Customer Reviews: Polk Audio DB651 6.5"/6.75" 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters
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on December 16, 2011
First of all, these speakers are NOT capable of handling 180 watts. According to the manufacturer, they are rated at a MAXIMUM of 60 continuous RMS watts per speaker. Peak power is an irrelevant number that anyone with at least half a brain discards. These Polk Audio DB651 speakers sound great! They have very clear highs, and solid lows. These are not going to produce any astounding bass like a larger or good set of component speakers, but for what they are, I've yet to come across anything that can beat them. Also and maybe most importantly, they have great (perhaps the best I've heard) tonal balance. In comparison, I also own a pair of the Polk Audio MM651, which sound great (lows/highs) and are even slightly louder (more efficient) than the DB651 series, but the MM651 have an overly present midrange that takes a good equalizer to somewhat tame. Even equalized however, the MM651 series doesn't sound overall as well as the DB651 series. If you're looking for a great set of 6.5" speakers that have a balanced, warm and clear sound, and also perform well at higher volume levels, then I recommend the DB651. Especially, if they are under 70 bucks a pair! Furthermore, I'd highly recommend using an amplifier in conjunction with these speakers.

I am currently using a Kenwood DPX-701 headunit and Kenwood KAC-X542 amplifier that produces 80+ continuous watts RMS @ 4 Ohms X 4 in tandem with two pair of the DB651 speakers and they sound great. Unfortunately, I have to significantly attenuate the level and gain controls on the amplifier so I don't blow the speakers, and with the amazing sound quality, it's very tempting to crank it up. Matter of fact, one of the local officers was so intrigued by the intensity of my car stereo that he came over to where I was sitting (in my driveway) and wrote me a little white certificate of authenticity that I had to take to the courthouse and proudly display.

Edit - Personal Preference Notice:
I've encountered a few debates about "clarity" when it comes to speakers (these DB651s in particular) of which neither is wrong nor right, it's just personal preference. As I mentioned earlier in the review, these speakers have a warm yet clear sound. The treble is clear and plentiful, but it's not sharp, glass shattering, nor ear drum piercing. That is thanks to the "Silk Dome" tweeters. Silk Dome tweeters are typically not as efficient nor as loud as metal dome ( titanium, aluminum ect) tweeters, but they have a better balanced, soft, clear and warm sound. To me metal dome tweeters are uncomfortable to listen to because they have an untamable resonating tinny sound. I have a few friends, however, that disagree with my silk dome tweeter preference and actually prefer the flamboyance of the metal tweeters. So if you have a similar tonal taste as they do, you may be disappointed with the DB651 series high frequency performance and want to look further for a set of speakers with metal dome tweeters. Anyway to each there own; these Polk DB651 series speakers replaced my Eclipse SP6500 series (that had metal dome tweeters) and I can say it was a very noticeable improvement in sound quality and balance.
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on October 19, 2009
I purchased a set of four DB651's to replace the factory speakers in my 2004 Nissan Sentra. My intention was to replace the entire factory sound system piece by piece, but once I installed these speakers I realized I didn't need to change out my head unit or add an amp. These speakers sound perfect with the factory HU. I can turn the HU up to maximum volume and the Polk can handle it with no distortion. When I first installed them, I had a raspy popping sound, but I realized the factory subwoofer was still connected. Since disconnecting the Sub the sound has been perfect! These speakers pick up the bass perfectly, so I decided not to add a sub at all. The sound isn't competition quality, but more than what I'll ever need. Perfect full-range speakers for the average listener. Purchasing these speakers saved me a lot of money on replacing the rest of my system. Thanks Polk!! You have a new fan!
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on January 29, 2015
I have been a long time fan of Polk audio and use their speakers for my home theater setup. The DB651 arrived at my home yesterday and was packaged securely in a larger box with packaging bubbles. The delivery tracking did not update until the last day before it arrived but it came well within the window that was promised.

The vehicle I installed these speakers on is a 2004 Wrangler and they were installed in the sound pods behind the front seats. They were fairly easy to install, especially after taking a few minutes to plan how I wanted to mount them. They have normal terminals for which quick disconnects can be used. I ended up buying some cheap ones from Auto Zone for like 3$ for a pack of 20.

The set comes with 2 mounting spacers (needed if you have a speaker location with a smaller diameter speaker slot for example like my Wrangler), a rubber gasket to create a good seal, two speakers, 8 long screws and 8 short screws, and the grill. The only unfortunate downside to this set is that the smaller screws will not work if you need the mounting spacers. They are approximately 1/6th of an inch long and are used to secure the speakers in a normal speaker slot. Meaning they are too short to be used with the grill or with use in a spacer. Luckily I had some drywall screws that were almost identical to the 8 larger screws and I was able to mount them with no issues. I have uploaded some pictures of how they fit and of the smaller screws. I am sure they would probably work to an extent but would not want to take the risk that they would fail with only so little plastic holding them in.

