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on July 8, 2011
I really had high hopes for this book because of the amount of positive reviews and lack of negative reviews.

I was extremely disappointed when I received it.

If you've never used LinkedIn, and don't have any idea what it is, this book might be right for you. My guess is that if you're are looking to buy this book, you are already on LinkedIn, and want to enhance what you are doing. I fit that description - I'm not a power user, but I want to step up my networking and marketability. I can honestly say that I did not get one actionable takeaway or good idea. This book adds nothing new and is rehashed content you can find on the internet.

One other point - there is a lot of fluff in the book: "blown up"/oversized screenshots, white space and blank pages. This is more of a 50-100 page free e-book than a full length book.

In fairness to the author, there is a checklist of getting started with LinkedIn which could be helpful to a LinkedIn newbie as far as basic things to complete and a general plan of attack. However, I think this can be figured out from many of the resources on the web and just getting started on LinkedIn by signing in and giving it a try.

If you are still seriously considering purchasing this book, my advice is to check out a copy at the library first, and then see if it's worth keeping.

This is a first for me, but Amazon is getting a return of this book!
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on March 6, 2011
I recently attended a seminar that Wayne was one of the speakers at. Conveniently just before that I had logged onto LinkedIn for the first time. I honestly thought when he talked about his book he was another snake oil salesman just out to make a buck. I was wrong. He told us that he designed the book to be read on a flight to Dallas. I didn't take the flight but I was able to read the book in just over two days, with three kids in the house that is an accomplishment. The short read doesn't mean the book is lacking in content at all. In fact you could liken it to making juice from concentrate; it's all in there ready for you and not watered down. Each chapter I found myself going back to my profile and updating it with something new. I can't speak to the full pay out of the book yet as I just finished it ten minutes ago, but I can speak to the potential. By following the steps and leveraging the contacts you already have this will become an invaluable tool for anyone. I look forward to the weekly updates from Wayne and I look forward to the new contacts to my network the steps in this book will add. And I know those contacts will lead to new business for me in the future. My best advice for anyone who buys this book would be to lock yourself in your office for a couple days to read the book, take notes, dog ear some pages and keep your profile up so you can update it section by section as you go.
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on March 3, 2013
The best features this book tells you about are no longer part of LinkedIn. Before you waste your money like I did, you should know that Linkedin has changed greatly in late 2012 and early 2013. Please look for a much more updated source to learn Linkedin. Very upset. Did email the author.
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The Power Formula for Linkedin Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search

Yes, I have met Wayne and he's the real deal! He is so passionate about LinkedIn when he speaks that he captivates and inspires his entire audience.

Wayne's book is properly titled. Over the years I have taken LinkedIn training from quite credible sources and I would do what I was told to do- well, most of it. Having a book like this where it can walk me through the process of what to do in LinkedIn AND why I'm doing it is priceless. The book provides brilliant guidance for someone who is unfamiliar with LinkedIn and/or social media savvy. Wayne shares endless ways you can utilize LinkedIn to work for you :) This is an outstanding beginner's introduction and an superb book for those who have already dabbled. This has just moved up to my "Must Read List" for all my clients. Great job Wayne!
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on April 20, 2011
This book was OK. I picked it up because the title said it would help the reader improve upon their business, their brand, and their job search. I think instead of saying "business" the title should have said "career opportunities." And I think instead of just saying "brand" the title should have said "personal brand." Basically what I got from this book was LinkedIn is a wonderful self-promotion tool for the job seeker. As I read through the chapters I felt like I had been there and done that long ago when signing up on a bunch of online job boards like Monster dot com. LinkedIn is definitely geared more toward benefiting the resume poster, but the author says the power users of LinkedIn are recruiters and human resource professionals - the same power users of ALL the online job boards.

The book certainly presents a power formula for getting linked into LinkedIn so you might be successful in getting a better job. But I was left hanging as to whether "LinkedIn Success" means you will in fact be able to get a better job. And I certainly got no direction as to how to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool to find clients or customers for a small business. In Chapter 9 there was some talk about the "Giving & Getting Answers" application in LinkedIn. And in Chapter 15 there was a discussion about joining "Groups." Both of these features have significant potential for a small business owner to attract clients and customers, but this aspect of LinkedIn was ignored in this book.

Interestingly the author is a small business owner himself. He runs an office furniture store (sells product) and a seminar business (sells a service). He talked a little about his use of LinkedIn to find company employees who are responsible for purchasing office furniture. But I don't recall him ever explaining how he uses LinkedIn to help him sell his public speaking services.

There are 21 chapters in this book. I think it would have been better organized if chapters 3 through 9 had been put in their own "part" of the book entitled Profile Building. And the rest of the chapters put in a "part" with a name on it. Unfortunately I'm not sure what a good name for that part would be. LOL. Maybe the part should be entitled Job Searching Tool? And a third part should be added entitled Prospect Hunting? Of course there would have to be some new content added for that third part, too. I also thought chapters 10 and 13 related to each other and probably should have been consolidated.

