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Size: .25 Caliber|Change
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on November 6, 2011
Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle air rifleCrosman Marauder Magazine (Multi-Shot Clip Holds 10 .22 Caliber Pellets)A couple of grains heavier than Crosman Pointeds, these will hit a tiny bit high if you're zeroed for the Crosmans. Why the comparison? In my Marauder, the Crosman's are unparalleled for accuracy and grouping. (Your results in your gun in your hands may differ ...)

But these things are almost ... unfair. They are "efficient." Suffice it to say that clay-block tests consistently showed the skirt expanding and pulling over the body, creating a fascinating channel. The tip (Delrin?) seems like it would pierce just about anything; the accuracy is excellent.

I don't see much "point" in hollow point pellets --- at air gun velocities they disappoint in expansion and often in accuracy and range, as well. The Crosman Field Hunting's are unparalleled in accuracy (in my Marauder), and are my general choice for mixed-distance shooting because of the accuracy. (Please note that, like firearm ballistics, this does NOT guarantee that you will get absolute duplicate results in YOUR gun.)

The key ingredient in these little monsters is the "detachable" tip --- these things have a ballistic coefficient that rivals Crosman Field's "domed-pointed" profile (more efficient than pointed), delivering virtually the same ballistics, but a couple of grains heavier. Unlike the "pointed hollow points," these do not suffer from a blunted nose.

What these DO is something that has to be used or experimented with to be believed:
First: The tip creates an entry channel and "eases" penetration of the main body.

Second: The body decelerates RAPIDLY as the hollow point is exposed. This is not the same as a normal hollow point flattening slightly (and is certainly not the same as a bullet).

Third: In most cases the "weak point" where the skirt joins the body gives way. In this application, this is a good thing --- the skirt continues forward, often over the body, which has so suddenly decelerated.

Fourth: For a .22 air pellet, it leaves a fascinating channel. The ejecta on exit are a testament to "what's goin' on in there."

The added 2 grains don't make a huge difference in terminal energy, especially not at air velocities. (I generally tune to 875fps.) It's the structure of these things that does the magic. It's worth noting that the skirts are fairly thin and are extremely consistent and well-formed --- which makes for excellent compression and choked-barrel performance. (Not surprisingly, the Crosman skirts are similar.)

These pellets do NOT leave very much to chance.

And yes, it is possible to re-machine a Marauder magazine to take ten of these beauties. In case you need ten. ;)

(Note: Both "channel" photos show 1-7/8" channels in dense modelling clay.)
review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 29, 2012
I've bought these at Bass Pro Shops before, but ran out so got them through, the shipping was efficient, As far as the actual product: I've taken Jack rabbits that you might normally use a .22 lr on, but I live in California so a pellet gun is my only option! However these pellets are Accurate, have Range, and actually perform like a hollow point. I used a Gamo Viper pellet shotgun/.22 pellet gun on a Jack rabbit at 15 yards: It literally picked the rabbit up and knocked it down causing immediate hydro-static shock, another story involves my Gamo whisper IGT .22 where I shot a squirrel at about 35yds, I didn't get a kill shot, however it did hit a leg with great success! AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED THIS IS THE ONLY PELLET THAT COMES CLOSE TO REPLICATING A .22 LR BULLET. ALSO MADE IN USA, NOT CHINA!
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on July 6, 2014
my hatsan 125 25 cal. was all over the place until I got these, now she's deadly. Dead on at 10 yds. 3 in. high at 30 yds and dead on at 50 yds. and very little drift from cross wind at 50 yds and knock down power on ground hogs you wouldn’t believe.
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on July 16, 2012
There are a lot of good pellets in the market today, but if you want to take down small game with 1 shot then buy these. I also use the Predator Polymag .22 cal 16 grain. Most of the time I don't even need my .22 break barrel. I use these .177 rounds and they are accurate and provide 1 shot knock down every time. If you do your part behind the trigger, then these little hammers will do theirs. I have been using these for about 6 years now.
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on February 23, 2013
This will be a short review. I just tested a half dozen brands of pellets and these gave me the tightest groups shot after shot, using a bench mount for the rifle with no bias of any kind. These are accurate, the results are repeatable and consistent, and they have great penetration. One thing I've learned since taking up air guns is that the pellet makes a HUGE difference. You have to find one pellet type that works best and stick with that. If you are dialed in with one pellet, it may not work for another. So from now on these are all I use in both .22 and .17 airguns both rifles and pistols. (PS I have high velocity guns so that may or may not make a difference but if I don't get 600FPS on a pistol or 1200FPS on a rifle I'm not interested).
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on March 4, 2014
These pellets are great, and great quality. I did a lot of research before buying, and all of the ballistic gelatin videos, hunting videos and articles, and word-of-mouth I found said that these were the best. It wasn't a lie. I killed three rats with one shot each using these pellets. The exit wound is nasty damage, and there was no suffering. I didn't find the pellet, but the ballistic gelatin videos show that the pellets mushrooms beautifully as it moves through. If you're planning to be killing things, these are the ones you want.

