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I have tested over 100 battery packs of different sizes, capabilities and capacities and so far this one is the new top performer in capacity and one of the top performers in efficiency. Yes it is big at 1 pound and 12 ¾ ounces but it delivers the highest output of mAh I have tested at 26,157.5 mAh and an efficiency of 81.74 %. That is enough to charge your iPhone 18.4 complete times!

The unit features two USB ports with one rated at 2.1 amps and the second rated at 1 amp. It also has a programmable voltage output port that can be set to output 9 V, 12 V, 16 V, 19 V and 20 VDC at 4.5 amps. If you are a student in school who can't get to an AC wall charger, a business person always on the go or an outdoors person who needs a reliable power source then this is the battery pack for you. You cannot ask for better performance and capacity at this time from a USB battery pack. Not only can you charge you USB devices you can also charge your laptops like Sony, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, ASUS, HP, Samsung, or Dell.

I have included a video of the battery's features and I hope it is helpful to you. When I test a battery I do an extensive set of tests that fully charges the battery and then I use it to charge devices and make sure that it is fully depleted when my tests are done. I time each test and document the results as the test progresses. I then calculate the mAh of capacity that the battery supplied and I then calculate its charging efficiency. This process takes from 3 hours to, in very large batteries, about a day for testing. I don't take any short cuts or guess and every battery has these tests performed on it and documented. This is to assure that the battery is tested and it performs well. If a battery has performed poorly I then run the tests again to verify the results.

This battery pack was so powerful I actually charged my smart devices for 24 hours of charging time and the test took me two days to complete.

The battery pack comes with a full supply of accessories for your use.
What's in the box?
* The battery pack
* The battery pack comes with an instruction manual
* The battery comes with an AC wall charger that is rated at 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. Its output is 18.5 VDC at 2 Amps. I was able to charge a fully depleted battery from 0% to 99% in 6 hours and at 7 hours it was 100%. The AC power cord is 32 inches long and the output power cable is 50 inches long.
* One charging cable for laptop computers that is 28.5 inches long
* 10 laptop connection adapters.
* One charging cable for your smart phones.
* 4 smart phone connection adapters.

Poweradd LE030 32000mah portable external battery features:
* A massive 32000 mAh capacity specification
* The unit is compact in size and weighs in at 1 pound and 12 3/4 ounces.
* It is attractively designed.
* There is a beautifully designed backlit LCD display that indicates the battery charge level with a bar graph Icon and a digital percentage display. The percentage display is the most accurate and linear indication of the battery charge level that I have ever seen on a battery pack. The digital display also shows the output voltage that you have selected for the laptop output.
* This is the most powerful battery pack that I have tested as well as one of the top performers in efficiency.
* There are two USB power output ports. One USB port is rated at 5 VDC at 2.1 Amps and the other is rated at 5 VDC at 1 Amp.
* There is also an output port that can be used to charge your laptop computers with 9 V, 12 V, 16 V, 19 V and 20 VDC at 4.5 Amps.
* There is an ON button to allow you to check the existing charged battery capacity available. You must also press the on button to start the charging process of your device.
* The battery uses Lithium Polymer battery technology.
* The battery pack can be recharged 500+ times
* Warranty is 12 months
* If you press and hold the on button for a few seconds the V on the laptop power voltage display flashes. You can then press the button multiple times to select the output voltage that you want to use and after you set the right voltage just wait about 3 seconds and the display shuts off and that voltage locks in.
* The laptop connectors are marked to help you find the proper connector for your computer.

* Select the proper connector for your laptop
* Set the proper voltage required by your laptop
* DO NOT Plug in the battery pack's DC Out port into the DC In port!

Test charging devices to measure the output capacity:
Start iPad 3 at 36% and an iPhone 4 at 58% and the battery pack at a 100% charge and charge both items at the same time.
* 30 min the iPad at 40%, iPhone 4 at 87% and the battery pack at 96%
* 60 min the iPad at 45%, iPhone4 at 98% and the battery pack at 94%
* 90 min the iPad at 49%, iPhone4 at 100% and the battery pack at 92%
* 120 min the iPad at 57% and the battery pack at 88%
* 150 min the iPad at 66% and the battery pack at 84%
* Charge iPad and another iPhone 4 at 56% over night and the next morning both the iPad 3 and the iPhone were at 100% and the battery pack was at 59%

NOTE: before I could start test charging the Kindle Fire the battery pack raised its charge from 59% to 65% in less than 5 minutes!

