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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 22, 2014

When purchasing the speakers I was in a debate between the small JBL clip , the philips sharpshooter, and this one. I went to the local best buy to try the other two out and was surprised that such a loud sound came out of these little speakers. So when I made the purchase of this speaker it had some big shoes to fill in the small speaker department.

When I received the speaker it came with a charge and paired to Bluetooth seamlessly. When I play the speaker I noticed that the base response was a lot better than the other two I tried. The speaker `s highs on the other hand are not as loud but since I play mainly hip hop and R&B this speakers sounds better to me than the other two in its size range. Out of all three of the speakers I tried the JBL was louder but didn't have the base response I was looking for. The philips sharpshooter was the least powerful out of the three and this one came in right behind the JBL clip but got my vote as the best speaker out of the three because of the bass response.

I have used this product all day while at work and it lasted the whole time. I didn't turn it on until two hours into the shift then used it while cooking dinner. I have not pushed the speakers to the max when it comes to battery life but I know for sure it can handle more than eight hour easily. The stats say this speaker can last 15-20 hours so I will hardly every have to charge it.
The speaker is the size of a normal fist and comes with a nice carrying case. The speaker itself seems very durable and is well made. Many portable speakers I tried out jump all over the place when music is played loud but this one stays right in its place. It is wrapped in a nice rubber coating that protects it but leaves finger prints. I don't mind the finger prints because I love knowing the rubber adds a little extra protection.

I purchased this product because the company seems to stand by its product based on reviews. So far I am pleased with my purchase and will keep you updated if that changes.

Great buy
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on February 8, 2014
Dang this speaker is amazing. Cannot beat the metal build quality and huge sound from this compact but well designed cube speaker!
Overall, I personally love this device and it will be my daily bluetooth from now on. I had an older 2.1 bluetooth bar that sucked compared to this one. The ease of use, quality of the product, and just great sound from such a small package is worth way more than the price and reliability of this Anker product. I'm surprised at how low the price is when this is a premium product!

The features and battery life are outstanding and it even includes a handy carrying pouch to protect it from dust and water when carrying. It also comes with a microUSB charging port! Finally! All other accessories on the market seem to be using mini usb and that is a pain! I hate having all these different cables. Finally it uses a universal cable and the included cables (3.5mm and micro usb) are super high quality

The sound on this thing is amazing. It is better than my computer speakers and speakers in my HTC One, Nexus 5, and ipod touch.

Impressive piece of tech in a small and well designed package.
Cube measures at 3 ¼" W and 2 ½" H and weighs in at 11.5oz/326 grams.
Metal grille on the top to protect the 4W / 2 inch Driver and Bass port. The front of the device sports the Blue Bluetooth indicator light, three buttons (Volume +/- and Play/Pause), and a microphone!
Wow no other small bluetooth speaker I know has a microphone in it at this price range
The microphone works great for skype!
On the right side: On/Off Switch, 3.5mm Aux in port, and a Micro-USB Power Port with charging indicator light.
The bottom has an anti-slip pad to keep the speaker in place on virtually any surface. Works very well
Included items are a 3.5mm Aux cable, Micro USB charging cable, and anti dust carrying bag and a electrostatic protection bag.
40 Feet of range. I was able to move my phone around my living room to the kitchen and the sound from the speaker was still playing. No problems whatsoever with movement.
18 month warranty - wow!

Packaging & Shipping - 5 Stars
Arrived in 3 days. Very quick shipping
Amazing Packaging as always
Very sleek and minimalist
Very compact packaging. Everything fits together nicely. I could never put it back the way it was. It's a work of art
No wasted space or wasted cardboard for shipping.
Very green - Utilizes recycled packaging.
Recycled brown box with a white sleeve that has a picture of the speaker on the top along with the Anker logo

See my uploaded pictures for more views of the box and the speaker!

Price - 5 Stars
This is a great product and there are ones with smaller drivers and cheap plastic that cost 10x more
This value for price ratio is unbelieveable

Pairing - 5 Stars
Incredibly easy!
Turn on and it automatically enters pairing mode.
Use your device and pair to Anker MP141 and you're done!
No problem with switching devices. Just turn off one bluetooth device and you can connect another instantly.
Able to connect my ipod touch, Nexus 5, windows laptop and macbook air with no problems whatsoever.

