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on January 16, 2007
First a few words about myself so you can more easily judge if my opinion might be helpful to you or not. I teach Power Vinyasa Yoga at a local Hotel Spa Fitness Club. I train every day and prefer complete Power Yoga Flow Routines that challange your overall bodystrength a lot and still contribute to every aspect of Yoga (meaning the meditative aspects, proper breathing, inner awareness and so on).
Since I'm german my english spelling is pretty bad, sorry for that!

About the DVD:
The routine is about 25 Minutes long but still offers you quite a challange for the short time. I can't do 60 to 90 Minutes of Yoga every day, so I'm glad to own a couple of shorter programms for the days in between or for early in the morning.
Rodney Yee is a hihgly skilled Instructor with a very gentil and calm manner and an interesting style of Yoga. His voice is always soothing, but still encouraging.

The programm on the DVD is specially challanging for upper body strength but still working the whole body. It's fluid and, regarding the short time, complete.
The only one little thing I can critizise is that the verbal instruction is somtimes not absolutly in line with the instruction on screen. From time to time Rodny on screen is movin just a little to fast compared to his verbal instruction. But that's not very important and doesn't cause any problems, so I can still rate this 5 Stars.
If your looking for a short physicaly demanding Power Yoga routine, this is for you. It's not suitable for absolute Beginners since Rodny moves pretty fast from Pose to Pose and some are to challanging for an absolute beginner. I would recommend it for intermediate to advanced students.
If your interested in more Power Yoga, check out my other reviews about Power Vinyasa Yoga DVDs. To see al DVDs I recommend check out my listmania list. Let my know if you found the reviews helpfull. I truely hope so!
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on December 14, 2005
Whoa, Rodney, this is for beginners? OK, yes, I feel great after doing the workout. But this is definitely not for anyone who has never taken a yoga class and who doesn't know at least the basic poses. How anyone can support their body weight doing the legs-elevated poses (e.g., pendulum pose) is beyond me. This will probably prove to be especially difficult for women without extremely strong arm and shoulder muscles. I found myself doing modifications on those poses because my jaw dropped watching Rodney Yee doing them effortlessly and calling them "simple."

This is very fast-paced, also, but it seems less so after doing it a few times.
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on July 22, 2007
The Good: Delivers a decent arm/shoulder workout. Puts in a few arm balances. Gets into the workout fast.

The Bad: Pacing is very fast, few poses are held for more than a couple seconds. Apart from a few arm-balances, not much to look forward to.

The Verdict: With only 20 minutes to work with, Yee gives your arms and shoulders an aerobic-yoga workout. Unfortunately, the practice is so short and fast paced, that it stands to be nothing more than a yoga-supplement to a more complete workout.

Full Review: I've been using Yee's "Power Yoga: Full Body" for a while now, and thought I'd put some mixture into my routine. As always Yee's calm delivery makes this easy to listen to. I nearly didn't have to watch the DVD before first attempting it, as it's not that difficult to follow-as long as you can move quickly between poses. No, really. Move FASTER!

The pacing of the routine is going to turn some people off, plain and simple. "Power Yoga: Full Body" is medium paced, while this is fast paced. Very fast. In fact, you barely have time to hit a pose before moving to the next. The only poses that you'll spend any time in are the arm-balances, and downward-facing dog.

It's a short, accelerated, 20 minute aerobic workout for your upper body, shoulders, arms, and reportedly abs. Realistically, I felt it in my arms, and to some extent my shoulders. After doing to routine a couple of times, I was able to keep pace easy enough, though admittedly I felt like I was really rushing through an otherwise enjoyable yoga practice.

The workout itself is brief, jumping straight into sun salutations (which remain for the entire workout), lots of up/downward-facing dog, standing forward bend, mtn pose, lunges, and a few arm balances and chair poses. You do two or three seated poses, then go into a short relaxation pose.

The obvious question here is why would Gaiam/ Yee make such a short "Strength" video? I mean, I did 20 minutes of Intermediate yoga and then had absolutely no problem knocking this one off. In no way am I saying that this workout is easy, but that it really is only worthwhile as a supplement to another routine I'll do before/after it.

In many ways, I just don't feel the workout was constructed well. Why cap a yoga practice at 20 minutes? Apart from a few arm balances, and a lot of downward-facing dog/sun salutations - this really isn't that inventive. Why didn't they put in at least another 10 minutes of arm balances... handstands, shoulderstands, forearm-stands, headstands, something, anything more? I think they could have slowed the pace back down to medium fast and added a few more strength poses to extend the time to 30 or 40 minutes, creating a fuller experience without losing the spirit of the practice.

