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Note that some early versions of this plug had quality control issues. My plugs did not have any issues, but some of the early testers reported problems. PowerGen notified all testers and made the plugs unavailable until the problem has been resolved. I received a notification that the problem has been resolved, and the new stock does not have the issue. Symptoms of the problem: Due to a poor connection inside the plug, the status light goes on when the plug is plugged in, but then goes out a few seconds later.

I tested PowerGen Dual Port 15W / 3.1A USB Wall Charger with Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone, and SanDisk Sansa Clip+ player.
I received PowerGen wall charger for testing from the manufacturer to write an honest and unbiased review and you will find both pluses and minuses of my experience in this review.

I am attaching two collages with 8 photos (each collage has 4) labelled with numbers 1-1 through 1-4 and 2-1 through 2-4 under customer photos that I will be referencing in this review.

The first thing I noticed that the charger has re-tractable prongs which is very handy for travel. Photo #1-1 shows the black plug with prongs retracted, and the white plug with progs extended.

Photos #1-3 and #1-4 show this plug on a power strip. This is where the only negative thing I have to say about this plug comes in. The position of the prongs is such that this plug takes up two slots and a bit of third slot. As you see not only does each plug cover two outlets, I also could put two of these plugs next to each even on the short side. The prongs are not polarized as you can see on photo #1-1. The plug itself is very slim, if the prongs could have been oriented differently, the plug would only take 1 slot.

The plug has two ports labelled "A" and "NA" which stands for Apple and Non-Apple devices (see photo 1-2). I own all Android devices but I tested both ports to see their behavior with my devices. The charger comes without a USB cord, so tested it with the USB cords that came with my devices.

I used Battery App by Elvison to determine how each device recognized the charging source. 'AC' status means the charging is at full charging rate. 'USB' status indicates charging at a lower charging rate. 'Discharging' status means that the charging rate is below the power that the device is consuming so it slows down the discharge rate but does not re-charge.

The key findings:
(1) Excellent results on both ports for Nexus Phone and Nexus 7 Tablet
(2) Samsung Galaxy 7.7 can be charged on NA port

The table below summarizes my findings:

Nexus 7 Tablet (photo #2-2, note the port is labeled "A" is closer to the edge of the plug and the port labeled "NA" is the one that is further away from the edge of the plug)
(Shown in Photo 2-2)
A port -- AC
NA port -- AC

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone
(Shown in Photo 2-1)
A port -- AC
NA port -- AC

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7
(Shown in Photos 2-3 and 2-4)
A port -- discharging when screen is on, charged slowly with screen off
NA port -- AC

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player
A port -- charged at AC rate
NA port -- charged at AC rate

Charging times for Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7
NA: from 90% to 100% ---> 33 minutes
A: from 90% to 100% -> 1h 37 min charged when screen was off despite saying discharging (powering the screen was enough to turn from slow charge to discharge)
Samsung plug that came with the 7.7 Tablet: from 90% to 100% ---> 1 hour

Charging times for Nexus Tablet
NA: from 94% to 99% ---> 17 minutes
A: from 94% to99% ---> 19 minutes

The behavior of both Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus plugged in at the same time was the same as when they were plugged in individually. This means if you can charge them both together at the same time. If you need to charge Samsung Galaxy tablet and one of the Nexus devices you would need to put the Galaxy tab on the NA port.

The MP3 player worked in both ports. I was able to charge and listen to the MP3 player at the same time.

To summarize:

I liked:
1. Excellent behavior on both ports even when you have two Android devices
2. Samsung tablet 7.7 charged twice as fast as with the plug that it came with
2. Solution for MP3 player with built-in battery
3. Can charge two Android devices at once at AC rate

I did not like:
1. Position of the prongs that makes the plug take 2+ slots on the strip

I compared this plug to PowerGen Dual Port USB 2.1A 10W AC. And before I upgraded my Nexus devices to JellyBean 4.21 this plug gave a better performance on A port. However, when I recently retested 10W plug with Android's Jelly Bean 4.21 the difference became less significant. Nexus 7 shows the same behavior on both plug (both ports charge at AC rate), Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone still does better with this plug on A port (AC rate vs USB rate).
Here is a link to my review of 10W plug if you are interested in seeing the details -

Overall, This plug has given me the best performance of any dual plug I have tried. Downgraded from 5 stars due to quality control issues in some units.

Ali Julia review
review image review image
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on November 17, 2012
I was tired of having multiple USB wall charges for my many mobile devices. I want one charger that can charge them all and so far this items is doing just that. It works on my new Google Nexus 10 tablet, my old Samsung Alas 2 phone, and Plantronics Voyager BT Headset.

I love the hard rubbery feels of this black version as it feels very sturdy and rugged compared to the white one where it's smooth and glossy.

