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on August 23, 2005
Unlike the two moms who seem to be opposed to the philosophy behind this book, I was very encouraged by Ms. Kleint's approach to parenting and toilet training. It was the first time I heard an author actually discuss the importance of my toddler believing that he can do something by himself. We moms are far too prone to keep them babies and teach them that they need us for everything. Frankly, I agree with Ms. Kleint when she says that most toddlers are looking to us to see what they are capable of, and with a lot of loving encouragement it's amazing what they can do.

I borrowed this book from a friend and I did exactly what it said- no pull-ups and no leaving the house. I was skeptical, because when asked, my son would say that he didn't want to go to the bathroom on the potty and he wanted to wear diapers. However, by the end of the first day he was pretty much potty trained. He had only two accidents and he woke up dry the next day. Any mistakes he's made can be directly linked to my lack of follow through. He's been potty trained now for six months and I'm about to buy the book so I can potty train my daughter next.

Oh, one more thing. Just in case you think this is all in my head, let me tell you one more story. My son got a terrible bout of diahrrea a few months ago and he was having a hard time making it to the bathroom in time. Out of desperation, my husband put a pull-up on my son. Surprisingly enough, my son came to me with tears in his eyes and said, "Mommy, Daddy put a diaper on me!" I took it off of him immediately. We had a few accidents, but it was much more important to me that he knew we had confidence in him and his ability to get to the potty in time. In three days our son learned to use the potty, but he also gained a world of confidence. I don't know why anyone would have anything negative to say about this book.
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on September 7, 2004
I was a little skeptical about training in three days. Other reviewers seemed positive, though, so I ordered this book. It was one of the best purchases I've ever made.

The book itself is short, direct, and gives explicit instructions, which I thought was fantastic. Busy parents can easily read it within an hour or so.

The method presented by the author is effective and easy to follow, but it does require a few things of the potty-trainer.

First, your child must be ready to potty-train. Lois Kleint provides a list of signs indicating readiness.

Second, you must be willing to give up three days to focus on potty training, 24-hours a day. You'll need to stay close to home and the potty. I work outside the home, so I had to take some vacation time to potty train.

Third, you must be willing to put up with some accidents on the floor. In order to be consistent in your messages to the child, this method requires you to toss out the diapers entirely, so you won't be able to switch back and forth between underwear and pull-ups. Does this mean some mistakes on the floor? Absolutely. However, the payoff is that in three days, your child will be potty-trained!!!

Fourth, be diligent and persistent. You'll be running back and forth to the bathroom a lot, and it may become a bit tiring. Hang in there, though. By the end of Day 1, my 2-year-old hadn't pottied in the toilet a single time. Instead, he'd made puddles all over the house, but I could tell the message was getting through because he was really upset every time he had an accident. I was also encouraged by other reviewers who indicated they'd had similar experiences. Day 2 wasn't much better. Then all of a sudden on the evening of Day 2, something clicked, and he experienced success for the first time. After that, it was all downhill.

This method has worked so well that I've shared my success with all my friends with toddlers (who are now ordering the book, too) and with all the caregivers at my child's daycare. This book is too wonderful to keep secret!
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on May 2, 2004
September 2005 Update: I said I would update this review and I just realized that I never did. Basically our son was daytime trained within the 3 days and then it took about 2 weeks to have him dry in the night. We determined that it was early morning when he did wet himself and did try a few of her suggestions but basically he figured it out himself. Nothing was more wonderful that hearing him get up in the night, go to the bathroom, pee, flush the toilet and wash and dry his hands, all by himself. We never used any pull ups or diapers again.

Don't be skeptical; buy the book and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Afterall, who wants a kid in diapers when they're 4!

The 2 previous reviews prompted me to order this book through as it was unavailable in Canada. Seemed like a rather desparate move at the time, but myself and 3 friends felt that it was worth the while.

Its now the evening of Day 3 and it was definately an interesting 3 days. By the end of Day 1, my son, who is 31 months, was very proficient at washing and drying his hands, taking his pants and underwear off and on but definately had no interest in peeing on the potty! We hadn't really tried many methods prior to this and I didn't really want to get into the pull ups scene, which was why Kleint's book was of interest to me.