Kindle Fire at 22% and the battery pack at 65%
* 30 min 35% battery at 61%
* 60 min 47% battery at 58%
* 90 min 59% battery at 55%
* 120 min 72% Battery at 52%
* 150 min 83% battery at 50%
* 180 min 87% battery at 49%
* 210 min 100% battery at 49%

iPad 2 at 54% battery at 49%
* 30 min 63% battery at 47%
* 60 min 73% battery at 44%
* 90 min 82% battery at 42%
* 120 min 90% battery at 40%
* 150 min 96% battery at 39%
* 180 min 100% battery at 37%

iPad 3 at 35% battery at 37% charging overnight
* iPad 3 at 100% charged and the battery pack at LO reading on battery

When I unplugged from iPad 3 the battery pack jumped from the LO reading to 7% so I continued testing.

iPhone 4 at 65% battery at 7%
* 30 min iPhone at 88% battery at 6%
* 60 min iPhone at 97% battery at 6%
* 90 min iPhone at 100% battery at 6%

A second iPhone 4 at 62% battery at 6%
* 30 min iPhone at 88% battery 6%
* 60 min iPhone at 100% battery at 5%

iPad 2 at 43% battery at 5%

* 30 min iPad 2 at 58% battery at 5%
* 60 min iPad 2 at 66% battery at 5%
* 90 min iPad 2 at 77% battery at 2%
* 120 min iPad 2 at 77% battery dead

Test results summary:

This is an outstanding result at 81.74% and one of the best that I have seen. This battery is truly a monster power source that can keep your smart devices and computers going strong for a long time.
* iPad 3 at 64% x 11560 = 7398.4 mAh
* iPhone 4 at 42% x 1420 = 596.4 mAh
* iPhone 4 at 44% x 1420 = 624.8 mAh
* Kindle Fire at 78% x 4400 = 3432 mAh
* iPad 2 at 46% x 6944 = 3194.24 mAh
* iPad 3 at 65% x 11560 = 7514 mAh
* iPhone 4 at 35% x 1420 = 497 mAh
* iPhone 4 at 38% x 1420 = 539.6 mAh
* iPad 2 at 34% x 6944 = 2360.96 mAh

* 2360.96+539.6+497+7514+3194.24+3432+624.8+596.4+7398.4 = 26,157.5 mAh/32,000 mAh = 81.74% efficiency

This is a table that I include in most of my battery reviews to help you understand what some common devices require for a full charge. it will help you select what size of power pack battery you will need for your devices.

Limitations of device charging:

* iPhone 4 battery 1,420 mAh battery capacity
* iPhone 4S battery 1,432 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 2 battery 6,944 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 3 battery 11,560 mAh battery capacity
* Kindle Fire battery 4400 mAh capacity
* Kindle Keyboard battery 1750 mAh capacity
* iPhone 5 is 3.8 VDC at 5.45 Wh = 1434 mAh battery
* iPad 4 battery is 11,486 mAh 3.7 VDC at 42.5 Wh
* iPad Mini battery is 4490 mAh at 3.72 VDC 16.7 Wh

As you can see the battery will fully charge a totally dead iPad 2 or an iPad 3 or 4 because it contains 32000 mAh of capacity. You have to consider the losses in the charging circuits of both the battery pack and the device you are charging. Energy is lost during the voltage conversion, used by the electronics of the battery pack and your device and by the generation of heat.

Real world charging capabilities of the Poweradd LE030 32000mah Portable External Battery:

* iPhone 4 or 5 approximately 18.42 full charges out of a fully charged battery pack.
* iPad 2 approximately 377% of a full charge
* iPad 3 or 4 approximately 226% of a full charge
* iPad Mini approximately 583% of a full charge
* Kindle Fire approximately 595% of a full charge

* A normal estimated usable storage is 70% of capacity or .70 * 32000 mAh = 22400 mAh charging capacity available for your electronic devices.

* In my testing I was able to use approximately 26,157.5 mAh of capacity or roughly 81.74% of the 32,000 mAh capacity. This is a spectacular performance for this battery.

This is a great product and I strongly recommend it for the real power users out there. It is a bit heavy but it really performs well! I rate this battery pack at 5+ stars.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised a fair and honest review.
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on November 21, 2013
I will say this - the product is well designed and comes in nice packaging.. the problem is a huge lack of quality control. So far I'm returning the 2nd unit and ordered a 3rd (thank God for Amazon's awesome return policies). First one was fully DOA, stuck at 0% and refused to charge and as a previous reviewer mentioned, could hear the battery moving around inside (maybe we got the same unit!). The 2nd one clearly had even more signs of use.. but it came at 100% charged and I was able to charge my phone a few times until it decided to suddenly drop to 0%.. seems to be working fine as it is recharging but that behavior really concerned me so I'm returning it for another replacement. In addition, some of the cables and tips have QC issues as well where they were slightly bent, didn't fit well or required some 'finesse' to get charging going. I emailed the company to ensure my 3rd order is actually a brand new unit so we'll see.

