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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 18, 2010
First off, I'll say this-they won't shake the house down-you'll need a sub. Don't deduct stars off the review because they won't do what they're not designed to do.

I got these from the Polk Direct store refurbished(but they look new)on an Ebay auction. For about 60% of what they cost new, I stole them!! For that price, I didn't get what I paid for-I got much more.

Here's the setup. Powered by a Harman Kardon 75 watt per channel stereo 2 channel(not home theater surround)receiver. They are mounted on the wall about 6 feet high aimed in and down toward the listening area. They are about 17 lbs, so get heavy duty brackets that are rated for at least 20 lbs if you want to wall mount.

These are the best sounding speakers I've ever had. Ok, I've never had any real high end speakers, such as Paradigm, but these are the best so far. Highs are crisp and clear. Mids and vocals are warm not muddy. The staging is awesome. There's plenty of bass-I'm generally talking about mid bass-they're not subs-remember? There's certainly no gap between these and the sub's crossover frequency.

They've been cranked up pretty loud and did not distort. But the best news is efficency. You won't need much power to get these TSi200s sounding good and loud. Definitely the loudest bookshelf I've had. And can compete with some foorstanding speakers in the efficency department.

Being refurbs, I don't know if they have enough hours on them to be broken in. But I've got about 10 hours on them so far and they sound great. If you crank up some heavy metal loud, they can sound a bit harsh. But that can be said for just about any speaker. With jazz they amaze me. The saxophone sounds like it's here in the room.

Some sources state that the TSi200s are bi ampable and some say no. Maybe you can get them either way-I don't know. These over here are not capable of biamping-just one set of terminals. But I don't plan on doing that anyway. I really HATE the high gloss black finish on the top. It shows every speck of dust and every fingerprint. But being mounted high on the wall, no one can see it. That's my only complaint. Yes, sure there are better speakers out there. But I'm convinced you'd have to pay much more to get a noticable difference in sound quality. If you want a pair, save some $$$ and get refurbished ones from the Polk Direct store.
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on July 24, 2010
These bookshelf speakers have been bought to replace smaller, less expensive bookshelf units, mostly because the first one I purchased (Polk M-10, on sale) were lacking too much in the lower frequencies for my taste. I know, you can't expect any real bass from bookshelf speakers, but nonetheless.

Anyway, I just brought the TSi200 home a few hours ago and had them do a very minimal burn-in for a few hours whilst I was doing something else (they are paired with a Yamaha RX-397 receiver, as an home office sound system -- this is not my main audio rig!). I got back to them when I took a break from working on my house, giving a "quick listen" to a few ripped CDs. I know they are not fully broken in and are not in their final "resting place", but, the first impression is as follow:

* surprisingly bass-heavy.
* a bit bright on the top-end, but I'll put this on the account of their non broken-in state and the source material.
* surprisingly detailed, for such inexpensive speakers.
* placement might be more important than one might think, being rear ported.

Again, this is just an initial review and I will have come back with a follow-up. These speakers appear to be a very good bet for a secondary sound system. Initial gut reaction would be that, properly fed, properly placed (too close to the wall and the bass appears to become muddy), these speakers should be able to sing. They might well be quite an audio bargain. Let's say that I got what I was searching for (wider frequency range) and that I do not feel ripped off.

*** A follow-up:

after roughly a week's worth of break-in and, in the mean-time, swapping the cheap Monster THX SP 16 cables for a pair of Kimber 4PR, the sound coming from these bookshelf speakers improved quite a bit. Everything firmed up, the highs are less bright and the lows are less boomy (again, be aware that these speakers are sensitive to placement). The sound is even more "punchy", more immediate (you _feel_ percussions a bit better).

Verdict? When on sale, these speakers offer undeniably great value. You get good sound for a very acceptable price (in my case, 278CAD).

If you want to argue, yes, in absolute terms, there are better speakers out there compared to the Polk TSi 200. But in their price range and for the type of speaker (i.e., bookshelf-type), I'm not sure these Polk have much competition, if any.

Just considering what they can do (when properly fed), if you buy these speakers, you should not be disapointed.
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on April 13, 2010
This Polk TSi200's are great bookshelf speakers, hard to beat for the price.

After too much good reviews on Polk Audio products I finally decided to get a pair of TSi200 for my room.

I bought them in black, the first thing I noticed when they where out of the box, is that they are solid built and look great, especially the top of the speakers on glossy black. I appreciate good and simple designs, and this speakers look timeless, they'll blend in wherever you put them, they look better with the covers off, no kids or cats on the house, so no problem on damaging the drivers, the tweeters seem really sensible and fragile, so if you have kids or pets in the house, keep the covers on.

So, how do they sound?.

After unpacking, I went to my room and connected them to an HK 3390 and put on Eric Clapton's Slowhand SACD on my Onkyo C-S5VL and I was immediately blown away with the clarity and sound stage this little speakers communicate, I could tell precisely where in space Eric was sitting in front of me, really great and totally unexpected experience from this little Polks. The experience was great no matter what other CD's and LP's where played, my collection is basically Beatles, Rolling Stones, Creedence, Radiohead, AIR, some indie bands, some Jazz and the likes.

They replaced a pair of old Onkyo floor-standing speakers. The sound coming from the Polks is bigger and fuller, wider sound stage, I know my Onkyo's are 10 year old, but I wasn't expecting much better sound from a package 1/4 the size.