3/4 of the way through Day 2 we weren't really much farther ahead, I was trying to calmly tell myself that this was the right thing to do and to not just haul all of those diapers out of the garbage and go back to the way it was. The biggest reason that I didn't do this? All I could think of was having to go through what I was going through now at another time.

Then, in the evening of Day 2, it started to click. He started to understand that he could make himself pee. We had 2 accidents on Sunday (Day 3) and a completely dry afternoon. When my husband came home, my son couldn't wait to show him that he could pee on the potty. It was like all of a sudden he got it. He was so excited that at one point, he went completely on his own, about 10 minutes after we had just taken him.

In fact, he used it as a stall-tactic when we tried to put him to bed. We had to explain that "big kids" pee right before they go to bed and then not again until the morning.

I went back to this website a few times over the weekend, especially reading the review by the woman who said she was in tears by Day 2, but stuck with it. Thanks, because that was the best advice I got.

I'll come back to this site if things change, but its definately looking much better now than it did 24 hours ago.
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on June 1, 2003
I used Kleint's techniques to potty train my two-and-a-half-year-old boy, and the whole process was SO easy. He was actually potty trained by the second day, and has been trained and accident-free for three months now. I'm the envy of other moms in my neighborhood because my son is completely trained at a relatively young age. (That includes staying dry during naps and through the night.) I cannot recommend this practical, compassionate guide enough.
I also read "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" by Azrin and Foxx, but I think Kleint's book offers a more sane approach. If you're facing the task of potty training a toddler, do yourself a HUGE favor and read this book first!
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on May 17, 2005
A mother of six, I used this to book to train my almost 2 1/2 year old twin boys (numbers 5&6). It is the best training book out there. The book gives practical methods to give your child the power to be a "big boy" without sticker charts and pull ups. My boys were so proud of themselves! Go for the whole thing. My boys were night dry within the first week.
The most important thing to remember is to stick with the program. In three days your child will learn the skill of how to use the toilet, but it takes practice to become proficient on it. Don't give up. Three tough days of clean up and a lot of time in the potty and then you start to coast. Make sure you allow the extra "practice" days when you start the program.
One reviewer felt the book was mean. The procedure itself is not. You set parameters for your child and they thrive on it. You do not scold or punish for accidents. The only thing that they recommend that I would NEVER do is force my 2 year old to change himself and clean up his bed in the case of an accident. Your encouragement and praise is your most valuable tool.
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on December 31, 2005
My sister, mom of 3 boys, had told me about her experience in training her two oldest with potty training in one day and advised me to try something different because it was so stressful. I found this book online and gave it a try because I was ready for my 3 months shy from turning 3 years old to be potty trained. It did take longer than 3 days but by the end of the week he finally got it!! It was very stressful as well on that 2nd day; my husband came in at lunch on that 2nd day and made me sit down and relax while he made lunch. One afternoon my husband heard him banging around in the bathroom and went in to check it out and he was setting the potty seat on the toilet to go. We would give him little candies if he went potty and we did give him a small Buzz toy as soon as he went #2. For the next week he would get a popsicle if continued to do so which he did. He has had potty accidents on occassion since then but that is because he is a very active little boy who doesn't like to stop playing when he's having a great time with his cousins. He did have one #2 accident which traumitized him and has not had a problem since.

I tried my little girl when she was 19 months old and it did not work as well for her. She did show signs as if she was ready. Sometimes she would go on the potty and sometimes she would tell me potty after she had just gone in her undies. After doing that for a couple of days with no signs of improvement in sight we put her into pull-ups and decided to wait until she is almost 2.
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on March 9, 2013
I should have been smart enough not to follow it. I wasn't. So I held my daughter on the potty. It was the only way to get her to comply. The book said balking doesn't indicate a lack of readiness. I shouldn't have done that. Now she sometimes cringes when I go to pick her up.

According to the books list of readiness criteria, we were both overdue and. It ready to start potty training. That chapter seems designed to make parents feel bad no matter what.

My daughter held her bladder and bowls for the entirety of day two. At which point I realized that this is an insane potty training method, tatamount to child abuse. I hope I haven't caused her damage by putting her in a situation where she did everything in her power to avoid peeing and pooping for two days, to the extent of refusing to drink anything.

