not cosmetic damage they can replace it or if the store authorized to they can. Well the damage was right off the bat with the rollers not pushing out the paper is not cosmetic, just like the screen being messed up from the inside out, is not cosmetic. It's not my doing the store couldn't replace it and Polaroid emailed me back telling me they could not help me that it was cosmetic I don't know what to do at this point. I would love it fixed or replaced however looks like that can't happen at this point and I know amazon won't help me out either being I didn't buy it here but this is the closest I can get to leaving a review for Polaroid because there site sends you to amazon for the purchase. So that's my expierance either it's a crappy quality over priced camera or I'm just unlucky and they don't want to deal with it or both. I assumed Polaroids were good quality if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it greatly.
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on May 13, 2014
I've read a handful of reviews on different sites and it seems like people either really love it, or really hate it. In my case, I really love it. It seems like the most complaints I've seen were from people who either think the camera is too big, or picture quality is not that great. I'm assuming these people have never had an actual Polaroid camera. If you compare this camera to the top cameras on the market today, of course you're going to set yourself up for disappointment.

Now looking at the camera on a more realistic level of comparison, going from a very large and bulky analog polaroid camera with little to no control of how an image is going to turn out to this--it's quite the difference. This camera is about the nostalgia of a Polaroid exposure with slightly better picture quality and the luxury of choosing which photos you want to print. If you look at the camera from that perspective then you'll understand why I gave it such a great review. It's great for what it is. Don't expect it to be more than that. It's a great, thought out, fun product.
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on August 28, 2014
I absolutely love my new camera, and it causes raves whenever I show off the instant print feature. One thing to be aware of, however -- there is a button on the side of the case (looks like a mountain and a flower). If you accidentally put it in macro mode (flower shows up on the screen) your pictures and videos will be blurry. Restoring factory settings won't help -- just push that little switch to the mountain! Now it's awesome again :)
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on January 11, 2015
I purchased this camera with hopes that it would be a lot of fun. The image quality of the photos were pretty bad and very blurry. I did not expect exceptional photos, I knew this camera is basically a novelty item / toy but still the images should be better. I liked the idea of being able to pick and choose which photos I wanted to print as to not waste the film but none of them were worth printing. I played around with the camera for about 24 hrs and returned it. I wish it had been better. I took the camera to a family gathering and the kids loved it and loved taking the mini prints home with them. For that reason and the fun factor involved in this type of camera I will try another model instant print camera. Very disappointed the Z2300 did not work out.
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