I will updated this review later on if I encounter any other problems.

*****Update 11/20/2012*****
I noticed something odd in the design of this charger. The metal prongs that plug into the wall outlet is a separate piece that can be disconnect from the body. I'm assuming it's designed like this is because they also sell international plugs for this charger. It takes very little effort to disconnect the plug from the body as all you do is push upward and it slides right out. With the way it's designed one would plug it into a wall outlet in the upward position however, that would force it's own weight downward along with gravity so there might be a chance for the plug to separate from the body. I have yet to have it separate on me while using it, but I just find it rather oddly designed. I'm deducting a star because of this poor design.

*****Update 12/02/2012*****
The Apple product USB slot can charge my Samsung Alias 2 phone and also my Voyager headset, but it does charge at a slower rated compared to the non Apple product slot. I have yet to try my other non Apple products on the Apple USB slot. This is really nice as I can possibly charge multiple things at once even though its slower.

*****Update 02/02/2013*****
Well I accident broke my charger when I accidentally stepped on it when I dropped it. Oops! I found the weakest link on the charger and it's the detachable wall outlet plug as the entire casing cracked cleanly off the plug itself. The whole thing was just hanging on to each other by the two power wires, but luckily since it was a very clean crack of the casing I was able to use some super glue to put it back together without much scaring to the casings finished look. It still works after 2 days when I glued it back together.

*****Update 01/05/2014*****
Man, it's been like a year already since I accidentally stepped on my charger and it's still kicking and charging my electronics gadgets with no problem what so ever.

I bought my very first smartphone around the end of 2013 and it's the Galaxy S4 Google Edition. The charger works flawlessly with my new smartphone and charges the battery way quicker than the OEM one. The bad thing is it does make my battery warm when charging with the PowerGen charger so the battery health my take a hit as Lithium-Ion batteries wear out faster when heat is involved. You have been warned!

*****Updated 01/13/2014*****
My father and mother bought their very first smartphones together this week, a black and a white Nexus 5. I tested out my PowerGen charger on the two devices and it works just fine.
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on June 19, 2013
I was very pleased with the product as I travel quite a bit and having the double ports has proven to be very helpful on the road. It seemed to be constructed with quality materials and charged my SG3 and iPad relatively quickly. All was right with the world. Then after JUST 5 months of usage, it stopped working. No charge, no blue light, nothing.

OK that sucks but it should be under warranty according to amazon and the companies website. So I go to the website and there is no phone # just a warranty email. I emailed the warranty department at Powergen and I get a bounce back with a dead address. Not good. So I sent the request to the only other contact; and get ANOTHER BOUNCEBACK. I'm trying again today but am hoping to not have to buy a new charger. Its only $14 but it would be nice to not have to pay for something that is supposedly covered.

Update: 3 days later still no response. If I could give a zero then I would.....

OK: Finally received an email over the weekend (about 6 days after sending first email) that a replacement is being sent.........
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I received two of these chargers from the company to test and review. Of them one worked perfectly, but the other unit was finicky and had to be jiggled to maintain power, which was a little disconcerting.

The charger that worked did a great job charging an iPhone 4, an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5, and a Sony CyberShot TX10 digital camera. One of the two USB ports, one is supposed to be tailored to Apple devices and offer a faster charge time, but I didn't notice a difference. While charging the unit emits a slight humming noise.

The charger is decently constructed and finished in a rubberized texture. The power prongs fold up into the charger for portability, and seem well made. There is a blue LED power indicator light on the front of the unit.

All in all...if you get one that works well, you'll be very pleased.

01/03/2013 Update: I let my co-worker charge her Blackberry Torch on this charger from time to time and she says it takes longer than the Blackberry charger, and the battery seems to drain more quickly as well.

(I received a complimentary sample of this product from the manufacturer to review.)
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on April 5, 2013
I purchased this charger on March/31 from Amazon (Order Number:xxx-xxxxxxx-6279404), it arrived promptly on April 2nd. I have a couple of Kindles that require charging and frankly, I refused to pay $20x2 for the Amazon Kindle Rapid charger (needless to say that Amazon should include the charger with the Kindles, but I think you know that already). This is my story:

April 2: Two kindles charging simultaneously through the night, no problem, everybody is happy.
April 3: Two kindles charging simultaneously through the night, no problem, everybody is happy.
April 4: The charger refuses to charge both Kindles simultaneously. Swapping cable doesn't help. All of the sudden, I can only charge one Kindle, on either port of the charger.
April 5: Same problem, the charger refuses to charge both kindles, so I have to charge one at the time.
April 6: The adapter charges one Kindle at the time, but now it will charge it for about 10 min and then stops for another 10min, then it resumes.
April 7: Tomorrow, I'm sending this charger back to Amazon.