I like Yee's instruction and delivery, and the DVD is a unique yoga workout-but I can't give it more than three stars. It's fast pace, and brevity make it of limited use to me.
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This DVD is one of Rodney Yee's earlier yoga DVDs, and it shows a bit. While shot on glorious Maui, the production is a bit more grainy than some of Yee's later projects ("Yoga Core," "Yoga Burn,"), etc.

But you don't buy yoga DVDs for their glossy productions - you buy them for the workout. And this is a darn good beginner workout, focusing on building strength through fairly quick but smooth transitions.

This workout features a lot of sun salutations, flowing from standing mountain pose through lunges through upward dog and into downward dog. All these poses are achievable by the beginner, although a newbie should probably watch it through once before trying the workout because Yee goes pretty fast through his paces. Lots of back and arm-work gets worked into the mix, and you're sure to have your heart rate elevated to a nice degree.

To be fair, there are a couple of poses where the word "beginner" doesn't apply - Yee supports his entire body in squat positions on his hands. No yoga beginner I know could do anything approaching these moves, but they are nice aspirational poses for us beginners to shoot for.

All in all, this is a nice short yoga DVD. If you have to pick just one yoga DVD, it shouldn't be this one, but at this price it's a good buy to fit into your larger collection.
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on October 7, 2014
Quick delivery. This is one of my favorite yoga at home programs but as other reviewers mentioned, this series is not for total beginners. If you are looking to move into a more flowing, fast paced practice this is a great starting point. But for someone completely new to yoga, this is not the DVD or the program. No instructions or technique tips are offers and you need to have a basic understanding of yoga postures to follow this practice. When Rodney moves through the Sun Salutations, there is no time to watch and imitate his movements. You need some understanding of what a basic Sun Salutation is comprised of and what a Triangle pose, a Proud Warrior Pose and several others are in order to follow along. But I love this series and and finally replacing my old VHS tapes!!
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on November 27, 2014
I have had this DVD some time and use it every week. It is one of 7 Rodney Yee's dvds that are in my rotation. At least 20 upward dogs, this will strengthen your arm muscles for sure. A 30 minute dvd which I like. 20 minutes DVD too short and hour too long for me.
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on June 13, 2014
I am relatively new to yoga, but not new to exercise. I really like this program. It is short and easy to fit into my day. I like to do it to relax before bed at night. It is perfect for when I haven't been able to exercise and still want to get some movement into my day. The more I practice, the better I get. I have definitely seen an improvement in my flexibility since starting this. Rodney Yee is calm and easy to follow; he gives enough instruction (once you get the basic poses) while still being very relaxing. I feel great when I finish this.
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on April 17, 2007
I always thought of yoga as a waste of time. I like running and biking, you know, moving and jumping around. So I thought that yoga would bore me to tears. I tried this out because of the words power and strength. I really need to build muscle so I thought I'd give it a shot and I love this! I've been doing it for about 2 months and my flexibility has increased dramatically. The first couple times I did this it was a little hard but after awhile it'll be second nature although I still can't do pendulum pose. Word of advise, be careful when trying pendulum pose, I thought I could do it right away and wound up falling on my face! To wrap this up, you can't go wrong with this DVD. You should still do other muscle training but this'll work your arms and make you more flexible for sure!
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on September 22, 2006
This dvd is a good, challenging workout that I feel good about doing, but I wouldn't say that it's for beginners because Rodney doesn't teach you each pose step by step and he has some difficult poses such as crow and pendulum thrown in there. The workout is basically sun salutation with some other poses mixed in. It does work your upper body; at the end of it I can feel my arms tiring. He also goes a little fast from pose to pose, but after doing the workout a couple times it doesn't seem so fast. I do like that he uses a voice over to call out the poses and doesn't include a lot of extra chit chat. Also, the relaxation at the end is very short and I think it could have been longer.
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on March 20, 2012
I'm not a huge yoga aficionado, as in I like the little bit of it I've done and I'm interested in learning more, but it's one of those things I mean to do and never make the time for. I like the idea of strength and flexibility from yoga that will complement my usual workout routine (weight lifting, cardio and HIIT) and about a year ago I got a yoga mat that came with a Rodney Yee DVD that I did like, so I gave his Power Yoga DVD a try. I LOVE that it's short -- anyone can make 25 minutes and make them count! -- and I think it's effective. Some of the other reviews mentioned that he moves fast/the verbal instruction is not always perfectly in sync with what he's performing on the screen, which is true. If you don't know the basic poses (upward dog, downward dog, powerful pose, etc.) you may want to just watch the DVD a time or two so you can follow his spoken instructions without needing to watch the screen the whole time. This is a video I can do every day, either first thing in the morning to wake up or as a cool-down after my regular workout. Hats OFF to ANYONE who can do the pendulum pose; I have a new crazy goal to work for now!
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