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on January 3, 2011
I bought this a couple days after the Dec 26th Blizzard. I am a recent transplant to the NJ shore from Texas, so this storm was a bit of a reality check. All the home improvement stores are sold out of all their blowers right now with the exception of the most expensive models from the worst brands. I wisely parked my car at the end of the drive and my wife parked in the garage before the storm. Clearing my car out with a shovel wasn't too bad but my back hurt bad enough to curse everyone who told me I really didn't need a blower when it was sunny. I was really torn between 2 stage and single - based on my property and typical snow fall single stage made sense even though I needed this thing to tackle a bigger job right now.

- Ok so to this Poulan thing. I can't say enough good things about having a amazon prime account and only having to pay $3.99 to have this overnighted. So I open the box - the oil dip stick is loose and oil is smeared on the side of it. It's not a ton of oil maybe an ounce - but still something stupid. Oh but wait there is another stupid mistake - they have a pint of 30 weight lawnmower oil in the box. Now this is great for a lawnmower in the summer time but I am not blowing snow when its 50 - 90 degrees out - So Grab a Quart of 5-30 to have on hand. Assembly is a breeze and should take no more than ten minutes for most folks and you don't need anything more than an adjustable wrench. I primed it twice and it started right up. My initial task was to clear a 40 yard long (car width) path to my garage that ranged in depth from 5 feet to 30 inches of a hard packed snow (4 days after the storm). This is asking a lot from this little machine and required that I break the path down with a shovel and feed the machine at a decent height of about a foot. I averaged about 10 yards an hour. Our driveway is too tight between houses to plow and would have been almost impossible to just shovel. I am very happy with this purchase.

For the record - I would never want a less powerful blower. This throws soft snow 40-50 feet easily and throws ice and slush a good distance too. My initial task for this thing was absurd, but it served me well. It will plow through 8-10 inches of powder like butter. I am certain if I stay on top of snow storms and clear before the snow before it gets too deep and hard - I have much easier work ahead.

Negatives - Poulan is part of the Weed Eater / McCulloch consumer product family of Husqvarna - customer service is suspect based on my research. There is a McCulloch model almost identical to this in specs and price. I had a hard time removing the gas cap - and the tank rattles around a bit. I have read reviews of ill fitting or missing parts - including the wrong oil for the engine does not inspire confidence in quality control. Amazon has a different return policy on this than other products. Although subjective, I do feel its a risk with this product which is why I am giving it 4 stars.

Pro's - most HP bang for your buck. I have not had any real negative issues in my experience . Hopefully it just keeps on trucking.

The only other thing I would add is I would opt for this model over the one with electric start. The electric start option requires an extension cord to be connected to the unit. The effort to pull start this thing was minimal.