I strongly recommend getting a Sub-woofer (I did), the TSi200's don't reproduce low frequencies that good, but that is expected based on the size and configuration of the drivers.
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on October 15, 2012
These book shelf speakers sound absolutely brilliant as surround speakers. When I first installed them using Omnimount 30.0 Speaker mounts hanging from my ceiling, they looked to be complete overkill. After several hours of breaking them in, I now realized what I have been missing using much smaller surrounds. I have heard things in movies I've watched many times before that I never heard until I installed these surrounds.

I've spent much more money on speakers that sounded no where near as good. These are a great buy.
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on December 23, 2015
Ok, I enjoy the TSI 100 bookshelf but when I got these babies it "just got real". What a hugh difference to have the larger speakers as they
provide a larger sound stage and can handle my Marantz vintage 2220 B receiver's power. I use these with the TSI 100 and listening to my
old records has been great. I dont know why Polk discontinued these for the TSX line which I feel look and sound cheap. Well, if you want good sound at an affordable price, just buy these and enjoy the future.............
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on January 8, 2013
I originally bought these, my first ever pair of Polk speakers, for a stereo setup in my bedroom. I cleared some space on my bookshelf, where these sat on their sides. After I got them hooked up I was amazed with the sound. Incredible deep tones and full rich mids for such a size speaker. Really, I was stunned. After a few months I realized I hated my floor speakers for my home theater in my living room. But since my living room is rather small (I live in a small one bedroom apartment), I decided to try these speakers in that setup. The results were mixed. While I thought the speakers did a superb job balancing out my center channel, they really don't do music as well in that room as in the bedroom. I should also note that in the bedroom, these speakers were encased in their own little cubicle in the bookshelf, maybe about 1" - 1 1/2" on all sides (sides, top and bottom). In the living room they are just standing on my entertainment center, on either side of my TV. So while the music still sounds good, it lacks the ooomf it had in the bedroom. I find myself turning up the amp to a level I've never had it before. Movies, however, sound superb. I'm not entirely sure why, but it really does sound a lot better than my floor speakers ever did. It might be their placement (higher and closer together). Also something to note, these speakers are not small. And they are particularly deep. They are also rather heavy. But all of that is a fine trade off for the sound. I will likely be getting another pair of Polk speakers soon.
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on December 22, 2015
I just got these and have been fiddling with them for a couple of hours. For under $200, and driven by a cheap amp, these are great speakers. I don’t have a lot of freedom of placement, they are on the shelf above my work table, but that puts them only slightly above ear level when I'm at the computer.

That's what I bought them for: better computer music. I'm driving them with a Pyle Home PCA3 amp for under $60. Don’t be fooled, this little thing only puts out about 15 watts/channel, but I can run myself out of my home office driving these Polk's! I'm going to let them play all night to break them in, but as is I'm not unhappy. They are rather boomy at the low end and a tad bright for my taste, but my sound card EQ takes care of that. Overall, I'm happy and definitely recommend them.
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on August 24, 2011
I have owned a wide variety of speakers over the years ranging in price from less than $100 to more than $4000 per speaker. I can say these bookshelf speakers are well worth the price. These are a large bookshelf speaker so if you are looking for something small that blends into the decor these are not the right choice. They are a very deep speaker and although they can be wall mounted I found they look far better mounted on a large stand. They have a nice looking face and gloss top. I don't really care for the black or cherry finish on the rest of the housing, but at this price I can live with it.

Now the performance of these speakers is very good for the price range. In fact the only thing I could find that was comparable that cost less was BIC America FH6-LCR Dual 6.5-Inch 175-Watt LCR Speaker with Mid/High Frequency Horn. The Bics perform better but are not as appealing visually.

I have my Polks set up as a second set of mains in a bedroom 7.1 set up. They sound very good for both movies and music and can stand on their own for moderate use. If you want the full experience of sound from your system you will need a subwoofer and/or another set of full range mains.

These speakers have excellent mid range production and life like tone and imaging. They have fair bass response but if you are looking to shake the windows you will need to add a subwoofer.

I could list a long line of speakers that I think sound better than these, but they all cost hundreds if not thousands more. These hold up well with all the competition in the two to three hundred dollar per pair price range.

To sum up:

5 star value/performance (certainly not the best performing bookshelf but very competitive in this price range)
4 star aesthetics (they are a large very deep speaker that look better stand/bookshelf mounted as opposed to hung from a wall)
5 star quality (Polk makes a dependable product that has the standard 5 year guarantee)
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on April 30, 2016
Awesome speaker for the money. A definite sweet spot in price vs. performance. Highly recommended! The Polk TSI line are all great speakers for home theaters. You cannot go wrong with these. Anything with noticeably better performance will cost at least 2x to 3x more.
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on August 16, 2014
THESE are AMAZING. bi-amped using two Onyko 282's. Impressive clarity when listening to contemporary, highly compressed music. A little muddy for film/home theater. For the price I am blown away since buying them two years ago.

Some moron friend of my boyfriend suddenly started pulling wires out of my mixer about a year go. If it wasen't for being stunned by the loudest. most horrible sound Ive experienced, I might have punched her. My point? Tweeters were blown. I called Polk customer service for replacement tweeters/price but they replaced them for FREE.

Results are from a room 15' x 22' with acoustic panels hanging from cieling and on walls. Also, bass traps in every corner.
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