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on June 28, 2011
This is the electric kettle so many have been looking for -- absolutely zero plastic of any kind comes in contact with your water. My kettle arrived today, and I've put it through its paces in order to flush it out before beverage use (per instructions) and in order to time its speed. The maximum fill is marked on the exterior of the pot with an imprint in the steel; inside the pot there is a metal "tongue" (for want of a better description of it), which curves at the end with the word "MAX" stamped into it. The water should not go above the word MAX. A full pot (1.6 quart, 1.5 liter, 50.5 ounces) took exactly 9 minutes to reach a boil and turn itself off (red light goes off and switch clicks). I also ran a time test with one quart (which is virtually the same as one liter), and that took 6 minutes 20 seconds (this is how much water we use to fill our Frieling Ultima French Press, which is also all stainless steel).

The stamp on the bottom of the heating base says made in China. I don't think you can get away from that in this era. The steel looks beautiful inside and out. Since no one else had reviewed this product before me, I performed a search on the Precise Heat(tm) brand. The reviews for the company's pots and pans show them to rate well above average (4 to 5 stars), so that gave me the confidence to purchase an unreviewed product.

In reading dozens of reviews about other electric kettles, the main complaints stem from failing switches. Even when people say that their such-and-such-brand-name pot "just stopped working," I believe it was actually a switch failure. To anyone who experiences such things and for whom an easy, in-store exchange is not possible, I advise you to seek a repair shop or electrician. It's likely that the metals that comprise the switches in today's appliances are flimsy. A better-quality replacement switch might make an appliance last a lifetime.

That said, note that this Precise Heat water kettle comes with a certificate that reads, in part: "Quality products since 1950. If this products fails within 5 years of the original purchase, it will be repaired or replaced free. ... CSC, P.O. Box 224442, Dallas, TX 75222."

Miscellaneous other info you might care to know: There are descaling instructions for those with hard water (dilute vinegar solution sits overnight); the pot is cordless, separating from the base.
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on November 30, 2012
Why is it so hard to find a high quality electric kettle? I've had this kettle less than three months, and already there's rust forming on the internal water level marker and inner rim. I've uploaded three photos (available on the main product page) to help other consumers here make a better buying decision than I did.
review image review image review image
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on May 12, 2012
Looking for an electric kettle with no plastic in contact with the water was quite frustrating. This is one of the only ones I've found. I was concerned about it's claims of being surgical stainless steel, and did as much research as I could, considering it's a generic kettle made in China and rebranded. The manufacturer is Linkmath which has a website with lots of kitchen products. I contacted them and was told it was 18/10 stainless steel.

There is some condensation or leak on the on/off switch that I'm concerned about. It might be a small leak into the bottom of the unit. I may return to Amazon soon, which would be preferable to paying for shipping to some address in Texas. Then I'd have to buy a replacement. I will get the same kettle and try again with it.

Beyond that problem, I'm quite happy with the kettle. It's a very simple design. Takes about 8-10 minutes to boil. I think it shuts off a little bit too soon. Since I'm slow pouring over a ceramic coffee dripper on my mug, I need it to be a pretty high temp, and it is only ok for that. The spout pours really great, a very controlled pour. I think it's overall decent quality.

EDIT: I returned the kettle and got the same one, which was better in water/condensation around the on/off switch. Since I now use a different dripper, the temperature seems fine. But 3 months later and the bottom surface inside the kettle is showing signs of rust. I tried cleaning it as though it was just mineral deposits, but I can see signs of rust, and this did not work. The bottom is closest to the hidden heating element, so that is probably the area that would rust first. I can't imagine that part would be a lower quality stainless steel, so it can be deduced that the claims from the manufacturer Linkmath of it being 18/10 stainless steel are false. I really like the kettle and the way it pours. I'm debating whether to go through some kind of return process or not to bother. I will post photos soon.

Further edit: After 7 months the little spots haven't gotten any worse or spread, and I'm still using the kettle with no trouble, so I'm upgrading to 3 stars. I keep water in it all the time, and no big rust spots have appeared. I do think this metal is not as good as they claim, and I assume eventually it will get worse, but I'm getting quite a lot of use out of it.

Edit: Updating to 4 stars. No further issues after close to 2 years.
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on March 15, 2012
Well, I did a lot of hunting on the Web and wearing holes in my shoes looking in Brick & Mortar stores for a Kettle without plastic the water wouldn't touch.
Might not sound important to you but all plastic deteriorate and give off fumes (or whatever one calls it) into the drinking water. It was a devil to find a Kettle which didn't have some plastic being boiled by water. This Kettle is the only one I found.

Cons: A bit on the pricy side for the thickness of the steel. At my age I got spoiled with quality which is rare nowdays. And the little knob on top gets mighty hot to the touch. But as long as one is aware, just keep your hands off until the Kettle cools down. People tend to tip anything with the left fingers holding the lid on top of the pan/kettle/etc. when tipping -- just learn to do without that habit. The top won't fall off.
The Kettle rocks a bit on the base plate. But it won't tip, and it's no big thing. Just ignore it, so it won't spoil your great pleasure of owning this fantastic piece of Kitchenware.

