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136 of 153 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2007
Ingraham once again uses her acerbic, straightforward style to entertain and inform. She genuinely is a gifted writer. She is one of the few authors who actually writes like they speak - a key component of readability.

She is almost poignant in her discussion of the current culture and its downward spiral. While reading the part about Rosie O'Donnell, I couldn't help but think of past comedians like Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, et al. How far we have dropped in 40 years!

She also takes on the "science worshippers" - a fitting moniker for those who believe that if a consensus of scientists support something - it must be true. She points out that such an intellectual endeavor is NOT science. Spot on!

You will find this book an easy, flowing read - filled with facts and opinion. Laura Ingraham is a talented writer and it shows!
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Fans of Laura Ingraham's popular radio show will recognize the themes discussed in this lively book. She is a person who is passionate about traditional moral values, protecting the family, enforcing the country's laws & our Constitution, and cleaning up the culture from what she calls its pornification.

Laura began her political writing as one of the conservative students at Dartmouth who wouldn't just sit back and take the pronouncements and bias of the left wing faculty. One of the incidents that came from her writing is recounted in this book. The chairman of the music department, William Cole, was using a general music class that kids took for an easy credit, to make pronouncements on racism and culture in America. She wrote about it and he became not only angry but threatening. Things escalated from there.

While she is also a lawyer (University of Virginia Law School - and she clerked for Clarence Thomas), is a blonde and a media personality, she should not be confused with Ann Coulter. Coulter is much more of a bomb thrower and sensationalist than Ingraham is. Ann Coulter makes much of her impact through shock and satire of her opponents. Laura is much more about speaking directly from her heart about what matters to her. While she isn't afraid to call things as she sees them without pulling punches, she doesn't look for the most inflammatory way to say things. However, Laura's language is full of passion, energy, clarity, and humor.

This book pleads with everyday conservatives to stand up and speak up about the things that we see as going dead wrong in our culture. She begins by talking about the assault of the left upon the traditional family and the way that kids are actually being devalued despite all the appeals about "the children" and traditional marriage is being undermined.

Her chapter on illegal immigration is spot on. She is clear that immigration is an American tradition and valuable and even necessary to our economic growth and success. However illegal immigration undermines us in several ways. It allows those who are employing illegal aliens to externalize costs that they should actually bear. That cheap lettuce only seems cheap because the costs of medical care for illegal workers and educating their children are not factored in. This is an issue where her opponents constantly misrepresent her position to make her (and those of us who agree with her) out to be ignorant bigots. To be for controlled borders and legal immigration is not racist. It is a sensible response in a Welfare State.

Open borders made sense in a time when people had to make it without taxpayer support (or minimal support) once they arrived. However, nowadays, our hospitals and schools are being burdened with huge costs for treating illegal immigrants and our schools lose billions from educating their children. No one wants anyone to be untreated or to die. Nor do we want children to be trapped in illiteracy or innumeracy. However, if they were still living in their home country, they would not have to be treated or educated at US taxpayer's expense. If they were employed legally, at least some of those costs would be borne by their employers and through them, by those of us who purchase the goods and services they provide. You know, like regular workers. Then there is the whole issue of how the winking at breaking our laws undermines the rule of law in our country. A culture that winks at lawbreaking rots the very structure that allows civil society in the first place. Yet, the idea of being repealing immigration laws is obviously foolish. So, the only honest options is to simply enforce our laws and to change them as needed, through the legislature not the judiciary.

I also loved her chapter on why we have to get control of our judiciary by only electing and appointing judges who understand the principle of judicial restraint. Legislating from the bench is not only an abuse of our Constitution; it undermines our freedoms because it takes lawmaking out of our hands through the people we elect every two years.

Laura is also dead on about the importance of local government versus the constant Federalization of our lives. She could have discussed how the 14th amendment has contributed to that process, but even without it, her overall point is true. Her chapters on the pornification of our culture and the failure of our public schools are also very good. The left has always known that the key to its success over generations is to get control of educating the young and filling their minds with their values and principles. In this, they have succeeded for decades. The question is whether we will let them continue to win.

I obviously can't cover everything in the book in this little review. However, I will stress that we simply must hear her pleas for us to stand up and be counted. We must become those irritating "loud folks" our politicians complained about during the recent debate on "comprehensive immigration reform". If we don't, we are simply acquiescing to the agenda of the other side of the important debates of our time. Laura also expresses her faith in God and her gratitude for the second chance she has gotten in surviving her bout with cancer. For me, hearing expressions of faith and gratitude are among the most beautiful uses of the human mind, voice and heart. Thanks, Laura!

This is a very good handbook for those debates that you are likely to have with your liberal friends. It will give you some good stories that will both energize you and provide some information that will aid you in the debates that will surely arise over these issues. But make sure you become one of those speaking loudly to your representatives, too. Just because they got elected doesn't mean that they get to shut you out until the next election. Your voice counts, so let them hear it.


Reviewed by Craig Matteson
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95 of 113 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 13, 2007
As Laura says, this is a purple book, something that can appeal to both those on the right and left. Get past the fact that Laura is a "right wing radio talk show host" (the horror!) and take a look at her ideas on their own merit. You may be surprised if you look at this with an open mind:) This book is well worth the read!
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273 of 336 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 10, 2007
Laura is a passionate writer who obviously cares about her subject matter. This book is not only about how the power in our country is now with the judges, Federal government, education unions and Hollywood, to name a few, but also how YOU can help do something to change this.

