Customer Reviews: Poweradd 25W 5V/5A Family-Sized 5 Port Desktop USB Wall Charger Travel Power Adapter for iPhone 6S 6 Plus 5S 5C, iPad Air / Mini, Samsung Tab S / A, Galaxy S6 Edge / Note 5 4, Smartphones Tablets More
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I purchased this product (Poweradd 25W 5V/5A 5-Port Desktop USB Charger) since I have many USB-powered devices that need recharging daily: Android tablets, cell phones, power banks, etc. At first I was slightly hesitant because three out of five ports on this charger are labeled for Apple products ("iPad", "iPhone" and "iPod"). But as it turns of, I can use it to recharge even my most demanding Android product, the B&N NOOK HD+ Tablet.

The Nook HD+ has problems with most USB chargers I tested. It will try to draw 2A charging current initially. But if it can't, it will drop the current to 0.45A instead. In this particular case:
1. When I plug the Nook into an i-something port, it draws only 0.45A even though both "iPad" and "iPhone" ports are rated 2.1A, and the "iPod" port is rated 1A.
2. When I plug the Nook into the port labeled "For Samsung Tab" (rated 1.3A), it draws 1.97A, same as when charged with its dedicated AC adapter.
3. When I plug the Nook into the port labeled "For Android" (rated 1A), it draws a slightly lower current of 1.77A

For charging my other less-demanding Android devices, it does not matter which port I use. I can get at least 1.6A from any port, even for those that are rated just 1A.

To test the maximum total output current, I connected three tablets plus one cell phone to this charger. The total output current, according to my measurement of individual port, is up to 5.5A. The charger is able to keep up with the maximum load of 27W output power. Its case does get rather warm, but there was no sign of damage after many hours of operation.

The input power I measured, using the P4460 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor, is up to 36W initially (it drops lower as the charging progresses). This corresponds to an efficiency of roughly 75% (27W/36W = 0.75), which is typical for low-cost AC adapters. Its power factor, however, is very poor at around PF=0.50 only.

There are two minor issues I don't like:
1. Lack of LED indicator lights to show that the unit is powered.
2. Rounded case design makes it impossible to use the unit in upright position.

[Bottom Line]
The Poweradd USB charger unit does work as advertised, in that it can deliver 5A of total output current. The only confusing part is with charging of non-Apple devices, since the maximum current rating of each port is not exactly as stated.

I used the PortaPow USB Power Monitor to measure all the charging currents. It is indispensible in testing charging rate of my USB devices. See my review on it for details:

[Update on Dec 31, 2014]
I purchased the Photive 25 Watt 5 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger and found it to be a better product. The Photive unit comes with five 'Intelligent Ports', each one is able to provide up to 2.1A (the total output current is still limited to 5A). Now I can plug my Nook HD+ into any port and get the full charging current. See my review on it for details:
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My wife and I have had as many as six single-port AC chargers in the house, but then we started replacing these with multi-port chargers. With the Poweradd 5-port charger, we can put all of the old single-port chargers away. I tested the charger with four mobile devices: two smart phones and two 7" tablets. I plugged the two tablets into the 2.1A ports, and the phones into the 1.0A ports. (In practice, I don't think it matters which ports you use, although the higher-amperage ports will recharge some devices at a faster rate.)

All four devices were being recharged steadily while they were connected to the Poweradd charger. The charger became warm to the touch but not hot. I had a USB power meter on one of the 2.1A ports that was charging a Kindle Fire, and it was drawing 0.45A. That's a bit less than I've gotten from some 2A single-port chargers, but for me, it was acceptable, since I usually recharge this tablet overnight when speed isn't that important.

Having a 5-foot power cord connected to the charger has its pluses and minuses, but mostly pluses. It gives the flexibility to place the charger wherever you want instead of plugging it directly into a wall outlet, but the cord is fairly thick and not too flexible, so it may tend to move the charger around on a table or countertop.

Overall, I give the Poweradd 5-port AC charger pretty good marks.

A product sample was provided for review purposes.
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on February 2, 2015
ALMOST BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN!! contacted amazon to have this item recalled IMMEDIATELY- and yet it is still for sale
review image review image review image
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on May 23, 2014
This charger seems fairly sturdy and well-built, but there are a couple significant issues that led to me returning it. One problem is that the bottom port was off-center with the opening, making it very difficult to insert a cable. (You can see this in the customer photo I've uploaded.) More concerning is that even though there are five ports, and I know the outputs are labeled differently, as an Android user without any Apple products to charge, I have no use for three of the five ports because they only provide full power to Apple devices and just a trickle (500mA) to Android devices. (They also misspelled "Android" as "Andriod" on the port label, but compared with these other issues that's trivial.)

