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on October 7, 2012
When you get a head unit with a motorized screen for 175 bucks from a company called "Power Acoustik", you don't expect much. I'm no audiophile, so as long as I get okay sounding music from a head unit, i'm good with it. I believe it said the retail price was $550 or something like that, and I take that with a big grain of salt (no one would actually buy a "Power Acoustik" head unit for $550, i'm sure). I got it for extremely cheap (for having a motorized screen), and so I expected the quality to be very low as well. Also, apparently some people got faulty units as well, which makes me nervous, like when I play the lottery. You have that feeling like you *hopefully* have a winner, but more than likely not...

When I got the unit and installed it, I was pleasantly shocked. The unit looks pretty good to me. Overall quality of the unit looks as good as any head unit i've had in the past. The screen rolls out quickly, movies look pretty good on it. I put it into an Acura Integra, so the viewing angle is weird because of the dash layout, but I can still see the whole picture perfectly. When you plug a USB drive into the unit, it scans it for videos and plays them automatically, which was pretty cool. it does play xvid and divx encoded avi, checked both of those already. I haven't tried bluetooth yet, so can't comment on that, but i checked out the interface, and the layout looks pretty easy to use. The subwoofer channel (only single/mono RCA out, so if you have your amp set up for dual input you'll need a splitter) works very well. You can change the crossover on the unit easily on the touchscreen or using the included remote, as well as the subwoofer volume level. There's also 3 more sets of pre-outs; front stereo, back stereo, and then front/back dual out. It comes with a nylon bag for the face, and not a case, but I never remove the face anyways (head units are so cheap nowadays that car thieves could make more profit siphoning your gas out than stealing your head unit).

Oh, and to kill that annoying little "safety" feature (the parking brake switch), where the videos will only play while the parking brake is engaged, that was way easily skirted by grounding the parking brake line, unlike other units where you need a completely separate component to "fix" it. I mean, what's the point of having a DVD player in your car if you can't watch movies in traffic?? (just joking, Officer)

And 14 bucks more for a rearview camera (sold separately)? I'm in an integra, so it absolutely is neither needed or really useful, but for 14 bucks, count me in. Not what I bought the unit for, the unit does have inputs for the cam and tail light switch, so i ran the wires but didn't hook up the camera in back yet. I did test it out in the car before putting everything back together, to make sure i get picture, but haven't hooked it to the tail light yet or mounted the camera (license tag mount). If the quality sucks, i'll attribute that to the camera i got (ha 14 bucks, of course it's the camera) and not the head unit.

All in all, i'd buy this thing again, especially for 175 bucks. I've had my share of cheap-ass head units in the past, and while this isn't Kenwood or Clarion or whatever, it doesn't reek of crapola like a Dual, Pyle, or Boss does. If you have had one of those in the past, you'll know the stench of low quality very well. For the price, I seriously doubt you could beat this thing. If you get a working unit, that is, which I did. And i'm happy with it.

P.S. the USB input does not read an iphone... just FYI if you were getting it to try that. it does not work; they'd probably have to pay Apple royalties to have that function (HA just ask Samsung about how that works). I didn't try my iPod yet, but did happen to have my iphone in my pocket so i gave it the ol' college try... You can, however, (supposedly - haven't tried yet) hook up your phone and stream over bluetooth (A2DP). If i ever actually try that, i'll update the review.
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on March 17, 2012
i bought this radio to just replace my old one but it works great sound quality is amazing and watching dvd's are awesome good graphics but when you watch something off of the SD card slot the graphics arnt so good im going to change the format of the videos to see if that helps but i highly recommend this unit im probably going to buy another one for my wife's car but if you have a system in your car or truck i didn't see a remote turn on so i used the ant wire witch worked fine for me and if you have a truck the screen might not come out unless you have it out of park i have a Chevy silverado and i have to pull it out of park but other than that its really awesome highly recommended
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on February 2, 2012
I bought this radio because it had bluetooth, and when I first had it installed the radio only worked for a day. After that it would no longer power on at all. I sent it to power acoustik, and not only did I have to pay to ship it there, but I also had to send a money order for $15 for return shipping. They fixed the radio for free because it was still under the warranty, and I got it back about 6 weeks later. When I had it installed again, I noticed that it no longer had bluetooth on it. I also noticed that the face of the radio no longer had the green and red phone symbols on it. I'm not sure if they sent me a different radio or a different face, but I know that bluetooth is no longer on the radio. I have been calling power acoustik for a month. One representative told me to email her pictures of the radio and never contacted me after I did, and the last person I spoke with told me to send the radio back to them with another $15 money order for return shipping so they can check to see if they sent me the wrong radio or the wrong face. Bluetooth is not a necessity for me, but I could have bought the same radio without bluetooth for $40 less. I bought this radio on November 9th, and it is now February and I still don't have the radio that I paid for. I will never buy or recommend another power acoustik product ever again!
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on July 3, 2014
I got this to go into my 1997 F-150. I initially wanted a double din, but when I realized I would have to modify the dash to make a double fit, I opted for a single din instead. I like how it automatically folds away when I shut the truck off. Makes it looks like a piece of junk old radio in there which (hopefully) no one would want to steal.

