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on June 12, 2007
There are not many books available that cover the subject of affiliate marketing from the merchant side, or its representative, the affiliate manager (AM). It is good to see, that all of the few publications that are available so far are of high quality and valuable for anybody who got the task assigned to manage the companies affiliate program and it's vast number of all kinds of different types of affiliates. Geno is an openly outspoken affiliate manager who got his hands "dirty" and real life experience in managing the unmanageable.

His book is taken right from the practice and not an general academic view on the subject. It is not a guide that you can follow by the letter, but provides you with practical tips and ideas and trip falls to watch out for. You have to use your own brain to apply the examples used in the book to your own unique cases. There are no prefabricated solutions, but there are actually none that could be prefabricated and fit all needs and purposes.

That is affiliate marketing and something you have to get used to rather sooner than later.

I gave the book four stars instead of five for the following reasons.

Affiliate marketing happens mostly on the world wide web. The Web is a visual medium and so is affiliate marketing.

There is not a single picture in the book to illustrate things. I am also a visual person and use visualization to make it easier for me to comprehend complex issues.

There are also a few things that can be generalized in affiliate marketing. An appendix with some practical examples of an affiliate agreement, some standard communication templates etc. would not have hurt. There are a few throughout the book, but a bit more and in one place for easy look-up when needed would have been great.

I recommend this book to any fresh starting or junior affiliate manager. It is definitely worth every penny of its price. I would have given it a 4.5 star rating, if I could, but that was not an option and I had to make a choice.

Also look into Shawn Collins book, which is hopelessly outdated (written in 2000/2001), but to this day the de facto standard book for affiliate managers.
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on May 16, 2007
This is the BEST business book I have ever read. Although I am not a professional businessman, I found this book very user-friendly and easy to understand (for anyone who is involved or thinking of getting involved in Affiliate Marketing). I literally could not put the book down.

I was not planning on getting in the Affiliate Marketing but this book made me want to do it and conduct further research on the subject.

This is a GREAT book for those who are starting out their businesses and whose who are involved in it already! Very educational and PRACTICAL in all aspects. This book is bound to improve your business and increase your revenue.

Dr. Alex M.
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on June 15, 2011
If you are in the affiliate industry, you already know that there aren't too many quality books about affiliate marketing. Most of the books are "hot to make money online" books. I don't have any problem with "how to make money online" books. But if you were searching for one, and came to read this review, this book is not a quick guide to make millions with affiliate marketing.

"I've been involved in affiliate marketing industry since 2003 on both merchant and affiliate side of the business."

I've categorized my review into 5 sections;

1) Target Audience
2) Difficulty Level
3) Chapters & Content
4) About the Author
5) My Conclusion

So, let's get started...



-You MUST read this book if you are;

* An affiliate manager
* A merchant, running or planning to run your affiliate program
* Affiliate network owner or employee
* Looking to get a job in the affiliate industry

-You SHOULD read this book if you are;

* An affiliate marketer

-This book is NOT for you, if you are;

* Searching for a quick "how to make money online" book



* Beginner to Advanced

The main problem with online marketing books are they are either too advanced for beginners, or too intermediate for experienced individual. This book covers affiliate marketing from all the basics to advanced tips and examples.

If you are totally new to affiliate marketing, and have no prior online marketing experience, you won't get it all right away, but don't worry. This will be a reference book which you'll take off the shelf so many times along your learning experience.



The book has 3 main chapters.


From very basic questions like "What is affiliate marketing?" to advanced ones such as "How can a SWOT analysis help?" are answered. Chapter 1 is in Q&A format answering over 70 questions in 100 pages. The author also has categorized these questions into 3 parts; Pre-Launch Phase, Launch Phase & Pro Level.

CHAPTER 2: Affiliate Managers & Merchant Mistakes

The author gets into details about the mistakes made within the affiliate programs, affiliate websites, and general affiliate management. His real life experiences adds a great value on this chapter.

CHAPTER 3: Ideas for Affiliate Program Promotion

There are 30 different ideas shared on this chapter. It's an excellent read with ideas ready to implement in real life affiliate program management. There is a wide range of ideas shared from very simple bonus/promotion ideas for affiliate to advanced affiliate policy tips. An excellent starter for ready to implement in real life situations for your own programs.



Geno is a well known and respected person in the affiliate marketing industry. He shares his knowledge about affiliate marketing on his blog;

He shares his tips and best practices from his real life experiences on this book. It's a tremendous value to find out these experiences before getting into the industry.



The title says "Quick Reference for Affiliate Managers & Merchants", but I personally think, you should read this book if you are also an affiliate marketer. It will give you great ideas about how the business works from the affiliate manager & merchant side.