If you've got a number of Apple devices to charge, this is probably a great charger for you. Support after the sale was fantastic and the company was extremely quick to respond to my issues and handle the return. I wouldn't buy this charger again for myself, but as long as you're aware of and okay with the limitations for non-Apple devices, you'll probably be happy with this. For me, it's not the right solution and I hope they update the description to be more complete and accurate so other Android-only users won't be disappointed. The loss of stars is for the inaccurate description and the QA issues mentioned previously. It would have been a much lower rating had it not been for the superior response of the company after I reported the issues.
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This is a powerful desktop charging station for your office or home. What I like most about this charger is that there are 6 USB charging ports. The device has 6 ports but it is limited to 50 watts or 10 Amps of total current output. The top two ports are rated at 2.4 Amps and they are ideal for high power devices like an iPad Air. The next two ports are rated at 2.1 Amps. Port 3 is for Apple products and port 4 is for Samsung or Android styles of products. Port 5 is rated at 1 Amp and it is for Apple smart phones and port 6 is rated at 1 amp and it is designed for Android products.

In my testing the top two ports output 2.24 Amps into my iPad Air. The third port charged my iPad Air at 2.05 Amps as that port is rated at 2.1 Amps. The fourth port only charged my iPad Air at 0.46 Amps and that is important for you to know as that port was designed for Android products and for it to charge at the maximum rate the two wires in the charging cable have to be shorted. Since Apple does not short those two data wires the charger will not output the higher current and so my iPad Air battery charge symbol will not light up. It is still charging but very slowly. You should be aware of this because if you plug in your high power Apple products into this port you will be disappointed with the charging rate. This port will charge at higher rates for Android products that use an AC wall charging cable. Both of the 1 Amp ports charged the iPad Air tablet at .95 Amps. This is a very good charging station but the ports are not universal charging ports so you have to make sure that you plug in the right style of device into the right charging port to optimize the charging rate.

The ports are labeled with their Amperage rating as you can use any port for any device you own that uses USB charging. You can charge six devices at the same time and I show that in my video. It is recommended that you use the original charging cable that came with your device. Charging cables do make a difference in how quickly your device can charge. The charger comes with a 60 inch long AC power cable and a user manual.

The charger operates on 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz so it is able to be used overseas. Just remember to take your wall plug adapter with you for the countries that you will be visiting.

In my video I charge 6 devices at the same time.
* iPad Air
* iPad 2
* iPhone 5S
* iPhone 5S
* Kindle Fire
* Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
The charger did a great job of charging all of these devices at the same time.

This is a good charger for home, work or travel. Leave all of the rest of your charging power supplies at home as this is the only one you will need. I rated this product at 5 stars.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation. A review was not promised to the supplier in exchange for the sample but I stated that if I provided a review that it would be fair and honest.
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This is a sleek and efficient USB wall charger. It has USB ports optimized for Apple, Android and Samsung Tab devices. The port configurations are as follows:
- iPad 2.1A output
- Samsung Tab 1.3A output
- iPad 2.1A output
- iPhone 1A output
- Android 1A output

The charger operates on 100-240V, 50/60Hz so can be used Internationall. It has a 5V, max 5A output.

The ports are spaced rather closely together but I did not have any conflicts with this. I was even able to plug my fat USB current checker into it and still had enough room to plug a USB end on the ports of either side of it.

Even though there is only 1 "official" iPhone port, you can safely charge an iPhone on the iPad ports too. In fact, you can charge an Apple device on any of the ports but on the Samsung and Android ports, you will only get an output of about .47A. So in that case it will charge, but at about half the rate of the optimized Apple ports. My iPad was getting 1.9A output on the iPad ports and my iPhone5s was getting .97A on either the iPad or iPhone ports.

The case has a matte finish which is greatly appreciated. However the case has a smooth and somewhat slippery bottom... there are no rubber pads to prevent this from easily sliding around. That's a minor issue but important to know.

I also wish this had an LED indicator to show whether power is reaching the charger or not, As it is right now, you do not know if power is available to the charger.

This performed well.

I was provided a free sample for review.
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I measured all five ports providing the specified current at slightly above 5 volts for over an hour. Performance that matches the advertisements used to be a rare feat. Even though lately it is becoming more of the norm it's nice to know this is one of the units that keeps its promises.

Beyond being highly capable it is also quite compact. The entire charger is about the size of a pack of playing cards. Do enough people still recognize those so they are still a valid basis of comparison? OK then, about the size of a cassette tape and twice as thick.

My only issue is that the ports are so close together (which for just about everyone will be a good thing) it means if I plug in my SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Portable Mobile Storage USB Flash Drive it may block the adjoining port(s). The problem isn't insurmountable and all I need to is connect it using an inexpensive USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Extension 28/24AWG Cable and I'm in business!