Charging and Battery life - 5 stars
Only took 2.5 hours for a full charge on Ankers' 40W desktop charger
Battery life is definitely an impressive with 2100mAh of power!
I was able to get 20 hours of playtime with this device as advertised using the latest 4.0 bluetooth devices. My Nexus 5 was connected to it the whole time and it had no problems with playback.

Sound Quality - 5 stars
I am not an audiophile but I do have many sets of peakers from Logitech, Rocketfish, Cyber Acoustics. This is my 3rd bluetooth speaker device and it is by far the best in terms of audio response. The mids are clears. Highs and lows are good. Bass response is great from a device with no dedicated woofer.
It has a big 2 inch driver for a small portable device. That is impressive as some computer speakers dont even come close to 1in drivers. Overall great sound playback quality. Also tried out the microphone on skype and the other side said it was much clearer than using my built in microphone on my laptop

Keep up the good work and high quality items Anker! You keep making me spend all my money on your well designed and awesome products. Gahh haha. But it's worth it for the price and 18 month warranty
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on February 4, 2014
I am reviewing the new cube speaker listed here. I own the cylinder shaped speaker listed here as well, but I will say that the new cube model is just as loud, but with less distortion at a higher volume. It has a much richer, fuller sound and the bass actually plays out very well without any cracking.

Aesthetically, the new cube model is really appealing. It's slightly heavier (likely due to much bigger battery), but has a very pleasing soft-touch material that looks and feels very nice. Another perk is that the bluetooth light is small and easily covered if it bothers you. The cylinder model has an intermittently blinking LED that fully encompasses the unit, so it's a 360 degree light that can get distracting in a dark room.

Unlike a lot of the newer bluetooth speakers, the cube model does not have the annoying voice announcing every time you pair it or that the battery is low, this is something I appreciate. The bluetooth range on the cube model is really an upgrade. I couldn't walk from my living room to the kitchen without the sound cutting out on the cylinder model, but the cube let's me walk 3 rooms away without losing audio!

And lastly, one of the big reasons for me upgrading is the battery life. I've yet to see another speaker offer 18-20 hours worth of sound, and at the same price as the previous model it was a no brainer. I like being able to take the speaker to the river or on a long hiking trip without having to give much thought to the battery life, and this speaker lets you do that. In my opinion, the new cube speaker trumps the cylinder model (and most bluetooth speakers in general under $75) in all the ways that are important to me (aesthetics, battery life, sound).
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on September 15, 2014
When I received the speaker I was pretty excited, small, great looks and even came with a little travel bag. Pairing with the phone was simple and quick. In terms of battery life, speaker held charge for a while and was satisfied for sure.

On the negative side, speaker did have some distortion at higher volume levels and frequencies. Not completely surprised given the price, but I am pretty picky about my sound quality. Also, range was pretty minimal before it started to crack up - only about 20 feet before it started to crackle. Not a huge issue for me, but a little more range would have been great.

Overall, satisfied with the purchase given the price - would recommend if looking for a low-cost alternative to other similar speakers.

UPDATE: After rating this slightly lower than average initially, I heard back from the company almost immediately. Turns out it was defective and had a new one shipped to me at no cost, and returned the defective unit. Absolutely love it now and get the range / quality I was hoping for in my house. Perfect for when we have guests over and want some background music. Thanks Anker and definitely will recommend in the future, especially due to the customer service!
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on October 8, 2014
This speaker works just fine: no problem with the Bluetooth connection to my Android tablet, good sound and volume for its size, battery life is OK. I had been hoping to get a stereo pair of speakers and of even smaller size, but couldn't find any with Bluetooth. The volume control buttons are not clearly labelled, making them difficult to see in dimly lit conditions. The price seems a little high.
After my original review above, AnkerDirect e-mailed me and offered an exchange for what they state is an upgraded version of this speaker with better sound quality, or a discount on the speaker I bought. I opted for the discount, which Amazon has applied to my credit card. AnkerDirect has been very polite and cooperative, and their concern that customers be satisfied with their purchases is quite apparent.
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on November 3, 2014
I bought this little speaker for a friend as a birthday gift and later had the opportunity to listen to it when he was using it with his tablet...The sound was awesome for such a little speaker! I had this on my wish list for myself but now I'm going to have to get one for myself.
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on January 5, 2015
I originally purchased this product during a Black Friday lightning deal sale. At the $29.99 puchase price I thought it was a steal, but I quickly learned why it was so affordable. After a few weeks of listening to low/medium volume tunes at work I started to notice excessive distortion. As if the speaker had blown out. I set up a return/exchange with Amazon and within two days I was back in business. I received the new unit on Dec. 24th. I was back in business, and promptly begin enjoying music at my desk at work. A few days ago I noticed the distortion that plagued my first speaker in my new replacement unit. (It occurs whether using the supplied aux cable or with Bluetooth. It makes no difference.) I'm really surprised. This speaker genuinely looks and feels like it is a quality product, but subpar speaker internals prevent it from functioning like I believe it should. I'm returning the Anker Classic Portable Bluetooth Speaker [I have the blue square model-A7908] and I won't bother getting an exchange unit. If you're looking for a bluetooth speaker I'd very highly recommend you look into the the Oontz Angle. I also bought an Anker 16,000mah battery as a Christmas gift. Hopefully that product can hold up for more than a handful of weeks.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 22, 2015
I got this speaker in hopes of replacing my Omaker Army green speaker I got predominantly to use in the bathroom. Much to my surprise, although the Anker comes is a nicer packaging and overall is more pleasing to the eye, the Omaker trumps it in clarity, mids and bass. Ironically, the Omaker is smaller in size than the Anker MP141. I played all genres from pop to hip-hop to R&B to progressive house and rock. In my testing, the Omaker consistently was clearer and provided sufficient bass when needed.