I hope one day I re-earn her trust and she stops fearing I'm going to make her sit on the potty. And I hope no other parents are as stupid as I was and follow this book.
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on December 22, 2003
I had started potty training when my son was 23 months. He was doing OK, but not great. We certainly couldn't get away from the diapers. I got this book. It is a very simple read and the techniques are very basic. I started the 3 days almost 2 weeks ago. He is not completely potty trained, but we have very few accidents.
The crux of this program is paying attention to your child and devoting 72 hours to nothing to him.
The other review I read said her child was potty trained by day 2. By day 2 we were having a battle of wills and I was crying. I did a lot of laundry that day. However, I stuck with the program. By day 3, he only had 1 accident. Now almost 2 weeks out, he has only had accidents during sleep and that is only occasionally. My son is 28 months old. I have been told by every other mother that I know that I would never get him potty trained this early. They are now eating their words.
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on July 21, 2010
I was a skeptic and didn't believe my daughter could actually be potty trained in three months, let alone three days (when they say three days, they aren't supposed to be completely trained...that takes a while longer. But they completely get the concept and are well on their way if you just stick with it.)

My daughter was 22 months old. She wasn't showing many "signs" of readiness, but I needed to try while I was still on maternity leave and had the time to dedicate to her potty training. We had been doing familiarization for about 6 weeks (as the book calls it - "playing potty," reading books, talking about it, sitting on it - but she never used it one time during those 6 weeks). One afternoon she started removing her diaper and saying "no diaper," so I asked her if she wanted to wear big girl underwear. She said yes, so we had a ceremonial throwing away of the diapers and put her in underwear that afternoon (luckily I had already read this book and was dedicated to following it and had already purchased and washed many big girl underwear in anticipation of the big day). Looking back, it is probably best to start in the morning, because it ended up taking her a little more than 3 days to really get it, but I think she would've done it in three had we started earlier in the day.

The first and second day were terrible. I couldn't have made it through without my husband's help. She peed and pooped in her underwear every single time she had to go. We must have gone through 12-15 pairs of underwear and pants each day. The first day I made the mistake of putting her on the potty after she peed in her pants, plus every half she got very frustrated quickly. The second day I put her on the potty only every half hour. The third day we did the same and she only had three accidents. The forth and fifth day she only had one accident (and I moved it out to taking her every hour). After that, she was good to go. She needed reminders, and consistency, but slowly started telling us she had to go. The length of time between when she told us and she actually went got slightly longer over a few days too...resulting in less accidents. Now she can go on command (meaning she can try to go when we tell her it is time to go potty). It's been two and a half weeks, and we did see the regression for two days on days 14-15 (2-3 accidents both days). However, we stayed positive and explained she needs to use the potty now, no more diapers. Since then, she has been going to the potty on her own, without even telling us she has to go. She is doing great now and doesn't even need too many reminders (except when we are leaving the house, etc).

I also want to mention naps and nighttime. I was very worried, not wanting to change sheets 5 times a night. Prior to potty training, she woke up with a completely soaked diaper every morning. My husband convinced me on day two that if we are going to do it, to go all the way. So I bought a pad to go under her sheet so her bed wouldn't get wet. She has had accidents, especially the first few nights, but not many since then (maybe 2 total). I wake her before I go to bed each night and she uses the potty, and has been dry for the last week and a half. It's amazing.

If you're truly committed and have three whole entire days to dedicate to your child (literally, you cannot do anything else for three days but help them to use the potty), they really can do it! I am truly amazed, but a firm believer now. You can make it as positive of an experience as you want. You're in control of what to say and do to/or your child. This is a very positive way of potty training, and they experience success so quickly that they want to keep doing it. What a gift to give your child...the gift of independence.
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on December 11, 2014
If you're really interested in this book try it from the library first. Everything in it was very common sense. The problem is the book's method doesn't really take into account that you're training real children and not some ideal version of them. It seriously suggests that if they are not trained by 3 days they might have a LEARNING DISABILITY. Are you kidding me? My son was extremely afraid of pooping which is apparently very common. The book did not deal with this at all. I would not recommend reading this book, let alone paying for it. That said, would anyone like to buy my copy?
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