Positives: No plastic to get into your body system. And brings water to a boil within 6 minutes.
After water boils, our water leaves a hard water residue on the bottom, my wife learned to pour a few drops of vinegar and wash away the hard water spots after every 3rd or 4th use.
That will keep your Kettle like brand new.

When looking at the picture above I thought it may have a retractable cord like my coffee maker does. No, the cord is not retractable but must be hand wound for storage, WHICH is just fine with me. That's one less thing that can brake down, as retractable springs tend to loose its tensile strength or even break.

The picture above also gives the impression that the Kettle is indented on top.
Giving it an old fashioned sophisticated look. No, the Kettle is solid flat round. The indentation look is just an image, a glare, of a standing nearby drinking glass. The photo picked up that glare.
That was a disappointment to me, but got over it very fast as the Kettle is beautifully designed as is. I could have saved myself $10.00 bucks if I waited a another week before ordering but my wife fell in love with this design, so I went for it.
Glad I did, the pour spout is fantastic, you can't over spill -- it's perfect for filling a glass or cup without leaving a couple of drops on the table. Just excellent designed.

I do have some issue who the manufacturer is? and whom to call? There seems to be a simple address just instructing you do send it off to some POBox in Texas in case of warranty. What happened to the RMA number required? Or if the POBox is even still alive ?
Since this Kettle is sold in more stores than Amazon, I took my worry into the future to figure a way out then. But, I have all the faith that this Kettle will last way past warranty anyway because it seems well designed and well put together. This is by far not junk.
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on November 6, 2011
This kettle is a nice blend of vintage style and modern function. It looks great sitting on my counter and works well so far.

It is ALL metal, except for the handle and the base; the interior is 100% metal, no plastic in sight. This is a big plus I imagine for those concerned about plastic kettles, but it does mean that the exterior and lid get VERY hot - you don't want to touch anything but the handle. In the case of the lid, this is a bit annoying, since it means you have to grab a pot holder or let it cool to open the lid to refill it. If the designers had made the lid handle the same material as the side handle, it'd be a five star product.

Overall, though, I'm happy with it. I use it for pourover coffee, and the shape of the spout makes for a nice smooth pour that's easy to control.

Shipping was a bit slow - it didn't ship for over a week.
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on January 31, 2015
After 3 month, I found it send out terrible plastic odour when heating water. I disassemble whole kettle to find the sources. As you can see from the photo, a inner wire were burnt, possibly due to its small diameter, which means higher resistance and higher temperature in working. The good new is the water wasn't polluted, however, I won't recommend this product anymore.
review image
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on April 23, 2012
I searched and searched for a stainless steel water kettle, and I found one. Every single bit of the inside is stainless. The only problem is that it releases a terrible acrid smell when heated. The smell of the kettle is so strong that when I took a whiff, it knocked out my sense of smell for an hour. I would be interested to know what chemical it is that is producing this odor since the kettle is 100% stainless. In addition to the strong smell, the water tastes metallic and my tea is not smooth. I have bought four different brands of electric water kettles -- each time to be disappointed by the strong odor. This ends my search for a great kettle. From now on, I am sticking with Pyrex in the microwave.
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on September 23, 2011
Really like this kettle so far. The best thing about it is the totally stainless steel interior--no plastic! It pours very well. The knob gets alittle hot if you have a very full pot. For green tea I have learned to listen for the pre-boil sound. Also gives some "bling" to my kitchen! Update: 2 years later...still works perfectly!
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on February 25, 2015
Well, I took all reviews into consideration and decided to get this kettle anyway. It's so cute! Simple, yet elegant, perfect size for a 1-4 people. Looks lovely on my credenza and best of all, it is plastic free in all the right places. I only just received it this week, so I can't speak to how long it will last, but it feels sturdy and solid. There is no plastic that I can see on the interior. Even the part where the handle attaches just has welds on the interior side of where the screws are attached. Of course the handle and base are plastic, but something has to stay cool on the kettle. The lid is great in being all metal but the knob does get hot so be careful! The spout has a metal filter. The instructions say to fill and bring the kettle to boil twice before using. This is because it releases residue and dirt. After all, this did come from a factory in China. It actually wasn't until after the 3rd boil that the water looked dirt free. I've had no problems so far. No weird smells. I ordered from Juvolicious and I got it in like one day with Prime shipping! I attached photos in case someone is on the fence. The cup/mug in the photo is standard 1 cup size. If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would. It would have to be glass with a totally plastic free interior in order to be 5 stars for me. For those who don't understand why plastic is bad, think about what happens when the molecules in plastic are heated in water to boiling point. How is it NOT possible that those molecules contain chemicals that are being released into that water and slowly but surely, you are drinking that water and little by little, those chemicals are building up in your system and causing changes to the way your body functions. Maybe your body will start to function like Superman. But more likely, it will negatively affect your hormones in one way or another. Hopefully some day manufacturers will finally decide that safety demands are worth the cost.
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on January 6, 2014
I am searching for a water kettle that does not have any plastic parts inside the kettle and this is it. The water and steam inside the kettle will not touch any plastic parts inside the kettle. However, the interior metal coating tends to flake off with little tiny pieces of metal each time I add water to the kettle and heat it up. I do not want to swallow tiny little pieces of metal together with my boiled water because it may be harmful to my health.
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