I can't vouch as far as call quality is concerned as I have no intension of using any of these speakers for phone calls. Moreover, I used my iPhone 6 for these test with the volume at the same volume when comparing playing the same song. Thus, I recommend those trying to deiced btw the two should check out the Omaker.

Also, as far as design is concerned, the Omaker is more rugged and so I believe can withstand accidental drops much better.
review image review image
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on August 14, 2014
I bought the three speakers below. Therefore I would write one review for all of them.
Philips SoundShooter Wireless Bluetooth Ultra Portable Speaker
Anker® MP141 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
Alpatronix AX300 X-tra Strong Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

You need to keep in mind that such speakers are intended for personal use, their sound is hardly suitable for loud blasting music. Yet the Anker is the best at louder music.
To cut things short they all fall under the same price category. But if I go back in time I would buy the Anker only. She is a keeper, regardless of size and weight (attached is the pic)
Alpatronix AX300: Delivers lovely sound, durable, cute size & weight, cool design and it is the only one that allows you to switch tracks from the speaker (believe me this is an important feature). But I would never recommend it to anyone because of the following:
1) If the phone paired with it gets out of range, it keeps beeping like crazy until it runs out of battery (imagine you leaving the room for a call while slow music was on, suddenly it will start beeping like a fire alarm. Your partner won't be happy at all)
2) the flash light keeps on blinking all the time with a bright stupid light
3) if in any case you decided to hear beat music, just watch the video I uploaded
4) Bluetooth range is weak.

Philips SoundShooter: lovely sound, durable design, looks ugly but interesting in a nut shell it delivers what it promised at a minimum cost.

My status: I gave the Philips away, using the Anker at home, and the Alpatronix for my travels.

Alpatronix AX300 X-tra Strong Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Rechargeable Mini Capsule Speaker with Built-In Mic / Handsfree Calling / Music Streaming / Enhanced Bass / AUX Input for Wired Connection / Compatible with all iPhones, iPods, iPads, Samsung...Philips SBT30/BLK SoundShooter Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black GENUINE

Philips SBT30/BLK SoundShooter Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black GENUINE
review image review image
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on September 19, 2014
It's smaller than I expected but the sound exceeded my expectations. Lows and highs are both pretty awesome. It plays so well my 20 year old son takes it often and says it plays loud, seriously tempted to order another one to keep down stairs. I use it primarily in the bathroom so I'm hopeful the moisture won't ruin it. Pairing is easy and the charge lasts about 10 hours. I just found out a cool feature, when the battery gets low and it needs charging it actually says "battery is low" in a voice then resumes the song playing, the voice repeats about every five minutes as it's playing. The voice notification is so much nicer than having it stop mid shower due to dead battery. I also have a Bose Wave, this Anker speaker for the size and price is better than the Bose, sure it doesn't sound as good as the Bose but considering the $500 for Bose and $39.99 for the Anker Anker wins, plus the Bose isn't Bluetooth. If it stops working tomorrow cause I use it in the bathroom I'd still order another, just wouldn't use the next one there.
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