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on March 8, 2014
I bought this to complete my modest home theater set-up. I have a 46" Samsung LED and Xbox One in a fairly small living room. I didn't want to mess with true surround sound, but wanted to step up from the built in speakers in the Sammy.

Initial impressions were good. Set up was simple, it comes with all needed cords. I chose to connect the soundbar the TV optical output rather than directly to the Xbox. It's possible that connecting straight to the Xbox would result in a higher quality audio stream. But, I still have a PS3 hooked up that I also use the soundbar with.

It's a good looking piece of kit and sounds crisp and loud. Set in front of the TV, the soundbar was just slightly taller than the bottom on the TV bezel. I fixed this issue by placing $10 worth of Ikea shelving under the TV stand. It was very easy to program my TV remote (and by extension Xbox Kinect) to control the power, but for some reason the Kinect will not adjust the soundbar volume, even though it works with the built in TV volume.

Soundwise, it's nice, especially if you are sitting directly in front of the speakers and can turn the volume up. It's not exactly as sensational as actual surround sound but it does give the impression of a wider, deeper field of sound than the TV speakers.

At lower volumes, the different sound profiles aren't especially useful - all but music make it difficult to hear dialogue.

It's also easy to use stream music to it directly via Bluetooth or from a Windows PC to the Xbox One and it makes a fine stereo.

Not for hardcore audiophiles, but it's an attractive option for Xbox One owners looks for an enhanced audio experience while gaming and watching your stories.
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on December 6, 2013
This is my first "quality" soundbar and so far it doesn't disappoint. Very crisp, clear, loud sound, even when cranked up you don't get that cracking sound that cheaper speakers give off. However, you really have to position this correctly in your room to get it to sound good when using the preset modes on it because of the way it bounces the sound around the room. Best to sit back a bit and make sure you are dead center, doing this is sounds amazing. If you sit off to the side it can sound a bit odd at times, but then again that's depending on the settings used.

The only issues I am having aren't from the speakers, but from the hdmi / optical pass through on my TV. The TV sound is tinny and half the time you can't hear the person talking in the foreground as if the "center" speaker is missing. Again, this is just a TV setting issue that I have yet to work out, so if you notice this get to digging around your TV's audio menu.

There isn't really much else to say about a soundbar other than it does what it's supposed to do, and it does it very well. The sound is so good and I'm glad I spent the money. Like the other reviewers mentioned, I was kind of wary about the cost / performance since there are no reviews around at all online yet, but I decided to take the dive anyways. So far, extremely happy.
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on January 28, 2014
This sound bar is marketing as having been designed for the Xbox One, but don't let that fool you. This device is not only compatible with other systems (Satellite, PS3/4, DVD/Blu-ray), but it sounds pretty good too!

I decided to pick this up for a second room where I was considering moving my video game set up (ps3/ps4). The TV speakers I had on my 42" just weren't cutting it. I picked this bar up on a whim, as it was designed for the X-Box one. Set up was easy - it plugs in via a power supply that goes straight to the outlet (read: no giant power brick to connect) and it also comes with a fiber optic cable - which isn't always the case with this kind of stuff. There's also a remote which can 'programmed,' but I haven't tested out that functionality.

The sound is really, really good! I was pretty surprised as I had listened to a number of sound bars when trying to simplify my main setting before being gifted a new 7.1 receiver. They always lacked overall compared to what I was used to. This sound bar won't blow you out of the water, but the audio is rich and clear, there's a decent amount of bass. It's a lot better than comparatively priced units I've listened to.

Gaming specific features - there's a few preset modes, including modes that are designed for tv and movies. It basically makes adjustments to the audio to give you the 'best' experience. This includes gaming modes for FPS and racing games. I didn't find them to be anything special, so I decided to leave it on the dvd/tv setting.

Another big plus is that there are a number of inputs, so it works for more than just your video game console. (fiber optic, coax, mini, and a subwoofer (sadly not included)). You can stream wirelessly from bluetooth which I tried out only briefly. It worked pretty well, and the audio sounded good when I did.

Build Quality - I find it's really hit or miss with electronics these days. This particular Polk Audio bar seemed pretty nice though. It has a solid feel without being unduly heavy. It seems like it will last, especially since the tactile buttons will rarely be pushed. All in all, it has a handsome look that I find much more attractive than Sony's hexagon boxes. As I've mentioned before, the unit itself was designed to be used with the X-Box, but oddly enough it actually looks more like it would match an PS2. The tactile buttons are pretty low profile, and give it a slightly old-school Bang and Olufsen vibe. Bottom line, it looks good in your entertainment set up.