Interface / Screen
I purposely didn't read the directions for how to use anything (who needs that, anyway?), and it was all pretty easy to figure out. Everything on this unit works pretty well and is easy to figure out. Movies, backup camera, bluetooth, USB... It all works pretty seamlessly and the touchscreen is very responsive. The screen is bright enough, though I wish it had an auto-dimmer for when driving at night. I'd seen others that hook up to the dash lights to do that. I usually close screen to keep the light down at night. There are still control buttons available, so I'm content. There's a bit of glare in direct sunlight that makes it hard to see, but I think that's prob true for most units.

USB drive
The interface for playing music off the USB could be easier. Forward and back are fine, but there's no easy way to scroll through the music. So if you've got a lot loaded in there, it might be hard to get to a specific song. I haven't tried playing off the SD card, but I assume it's the same?

One thing I was disappointed in was the bluetooth for music. Oh, it hooks up easily, works great and voice commands through my iPhone work surprisingly well. But for whatever reason, you lose a bunch of bass. I've got a subwoofer in the truck, and it looses like half it's volume over bluetooth. WHY DO YOU HATE ME, LITTLE CAR STEREO?!?! That being said, bluetooth for calling and other stuff works and sounds great.

The radio picks up signal find on both the AM and PM side, and both sound pretty good.

Backup Camera
I love this. I got the TaoTronics TT-CC22 waterproof camera. Easy to hook up, and the screen switches to it without hesitation. If the screen is closed, it'll pop out automatically. The picture is great, which I'd attribute to both the camera and the screen. My truck is lifted a little, and this makes a HUGE difference. Parallel parking? Backing into a tight spot? Hooking up a trailer? No problem. Yay. Now, whenever I backup in my wife's car, I keep looking for the camera, which isn't there of course. Then I actually have to turn around to see where I'm going. GEEZ. First world problems.

So yeah, I like the thing overall. I almost gave it 3 stars, but then I remembered how little I paid for it! Biggest complaint is the lost bass over bluetooth. Makes it hard to get my hip-hop on. But since I'm some average white guy, I should probably just get over it. Maybe I should listen to country or polka or something.
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on March 24, 2014
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on February 4, 2015
Does what I want, was looking for a 7" single din.
52w x 4 max.
32G SD max.
32G USB max.
Front x2/ Rear x2/ Sub x1 Outputs.
Rear Camera input with trigger wire.
Front A/V 3.5m input
If you want to play video while driving, just take the pink brake wire and loop it back into the ground for the radio.
If you like I have a factory sound system, This will be a night and day improvement! I drive a Honda Accord Wagon with a factory component system, after I installed this, it's 3x louder and clearer. If you get the EQ right you can get clear highs and a nice deep boom from the woofers in the doors. A nice addon they installed, when you remove the face and the car is off there's a red blinking led.
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on January 27, 2014
Bluetooth works fine very clear. Good sound quality. Good product for the price. Other features work and sound good as well
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on July 19, 2013
I have installed many many stereos in cars throughout my life. Maybe I just got a defective unit, but this one was trash. It worked fine for about 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Then it died. Unplug from harness, reattach, and it would go another minute or two before dying. I returned it for a full refund the next day.
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on March 18, 2014
The appearance and price of the item is great but the quality the next time I buy this item ill make sure its new.
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on January 6, 2012
freaking sweet stereo! i like the features it has. the only problem i have with it is when its cold the touchscreen doesnt work and changes settings if i mess with it when it is cold but overall it is a great stereo and a great price!
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