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on January 3, 2013
I've been an owner of Popcorn media players for years. The C-200, the A-300, and then I bought the A-400. I heard there were some issues with the new A-400 player..but I didn't realize the issues were so broad or so bad! Before I continue, I did update the firmware as soon as I unboxed the A-400.
I put in a 3 TB hard drive, which I was told the player would read. It did see the hard drive, and once I formatted to NT saw the drive. But the 'slave' USB port on the back...does NOT work with the 3 tb drive. I put a 2 TB drive inside the A-400, and it worked just fine. So no USB 'slave' control with a 3 TB dirve. Issue 1.
Some movie files have sound issues. Drop outs, stopping..and some subtitles would not play. This happened with the 3 Tb drive, and the 2 Tb drive...either as an internal or an external drive. So, I put those same HD's in the A-300, and no problem. The same exact files played without a problem in the A-300. Put them back in the A-400, and again, the same issue. Sound drop outs! Screen black-outs, and subtitles issues! Issue 2.
How can this company release a new media player that does not work? Much less a new player that does not work as well as the older A-300? You would think the newer version would work at least as well as the older version...but it doesn't! So, I tried email took a week for them to respond...and was not help. I tried phone support here in the US, which in the past as be very helpful....still has not returned my phone calls. 4 phone calls in the course of a week..and still no return call. Issue 3!
So, I'm returning the A-400 and getting another A-300.
What did work on the A-400? The iPad app where you can see your jukebox media player library. The one thing I thought would not work...worked without fail..and actually was amazing! The 1 star I give is for that...the iPad remote app. Amazing! So, I'm sad to lose that control....but I need the player to work at least as well as the A-300...and it doesn't!
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on April 21, 2013
This media player is working great for me playing mpg, iso and mkv files from my synology nas. It is buggy sometimes but many of these bugs are being aggressively worked on in constant firmware releases.

Picture quality is better than my cable box. Own an oppo bluray that bests it but this unit has a great picture.

NMJ app for jukebox is awesome with an ipad. There are apps you can use as well from your PC that can allow you to modify the NMJ database files.

In the past I used a PS3, Xbox, and Panasonic bluray to stream files but they all had issues.

The popcorn hour is for streaming local media I would not purchase if you want Netflix or the such.

There are issues with specific types of bluray iso playing properly like 3d bd 25 gb ios files. I do have issues streaming 3d content still but hope this will be fixed soon in a firmware release. The a-300 is pretty similar and cheaper if you don't need 3d streaming. I watch most of my 3d content via disk so this is not a huge issue for me.

The reviews that are posted don't tell the entire story here. Was the product released too early? Probably. Is it moving in correct direction. Absolutely.

I for one love it so far after a month and would recommend it to the person who loves to tinker with video electronics.

Synology DS411
Oppo 103
Denon avr
Jvc projector
Harmony remote
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on March 8, 2013
A product rushed to market that asks paying customers to act as beta (or even alpha) testers. I've never purchased a product before that makes you jump through as many hoops as this one, just to achieve the most basic functionality. My 3 year old Boxee Box blows this thing out of the water in every single department, except 3D ISOS which the Boxee does not play. Trying to watch a 3D iso on this thing is an excersise in futility. All you get is 20 seconds of playback at a time followed by 30 seconds of a spinning wheel.

I've never dealt with a product designed in such a counter intuitive way and with such a slow, unresponsive and half baked interface. I upgraded my pc to windows 8 and every other Tablet ad PC in the house could see its files over the network except for the A400. Everything you assume is basic and a given with any other player is backwards in the A400 or just doesn't work. And when you point this to other people at the networkmediatank forums, you're immediately silenced and censored by hostile moderators who think their beloved monstrosity can do no wrong and the fault always lies with the costumer. I waited 4 months for a firmware update to fix all these issues and every firmware update would make the player worse. If it fixed something, it would break something else. I got fed up with waiting and just bought myself a mede8er MED1000X3D and never looked back. The mede8er does everything the A400 failed to deliver and it's even cheaper. It can even play 3DMVC-MKV which the A400 can't. Avoid this player like the plague, least until you can safely assume the bugs have been fixed which I just don't see happening in at least a year. Maybe never.
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on March 14, 2015
I purchased this unit when it was first released. Compared to other devices available at the time, this one was top of the heap. Every firmware update seemed to fix a few more small bugs and things were looking very good for this device. Unfortunately the manufacturer stopped supporting this device (in fact ALL their pre-2015 devices) by not updating their firmware, which is still desperately in need of attention. Outstanding issues include audio/video out of sync, and no audio for the first 1~2 seconds of each movie/audio file. While the device still works more or less as advertised, and I use it daily even with it's defective firmware, I am shopping around now for a replacement.