OVERALL - It's a great unit, especially for the price. It looks good, and can be used with multiple devices. The sound - which is the most important part - is excellent, and it feels like it's really well built.

The only negatives is that it seems to take a little time to get going, and I find that the special video game features don't do much - but that's not to take away from what this unit provides.

If you have the money and you're looking for a great sounding, good looking sound bar, then this is the unit for you - even if you don't own an XBox One.
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on August 6, 2014
Let me start off by saying I Spent about 3 months of research before I decided was reading reviews there was very little to go on with YouTube as well as other sites on this sound bar but I am very glad I just decided to get it.

My decision for getting this was because it got a lot of good reviews on the mid range for sound and the high range is pritti good on it. The real reason I chose it is because I'm a bass head and I like my surround sound booming but I also want to hear what is going on as well so for music I am also going to get the polik subwoofer that you can connect to it for a higher base. Don't get me wrong the base now is loud enough to be heard both upstairs on the 3rd floor in my house but when it's high it is almost where I want it to be but not yet still it does get a good bump from it and I can say I havnt played around with the settings yett I pritti much just took it out paired w Bluetooth and ran a few tests but even that I was very amazed because I have a similar sound bar from RCA and I am selling that one because it put it to shame lol...

The pros is the sound is there I can have a fan on blast an ac on I can have something on in the background that makes enough noise to be annoyed but you will hear everything through it. And another thing to add is if you need more base pick up there polik psw10 or the psw108 but I'm going for the 10 subwoofer because that is enough feels like I have enough sound to upset the neighbors and I will not blast it of coarse but the point is for mid range sound if I am either playing a game or watching a movie it will be very rich to hear I am very fed up w buying junk where mid range I'm having a drink jammin and I don't feel the beat as much because the clarity isn't that clear. And during the day if I really want to blast music I can because the high range is good too. I was very sketchy about getting this because they say it's made for the xbox 1 yes I have an xbox 1 but I didn't get it for the xbox I got it because I was very sick of having to put my RCA sound bar on full blast just to hear the characters in a movie talk and I was very sick of the base was like dead. If I purchase a 200 dollar mini boom box that runs on a lithium battery and can fit in my pocket from Bose there is no way that thing should be higher and better then your home theatre. Granted this is my room setup but the point is with most of these company's you spend that much money on anything your expecting something great and last time I went on a whim of reviews that said this RCA is the greatest I was the sucker.

So my motto buy it test it out and also put in to effect if you want more base it actually has the option for upgrades then go for it because you have a choise weather u want sonething higher then my choice or not some soundbars don't have the option and if they do they come with one that is not as great sounding as most on the market. I'm not talking about the sound for the mid and high range for treble n stuff because I had no problem w it it's there. If you feel it's not you need a bigger system. Some people complaint about the remote and stuff I work for a cable conpany I have a universal remote if you don't calibrate it to your settings and you will be fine I didn't have to mess with the settings to see it works as advertised out of the box. You just have to read and understand how everything works because there is a diffrent setting for what your trying to do and I have the base on a low setting because on low it's high as hell so I can imagine the subwoofer when I get it next week and I will have another update review in 3 weeks w how I feel about it but honestly I was going to go w the vizio 5.1 surround sound wireless speakers for a bit more the reason I didn't was because A the design is from the Stone Age my RCA looks exactly the same they took no time on designing it like slab a mesh on the front make it very thin and were all set. B the subwoofer it comes with reading some reviews it is good but it's not great dosnt live up to its value the mid to high range on the soundbar was not there. And that's wothout the sub it comes with which says a lot because this thing was designed to be not only modern but it's heavy bout 13 pounds and the sub on it does make my fish worry about the room lol.. So I can imagine the sub I get for it. And every review I read about a 300 plus range system is the same it's almost perfect but either the base is too loud to where u can't hear the people talk or the base is ehh it's there but not really alive. I won't say this is perfect but this is the best value and there sub for this was rated the best value so weather you have a ps4 or even if you don't have those and u have a bluray player or Apple TV it's still worth it.
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on July 28, 2014
Bought this on a firesale for $149. This is about the right price for this product. I think it's fine for gaming speakers and for bluetooth music purposes, but I would not recommend this for movies or TV entertainment speaker. The dialogue is extremely hard to hear no matter what setting it's on. That being said it is stylish and a decent value for $150.
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I had been looking at this sound bar basically since I bought my Xbox One 500GB Console with Kinect and recently pulled the trigger on it. I am very happy with the overall sound, ease of connection, and integration with my Xbox. I added a subwoofer to this bar through the sub out jack and the overall performance is just amazing compared to the TV's speakers. The sound bar alone does add a lot of depth over the TV speakers, but a halfway decent subwoofer just completes the setup (without all the expense of a true surround sound set up).