In summary, it worked like it should be for 2 days, it worked at 50% for 2 more days and decided to quit working on the 5th day.
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on August 15, 2013
Google "A dozen USB chargers in the lab: Apple is very good, but not quite the best", by Ken Shiriff. I recognized some counterfeits from his article as ones that I own. These were square white cubes, knockoffs of the Apple Ipad chargers. Purchased off eBay, I used them because they worked,until the electrocutions in China. I didn't even think of giving them away; they went straight to the Best Buy recycle bin.

Powergens are not copies of anything. The care with which they are made shows in the precision of the plastic housing, as good as anything Apple offers. The weight indicates substantial ferrite inductors inside. The UL rating indicates that the circuit boards are laid out with the statutory required separation between high side and low side.

And they charge fast. I do not have Apple products to try these with, but I do have a Sony Xperia Z tablet. The Sony supplied charger has been noted as inadequate. Rated at 1.5 amps, it should do the job, but, owing to some mistake in the firmware of the tablet, it charges at a very low rate. This charger is recognized by the Xperia Z tablet as a high current device, and it communicates properly with the tablet, so that charge current ramps up according to a standard communication protocol. Charging gets done fast. It works with an Xperia ZL phone too, and a Lenovo A1 tablet.

Owners of other tablets may have different experiences. The picture is complicated by the prevalence on eBay of bogus USB micro cables, which have tiny gauge conductors, just enough to prevent immediate detection by the buyer of a defect. I have a handful of these.

A 6 foot cable should weigh around 60 grams. Put yours on a postage scale. If it weighs around 48 grams, it is bogus. It has much to do with the gauge of the power pair of the cable. Signal is always 28 gauge. The "2C" power pair can be either 28 gauge or 24 gauge. For maximum charge rate, a 6 foot cable must have a 24 gauge power pair. But bogus cables are even worse. A comparison of my bogus cables with 28 gauge power pairs indicates that the bogus cables are not even 28 gauge. If there is no printing on the cable jacket, it is very likely bogus.

Try a Powergen charger with a legitimate cable, and report back!
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on January 19, 2013
I see some reviewers have had trouble getting this to work with later iPads, but for me it works just fine. Dual ports at 3.1A means rapid charging while traveling for my pad and my phone. FWIW, I didn't use the Apple brand lightning cord, but the Amazon knockoff, and it still charged as well as the original charger. I have not tried charging my iPad with the non Apple USB port, but then again, why the heck would I?

UPDATE: returned the unit. 2nd charge port was dead. Found out during travel...not the best time.
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I have reached the point in our house that we are running out of plugs. Seems hard to imagine but with so many computers, accessories and electronic devices it is true. This wall charger will handle two devices that need USB power to recharge and do the job faster than the chargers you have today.

I have included a video of this product to help you. I have successfully charged the following devices without any problems:

* iPad 2 only on the A port
* iPad 3 only on the A port
* iPod 60 GIG only worked on the NA port as it is an old school Apple charging design
* iPod Touch on both ports
* Kindle Fire on both ports
* Kindle Keyboard on both ports
* iPhone 4 on both ports

The unit can provide up to 3.1 amps which is actually above the rated charging rate for an Apple iPad 3. If you plug in multiple devices they both will still charge (They share the 3.1 Amps) but if one of them requires more than ½ of the 3.1 amp power it will charge more slowly than with its own AC wall charger. Plugging in only one device provides up to 3.1 Amps to either USB port. Smart devices are self-limiting as to how much current they will draw and it is safe to use a higher current charger as your smart phone for example will stop charging when it is full. Usually smart phones like our iPhone charge at 1 amp but they will charge faster and safely in these USB ports. The Apple iPad 2's and iPad 3's like 2.1 amps to charge with but will charge at 1 Amp at a slower rate. The iPad 3 is a power hog with an 11,560 mAh battery capacity and can use up to 1.24 amps just operating on a mobile wireless version. If it is plugged in and left on then it will charge very slowly even with the original Apple charger. This charger has no problem charging the iPad 3.

The plug has a blue status LED that indicates that the unit is plugged into a live outlet. I like it because the light lets you know that it is on. The blue LED is fairly bright and it may be too much in a dark bedroom. Your bedroom sometimes looks like Christmas with all of the items plugged in today's modern world with all of the LED's lit up at night.

The unit also features protection circuitry that monitors over-heating, over-current and over-charging protection. The unit I received had the charging ports clearly marked and it included an instruction manual that was not bad. This is nice AC power charger and I like it a lot. For $9.99 it is a good buy and well worth the money for how it performs. It even works on 240 VAC and 50 Hertz so it is good for overseas travel as long as you take your European plug socket adapters.