In sum, the book seemed to be mistitled and it just did not do LinkedIn the kind of service that it could have done. LinkedIn is more than a mere job searching tool (or at least it can be). I found it to be a good book on how to set up your profile in LinkedIn and how to use the site as a job searching tool. But with today's job market being as lousy as it is I don't think anybody should waste their time looking for a job. They should create their own job or jobs and as a result be more successful than a mere employee somewhere. 3 stars!
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on February 10, 2011
Two years ago I took one of Wayne's linkedin workshops and within months I was number one when searching for my profession on linkedin. He knows the ins and outs of linkedin and explains them in a way that is easy to understand. At MKEGreenworks we now use linkedin to find vendors and to contiinue to establish our brand online. This book will help you to master the art of linkedin, the leading social media for business professionals.
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on March 15, 2011
I have seen Wayne speak several times, and as much as he kept reeling me in, I was reluctant to embrace this LinkedIn thing. Reading this book has really changed how I approach my network and how I use LinkedIn as a research tool and vehicle to secure more contacts. The days of cold calling in person are long gone. The book is a very easy read and he walks you through step by step what needs to be done.
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on October 1, 2011
This is a true how to do book, with enough why attached that the reader can understand the power of this tool. A comment I picked up on was: ignoring LinkedIn now is like 10 years ago ignoring email. There is only one way to learn to find out how useful it can be. He splits the book in two, first making yourself easy to find fill in a proper profile and then how to find and approach others on LinkedIn. Every person in any business can make good use of this book. Buy it, read it and use it. Well written and a quick read.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on April 11, 2011
I use Linkedin but learned from Breitbarth that I am not as good as it as I can be. First inspiration was to make sure my profile was complete (and it is now).

I realize that I use Linkedin less than I could for searching out new contacts. Will start doing that more.

I like that on Linkedin, people keep their own contact information up to date.

I do updates on Linkedin (mostly business quotations from famous people and being the time efficient person that I try to be, I do the same update on Twitter, Facebook etc.)

One thing I did on Linkedin was hide who I am connected to. I was finding some people were abusing the relationship by contacting my contacts and implying that I was endorsing the approach.

A book like Breitbarth's reminds me of the power of Linkedin.
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on August 6, 2011
I'll start with the good:

Wayne Breitbarth got off on the wrong foot with me in the introduction, but I was glad I stuck with him. He writes: "In contrast to a traditional resume, which is typically a listing of facts and dates, your LinkedIn profile allows you the opportunity to tell your story. It should be a narrative of sorts..." Yes! Yes! Yes! I can't tell you how many profiles I see that are half-hearted and devoid of personality. A well-written, narrative profile helps you to establish common interests and discussion points for connections that have the potential to elevate to the next level. LinkedIn isn't called a social network for nothing.

Next, he provides insight into the LinkedIn search ranking formula, which prompts me to make some adjustments that yield some great results for me. Good tip!

Following that are numerous great bits of advice. Having read several books about LinkedIn, I know a lot of these, but he doesn't miss any of the key ones and also includes additional justifications and insights that prompt me to make a list of action items for giving my profile a boost. I wrote down half a dozen action items to implement over the next few days.

Now, on to the bad:

Breitbarth acknowledged the quantity-vs.-quality debate that revolves around building your LinkedIn network, and he came down on the quality side. Fine. I happen to disagree with him, but I can see his point. However, I felt he completely misrepresented -- whether disingenuously or otherwise -- the quantity-side argument. Building a broad network of so-called "loosely trusted" connections increases the chances of your profile being seen by someone who may be able to help you achieve your goals, or vice versa. On several occasions, I have found written well-thought-out connection invitations that have yielded face-to-face meetings and ultimately business projects. Another time, an entrepreneur invited me to connect, invited me to a business lunch and then sent several projects my way. We've been working together since. Clearly, there's an equally strong argument for strategically expanding your network beyond just the people you know well, and I think Breitbarth does readers a disservice by not honestly representing the opposite side of the debate. (It's even more annoying considering that Breitbarth has 1,190 first-level connections.)

My biggest issue is that the book is clearly written for a more seasoned reader, yet the cover doesn't indicate this. Here's one sentence from the introduction: "Or, third, you may decide this is a rockin' tool, even for a person your age, and realize that you'd better get on board completely -- and also have people in your company fully understand its concepts, premises and working parts." Even for a person my age? How old does Breitbarth assume I am? Contrary to what he seems to think, I'm not in his 50-something demographic (or older). Did he not consider that Gen-Xers or Millennials might be reading?

There's also a later dig at the Facebook generation: "But soon I suspect the Facebook generation will see social media as the primary way to connect with people. Remember, this generation barely recognizes that they can pick up the telephone and have a real-time conversation." How condescending and off-putting.

Overall, it's a useful book, but I'm still on the hunt for one with a little more advanced material and a more inclusive tone. I'd give it to my parents if they weren't already retired.
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