My conclusion is; This is a "MUST READ" book if you are in the affiliate industry, or planning to get started.
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on January 29, 2009
Evgenii Russakov's book was a phenomenal read. I have a Bachelor's and MBA in Marketing and up till now, I had not come across a book that was as useful, clear and all encompassing than this book. Although, I've read tons of books on Marketing, it was my first book/introduction to Affiliate Marketing. As a new Affiliate Manager I wasn't sure what to expect, but this book not only gave me a great perspective on the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing, but it actually convinced me that Affiliate Marketing is what I want to do.

Aside from being easy, and I would go as far as saying "fun" to read (as fun as you can get while still learning something productive), Geno has an amazing writing style that radiates sincerity. I was also drawn by his positive "good guy", yet, realistic perspective. Geno does a good job of giving the perspective of an Affiliate Manager as well as the Merchant. I definitely recommend this book for new Affiliate Managers & Merchants trying to get a good understanding of Affiliate Management in a short period of time, as well as keeping this as a handy reference for experienced Affiliate Managers & Merchants. I will be reading this a second time, since I'm sure I will catch something I might have missed the first time. I wonder if there are other books by the same author?
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on May 21, 2007
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It was an easy read. Geno's insight into taking time to develop a quality TOS was meaningful, but I most enjoyed his ideas of how to spark interest among affiliates in pushing your product. Geno's examples helped open my mind to some of the possibilities of affiliate management, and provided a strong springboard in the development of my own unique ideas. I bought this book as place I could start in learning about how to manage an affiliate program. I'm looking to launch my own program soon, and am trying to acquire as much knowledge as I can about the subject before I drop a considerable investment 'in time and finances' in the project. Needless to say, I will keep "A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing" close by, and plan on rereading it a couple of times prior, during, and post launch. Thank you very much for the valuable resource.
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on May 16, 2007
This book was written by someone who has actually managed affiliate programs successfully. It's obvious that he speaks from experience when he gives specific details about how to manage every aspect of your program, including how to structure a sales promotion.

Mr Prussakov walks you through recruiting, policing, motivating, and rewarding affiliates in a way that protects the program from fraud, keeps the promotions and sales campaigns fun and fresh for the publishers, and motivates the affiliates to study the merchant site, learn the inventory, and publish interesting and fresh content about the products.

This is a must-read for anyone who ever thought about managing an affiliate program and a very informative and interesting addition for anyone in the business of affiliate marketing in any position.
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on December 10, 2008
I needed to learn about Affiliate Marketing very quickly, and Geno's book provided an excellent introduction to the subject. Almost everything I think I needed to know is covered in this book, and the Q&A format of the first section makes it a very easy read.

The format is logical, each section well-written, and all of this is obviously based on real-world experience from an expert. Geno covers the material from both an affiliate manager and affiliate perspective, which was super-helpful, and even provides some of his actual contracts and affiliate agreements in the book - excellent resources for putting together your own agreements.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that is interested in Affiliate Marketing.
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on June 20, 2011
I bought this book when I took over a neglected affiliate program and was instantly impressed. Geno has laid out the entire thing so clearly, with no stone left unturned. It is chronological; beginning with program pre-launch and adding layers of experience and info about organization and protocols. Part One is a Q&A format, with each chapter dealing a different fundamental aspect of affiliate marketing for managers and merchants. Part Two deals with common mistakes managers and merchants make. Part Three outlines ideas for promoting your program. The language is clean and concise and super-easy to follow and apply. I still have this book on my desk, 18 months later, having turned our program into one with triple digit growth year-over-year.
There are no confusing in-jokes or complex technological terms, but there's a massive amount of detail. Solid references to the cardinal points of affiliate marketing (and an assumption you have some ability to think for yourself) backed by highly-relevant tangents ensure you won't make mistakes once your program is up and running. Everything from how best to maintain datafeeds, banners, links and payments, to the appropriate way to view and treat your affiliates, makes for an education in the field.
I am now at the Part Three level myself, and Geno's creativity continues to be helpful and effective. I don't want to sound too biased in favor of this book, but the rest simply don't compare.
Highly recommended.
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on June 13, 2007
I didn't read Geno's book cover to cover and probably never will, and that's because his book is a constant reference and guide to all the different aspects of affiliate marketing. It is easy to pick up and jump to a section I am pondering on in order to pick up some ideas or help spark like into a new the seed of a new idea.

Geno's book is ideal for new and experienced affiliate managers alike, and should equally be read and owned by merchants that intend to promote their products on line.
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on June 4, 2007
Whether you're just learning the affiliate marketing business, or an industry veteran, this book is full of solid advice and methodologies to building and running a successful affiliate program.
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