Port A is for all Apple devices and can charge at up to 3.1 Amps and port NA for all non-Apple devices but my iPhone and iPod Touch charged OK in this port also. (As did my Kindle devices) The way the plugs are aligned will make the charger cover up more than one plug on most power strips. The unit does come apart so make sure that it is completely assembled before plugging it into the AC wall socket.

When you plug the unit in to the wall you may hear a slight pop or see a slight spark. This is normal as the unit does draw power for the internal circuitry when plugged in. The first two units I received were defective and did not work properly. I worked with the supplier and they have dramatically increased their QC inspection and testing.

* Now all units are tested at assembly.
* They are then subjected to an 8 hour burn in process while fully loaded and overloaded for an aging test.
* They are then again tested before they are packed.

The entire unit, plug and electronics are tested as an assembly. The second units I received worked perfectly. The unit is manufactured with flame retardant material and protected from over current operation and limited to approximately 3.2 Amps.
The supplier was very responsive to resolving the issues I had and I believe they have fixed them all.

Key points
* Take care when plugging the unit in that the foldable AC power plug does not close onto your finger and shock you.
* Remember that the unit comes apart and always make sure that it is assembled properly before plugging in.

Test results Kindle Fire:
* Kindle Fire stated at 23 %
* 30 minutes at 34 %
* 60 minutes at 43 %
* 90 minutes at 58 %
* 120 minutes at 72 %
* 150 minutes at 85 %
* 180 minutes at 100 %
* I used the Apple port A which is rated at a maximum of 3.1 amps.

Test results for iPad 2:
* iPad at start was 45 %
* 30 minutes at 62 %
* 60 minutes at 76 %
* 90 minutes at 87 %
* 120 minutes at 94 %
* 150 minutes at 98%
* 170 minutes at 100 %
* Just as fast as or faster than the Apple AC wall charger. I used the A port for this charging.
* We have charged our iPhones and iPad 3 and the unit has performed very well and it charges our devices quickly.
* The NA port will not charge an Apple iPad.

PowerGen wall charger main features:
* Great price to performance feature ratio
* Dual USB power output plugs capable of 15W/3.1 Amp output capability shared by both ports
* Blue LED plug light to indicate that the unit is operating.
* One port is for Apple devices and the other is for non-Apple devices.
* Operates on 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz.
* Internal protection designed in to prevent overheating, over current and over changing of your devices.
* Compatible with iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and other Kindles.
* Warranty of 12 months
* Folding plugs for easy storage and packing for travel
* Our iPad 2 and iPad 3 only charged in the A port
* Our iPhones and Kindles charged in either port
* My HP Touchpad is not compatible with this device or pretty much any other I have ever tried that was not made by HP.
* Cables are not included so use your own cables for your devices.

This is a good product and I rated it as a 5 star device. The supplier has been helpful and worked hard to test the quality of the devices that they are shipping.

I was provided with a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on July 7, 2014
THIS IS AN EDITED REVIEW, since I bought the "updated" version of the product. What is shown to the right is the ORIGINAL product, but if you click on the link it will take you to a page to purchase the updated version. Amazon should really NOT ALLOW an updated product like this to have the same ASIN as the original, as it causes confusion over what is being purchased.

I just purchased one of the new version (in white). The case is slightly longer than the original, and less attractive, as it is an irregular oval shape rather than a clean rectangular design. Like the original version, one port is labelled for Apple products, the other for Android, due to incompatible rapid-charge standards. However, on the unit I received, these ports were labelled backwards: the "iDevices" port shows "Charging (AC)" on my Nexus 5, and the "Android" port shows "Charging (USB)". This labelling is clearly reversed; the labels on the original version of the device were correct.

Ignoring the size and appearance issues, and the inconvenience of the mislabelled ports, it appears to function correctly, however I will need to update my review in the future when I can learn if it has a track record as good as the original.

This charger has served me reliably for about a year now, easily charging both my phone and tablet at the same time. I keep one at home, and carry one with me in case I need power, since it is so small. Take note that many Android devices (like the Galaxy Nexus) need to be plugged into the "NA" port in order to rapid-charge. This can be worked-around with a "charge-only" cable as well, though those are difficult to find.
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on March 9, 2013
With all of the various family portable electronic devices (2 Kindle Fires, 2 iPhones, 2 iTouch, Crackberrys, iPods, iPad 4, etc) I needed to have a charger that could handle all the power requirements. This charger did it! ALL the devices are charged from this charger including the iPad 4s. Then when I bought a battery pack EasyAcc 4 x USB Output Port 12000mAh External battery pack ( it charged it perfectly. Best price and best charger to replace all those OEM chargers at a fraction of the price and more power so they charger faster. Without a doubt this is the one of the top five accessories I have purchased for electronics. You cannot go wrong! I now have 3 of them. All work as promised.
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