If you are concerned about our educational system from elementary schools to high schools to colleges and universities, you can do more than just whine or complain. You can attend public meetings, write letters to the editor and in the case of really outrageous issues, call a reporter.

Another area Ms. Ingraham covers is the "pornification" of America, she suggests filling your home with great music, books and classic films and watching films together as a family and discussing them afterwards. Controlling the computer in your home is another important area and monitoring what your kids are watching. All great ideas.

We have all noticed how many new "laws" recently seem to be handed down by the courts. We need the courts to uphold the laws already on the books as long as they don't violate the Constitution but so often now these courts are NOT basing their decisions on the Constitution but on personal opinion. As was the case in the disastrous Harriet Miers nomination, the noise of the people can make a difference -- a big difference.

Ms. Ingraham touches on a number of other subjects such as illegal immigration, breakdown of traditional families, the interference of Federal government in formerly states' rights and responsibilities and her own fight with cancer and newfound faith in God.

You may not necessarily agree with all she says but it is very thought provoking nonetheless.

A terrific read.
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77 of 93 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 13, 2007
"Power to the People" reads with tremendous heart felt passion that is evident throughout the text, passion to inspire us all to turn life around for the better.

There is one continuous stream of thought and intention that is interwoven throughout this book, and that is that Laura Ingraham genuinely cares about people.

"What good is returning "power" to the people if it is not the power to do good? And what better way is there to foster this spirit than through faith? It is faith, which calls us to be self-sacrificial and to love others, that has made us a great nation."

She is *not* waging a below-the-belt, immoral and unjust attack on the Left. She *is* deeply concerned about the state of our nation, our children, and the fate of our future.

"Our Declaration of Independence reminds us of the "unalienable rights" that are ours to enjoy: "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." These rights are dependent upon one another for survival. We often forget that we have been "endowed" with these rights by our "Creator." How seldom we think of Him and our duty to Him as we exercise these precious rights."

She cares a great deal about honest ethics in Broadcast Journalism - and she makes excellent points, such as:

"Even television "news" shows dip into the porn pond in their coverage of such pressing questions as whether Anna Nicole Smith's artificial breasts would decompose at the same rate as the rest of her natural body. This is absolute madness. So why are we watching this trash? And how is it reshaping America?"

While a reader may hold specific personal views about the ground covered, all issues are covered with fairness and objectivity. Laura does not wage war - she presents many solutions that can only help our nation - and ultimately make life far better for our children.

A meaningful read and an undeniably ethical and noble effort.
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104 of 127 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2007
I'm constantly amazed that people, presumably from the left, have nothing better to do than post attacks on this book. It's pretty obvious none of them have read it because, if they had, they would know it isn't political in the left-right way. Ingraham is trying to stand up for the majority of people who are tired of being force-fed smut, tired of having our children exposed to the seediest part of life courtesy of the mass media. It's about time regular people had someone on our side
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93 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2007
Laura Ingraham has character and brains. No wonder this book is so good.
She is attempting to wake people up from the "anything goes" non-judgmental, multi-culturalism legacy of the 70's, 80's and 90's. She is not afraid to call a spade a spade....great book on where we are and where we need to be.
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71 of 88 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2007
Laura's wit, intelligence, humor, satire and insights blended with useful advice and information help to make this not only another great read, but provides the reader with a handbook of hope and a sense of power. We CAN help to change the direction our culture is heading. The USA does not have to be the armpit of the world, with regard to the "pornification" of the culture. Yes, what was once regarded as freakish is now the norm, and what was once the norm and tradition, is now regarded as extreme and fringe. Laura has clearly put her heart and soul into this informative and inspiring book. "POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!"
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206 of 263 people found the following review helpful
on September 11, 2007
Laura Ingraham has put into words what many of her listeners have felt for a long time... that it is high time we reinstate this country's values and the foundation upon which the U.S.A. was set many years ago. Our country is facing cultural challenges today that simply cannot go unanswered if we want to recognize America ten years from now. We must get involved in order to keep our politicians on the right track, and for the U.S. to continue to be the best place in the world to live. It is our responsiblility as American citizens to preserve our great country for the generations to come, generations which happen to include my children and future grandchildren. Our moral future is at stake, as is our security and our very way of life; our culture. I am thrilled that Ms. Ingraham has hit a HOME RUN with this one! If you only read one book this year, let this one be it!
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63 of 80 people found the following review helpful
on September 17, 2007
Laura Ingraham is not one to sugar coat her understanding of the issues of our day. Neither is she a pom-pom girl for the Republican Party.

She is however, an articulate and thoughtful commentor on the matters that affect us all. A politcal conservative in the very best meaning of that phrase, she is more than willing to call out politicians of both parties when her views differ from theirs.

It is refreshing to read someone who speaks from both the heart and the head on matters that concern us all. You may or may not agree with all of her views, but after reading why she holds them you will not be simply dimissive of them as some posters on here who clearly did not read the book and are simply trying to drive down the star rating.

She is a commentator on the state of politics in America who deserves to be taken seriously.
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