Customer Reviews: PORTTA PET0301S 3x1 Port HDMI Switch/Switcher 1080P Supports 3D with IR Wireless Remote Ultra High...
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on November 8, 2008
I have to say this the no-name switch outperforms the pros. I needed to connect my ps3 (hdmi) and dish receiver (hdmi) to an hdtv which only had a dvi input (using an hdmi to dvi cable). I tried the sony str-dg720 receiver for hdmi switching, then the monoprice hdmi switcher. Neither worked (the sony manual says it doesn't play well with hdmi-dvi cables, so I was going out on a limb there).

Now this little baby on the other hand, comes with extremely poor written instructions (think google translation of a foreign language manual), so I connected it not even expecting it to work. But wonders! Not only does it switch flawlessly between the ps3 and the dish receiver (producing a perfect output), it even has a "priority" function which works perfectly.

Basically, the dish hdmi port always outputs a signal, even on standby, so I keep it on a lower priority input (port 2). I've connected the ps3 to port 1, so if I turn on the ps3 this switches automatically to the ps3. When the ps3 is powered off, it automatically switches back to the dish receiver.

It's great to find a product which actually performs as advertised. Kudos to the manufacturer and CE compass (the amazon seller I bought this product from). 100% worth the money.
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If you are reading this review you have probably shopped around and studied the various types of HDMI switches. I am happy to report (and show) that this could be the switch for you. Installing is easy (as you would expect) taking less than 5 minutes. Video quality appears to be great (I can't tell a difference between using the switch and directly wiring the HDMI and bypassing the switch).

The best feature is the price! This unit is about 50% less than any other HDMI switch on the market.

- The automatic switching does not work for me - mainly because one of my devices is an Apple TV which tricks the HDMI Switch into thinking that it is always on.

- The automatic switching is not a problem since the HDMI Switch comes with an IR remote - while the remote is flimsy it can be easily programmed into a smart remote.

Final Verdict - I am very happy both in the products functionality and in the price.

5 Stars
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on April 6, 2009
I received this HDMI switch a few days ago and it works great. When researching it, I tried to find experiences of others with the Roku Netflix player, and I could not find any. So if anybody else wants to know my Roku experience, here it is:

My configuration is as follows: I have a DVD player, a cablebox/DVR, and the Roku player. If you've read the reviews you know that if multiple inputs are always "on", the switch cannot "guess" which one to switch to. In my configuration, the cable box and the Roku are always on.

What I have done is attached the devices in the order shown above - the DVD is "1", the cable box is "2" and the Roku is "3". So when I turn the DVD player on, the switch detects that and switches to DVD mode.

When I turn the DVD off, the switch automatically goes to the second device, which is always the cable box (even if I had been watching the Roku earlier).

The only ways to get to the Roku are to tap the button on the switch, or to use the remote. And that's fine, since I use the Roku much less frequently than the cable box or the DVD player. If it was other way around (use the Roku more than cable), I would just reverse the two devices, and plug the Roku into "2" and the cable into "3".

Speaking of the remote, I had no problem programming my universal remote to simulate the provided HDMI switch remote, so I have filed the provided remote away.

Finally, there is a feature that I don't believe I have seen mentioned in other reviews: the switch itself, and all its ungainly wires (3 input, one output) can be stowed discreetly BEHIND the DVD player or cable box or whatever. In effect it can be invisible. Infrared remotes cannot access hidden components, so they have provided a little mouse-shaped IR receiver, which I have placed on top of my DVD player. It is attached to the hidden switch via a provided cable, and it responds very well to my remote control

One thing I didn't notice was that this purchase included a single 3-foot HDMI cable. Since I didn't notice that I bought one extra cable (from the same Amazon supplier (CE Compass). So if you need cables to go with this switch, remember one comes with it. The extra cables that I got were dirt-cheap and they all seem to work great.

So we're very happy with this little purchase and fully recommend it.
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on December 21, 2010
I ordered this HDMI switch from CE*Compass. It came by mail in less than a week with the Super Saver shipping. But the switch, IR remote sensor dongle, and remote control were stuffed into a padded envelope without any instructions. I emailed the seller who replied within 2 hours with basic information but without sufficient instructions to take full advantage of the features of this device. So this morning I began the Google search for information. In case you are in a similar situation or you are considering buying this HDMI switch, here's how it works:

There are 3 switching method choices:

Manual: press button on unit to step through the inputs as indicated by the LEDs.

Remote: attach the external IR receiver and select the input via the remote control.

Automatic: the switch will automatically select the "live" HDMI input; if more than one HDMI input is "live" the input with the smaller number will be selected; if you have a device that is always live, put it on HDMI input #3.