The tiny (almost credit card thin) remote control contains buttons for each "Mode." The Modes are marked by Halo (for shooters) Forza (for racing games) as well as modes for music and movies.

Since I do have the Xbox with Kinect, however, I control the volume and on/off function through the Xbox One Media Remote or with my voice using the Kinect. Pairing this sound bar with the Xbox and Kinect was a breeze in the setting's menu and took less than 1 minute. With the added "oomph" from this new sound bard, I did need to re-calibrate the kinect.

Finally, The sound bar also features bluetooth connection so I can stream music from my phone when the TV is not on.

Overall 5-Stars. I love the additional sound quality this bar and added subwoofer give my games and my movies, and I love that integration with the Kinect was super easy. I would recommend this product to any gamers out there looking for upgrading their sound system.
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on January 1, 2015
As far as audio goes I've owned Polk products since the late 90's and they have always given out a good product for a good price. I bought the N1 for $125 and for that price this is a steal! I bought it to complete my HTPC I have set up currently and it works perfect for our 10 ft by 10 ft living area. We have a open living space that with the kitchen and dining areas all connected and this sound bar actually fills this whole area with good sound quality which would be roughly 30 ft by 30 ft. I love the settings offered with this sound bar (warrior, racer, movie, and music) and they all work very well with what I use my HTPC for which is playing games, like Skyrim, FIFA and Battlefield, and watching all sorts of movies and shows. From video games to action packed movies to documentaries this sound bar meets and exceeds all my requirements. The LED light bar to display different settings, volume and source is very sleek and easy to get used to and learn the different lights and what they mean. For the low $100 price range this is a excellent upgrade to the awful speakers in TVs and I'd tell anyone, especially if using a HTPC, to consider getting this if you are not wanting to go all out with a high end surround sound speaker set. The only 2 cons, and one is not a con for me beings that I use a HTPC, is that it is difficult to get that perfect volume and the bass notes are a little weak with no subwoofer. I've found that between 2 clicks of the volume control it'll go from being not loud enough to being just a bit too loud. Again I only write that because I know everyone does not have a HTPC and might want to use this with a console or just their TV and it might be a turn off to them but to me it works perfect. I highly recommended this product and encourage anyone to just give it a chance and you'll probably be surprised.
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on September 13, 2015
Really love the quality the highs the lows the bass all well and performs but better than I thought they would for $100, my only real complaints are that the preset EQs are terrible well both of the "video game" presets are they make the games sound like trash but the movie and music presets are very nice and I regularly use them. My other gripe with the sound bar is like others said there are large sound jumps I think the sound goes to about 20ish im not 100% sure, but lets say between sound levels 3 and 4 it goes from quite to loud and from like 7 to 8 it gets extremely loud I haven't gone pass 8 or 9 much because it gets plenty loud for MOST anybody's needs. The sound bar by itself has a good amount of bass and you can take and give it bass as need but for those who want it for a more serious budget sound system look into the Polk Audio PSW 10in sub-woofer its only a extra $120 and its well worth it to give your sound a much bigger boom.
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on September 1, 2014
Once you get it configured this soundbar is great.The configuration is necessary to make it work with voice controls through the Kinect; go into Xbox Settings and there it is. The bass is great and the surround emulation is amazing - my fiancee and I have each thought there was someone at the door because of the sound, it's that good.
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on August 23, 2015
Didn't want anything crazy for my room, just something with a bit more quality than computer speakers. I was shocked when I got this. It can be LOUD and the quality is definitely there. I was hesitant because it's specifically for gaming and I wasn't really should what that actually meant but it turned out to be a great purchase that I don't regret.
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