***Update March 1, 2014**** I changed the oil and put a new plug in at the start of winter. I have used fuel stabilizers, so I was a bit disappointed when this thing started backfiring when I needed to use it - its no secret that Ethanol gas is not the small engine's friend. I had no time to clean out the carburetor so I put a whole bottle of Redline S1Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner - 15 Ounce in the tank and ran the blower with the choke on for a whole tank of gas. I am sure this is not an approved method by anybody, so you can do it at your own risk if you choose to try it. The engine ran rich the whole time I used it with the occasional backfire. Regardless, every tank since then has run perfectly with no backfires, you can probably get similar results using something like Seafoam. This has been the winter of endless snow storms and the Poulan has performed very well and has always started on the first pull.
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on December 19, 2010
I love this snow thrower! I've searched for a snow thrower for months looking for the best bang for my buck and I found it. I only paid $365 for this blower through Amazon and haven't seen it cheaper anywhere. This is the most powerful single stage blower out there and will eat up the snow and spit it out with minimal effort. The tip of the rubber blade touches the pavement and propels the blower without any effort. I've only used the blower 10 times but it's been 13 degrees out and following the starting instructions it starts on the first pull. The only negative thing I can say about the blower is that the blade turns so fast that you have to periodically check the bolts for tightness (as advised in the manual).
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on January 13, 2011
I do not recommend purchasing this blower unless you are willing to deal with multiple issues in order to use it. Upon opening the box I discovered the oil cap was loose in the box, therefore the box and machine were coated in motor oil. I thought it was against FedEx policy to ship items containing oil, apparently I was mistaken or Amazon does not abide by their policies. Since the top cover of the machine was broken free from the base (3 clips appear to be required, 1 was detached, 1 was broken, and 1 was laying loose in the box) cleaning the oil from the housing and motor was fairly easy. After cleaning this mess up and installing the cover as best I could since 1 clip is broken, I decided to install the oil cap. This did not go any better since the oil cap will not fit due to poor tolerances. The oil fill tube is way off center in the cover therefore the cap will not screw on (probably why everything was coated in oil). I was able to trim the cap so it fit, but this shows a complete absence of quality control and care upon assembly. Grab the provided motor oil, oh wait it is 30W. Per the directions 30W oil is for temperatures above 50 degrees. I don't know about your area, but when it is above 50 degrees we get rain, NOT SNOW! Off to the store to buy some 10W-30 oil - per my manual this is recommended for cold weather, again why was this not the provided oil? I finally have the machine filled with oil, cover installed, oil cap on, and the minimal assembly completed (the repairs were much more involved than the "required assembly"). I moved the machine to the garage and filled the gas tank. Everything seems fine, let it sit overnight and wait for the snow. We received about 7" of snow so out to clear the driveway. The garage smells of gasoline, I assume I must have spilled a little or this has a venting cap. Now we actually get some good news. Start the machine for the first time - it started right up, 3 pulls. It performed great in the 7" of snow and 18" tall plow berm on my 2 car width driveway. Let it idle for a few minutes - per the instructions - while I shovel the stairs. I return to the machine and it smells like gasoline. Turn it off, the motor is wet, I assumed this was water from the melted snow and the gas smell is from the cap. Return the machine to the garage and head to work. Later that evening I again notice the garage smells like gasoline, upon closer inspection the wetness on the motor is gasoline and I have a puddle on the floor. Apparently gasoline is leaking out of the motor somewhere, it is also on the insulation for the muffler - sounds like a nice way to start a fire. I need to call to get the correct cover, new oil cap, new clip, and now to get the gasoline leak fixed. For now it is sitting on my patio since I don't want to burn the house down. Overall I would NOT buy this machine again. It does blow snow, once you get it in condition to do so. But the extremely poor quality control and manufacturing definitely makes me question the quality and durability. For $373 I think you can find a much nicer machine or if you want to invest the time to fix this one buy a used one for less money instead. If this one was $150 I would probably buy it since it throws snow after you fix their poor workmanship, just plan on throwing a few dollars and some time at it. I had to give it a couple stars since it did blow snow once it was working, again I do NOT recommend the Poulan. However, Amazon was excellent in dealing with the defective product. Excellent customer service as always, I will definitely continue to purchase from Amazon and recommend them to everyone.
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on December 20, 2012
Purchased Poulon Pro manual start PR621 208cc single stage snow thrower via Amazon Prime in early December, 2012. Finally had some snow to test it in yesterday and it worked great in half a foot of dry Colorado snow. Probably cut my shoveling time (with way less effort) by more than half. It actually made snow removal fun! I grew up shoveling snow in the Lake Erie snow belt and realize that wet snow is an entirely different animal... but I think the 208cc engine would power through wet snow as well as any other single stage (and many lesser powered, more expensive two stage units) would. Biggest challenge I had was learning to rock back snow thrower a bit to slightly raise front of unit so paddles didn't beat themselves to death on concrete driveway. Rubber paddles got very hard in single degree F temps. Effectively cleaned down to concrete. Although not self propelled, unit is light and very easy to push and maneuver. Throws very dry Colorado snow at least 20' - 40'. A little snow came out through the back of the flexible hood on top of discharge chute but very minor problem. Discharge chute was easy to rotate from side to side. Very easy to manually pull to start. Anyone who can pull start a lawnmower can easily pull start this snow thrower... it's even easier than pull starting a typical lawn mower. If you need to walk behind a self-propelled snow thrower then this unit is not for you and you should get an electric start on whatever other unit you decide on. But if you can operate this unit (again, very easy to push around especially on slippery snow) there is no need to purchase the electric start.