* Most HDMI output devices only power the HDMI output or are "live" when the device is turned on. A few devices output power through their HDMI port if they appear to be turned off. These devices' HDMI output is always "live". If you have more than one input that is always "live" you must use Manual or Remote switching to select between the two always "live" devices.

* You can determine if a device outputs a "live" HDMI even when the device appears to be turned off by observing the switches response to your connecting the device. If you plug in a device that is turned off and the switch selects it and illuminates it's LED, then this device's HDMI output is always "live".
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on December 19, 2008
This is a very small plastic box that has an ominous connector for power. No power supply is provided. No matter. It works without it.

It comes with a small remote control and receiver. I'm not sure why you would need it. The priority scheme lets you power up a device to switch to it. This is what you want and need.

It takes a few seconds to stabilize but then works fine.

This doesn't look like much but it works great!!!

I have a DVD player and a Tivo HD, both with HDMI outputs. My 1080i TV has only one HDMI input. By connecting the two with the Tivo having priority, I'm able to turn on the DVD player and it will switch to it. When I'm done, I turn off the power and I'm back to Tivo. What could be more elegant!

Update: I wanted to change to 5 stars but the software won't let me.
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on December 14, 2012
First things first- this device does what it is supposed to do. It allows 3 different devices to be connected via HDMI to it and it outputs one of the connected devices to one source. Comes in handy if you have a tv or other output device (such as a projector) that only has one HDMI input but you have two or three devices that you want to connect to it. It also comes with a remote that allows you to switch between devices. You also have the option of manually pressing the button on the device to switch between devices. At this price point that is exactly what you should expect it to do and it does it well. This is why I rated it 5 stars. It transmits full 1080p video as well as audio just fine. I also like the fact that you do not need to plug it in for power. I have used it on a couple different setups utilizing my Roku player, PS3, Xbox 360, and cable box at various times. The picture quality is just as good as when you plug straight in, as was the sound.

Now here is where the bonus feature (and confusion for some) comes into play. So many people read these reviews and wonder, "will it automatically switch or won't it?". The short answer is, it depends. By explaining the whys and how's, hopefully this can shed some light and help you make a better decision. If you don't have that issue and don't want to know, stop here as I do spend a lot of time explaining the priority system.

As stated, it will automatically switch between your devices as you turn them off and give priority to the device that is on DEPENDING ON THE DEVICE PLUGGED INTO IT. If your your device (such as a cable box or a Roku player) has constant power that runs to it even when you turn it off, this switcher will always think that it is on. (Yes, the switcher detects power from most cable boxes through the hdmi cable which is why it always thinks its on even when it is off- when you turn off the cable box, it still needs to power the reception to be tuned in and the clock, so even if the output portion of the box is off, the box itself is always "on"). The only way that it will automatically switch to another device that is plugged in is if you turn on another connected device that does not have constant power to it. It does NOT matter where it is plugged in (slots 1, 2, or 3)!! Priority will always be given to any device that has a DETECTED CHANGE in the power signal from nothing to something. The operative words that I will us is DETECTED CHANGE. Confused still? Let me give you an example. Hopefully it will sense....

Say you have this setup:
Input 1: Cable box (again, this is a device that always has power running through it, hence this switcher always thinks it is "on").
Input 2: A Roku player, (also a device that is always powered on).
Input 3: Xbox 360. This is a device that will not transfer power through the hdmi cable when it is off. The switcher will not think it is always "on".
In this example, the switcher thinks that it has a signal in both inputs 1 and 2 at all times. What will it give priority to and switch to? It will give priority to the lowest number that it thinks is on, in this case input 1, unless there was a power from off to on CHANGE DETECTED in the last action such as:
-if the hdmi cord is plugged into one input 2 (since the roku is always on, a CHANGE was DETECTED from no power to power when it's plugged in. So it will swith to input 2).
-If you manually selected the input by pushing the button on the switcher to input 2
-The XBOX in input 3 is turned on. Here, the switcher does not think it is always on. But as soon as you turn on the xbox, a power CHANGE is DETECTED from off to on, so it will automatically switch to the Xbox in input 3!

So in this example, it will not switch between the 2 devices automatically in inputs 1 and 2 as you turn them on our off because they are both examples of devices that always have power detected through the hdmi cable. Again, there needs to be a CHANGE detected, and because both devices are always "on" to the switcher, there is no CHANGE. Make sense?

