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Mario Van Peebles directed and starred in this film about a group of African-American soldiers (and one white one) on the run from a corrupt military officer. The officer (Billy Zane) had the posse steal some gold from Cuba during the Spanish-American War. He planned to kill them afterwards, but the group proved stronger than he thought and they escaped. They come back to the states and follow Jesse (Van Peebles) to the dream town of his deceased father in west Texas. Jesse has some inner demons to silence and they won't be still until he has settled an aged score.
The film is interesting. However, the movie relies heavily upon typical Western cliches which dampen some of the it's uniqueness. Nevertheless, the film does raise awareness about all the black cowboys and settlers that were so instrumental in taming the West that most people don't even know existed. An educational film that is quite entertaining to watch.
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on January 23, 2014
I think this film was preserving history and showing that there were black cowboys in the wild west. I love that they had Woody Stroud narrating the tale because he is Jesse Lee and the little history lesson at the end while the credits are rolling.
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on January 11, 2014
This movie is good, not great but good. A lot of great actors, great camerawork, decent story that leads up to a big climax. It drags a little after the first hour but it finishes off pretty good. If your a fan of New Jack City you might want to check this out, spike lee would have done something like this considering he likes to remind the world that black people had a role in historical events as well.

I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Django Unchained and has the patience for a spaghetti western type of film
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on April 2, 2014
This was a good western with authentic sets. Van Peebles puts in a great performance. It is difficult to see the conditions of black soldiers, cowboys and pilgrims back then but this is a movie where the good guys win. A lot of fun to see so many actors that were on TV in the 70's & 80's and even Issac Hayes! Recommended.
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on August 31, 2013
I choose this movie because I saw it on televison. I choose this rating because it played great and I really enjoy the DVD. No scratches on it, not interruption with in the DVD. Would recommend the seller to my friends.
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on October 23, 2013
This was my first movie that I watched on Amazon Prime it was a little difficult getting my Roku player connected or setup to watch the movie and or tv shows provided on Amazon. There should be just a simple how to step by step of how to setup the Amazon Prime account so that movies or tv shows can be watched. It also would make it a whole lot simpler if all of the Amazon Prime movies and TV shows were grouped together so that there wouldn't be so much searching involved in finding what was available to watch for free with the Amazon Prime account. The movie was very entertaining though and I'm sure that when I get the time I will search back through the listings of all the Prime checked movies and TV shows and create a list of the ones that are available to watch for free. But it would help tremendously if they were all grouped together, that way a fairer comparison could be made to your rival on line streaming service Netflix. Another suggestion one that would also work would be that when a person clicked on a particular Genre of movie say Drama and there were 30 out of 300 movies that were tagged as Prime Account movie that could be viewed for free list the number of movies like this 30/300 with the 30 being in red or blue so that it's clear that 30 of the 300 selections available to view for free on the Prime membership are in that group. The same can be done for each Genre as well as the TV shows.
Simple is always better. Remember Microsofts Cntl+Alt+Delete sequence to turn the computer on when all that was needed was a power on button. Simple is better because it just makes more sense,
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on April 8, 2014
I knew something was wrong within the first minute of this film. There was an aged man sitting at a desk holding a pistol in his hand and claimed it to be a “Peacemaker”. The only problem there was he was holding an 1875 Remington not a 1873 Colt “Peacemaker”. That was only the beginning of the gaffs in this film. At one point in the film the main characters were crossing a bleak landscape and on a hill in the background were a series of modern communication towers. I guess the viewers are just supposed to ignore such obvious historical errors. The gratuitous lengthy sex scene toward the end was really not needed and did nothing to solidify character development. Perhaps the scene was put in to arouse the young male teenage audience that this film was obviously aimed at. This DVD will be going to the local used book store if not the garbage can.
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on March 22, 2012
I remember Posse when it first hit theaters, I loved it then as i do now although i am quite aware that it does not tell the story of the colored cowboys (negro cowboys as they were called then) accurately i am quite sure that Mario did his best to keep it authentic but there is ALWAYS THE STUDIOS TO CONTEND WITH.I as a PROUD WOMAN OF COLOR am PROUD that Mario turned down the opportunity to portray colored people as drug addicts as the major studios wanted him to do when he was seeking finance for his production and instead seeked to TRY to tell the story of our LONG FORGOTTTEN negro cowboys. I thought the movie was very entertaining and despite the negative reviews who say the acting horrible i thought the actors did as well as many of those who are winning academy awards these days.The only flaw the movie has in my opinion is the music portrayed in the movie as we all know we did not sing like that back in those days however i am NOT ASHAMED of the sountrack (as one reviewer suggest i should be)but instead i am VERY PROUD of intelligent hoodlum singing of posse.Last but not least for the reviewer who stated that it is not like Kirk Douglas"s posse well that"s because it is NOT KIRK DOUGLAS"S POSSE i mean really you talk about a movie called posse being about duptiesing and arming men to go out and seek bad men.Do you really think back in those days they would really do that to a man of color? I mean really are not all colored men criminals themselves? Movie"s are made to entertain and i think Mario did his best in trying to entertain as well as enlighten and without the major studios backing you that can be hard so i thank him for trying to tell our long lost story.THANK YOU MARIO!!!!
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on August 16, 2011
Some of the acting is a little hokey, but the fact remains that about 1/4 of all the Old West's cowboys were black. Real life is less than flattering though... the black cowboys weren't swashbuckling types like the actors in "Posse"... they were homesteaders, ranchers, and pioneers who played no small part in settling the West.
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on September 4, 2013
I own this movie on dvd but for those who didn't know there were black cowboys before this movie was out. since I have packed to move I was looking for a great western so I saw this on amazon prime and watched. great movie
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