I did a lot of research and read hundreds of reviews on various units and originally planned to purchase a self propelled 2 stage snow thrower (in fact I tried to order a 208cc Power Smart 2 stage snow thrower through Sears for their advertised early season sale price for store pickup but they insisted on charging me a $79 delivery fee (for store pickup) so I said forget that). But I like simplicity, too. Along with power. Many of the 2 stage snow throwers had smaller engines than the PR621. And of course they were more complex... meaning more things to potentially break. And 2 stage units were generally more expensive. So as time went on I became more and more sold on the 208cc, very simple to operate and run Poulon Pro PR621. I followed the price and when it dropped to $369 on Amazon Prime I ordered the unit. Before it arrived the PR621 briefly dropped in price to $279 and I called Amazon and asked to receive the lower sales price and they agreed and credited my account $90. Thanks Amazon! Very customer oriented!

The unit was packaged pretty sparsely and arrived (delivered by UPS) lying on its side. Fortunately the cardboard box was not damaged in shipping. I opened it up and as many reviewers commented there was oil that had spilled out coating much of the unit and soaking into some of the cardboard packing. I found the oil cap to be very loose. Many reviewers had commented on the unit being delivered with standard warm weather SW 30 oil. Apparently the manufacturer has listened. Mine came with cold weather 5W 30 oil (although I was amused to read a warning in the instructions that 5W 30 oil breaks down quicker and has to be changed more frequently when operating above 32 deg F... Touché ) Ok, I suspect most of the time I'll be throwing snow in less than 32 deg temps. Or I might just let the snow melt!

Assembly was very easy... basically just bolting on the handle (very similar to a typical lawnmower assembly) and installing the 2 piece discharge chute (interesting that they have bolts pointing outward from the chute with the nuts fully visible). I poured in the whole 18 oz Poulon Pro bottle of 5W 30 oil that was provided. I saw where a lot of reviewers had trouble with the oil cap not fitting properly. Perhaps the manufacturer has also listened to that. My oil cap fit perfectly (when tightened down!). I then added manufacturer recommended 87 octane gas (separate from the oil... this is a 4 cycle unit) and I was ready to go. Note: I looked at the red plastic key and noticed it did not have a hole in it so I drilled a hole and ran a string through it and tied it off to the bottom crossbar of the snow thrower so I would not accidentally lose the key when not in use. Would be nice if the manufacturer could put a hole in the non-engaged end of the starting key.

Leaving the string long enough to insert the key... and after looking all around to inspect the unit carefully... I turned the lever in the back of the unit all the way left to choke, pumped the ball a couple of times and fired off the unit to try it out. I liked the manufacturer's instruction to take off gloves when pumping the ball as there is a pinhole in the ball that lets out air which is sealed when pumping with bare thumb. My snow thrower started on the second or third easy pull... as advertised. Piece of cake. The only surprise that I had was when I engaged the paddles... and a second, plastic, red starting key shot out the front of the unit! It must have been stuck out of sight behind the paddles. I guess they gave me 2 starting keys. Could not find that in the list of parts in the operating manual.

In general, I found the operating manual and assembly instructions to be adequate.

My only concern with the entire unit is that there is very little friction on the choke/speed lever in the back of the unit... it seems like it could vibrate and slide easily from side to side. Like most of the world's problems... easily solved with a piece of duct tape I suppose... or maybe I could bend the lever up or down to increase the friction... but I had no problem with it the first and only time I operated the unit. I'll keep a close watch on it.

The Poulon Pro PR621 21 inch 208cc snow thrower is a very simple unit with a relatively powerful engine that operates effectively as advertised. Only time will tell how durable it is... but I like how easy it is to push around, I like how simple and easy it is to operate, and I like how effectively it throws snow. For moving snow in light to moderate conditions and for the right user who does not need a self-propelled machine, this is a great unit for the price. Highly recommended.

Updated late Feb 2013: Have used the machine all winter. Works great in up to a foot of snow. Higher than that pushing gets a bit hard. Throws snow about 20 feet. Pretty light and very easy to push around even though not self-propelled. Still starts great (very easy to pull) and runs great. Very pleased with purchase. Powerful, reliable engine on a very basic unit. Only additional recommendation would be making the discharge chute a bit harder to turn. Sometimes it seems to wander a bit especially when I have it set at 270 degrees or 90 degrees. Not a big problem. I saw where Consumer Reports rated this snow thrower poorly. For the price I paid it can't be beat. Highly recommended.

Updated mid-January 2014 in Colorado: Still working great.