My other set of DB521's should be arriving shortly and I will be installing those today. Great product and reasonably priced. In fact they are so reasonably priced that they are about 30$ cheaper than Crutchfield or any other comparable competitor. They offer a great range of sound and have completely changed how the audio in my vehicle sounds.
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on September 15, 2009
Just installed these today in my 1990 4runner in the front doors and bought speaker spacers wich were not required. Hooked them up to a orion cobalt 600.4 amp wow these things bump!! Ive read some reviews saying they have no bass thats crazy! These little things got a lot of bass plus highs and mids! Maybe the past reviewers were not putting enogh power to them. I also have a new pair of boston acoustic 6/9 these things blow them out of the water in every way! So time to get rid of those and get another pair of these! Get these you will be happy!! Cant wait to hear how they sound in a month after a full break in period!!
Update Sep 29 09 Just had another pair installed in the back and all I have to say is WOW!! Like I said before I had Boston Acoustic 6/9 s95 in boxes and they just cannot hang with these! You can get away without a sub with these! Love em!
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on August 16, 2012
If you are broke and looking for a good speaker for the money. Get it. They sound good and have some decent bass. You wont be disappointed . I dont write many reviews but I had these for awhile before i upgraded to mm's . Let my friend have them , even without an amp they sound great and get loud.
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on October 30, 2015
I bought these for my sounds bar on a 1998 Wrangler TJ. They are a perfect fit and come with everything you need to make a quick easy installation. These speakers sound amazing and is exactly what my old jeep needed.
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on October 18, 2012
After reading positive reviews and seeing a sale on this item I decided to give them a try.
They were installed into a 2004 VW Jetta - they fit fine there was no fit issue at all.
If I has known ahead of time I would have bought speaker enclosures that protect the speakers
when they are installed into the door - (a thin plastic or rubber enclosure).

After listening to the system, I was a little undrewhelmed by the sound of the speakers.
The sound is a little muddy and not as clear as I would have hoped.
The car has the monsoon system (favtory amp) so I was expecting the speaker would
perform much better and live up to my expectations based on other reviews that I read on these DB-651s.

My factory speakers were partially blown, so the systems sounds much much better than before the installation
but just not quite as good as I was hoping.
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on September 15, 2015
I purchased these to retrofit my 1997 Jeep Wrangler sound bar. These speakers are great when amplified. I can hear them loud and clear at 80 miles per hour with the top off. Plus they are marine certified too!
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on May 21, 2013
This is the girl's ghetto guide to car stereo electronic upgrades.

Yes, I'm striving to be that person who's stereo costs more than the car. With a low low income and a do-it-yourself attitude, you can be that person too!

I bought these to replace my front door speakers on my Corolla.
Unless your front speakers are blown, I highly recommend leaving them alone. Replacing these speakers yourself is not an easy task.

If you have a '99 Corolla, these speakers will fit, as well as clear the window when you roll it all the way down.
No need to buy the shallow version of these the bass!


You will need to literally rip off the door panels which will likely never go back on exactly the same way, but that is the price you may have to're driving a 15 year old car anyway, just give it some love.

You have to pry off the armrest on the door to access a screw that is underneath. You also have to unscrew a screw where the handle is. If you have manual windows, you must get this metal C clip off in order to take the window handle off. You don't need a special tool, you can use a piece of cloth to shimmy it off. There are Youtube videos online, showing you this trick. After everything is unscrewed, grab the door and rip that baby off. Force required.

The factory speakers are riveted on, so I hope you have a power drill. Drill those baby's out and cut the speaker wire.

I don't know if this is the best approach, but I drilled new holes for the speakers and hammered in some drywall anchors. Old holes didn't line up. Connect the speaker wire, test those babies out and screw 'em in to your anchors. Pop the door back on and you are good to go. When I say pop, I mean look at where the plastic clips in the door panel line up with the holes in your door and punch that baby. Use the force!

Sound Quality:

I was going to buy something else and then I went to Best Buy to test out their speaker selection. I am glad that I did because these pretty ladies sang to me. I would not be ashamed to install these speakers in a much nicer car.
The speakers do sound amazing. She swiveling tweeter is a huge selling point and it makes a difference when the speakers are down by your ankles. The highs are nice and clear and the lows sound way better than the Pioneer 6x9's in my trunk. Just remember, they're in a door, not a box...this matters.
If you don't have an aftermarket stereo, do yourself a favor and buy one. These speakers like power and many factory stereo's don't bring it. You can get something totally decent on here for $65. Stereo's are simple to install on these cars. Toss some Dynamat in your door panel if you're a freak about it. Just think of it like playing music in a symphony hall vs. a two car garage. Nevertheless, the bass does a 6.5" should thump anyway. If you want more, do yourself a favor and install a subwoofer...then you will know thunder.
In these little cars, you could get away with a 300 watt 10" or 12" with a sealed box and still have room in the trunk for under $300. I am afraid to stick my L7 in here.
Unless you live in your car, no need to buy more expensive speakers than these. Save it for your home system, it'll be more impressive.

Jah Bless.
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on May 15, 2015
Installed these in my 97 Jeep wrangler sound bar. Hooked right up to my previous wiring. Only had to drill new holes because these speakers are larger than my last. Sounds great and is a big improvement to my old pioneer speakers
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