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on July 21, 2012
What I love about this show is there isn't one second that isn't outright silliness.

There is so much comedic creativity here. The two lead characters even do gender reversals with the woman dressed as a man with his girlfriend in her red wig played by the man. And they do it so well including the voices, that it's easy to forget who is whom and just laugh.

The people are all whacky, the situations are all outlandish, and the entire city apparently is off kilter. I can't wait to go there after watching this. While this is extreme craziness I do feel that there is a lot of truth here about how Portland actually is after knowing some charming delightful people from there. I was wondering if it was just this particular group of friends that seemed funnier than people I know on the east coast or what but now I'm thinking it's a funny place in general.

This show keeps the spacey hipster goofiness coming at you non stop. It seems like the initial burst of steam the first season displayed has quieted down several notches.
It's still funny but not hilareous like it was. And what makes it so special is it seems to frequently feature situations we are all familiar with. Waiting in line for hours at a popular restaurant for a table, overeager parents of a preschooler trying desperately to get their boy into the right preschool, the child hearing his parents making funny sounds in the bedroom, are some of the episodes.

This show is more creative than most things out there and is a breath of fresh air. Not many shows make me smile and laugh any more but this one lightens my mood better than any.
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Yeah, whatever.
💓 💕 💞 💟 🏩 Portlandia always was and always will be 5 stars.

😠 Note to reviewers complaining about packaging 😠 Plastic Blu-ray / DVD cases take ~500 years to biodegrade, although time isn't really the problem so much as the pollutants that plastic degrades into. Unless you are planning on keeping your Portlandia seasons for a few hundred years as family heirlooms or ornamental displays (the media won't even play correctly after a few decades), then quit complaining. "The cardboard scratches the discs," you say. Even if that were true (which it isn't, from my experience), do the scratches prevent your discs from playing? I thought not. [Carrie and Fred, please feel free to do a sketch about me complaining about people who are complaining]
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on March 28, 2013
I used to live in Portland, kind of get the self-conscious posturing of Portland denizens; kind of phony, but at heart sincere and well-intentioned. Carrie and Fred have nailed the lifestyle-I remember waiting in line for an hour for famous pancakes that supposed to be organic, natural and healthy, but were as dense as corrugated iron. Enjoy the easy-going spoofing and seeing the sites of Portland-it really is a beautiful place.
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on April 7, 2016
Hit or miss. Fred and Carrie are incredibly talented and have awesome chemistry and some sketches are absolutely LOL hilarious, humor on-point and scathing, and others might just be meh. Still, definitely worth watching. Love the cameos too (damn, when did Jello Biafra get so OLD?)!
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on October 3, 2014
Being an Oregonian for many years, the gentle and barbed skits about the biggest city in the state is both welcomed and fully appreciated. They are all true, every one. This partiular season is special for the "local" actors featured. Thank you, Oregon Department of Movies, TV and Other Media (or whatever it's called).. This series, like any spoof, is funnier the more you know
about the subject, so even if you know nothing at all about Portland, it's still wry and sly and funny. I'm looking forward to theother seasons. Oregonian Kyle McLaughlin is perfect as the mayor, just flaky enough, and Les Hanson as the police chief was perfect.
Thanks, Carrie and Fred, for your deconstruction of a favorite city.
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on July 24, 2013
This show twerks the quirk. What can I say, it's so strange that I love it. It reminds me of that stuck-up boyfriend I had that always went on and on about "PORTLAND is so GREAT because..... " with his nose in the air. He was such a tool. I sincerely hope he moved there and drowned in a craft beer. Ugh. Anyway, unlike Jeremy, this show was cool. The city seems to be a lot like East Nashville- kind of insufferable, but adorable, in the way a small, confused child is when they're constantly running after shiny new toys and getting obsessed with every new fad they see.

God I love this show. I guess I'm kind of like the people on it, which is why I really hate it so much. I'm so confused. Inside every hipster is a lot of self-loathing, mixed with an equal amount of self-importance. I'm so confused. Great show, though!
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on October 2, 2013
For my tastes, the funniest new humor genre to appear since ... M*A*S*H? or the original SNL? The more I watch it (and I am way past the target audience of X, Y and Millennials), the more I appreciate Brownstein's and Armisen's talent. Fresh! Not over-produced or predictable in any way. Genuinely creative and novel. Full of surprises, great characters and unexpected twists and turns. Doesn't depend on violence, nudity, explosions, scatological references, obscenity or outright idiocy to entertain. They received an Emmy for "Wardrobe" recently, but they should have received the award for "Best Humor", "Best Acting", Best ... Everything". Go, Carrie and Fred, Go!
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on March 25, 2015
My wife is a Portland born-and-raised and recognizes many of the neighborhoods and locations shown in this series. Season 2 continues many of the themes and characters of Season 1. We have both found this series and its characters to be quirky, funny, and very entertaining -- Keep 'em coming Fred and Carrie.....
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on January 5, 2013
Wonderful quirky show.
But why did they cheap out for season #2, and package the DVDs in a flimsy cardboard box with cardboard envelopes that leave surface scratches all over the discs. How much did they save by not using real DVD covers?? Come on!!
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on August 2, 2013
I recommend it but some skits remind me of others I've seen. It's like they've just recycled old ideas. I hate when I can see vestiges of old episodes in "new material." Not cool. Maybe they need more creative ideas or new writers joining their team.
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