In conclusion, a decent product but seems the company attempts to pass off used, defective units as new and likely keeps trying until they find a consumer who is too lazy to return it.
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on November 20, 2013
I recently used this on a plane with my Toshiba laptop. Both were fully charged when I started. I was able to listen to music and work for the entire flight - over 8 hours. When I got off the plane, the laptop was still charged to 100% and the Poweradd was at 65%. Well worth the price since I was able to bill my client for all that time.

Update: Just three months after the 1 year return limit it died. Given its price, that's not acceptable.

Another update: Even though it is out of warranty, I just received an offer from Poweradd to replace or refund the unit. They must really believe in their 100% Satisfaction goal.
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on October 19, 2013
I bought two of these. One of them works perfectly and can run my Ultrabook for seven to eight hours. The other one has only about one-third the capacity. At 65% remaining it jumps to 6% and then dies quickly. I sent that defective one back. I got a replacement. The replacement doesn't charge at all. It is stuck at 0%. I can feel the battery move around inside on this one. I'm sending this one back.

Two out of three defective rate is NOT good! I'm going to keep returning and replacing until I get a good replacement to match the other good one that I'm now stuck with. At least its on their dime but a hassle for me to keep returning.
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on October 17, 2013
The unit plugs in, shows 0% power and a cycling meter for a couple of seconds, then jumps to 100% and a full meter. Left it plugged in 30 minutes with the meter flashing 100%, took it off the plug, powered it on, and it went dead in under 5 seconds.

Meanwhile, the instruction pamphlet is what you'd expect of Chinese instructions that were translated into English... poorly.

The packaging is nice. The instructions, though in pretty poor English, can be figured out. But a unit that is DOA and won't take a charge right out of the box is another matter.
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on November 2, 2014
I love this device. I work from home, so I like to get out of the house and work from the laptop elsewhere to not be in the same house 24x7, and take advantage of the freedom. This thing has made that much easier.

My laptop gets 3-5hr battery life. With this I get roughly 2 additional charges, so about 12-15 hours, depending on how I'm using the laptop. I love that I can go code from a museum cafe or beach and either hop on the wifi or on my tethered smartphone and work wherever, until whenever my brain's had enough rather than the laptop.

The Poweradd looks like a portable hard drive and I suspect that's why it's never gotten a peep from TSA agents. I've been on 6 flights with it in my carry-on without issue.

It can be a little confusing to use if you don't know the basics of electricity. Your existing laptop charger emits electricity at a certain Voltage level - most laptops today are 19v, but it may be another voltage. You'll need to find this voltage on the existing charger, and set the Poweradd to emit it by pressing and holding its power button, then tapping until it reads the necessary voltage. Then you just stop messing with it. You'll also need to choose the right power tip, and it comes with several in the case. In my case though, it was a little confusing to realize my laptop required no power tip - the cord that comes with it was already the perfect size for my laptop. It can also be a little confusing to determine what cords go where. In particular, I live in constant fear of plugging the battery's wall-outlet charging cable into the out port, which I imagine would ruin it permanently. They look identical, other than a small text label on the bottom.

To the designers, it would sure be nice if there were clear icons atop those, with for example a clear AC outlet plug icon over the one you use to charge this battery, and a clear power tip icon or laptop icon over the one you use to charge the laptop.

Charging the Poweradd from 1% takes about 4 hours, and charging my laptop from 1% takes a bit longer with the Poweradd than when plugged in.

Now for a more technical review for those who do understand a bit more about electricity. My laptop is an Acer Aspire R7:

With a 53 Watt-hour battery, and as I said it gets 3-5hrs of life on that battery depending on whether I'm crunching the CPU/watching video with the screen at max brightness, or coding in dim light.

I'm unsure of my math but I believe the 32Amp-hours on this Poweradd come out to 160 Watt-hours, which does fit the 3x life I see on the laptop - since there's surely a lossy conversion pumping power from this battery to the laptop's. The front of the device certainly gets hot while bringing the laptop to full charge.
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on August 12, 2014
I read all of the reviews on this product before the purchase. I was a little weary because of detailed nature of some of the negative reviews, but I purchased it anyways. When I received this product the battery was at 87%. I fully charged it to 100%, and plugged it into my laptop with the correct adapter and the correct voltage. My laptop (Brand New) was at 23% battery when I plugged in the Poweradd. Everything was fine for about 5 min. Then the laptop stopped charging, and the voltage display screen on the Poweradd device started to blink. I then unplugged the device from my laptop, and then plugged it back in. It then charged fine for about 2 minutes, when it happened again. The voltage display screen started to blink. I did that until the Poweradd device was at 70% battery. I then plugged it in again, and the Poweradd device jumped to 30% battery life remaining. Within 10 minutes of that it was at 3% battery life remaining. This whole process only gave my laptop 12% more charge. The device charged for about 4 hours till it was at about 70% then within 30 seconds it went to 100%. I proceeded to plug it into my laptop again, and within 1 minute the voltage display screen was blinking, and the laptop stopped charging. It was then I decided to return the device. Since I purchased it on amazon, I am unable to replace the device I just have to return it.