In actual use it works flawlessly. I like that the various ports are labeled by function (in addition to current capacity). I charge my iPad from port labeled iPad, my iPhone from a port that says iPhone, and my SanDisk Connect from any port because they couldn't think of everything.

A few more observation... The charger weighs about 5.5 oz and the 4-1/2' power cord weights and additional 2-1/2 oz. When it's all said and done, for about a half pound you can have a highly useful travel charger. (It is universal voltage, 110/220V at 50/50 hZ.)

I was sent this charger with the commitment I would provide an honest review.
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on August 10, 2014
I loved it until it stopped working two months after I bought it. This thing was great. I could charge everyone's phones and iPads overnight, it was small, and easy to carry with me when I traveled - anywhere in the world. I loved it so much, I even bought my parents one. This morning, I plugged it in at home after a trip and heard a popping noise and now the charger no longer works. Unfortunately, I am not in the U.S., so getting a replacement easily is not an option. Luckily, it did not destroy any of my devices plugged into it. I would give this thing five stars if it actually worked longer.
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I love the compact size of he review sample that I received. Having five ports for charging the myriad of headsets, speakers and other peripherals I have laying around is a major convenience. In fact, this is perfect for those types of devices. If you are in a household or office with a few tablets and high-end phones this may not be as ideal. That is not an issue for me because the price to performance ratio still makes it a value, but I want to set expectations.

Since this charger will operate on AC voltages ranging from 100 to 240 at 50 or 60 cycles you can use it internationally. Just replace the two prong figure-eight style cable with one that matches the outlets where you are visiting and it works.

The specific limitation is this charger has a total of five amps output. That is clearly stated in the specs on this page, but is easy to overlook. What that means is the internal circuit is intelligent enough to level current as you plug more devices into it. for example, if you add up the ratings on each port you will see that they total 7.5 Amps. If you plug tablets drawing 2.1 Amps into ports 1 and 3 and a phone drawing one Amp into port 4 the two tablets will get only 2 Amps each. If you were to fill all of the ports, each device will only receive a Amp at five volts regardless of how the port is marked. This is not a problem. In fact, it's a safety feature because the device has the built in logic to ensure that it will not over charge a device.

For someone like me who has a tablet and a high end phone this has value because I can charge both simultaneously at full speed and still manage to charge a headset. If I plug more devices into it, my phone and tablet will still charge at a respectable rate, while the other devices will also charge. For overnight charging this is an excellent solution.

I am giving this five solid stars because the specs are clearly state the maximum output and this has protections against over heating and over charging. I love the small size and the fact that the AC cable can be replaced with any figure eight style when traveling internationally. Those are a lot of features for the modest price.
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on May 28, 2014
I received this unit for free for evaluation and to provide feedback. I was in no way coerced or asked to provide biased feedback.

I evaluated the Poweradd 60W 6 Port desktop USB charger with Auto-Detect Technology for the past two weeks and I'm pretty impressed. I has 6 SUB ports right on top of the charger and also folding covers that serve a dual purpose of prevent dust and dirt from dropping into the open USB ports when closed, and to help hold devices while in the open position.

I had it under light usage during most of the first week of testing and found it did what it advertised. I charged an iPhone4S, iPhone6S and an iPad Mini and Nexus7 without any issues. The charger provided a nice steady stream of power and charger the devices all at the same time to full capacity in about an hour. No noticable heat from the charger itself was a nice plus. I've heard of other devices getting warm or uncomfortably hot while charging and I can say that this didn't have any issues.

For the first weekend, we gave it a good workout. I brought this onto a team family event and provided a central charging location for all the portable devices that all the families brought. As you can see in the picture that I've included, there are three iPad Mini, an iPhone4S with a FM transmitter and battery case, an iPhone5S with a battery case and an iPhone6. The only hiccup I noticed is that one of the iPad Mini did not charge up while connected. The box states that it has ports for two iPad's, one Galaxy Tab, two iPhones and one Android device. I was hoping that the auto detect would treat the third iPad Mini as a tablet device that needed higher amperage to charge up, but that didn't seem to be the case. But a simple move of the plug from one iPad Mini to another resulted in it being detected as needing higher amperage and charging of the iPad mini. Not enough to knock a star off, but something to keep in mind if there are three table devices that need charging at the same time. Otherwise, there were not issues with charging multiple iOS and Android phones for the rest of the weekend.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this charger. I find the ability to detect what type of device being connected and adjusting the charging amperage very useful and allows me to free up my mind from having to make sure I have the right device plugged into the appropriate charging port to make sure it will get charged. Other than the little hiccup with the third iPad Mini not being detected as needing a higher charging amperage, I found it did it's job very well and would recommend this for people on the go or as a community charging station!
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