So rule of thumb, priority goes to the lowest input device dumber that is powered on but is superseded by a higher input number (like input 2 or 3) if a power on CHANGE was detected. Again, it does not matter which input it is plugged in to! Priority always given to input where the CHANGE is detected from off to on! This is why if you unplugged an Hdmi cable from your cable box or Roku and plugged it in, it will switch to that device because it was the last CHANGE it detected.

So let's say you turn the xbox off in input 3. Then what will the switcher automatically switch to? It will go back to the lowest input number where power is detected. Since it thinks that both inputs 1 and 2 is on, it will default to input 1. So when you turn on the cable in input 1, you will automatically notice that it turns on. However if you turn on/wake up the Roku, nothing will be displayed. Since there is constant power detected in both inputs, no CHANGE was detected so it defaults to the lowest number (input 1 and the cable box).

So as you can see in the above example and that setup, if you follow the rule of thumb, the switcher will only automatically switch to the xbox when it is turned on, then back to the lowest input number cable box when the xbox 360 is turn off.

Let me throw in one final example and you can see the general rule of thumb goes into play: Lets say you manually turn on the Roku using the the button or remote. When you are done with it, it will be impossible to automatically switch back to input 1 (becuase again, no change is detected as both devices are always on). But if you fire up the xbox- change detected and it will automatically switch to xbox.

The above examples gives scenarios where there are two devices that the switcher always thinks is "on". In that scenario, the remote or manual button may have to be used.
Ideally, you will only have one device that the spliiter thinks is always "on". In that situation you should be ok. Since your other devices can trigger a CHANGE that the switcher detects, it should always switch accordingly. Then when those devices are turned off, it will just go to the lower number or in out where a change is detected.

Again to summarize-
Switcher will switch to lowest input number where power is detected unless a "power on" change detected in another input.
Switcher will not switch back and forth between two devices that are always detected on by switcher (even if you turn them "off").
I hope this clears up confusion and helps.
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on December 16, 2009
This is a great HDMI Switch at a fraction of the cost of similar switches. It's a generic no-name device so it took a little guess work to find it in the logitech harmony setup. Here's what you need to set it up as a new device in the harmony software:

Amplifier->Audio/Video Switch

Game Infinity


Works perfectly.
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VINE VOICEon March 16, 2009
The laughs I enjoyed were when I opened the envelop and read the packaging. Clearly the labeling (and the very brief instruction manual) were written in a foreign language and translated via some translation site someone found using Google. They are horrific, and frankly, barely understandable to a normal English speaking person.

FORTUNATELY, the device itself is easy enough to use that if you've ordered it in order to switch between HDMI devices, you'll be able to figure out how to use it.

I hooked up my current Blu-Ray player to input 1 and my old (but still useful) HD DVD player to input 2. The device defaulted to #1, but when I turned on my HD DVD player, it switched automatically to #2. When I turned the HD DVD player off, it went back to #1. The little device is fairly small, about the size of a deck of cards. It requires no power source (a big plus for me).

It comes with a tiny remote control with three buttons, but I doubt I'll use it. There's also an IR extender, but if I ain't usin' the remote, I won't use the extender. I quite simply wanted to be able to switch between these two devices without having to disconnect cable every time...and this device does it for me perfectly. I could have spent more...but I went with the cheapest I could find, and I'm happy with the results.
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on October 24, 2014
I ordered 2 of these last week and was extremely disappointed to see just how different what actually showed up compared to the picture and description. The switcher that showed up doesn't look anything like the one you see advertised. There is no IR repeater. There is no 5vDC input. The buttons aren't on the top, the case is made of a dull plastic not high gloss, there is a usb plug for something, compare my photos to whats in the add and be the judge... FYI this was all of it... But I'll give them one star because the remote you get DOES match the photo. I don't know what happened here, but until they get their stuff figured out, don't fall for this bait and switch... only upside is that amazon is taking them back and covering the return shipping while I go find the RIGHT product.
review image review image review image
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on March 5, 2009
At first, I opened the HDMI switcher. It didn't have a power adapter. So, I read the directions. "Works when connected to power source". But no adapter was provided. I went to Best Buy, got one of those generic plugs. Hooked it all up, nothing worked. Needed a 5V adapter and all they had was one that would switch from 4.5 to 6 V. Needless to say, i was pretty upset. Then, i signed on to Amazon here, and read everyone else's reviews.

They said it doesn't need the power adapter. So skeptically, I disconnected the adapter, hooked everything else back up. And sure enough, works like a charm. The remote doesn't work, but like everyone else says, you don't need it as long as you power down all of the other devices that are connected to the HDMI Switcher. Then you just power up what you want, and it automatically goes to that device.

Works like a champ once you try it without a power adapter.
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