EDIT: I purchased another unit because this is a 3rd party seller, and there was not a "Replace Item" function. I had the same issues with this unit. I am 95% sure that I received another USED item. None of the adapters/cords inside the box, were wrapped. They looked like they were just thrown in the box. One of the DC adapters was on the end of the power cord. There were scuffs on the top of the unit, and it looked like one of the letters on the logo of the front was colored in with a pencil.

**** I would not recommend buying from a seller that sells USED items when advertised as NEW! ****
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on June 4, 2014
You always take a gamble when buying electronics, sometimes you may get a defective item which is understandable. I took my gamble after reading some of the reviews. I bought my poweradd pilot pro from ebay from a poweradd reseller. Shipping was perfect, i got it within 2-3days. When i opened the packaging i noticed that the box look a little different from some of the ones i seen before online. So there are two different versions of the poweradd pilot pro. One version is the "poweradd LE-030" which is currently the one displaying on the poweradd website. It come with tip adaptors A-K excluding F. The other version has "poweradd pilot pro" on the box and it come with tips A-E,G,H,M,J & K. I noticed this because the tip i needed was "M" which went to my lenovo yoga 2 pro but thats not the version that was sent.

Anywho, long story short, i plugged the thing in. It was at 0% when it started charging. No worries. About 30 mins later it was going up and up. I checked back a few hours later and noticed it was at 39% but it no longer looked as if was charging. I just kept flashing 39%. So i waited about 30 mins, Still 39%. I changed outlets... same results. So i waited... 3 hours laters.. $40%. Still flashing. I decided to let it stay charged overnight. 9 hours later... 41%. I sent it back and waiting on a replacement. Hope this one goes better than the last.

Edited: I received the new power add pilot pro. It's been about a month and it's been working properly ever since. I Hope it stays that way! Btw I bought an adapter for my yoga 2 pro and it works great. So far so good
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on September 27, 2014
Commenters "Greg Bulmash" and "John" hit the nail on the head. Some of the units they ship, including the one I received, simply do not work. For example, the unit they shipped me showed up as being charged 0% at first, and after a few minutes of charging it showed up as being charged at 100%. This seemed suspicious to me. As you can expect, it went dead after a few minutes of charging my phone and iPad. See the video for an example of how the charging magically jumps to 100% (e.g., from 26% to 100% in the video). This is very disappointing.
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on October 1, 2014
As a Business Traveler, I frequently work on my laptop when on flights and some of the flights are quite long (5+ hours).
A typical laptop has 5 -7 hours of battery. So unless you are near a power outlet constantly, you can be without a functional laptop. That was the motive for me looking for a portable battery bank. I considered several options on several websites before narrowing down to two models -- this one (Poweradd 32k mAh) and a solar powered one (AllPowers 23k mAh) but I decided to go for this one (Poweradd) mainly for one reason--I have an ultrabook (Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu OS) and one of the pictures on this product description on Amazon showed the same model (Dell XPS 13) being powered by it. So naturally, the expectation was that it would be compatible with my laptop. I was wrong there.
Turns out that the XPS 13 has the special 3.0mm power outlet and none of the 10 power connectors that come with this product are compatible with. So I ran to the nearest Best Buy and Frys electronics to find a connector that would be a quick fix but thumbs down to both Best Buy and Frys--their response was "wont work".

I was ready to send it back to Amazon when I saw the vicTsing connector dongle on Amazon and decided to try something:

0- Buy the vicTsing 7.4mm-3mm dongle from Amazon (
1- connect the laptop end of the 2 foot long connector cable (included with this product) to the "J" connector for Dell (see the list in product description) and
2- connect the "J" connector to a 7.4mm-to-3mm connector from vicTsing (

And that works. To my relief.
So, even though this means that I had to shell out another $10 on the vicTsing Dongle and I dont have a direct connection between the battery bank and my laptop (instead have THREE connectors daisy chained) it still works...

I would hope that either the manufacturer and/or Amazon would not show a misleading picture of Dell XPS 13 being powered by the battery bank -- or at least clarify or supply the appropriate connectors. Thats why they get 3 stars instead of 5.

BTW, the product itself works fine for my Dell XPS 13 at 19 volts. It gives enough for 5 hours. Plus my laptop itself has 6 hours of battery. So 5+6=11 hours of continuous work. Sounds good. I have also powered my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Android smart phone at the same time while charging my laptop and both work fine. Thankfully the cellphone USB connector worked fine right out of the box..

Hope this helps..
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