Blassreiter 1 Season 2008

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11. Prelude to Apocalypse TV-MA

After an ominous wave of illnesses, XAT is infiltrated by Amalgams, leading to a fierce battle between agents.

24 minutes
Original air date:
June 14, 2008

Prelude to Apocalypse

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Season 1
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    1. Prelude to Despair After a Demoniac attack leaves Gerd in a wheelchair, the champ is approached by a mysterious woman who claims she can return what he has lost.

    TV-MA 24min April 5, 2008
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    2. The Price of Glory After the transformed Gerd protects humans from an Amalgam, people embrace him as a hero. His life seems to be looking up - unless a voice mail from his ex ruins his comeback.

    TV-MA 24min April 12, 2008
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    3. The Infection Spreads Amanda suspects a connection between Joseph and the Blassreiter that fought with Gerd. Meanwhile, the XAT witnesses a sudden change in the victims exposed to the Amalgam's attack.

    TV-MA 24min April 19, 2008
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    4. Under Siege XAT member Herman has been seeking the Amalgam that appeared at the race circuit. When he finds out that the very man he is looking for is Joseph, he searches him out and corners him.

    TV-MA 24min April 26, 2008
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    5. The Disdained Joseph is seriously injured during his narrow escape from XAT, collapsing from his wounds. When he recovers consciousness, he finds himself sheltered in a waste disposal warehouse.

    TV-MA 24min May 3, 2008
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    6. The Song That Pities the Demon Unstable and tormented in his new condition, Gerd attacks Joseph. Meanwhile, Herman devises a plan to use Malek to stop Gerd.

    TV-MA 24min May 10, 2008
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    7. At the Ends of Hatred Joseph is worried about Malek and tries to stay close, remaining within the city. But when members of XAT spy a transformation captured by a security camera, serious trouble begins brewing.

    TV-MA 24min May 17, 2008
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    8. Weak No Longer After Malek's despair drives him to transform in view of his bullies and start taking his revenge, XAT agents arrive and start preparing for a full-force attack.

    TV-MA 24min July 5, 2008
  • $1.99

    9. The Price and the Meaning of Power In an effort to save Malek, Amanda sets out on a search with Herman. Meanwhile, in an abandoned church, Joseph's long-standing target of pursuit appears.

    TV-MA 24min May 31, 2008
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    10. Inside the Conspiracy Amanda takes responsibility for Joseph and begins analyzing his data. In the midst of her research, she comes across a top-secret report code-named "Blassreiter."

    TV-MA 24min June 7, 2008
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    11. Prelude to Apocalypse After an ominous wave of illnesses, XAT is infiltrated by Amalgams, leading to a fierce battle between agents.

    TV-MA 24min June 14, 2008
  • $1.99

    12. Judgment Day In the face of terrifying danger, Al and Brad pledge to protect Amanda and Herman until they are safely off of XAT grounds.

    TV-MA 24min June 28, 2008
  • $1.99

    13. Distant Memories Amanda learns the truth of Joseph's painful past as an "Outsider", a reality more harsh than can be easily imagined.

    TV-MA 24min July 5, 2008
  • $1.99

    14. A Saintly Decision In the past, Joseph met a kind young doctor and assisted him in his activities. When his friend is taken to a hospital after an attack by a violent mob, Joseph meets a woman named Sasha.

    TV-MA 24min July 12, 2008
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    15. Millenary Knights of God Joseph and Amanda watch as the Apocalypse Knights take down the horde of Amalgams that had previously given XAT such a hard time.

    TV-MA 24min July 19, 2008
  • $1.99

    16. Reunion Still working with Zwölf, Sasha is determined to take Xargin down with her own hands in order to end Joseph's suffering.

    TV-MA 24min July 26, 2008
  • $1.99

    17. Bellow of the Beast After attacking Zwölf headquarters, Herman flees on Triple Six. Amanda gives chase, determined not to give up on him. Meanwhile, Sasha and the Apocalypse Knights begin their own attack.

    TV-MA 24min August 2, 2008
  • $1.99

    18. The Fourth Apocalypse As Amanda and Herman face off against Wolf, Joseph appears on the scene and starts to slaughter the Demoniacs.

    TV-MA 24min August 9, 2008
  • $1.99

    19. Quondam Affections While Joseph slays Demoniacs, Herman pursues the escaped Wolf. Amanda follows suit, but along the way she meets a girl who was changed after being exposed to Joseph's blood.

    TV-MA 24min August 16, 2008
  • $1.99

    20. Legion from the Netherworld While Amanda attempts to infiltrate Zwölf headquarters, Xargin leads a battalion of Demoniacs on a mission to destroy it.

    TV-MA 24min August 30, 2008
  • $1.99

    21. Phantom Rider Xargin and the Demoniacs attack Zwölf headquarters, while Amanda and Herman search for Malek inside.

    TV-MA 24min September 6, 2008
  • $1.99

    22. Drifting Hearts Herman battles Beatrice to protect Amanda, who has been given the data of Isis by Sasha.

    TV-MA 24min September 13, 2008
  • $1.99

    23. Scorched Earth Foreign governments attack German territories, and Mei-Fong's group tries to intercept the missiles. A single figure faces off with Xargin in order to buy time until Isis is completed.

    TV-MA 24min September 20, 2008
  • $1.99

    24. Promised Land The Isis-enhanced Joseph battles Xargin, and certain doom threatens all, as Sasha and Mei-Fong desperately try to intercept the ICBMs launched to destroy German territory.

    TV-MA 24min September 27, 2008

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Genres Science Fiction, Thriller
Director Ichirô Itano
Season year 2008
Network FUNimation
Executive Producer Takao Aoki
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Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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