Customer Reviews: PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Large, Royal Blue
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on January 17, 2008
We bought this for our cat when he was a couple of months old and we all love it. The first time we put the harness on him, he did resist. But once he got used to it, he was okay. Next we connected the leash and took him outside. Remember, cats are different than dogs so you have to be patient. We coaxed him along using a long string. Now we take him for walks through our town, to the playground where he can slide down the slide. He has truly become the talk of the town and has even "stopped traffic" literally as people stop and back up to get a second look. No one can believe that a cat will walk on a leash. The leash is a bit short, but we simply attach our dog's leash to it if we want to let the cat explore the yard while we do yard work. It's great. The harness really supports the cat's breastbone in case they jump off something higher than the leash is long. If you use the harness and leash to "tie out" your cat, for your own peace of mind and the safety of your pet, never leave your cat unattended.
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on March 23, 2012
I bought the medium Premier kitty harness for my 6 month old Bengal kitten, Mandu. We live on a farm and she's an indoor cat, who likes to go outside to play with the farm cats and our dog. She was gradually introduced to the harness, first by placing it next to her food dish every time I changed her water and refilled the dish. After a few days of that I started to put it on her by just putting the neck part on loosely. She has very fine, short hair that is extremely smooth and she easily slid out of the unfastened harness, which was the point. I wanted her to know that it would come off. Eventually I started hooking up the side straps, still keeping everything loose. After a couple of weeks I had tightened up all the straps and hooked up the leash. When I first took her outside, it was for about 10 min and then I increased the time as she got more familiar with being outside.

Mandu is almost 8 months old now now and when she goes out I put the harness on her and let her out without the leash. I haven't started training her to walk next to me we're just to the point where she's comfortable outside. I always go out with her and stay around her until it's time to go back in. She still plays with the straps as I put it on and take it off each time, but doesn't seem to mind having the harness on. The strap that the leash hooks up to, hangs down, when the leash isn't attached but she ignores it. She hides between hay bales to play with our dog and when she squeezes through a tight fit she can get out of the harness. I wouldn't say it comes off easily, but she is very soft & streamlined. I think it's a good thing that when she's in a tight space she won't get trapped.

The harness itself is well made as far as materials and how it's sewn together. The hardware is durable, but the plastic snaps are small and hard to hook & unhook. I have fairly nimble fingers, but the snap is hard to squeeze and release to get the harness on and off of her. If they switched the ends around so the male end is on the strap it would be easier to use. Also, the snap is curved to fit better, I guess. So if you have the strap twisted the snap won't fit together.