Updated mid-Feb 2014... We finally had some wetter, heavier snow and it only threw it about 8 - 10 feet. The more typical light, fluffy Colorado snow is thrown about 15-20 feet and of course much farther with typical wind accompanying snowstorms (I prefer to avoid throwing snow into the wind). Of course it's a one stage blower so it should not throw snow as far as a 2 stage unit. I've used it a lot this winter and it still works great. For the price I paid I'm very pleased.

Updated December 2014... into 3rd winter and still working fine. Over time I've become convinced this is a good snow thrower for light, fluffy Colorado snow but maybe not so great for the heavy Lake Erie snow that I grew up with. Overall I'm very happy with it.
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on March 7, 2011
For the money you will not find a better machine. I am only 100 lbs and have no problems starting and pushing the blower. My husband is able to use much faster but it is good to know that I can use by myself as well. Gets through even heavy snow. We used it three times this winter in all the big storms. We bought this after the new years blizzard. Without this it took us 5 hours to shovel the snow. With this in similar snow we were able to do the job in half the time. We call it the best house purchase ever. It would get five stars except it is hard to push through heavy snow and does not get all the way to the concrete. Other than that it is 100 times better than using just a shovel.
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on February 13, 2011
After having to shovel out after the Christmas snow storm I decided to get a snow blower. With some quick research I found that Amazon had the best deal on this blower which has one of the largest motors for a single stage unit. It was delivered promptly and worked great on the next snow fall which was a much heavier snow. Other than a slight pull to the left and me leaving a nut too loose I've had no problems. The instructions say to leave a nut on the chute difflector a little loose in order to adjust the angle. That nut worked it's way off and I ended up shooting it across the road. After replacing the nut and using a little locktite there have been no other problems. It started right up the first time and every time since. It throws snow quite far making clearing the old snow piles easy. This being my first snow blower there is a small learning curve on using it but that's not the blowers fault. It's a great little machine, it's not made to do parking lots but is great at driveways.
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on December 4, 2010
I used the snow thrower today for a couple of inches of wet snow. It took me about 20 mins to do my whole property and I have a long driveway. It cut through the wet snow like butter.And the shoot didn't even clog!Was a great buy from Amazon and made my 30yr old honda hs35 look like crap! Primed 2x and started on one pull.I recommend this snow thrower!
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on January 2, 2012
Overall, happy with the performance for the cost.

The unit starts easily; usually with one pull of the ripchord. I have a double wide driveway and it easily throws the snow well beyond it. The motor is somewhat throaty, which gives me the perception it has the power to handle quite a bit of snow. It moved easily on the new concrete of my driveway, but on the older (more granulated) sidewalk it grabbed a bit more and was somewhat difficult to push.

The only minor complaint is that the shoot's detent is a little weak. I had to re-clock the shoot a couple times, because it drifted from the force of the snow. It is easy and quick to re-clock the shoot, because it is a handle directly on the shoot...I have seen some that are screw adjustments that seem slow and cumbersome.

The packaging it arrived in was good. The unit had oil on it which other people have mentioned, but that wasn't a big deal to me. It required minor assembly of handles of other small components.
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on January 12, 2011
Ok, well we were skeptical at first, but after the last month's snow storm, my husband and I decided to order this.
Last night we got approx 14inches of snow, and this morning my husband used the poulan for the first time and It was amazing! It cut the workload of clearing our driveway in half the time. Our neighbors decided to try it out and they were sold. It also helps propel you forward, it's light and maneuvarable.
PROS: Light, easy to manuever, oil is separate from gas, easy to prime and start. Also easy to assemble with only a simple adjustable wrench.
CONS: well, like most of you experienced , when we got the package delivered, it was covered in "shipping oil"
the oil dipstick was loose. But after a quick wipe down, read the manual briefly, put some gas and oil and it started the
first try!
I reccomend this to anyone, especially if you're moving up from an electric snowblower or you're tired of shoveling lol.
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I got this for my parents a few years ago, worried my dad would think I was calling him "too old to shovel snow" and that he would be irritated that it's taking up space in his messy garage. Instead, now every time it snows, my mom is telling me how much fun my dad is having using this machine (usually as an excuse to get out for a cigar) and my dad is always telling me how easy it starts up, even after sitting for a year. And although they don't store it as efficiently as they could, it does take up a refreshingly small amount of space. Now I've watched my dad start it up last time I was home, and it was quite easy. And they weren't just being nice - I could see for myself how my dad looked like a schoolboy, how excited he was to have a chance to use the snow blower.

Nice machine.
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