The manufacturer's customer support forums are heavily censored, anyone posting anything even slightly critical of their products will have their message deleted within minutes, your account may also be banned, or at best, you will get an earful from one of their moderators who claim not to be employed by the company, but certainly seem to zealously enjoy their power trip as moderators. Even criticism of their moderation policy will get you banned. This is certainly no way to run a business in 2015, and with this attitude it doesn't hold much promise for a successful business in the future. You've been warned. Browse their customer forum for yourself:
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on January 22, 2013
It pop, it stutters, it stops playing, it freezes. I went through 2 firmware updates and no fix. I played bluray 3d iso. Save yourself the headach and get a KDLINKS HD700. I have both and the KDLINKS works flawlessly. Crappy interface but the player works. I can't believe the A-400 sucks this bad. frustrating....
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on April 7, 2013
I received a defective popcorn hour media jukebox which I returned to Popcorn Hour. They won't pay return shipping and they accessed a 15% restocking fee because the box was damaged during shipping. After the fees and the shipping cost in both directions, I essentially paid almost $100 for a defective item that I had to return. I just can't believe how unreasonable this company was to deal with. Some of the other reviews indicate this a good product. A working product may be good but the company is not. I would recommend Dune instead.
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on March 14, 2013
Where to start?

This item is completely useless. I purchased the a-400 to be used as my main media player for replay of .iso media files. This unit constantly buffers, locks up and losses network connectivity. I cannot imagine anyone being happy with the current state of this product. The manufacturer, Network Media Tank, releases firmware updates every few weeks but the problems persist. Check out the network media tank forums and you will see all of the complaints related to this problem. The hardware on this device is nice but the software is full of bugs. The manufacturer blames Sigma, the chip designer, but Sigma does not seem interested in fixing this any time soon.

This product looks great on paper, but not in actuality. Who cars about cool apps when the thing cant even play a movie without buffering every 60 seconds?

One of the worst purchases of my life.
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on April 3, 2013
I purchase the A400 back in Oct 2012 in order to play 3D Iso's... Its now Apr 2013 and this device still cant play 3D Bluray Iso's without Audio drop out and Buffering Issues.
The Software Devs have been really slow in getting things to work ( SIGMA DEVS WERE MAIN HOLD UP )I even registered with networkmediatank in order to assist with Alpha - Beta testing and still dont have a useable system for 3D. You can buy much cheaper units ( WD Live Streamer ) that will play 2d etc fine for a 5th of the price.

I would Avoid until, the Software is sorted and as of yet April 2013 its starting to get there but a wee while yet. Not worth the high initial cost

Good Points...
Android Jukebox tool is awesome.
Picture Quality is great.
Non 3D media play is pretty flawless.
Flac file support.
Youtube and other web based apps work pretty good too...
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on January 19, 2014
Ive recently upgraded my old QNAP NMP1000 for this as it was starting to struggle playing some of the latest files. Its played everything Ive thrown at it so far. I love the fact its fanless and totally silent especially if streaming from network rather than using the internal drive - just dont put it on top of your sky HD player as it will get too hot!
The media database and associated apps on phones and tablets are really good and there is an app on the NMT forum that allows you to manage that DB from your PC which is really convenient. I have played with XBMC which is really powerful in this area but the A400's nmj is pretty good and does the job with less hassle. You can make it even better with a little linux drive mapping skill to your networked media if its split.
So far i have no complaints about it as others have, nice looking, quality feel, plays everything ive tried so far.
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on March 10, 2013
I have this unit about 2 months.
It is the worst purchase of my life.
I have the Tivx 6500 five years, one year Xroid A1, Xtreamer Prodigy Silver, and lately Mede8er MED1000X3D
All are better than the A-400
It has a long list of failures in the operation Interfas and, worst
videos with high rates fercuentemante runs jumps and crashes.
It works decently in the Networked Media Jukebox
The company says that it will chip sigma kernel
Do not understand how this prestigious company can bring to market a shoddy product.
For all that is tedious to use.
I've put aside and currently use MED1000X3D
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