Bengals can get bigger than the average house cat. She's pretty big & long for an 8 month old kitty and will probably outgrow the medium harness. When it no longer fits I'll likely get a large Premier kitty harness for her.
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on May 6, 2011
I have tried 2 other style harnesses for my cats, including cloth walking jackets and H-style harnesses. Neither style worked for them. The Come With Me Kitty harness is the first harness that they both adapted to fairly easily. The initial period of walking awkwardly, flopping side to side, and trying to back out of it did not last very long. If I had to guess, I would say that they felt more at ease because this harness sits lower, at the breastbone, rather than around the neck, which neither of them like. The canvas straps are softer and much more flexible than other harnesses of the same material, which I think made a difference too. Overall, a good experience with this product.
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on June 16, 2008
I was thrilled to get the Kitty Harness and be able to get our 2 year old tom out of the house. I followed the instructions and he accepted the harness without a problem and on the second day I took him outside. We did this for three more consecutive days without incident because the harness appeared to work as advertised. On the fourth day, we had been outside about 30 minutes when something spooked him and he lunged stretching the leash to full length and he squirmed half way out of the harness. Before I could catch him, he lunged again and got free. That was three weeks ago and we have not seen him since. If you purchase this item, I suggest you adjust it to near strangling tightness.
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on April 17, 2012
I have a large and muscular cat of 15 pounds, and he is not a fan of this leash harness combo. The harness holds him, but he has discovered that if he goes backwards when the leash is tight he can slide right out of the harness, so I would not recommend using this product anywhere but a fenced yard.
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on May 31, 2008
We live on a busy road, and my Maine Coons are always trying to sneak outside. This is a great product. They are large cats and powerful, yet this leash can hold them.
They wait by the door and get vewry excited when I pull down the "Come with me Kitty" leashes. The male nags me all day until it is time for "walkies". It is a neighborhood oddity though, walking a giant cat
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on May 3, 2012
I did see other reviews where people didn't like the fit on their cat. However, after careful inspection & time fitting both my very large and lean/slim cats; there were plenty of adjustment options to keep the cat in without a choking hazard. And once adjusted, the straps stayed in place. I'm spastic with my animals, otherwise I would not leave a positive review. I almost didn't buy these because of bad reviews. I'm glad now that I did.
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on December 12, 2014
Gideon, Selkirk Rex, has been using this for over a year. At the suggestion of his vet, I put it on him at the same time every day until he became used to it. Now all I have to do is ask him if he wants to go outside and he immediately runs over to the door and patiently puts up with getting harnessed up. At first, it was a struggle of how to put it on, but now, I just unhook the left side so it's a matter of slipping the one loop over his right leg and then over his head. He's really great using it in the backyard; I just hook the leash up to my gardening cart and it gives him the freedom to be in the garden with me. Once the harness was too loose and he slipped out of it, but that was easily remedied. I like this because it doesn't have any piece that goes around the neck. I have since added another leash to give him more freedom (i.e., climbing the retaining wall) yet when it's time to take things to the side of the house, he trots along just like a dog! You have to have patience, but it is true cats can be trained! We're going to start working on going for walks through the neighborhood in the Spring. It's settled the argument of so many vets and breeders declaring that cat should remain inside for a variety of reasons -- they are cats! They want to explore and run and jump and chase; this gives them some of that back while keeping them safe. Gideon uses a medium size -- he may look a little larger, but that's because he's a walking fur ball!
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on September 6, 2012
Cats hate owners who do this unless you have an indoor cat with some curiosity. It might never be used for a walk, but it's nice to take my cat into the backyard and have a leash in case she tries to jump and run away. Bad kitty you are going NOWHERE! It fit great and it didn't seem to irritate her at all.
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on July 21, 2014
A well made product that works as it should.
This is a simple product - a harness and leash so there's no 'exciting' review to write about it. I will say for others interested in buying it that it is well made and because it's so lightweight my cat is able to walk in it without being held down. I tried another brand and there were so many snaps and buckles on it that the cat could barely walk with it on - this one is so much better.
I like the fact that the lead is made of 'bungee' material so if the cat reaches the end it wont get suggenly jerked; the leash will stretch a bit more

For the 1 star review that said "The lead is far too short for a Cat that wants to pounce after blowing leaves and the harness is easy for her to writhe out of." - I will say 2 things

1) this is a leash, not a tie out. It is long enough to allow the cat some roaming distance during a walk, but of course it wont let the cat run and play with unlimited distance - that would defeat the purpose. A leash is not intended for unlimited movement. There are outdoor enclosures for cats if you want to give your cat an area to play without a leash. NEVER, EVER tie a cat out - that's just cruel. Just like a dog leash is different than a dog tie out - a cat leash will not let and should not let a cat go wherever it wants. (I also say NEVER tie a dog out - that is cruelty as well)

2) if adjusted properly-a cat CANNOT 'writhe out' of it. There are multiple adjustment points which should be adjusted once the harness is on the cat. Make it snug, but not tight. Once adjusted, it does not come loose unless you loosen it. My cornish rex cat is like houdini and has gotten out of every other harness - but not this one.

Overall - this is a good quality leash and harness. I like it enough that I have one for each of my 8 cats.
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