The reason I gave this review four stars is that the container is unsatisfactory. Although it is sturdy and pretty, the lid is far too easy to take off. The lid is not the screw on type, which means that if you pick the container up like most people do, from the sides, the lid will slip off, and all your pellets spill everywhere. Then your foam lid padding flies away in the wind, and now your pellets are dirty, possibly damaged, and unprotected when back in the container. It's bad design, and lack of fore-thought. I recommend transferring these to a different container once you buy them. Something like a pill bottle would work much better.
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on May 17, 2015
These are the most accurate and lethal pellet available for the Benjaman Marauder series. My P-rod absolutely loves these guys but there is one major problem: The do not fit in the clips. I have tried them in both .25 Caliber & .22 Caliber Benjamins. The fit in ok but they are just a tad too long and sooner or later (most likely sooner) you have a jammed pellet. Be nice if they could make them just 1 or 2% shorter and they would be perfect. Still a good pellet though for all of you break barrel single shot guys. When you use these on small game a single shot will do it! ;)
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on January 6, 2016
These are very accurate and hit HARD!!! If your hunting small to medium game these the right one for you if your gun is accurate with them. I have a Marauder and these group .75"-1" at 50 yards. I've shot may squirrels and birds between 50 and 75 yards. Nice one shot takedowns. I just got a chrony for Christmas so I'll be testing these through it soon!!! Can't wait!!
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on November 18, 2014
im using in my .25 marauder with a nikon prostaff efr and stacking pellets on top of each other at 30 yards with the occasional flyer here and there (unsorted) but even with the flyers my groups are still inside of one inch and to me that's just fine
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on October 12, 2013
These pricey Predator Polymag .25-Cal pellets do pack the punch of better than 37-38 fpe's of power, but with continued use I have again returned to my staples: Benjamin 27-grain Domed and Hollow Point pellets, plus Eun-Jin 43-grains for a deadly, no-questions-asked kill shots at virtually any distance up to 75-yards or so. The Marauder 25 also has a liking for a couple others, namely the Skenco "twins", the UltraSchock lightweight (23.5 grain) that "tumbles" into the target, ripping huge entrances and even bigger exits into anything you shoot at; and the Newboy Senior 31-grain pellets that combine accuracy with a heavy punch; then we have the JSB Diabolo Exact King's (can't forget these 25-grain wonders) for the best accuracy of the bunch I've listed here in this review. In short, the Marauder loves almost anything I put into the magazines, with certain firepower and ballistic tendencies of the various pellets it makes choosing a given pellet many possibilities for hunting, targeting, or plinking...Life is great at the top, is it not?

I know this is supposed to be a review of the Predator Polymag pellets, but I just cannot help but to mention the huge assortment of pellets and types, shapes, with varying aerodynamics my Marauder 25 can handle with ease. It's just such a great bargain-basement rifle first-off at less than $500 delivered, and then it will shoot so many great pellets excellently without discrimination to think of really getting down to its most hallowed traits that there's no denying the Benjamin rifle its "best buy less than $500" title & tag that many nay-sayers fail to grasp. But as owners of the Marauder will surely agree, most find the rifle is literally polygamous in its taste for so many kinds, types of ammo, as I've just detailed.

As for the Predator pellets supreme, these are tightly wound if I've ever seen a pellet be like that, seemingly each pellet is meticulously made with such great precision and form, shape being indistinguishable from another--that it's easy to see why they shoot so accurately, with incredible force dealt to the target. It is simply amazing to use a lens to check out a couple of these things, just a lighted magnifier does fine for this exercise, 2-4X in execution, as each pellet places the polymer red-pointed penetrator-piece in exactly the same manner in each pellet, for remarkable consistency in action, easily seen! The Polymag pellet penetrates just as much as it expands, given a tough target to go for, from targets backed up with telephone books, jugs or bottles of H20, or some poor small game animal that simply gets knocked down and out with a BAM...done, gone! These are indeed impressive pellets, but I could say the same about many of the others I listed also, as talk runs head to head on the descriptive comments I've read here and in other publications. There is no doubt the Polymag pellet ranks right up there with the best, but I simply wanted to point out that the many and varied selection of pellets the rifle *does* shoot with amazing, steadfast accuracy is huge...and that isn't going to change much as pellets evolve.

I rated them 4 stars because to me there's no perfect match pellet in the 25-Caliber class, but certainly the Polymag rates right up there with the best of the best. I feel that a balanced assortment of these "best" pellets is the way to go for any hunting foray or targeting exercise, while plinking any number of objects that I can think of, from memory, can go down with a certain pellet being "just right" for XXX application for 90% of shooters of PCP rifles, pistols.

Wavey Davey - 10-12-2013
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