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on July 31, 2001
This book is my foundation work on intuition. It has rewarded my investment more than a thousand times over in money alone, and the insight and practical advice I have received through these intuitive exercises in other areas of my life have been worth as much again. This book differs markedly from many other books about intuition by simplifying and demystifying the whole subject. While so many other books will have you carrying out lengthy efforts of "tuning in" and receiving impressions to no particular purpose, this book gets you started right away dealing with issues of practical importance in your own life. After a couple of short introductory chapters, explaining how it works and what you will need, the exercises begin almost immediately. As the book progresses, you will formulate three burning questions of your own and carry out a series of exercises to refine and provide insight into them. The book contains 26 such exercises in all, every one different, and all carried out "blind", that is to say without knowing which question you are answering. Some of the author's own questions are thrown in, so you really never can guess the question you are dealing with. This is not the kind of book you can simply dip into or read for interest alone. You are forced to carry out the exercises as you reach each one before moving on in the text. This may be off-putting to some, but following the rules will reward you with much practical experience by the end of the book, and most likely some genuinely useful answers to a few of your own questions. Added to this, the book is full of examples from the author's students, so you get plenty of insight and encouragement from the efforts of other novices. If you are serious about putting intuition to practical use in your life, then this is the book to get. In fact, it may be the only book you will ever need on the subject.
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on August 2, 2002
Laura Day's book, PRACTICAL INTUITION, describes ways that we can develop our psychic senses and connect more clearly with the truths that are out there -- such as what job is best, what partner is best, what to do to improve one's health, and how to make better investment and business decisions. Most of us suffer from occasional lapses in what we call "reason" or "judgement", in which we ignore deeper knowledge of who we are and what we need. This knowledge is fully accessible to each and every one of us, according to Day, who provides fun and informative exercises designed to build up our intuitive talent.
PRACTICAL INTUITION sets itself apart from other intuition books by starting with the working assumption that we all have access to universal truths and can see the future, feel how others are feeling, and generally live our lives in mystical fashion. I love this approach to the subject of intuition, because I share these beliefs and enjoy experiencing the magic in life.
I love the section Day includes in this book which shows you how you can quickly help almost anyone become your own psychic guru (even when they don't think they are psychic at all) -- for those times when you need an unbiased opinion, and don't want to hire a psychic. This is a very creative technique that you're sure to have lots of fun with as you get the answers you need to those burning questions.
Would you like to find out how intuitive you can really be? Are you open to the possibility that you already know exactly who you are and what is best for you? PRACTICAL INTUITION picks up where other intuition books leave off, and can raise your intuitive ability to heights you never knew you could reach.
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on October 27, 2003
My third eye, that is. I "accidentally" purchased this book and did the exercises exactly as she instructed. I was struck by the accuracy of my visions. Laura's book is a great teaching tool to expand your intuition. BUT it takes discipline. Practical Intuition is dynamite when you're willing to devote the time. It took me 5 weeks. I used it to evaluate the men I dated-- with telling accuracy. I was tired of these guys disappointing me -- using my newly developed psychic abilities gave me a boost.
UPDATE: Married a wonderful man and you can bet I "looked" to see if he was husband material for me. Absolutely! We've been happily married for several years now.
Meanwhile, I suspected a family member of trying to steal my mother's bank account. Caught him in the act. What a shock. He could have succeeded if I didn't know how to turn on my 3rd eye.
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on March 1, 2003
Finally, finally, I found the book that helped me give structure to my readings. Since I was seventeen (I am twenty-three as I write this review) I've been using my intuitive abilities to read people, but I've always wanted to give more order to the information I was getting since it somehow came across as scattered. At long last the RIGHT book to help me do just that has come my way!
Thank you, thank you, Laura Day! PRACTICAL INTUITION is a life-changing book!
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on June 19, 2001
This book made a big difference in my life. I am a man whose mind was trained in logic but recently I found it harder and harder to make decisions, big or small. The exercises in Practical Intuition helped me access information in a creative, imaginative way -- they unblocked me and decision-making became easier and faster. I still use logic. I still analyze data. But now I trust my instincts much more and find that my hunches are usually right on the money. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for new ways of thinking and seeing the world.
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on July 10, 2008
I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I felt that the exercises were presented strangely, the book organized poorly, and the flow of the book stagnant. I believe Laura Day has intuit abilities and it's disappointing that someone so in touch with her sixth sense, and therefore somewhat tapped into the mystery of the unseen world around us, couldn't access a more convincing and fluid way to get her points across.

I gained some insights from the book. For example, I liked the explanation of how children shouldn't be stifled when they see a monster in their bedroom because this is a symbol that means something. We, as conditioned adults, have learned to tune out and discount this symbol as child's play, as well as most other symbols -- and we shouldn't! There are other sprinklings of knowledge that I found interesting.

Maybe I wrote my questions (which are the basis of the rest of the exercises in the book) poorly to start off, but I didn't think the "how to write a proper question" section was explained well. Perhaps if I wrote better intro questions I'd have gotten more from the book. That doesn't take away from my feeling that the book was off in some way.
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on April 17, 2000
I genuinely didn't get any thing out of this book. I do believe that Ms. Day may possess special powers and I enjoyed reading about her psychic experiences, but her exercises seemd arbitrary and definately did nothing to increase what she calls "Practical Intuition". Apparently, one is suppossed to become more psychic by asking an obscure question and turning the page and finding out what they just predicted. I would recommend this book as an interesting read, but not a guide on how to harness your practical intuition.
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on May 17, 2000
I found the practical information on what intuition is and how to develop it very helpful. I also believe that the exercises helped me to develop more discipline and focus in thinking about problems and issues.
While the book talks about stock choices, etc., I didn't think it made false promises. I came away thinking that this book was about learning and mental discipline. As a result of reading it, I am reading a few other books with exercises for the development of my intuitive ability.
A reader will make a mistake thinking this is about "esp" or fortunetelling. It is about utilizing what you know and developing access to all the information we absorb every day.
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on March 29, 1998
I read this book in a weekend, even though she suggests taking your time with it. I couldn't put it down. The exercises were interesting and I found myself saying "How in the world did I know this?" This book is especially good for those like me who get accurate "hunches" and deny them anyway. I wish I could sit in on one of her programs, she's very good.
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on November 25, 2013
One of the best, most practical books about intuition and how to develop it that I've read. I am presently two-thirds through this book, doing ALL of the exercises (without cheating :-) and can say that Laura Day does, indeed, give very practical advice and exercises. Sometimes it is not very clear what you are doing or why, but she always ties the exercises together, and also ties them to your very own, concrete questions that you are asked to write and revise early on in the book.

Stick with this. Take time. DO the exercises! They are not long, and are quite easy.

Even though I have been a shamanic practitioner for almost a decade, I was shocked by the accuracy of the information that came to me this morning in one of the exercises. I realize that I've been getting very, very good intuitive information for a long, long time. Learning how to interpret that information is where I need to focus my efforts, and this book is helping me do that in solid, concrete ways.
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