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on May 27, 2011
I was running a Texas Hold 'em tourney for 10 family members. This had everything I needed. The dealer and blind buttons were great and the chips were a HUGE hit. They look and feel like Casino chips with the appropriate weight and sound. They have the amounts on them which is a big advantage because no one had to ask, "now how much are the red ones worth?" I didn't use the cards so I can't say if they were good decks but who cares? The chips range from $1 to $5,000. We used all of them last night, but in the future I may not use the $1 chips. We weren't playing with a buy in, but if you do, you might want to not use the $5,000 chips instead. The quantities are appropriate of each chip. The case itself is OK, but the insert that holds the chips is very cheap. I am nervous about carrying by the handle though I probably don't need to be, but the case makes for easy cleanup and setup. The only reason I downgraded to a four are the Cons below. Would highly recommend for use at home and would probably recommend for travelling use.

Great Chips and plenty of them. All the necessary accessories. We had a blast and everyone loved the chips.
Shipped free two day air with Amazon Prime.

Set was missing one chip (had 749 instead of 750)
Case insert is a flimsy.
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on March 16, 2015
Chip set has all values mark on chips, which makes it great. Comes with dice and two packs of playing cards as well. The case is average nothing special, it didn't come with a key to lock case but that's not important to me. Chips feel probably one grade down from a casino chip but are great for home play. Best deal for your buck by far.
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on September 10, 2012
Amazon packed the case pretty well; they packed the Da Vinci box inside a bigger box of their own stuffed with wrapping paper. Weighed about 20 pounds total so it was bulky and hard to carry around.

Upon opening, the case was slightly dented (which I found odd because the case itself was Styrofoamed inside the Da Vinci box with nothing else on the outside. Must've been from when the case was made.

The case itself is cheap to offset costs I suppose. It holds the 20 pound chip set OK but I wouldn't be surprised if the plastic handle snapped off at some point because of the sheer weight it has to hold. I try to carry the case as reverently as possible to avoid such a fate, though I look goofy carrying it under my arm like a bag.

It also smells of glue whenever I open it. I'm trying to air it out right now.

It comes with a key that can actually lock the two hinges on either side of the case. Of course everything's made of cheapo thin metal. I don't know who would carry around the wafer-thin keys to lock a case of chips. In my opinion, if someone wanted to they could just bash the case open.

It is also gigantic. This thing is like a laptop and a half wide or like a 22" wide-screen monitor laid flat. It's super heavy so forget taking it anywhere unless you have a car or plan on hosting noisy (because of the metal inserts) games at your house. CLINK CLINK CLINK!

The chips are REALLY BIG (noticeably wider and thicker than usual) and HAVE METAL INSERTS in them. When you play with them they give off an off-putting sound the way loose change clinks around (instead of the nice even clay sound where the chips sound like "clack, clack"). It's very audible, even noisy. I can't imagine the racket 8 people all chip shuffling would make at a table (or at a house).

On another note, I'd like to confirm that they stack poorly. The chips have stickers on either side (with the values and all printed on them) which makes them unstable to stack high (the stickers are slightly slick).

The plastic wrap on the chips had dust trapped in them.

The number of chips they give is impressive. It can definitely make any game feel like a table at the WSOP. I don't recommend using the $5000 chips in games.

Those cards are cheapo ripoffs of BEE cards. They come in a soft, recycled cardboard box that I squished between my fingers. The cards themselves are this shiny gummy plastic and smell funny. I threw them away.

The buttons are nice.

One of my dice has an extra hole in it (a d7!)

They give you two black card-shaped things -- don't know what they're for.

Again, my advice would be either to buy from if you have the money or sticking with all-clay chips (even the 8-gram Bicycle ones are very good in comparison). If not, be prepared to receive mediocrity at half the price!
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on November 30, 2012
The outside case is sturdy, though the handle feels like it may not be able to handle the weight over the long run. The locks are worthless, but I didn't purchase it with the intent to keep it locked up. Overall, the case is strong and looks nice. The inside of the case is not up to par, however. The chips are held in place by a flimsy felt-cardboard which was broken at the seams upon arrival. The foam also does not keep the cards, dice, and dealer/blind indicator chips from falling all throughout the case while carrying. This last problem was able to be circumvented by cutting some of the styrofoam that came in the delivery package so that it fit the slot in the middle, and put masking tape around it; placing that there while the case is closed keeps the pieces in the middle in place in transit. But the interior casing should be constructed much better. Nevertheless, it's not a total waste, and still functions well enough to do the job, so I'm keeping it.
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on July 13, 2014
The cards that come with it are worthless, but who cares. The chips are fine, unless you just have to have the feel of clay. These are plastic with metal inserts. Definitely do the trick for casual play, and everyone I've played with loves that they don't have to remember what color represents what amount.
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on February 1, 2014
Nice set but the tray that holds the chips and cards was constructed of cheap plastic that I guess got exposed to the cold snap and shattered. Expected a lot more for $70.00 dollars as it was bought by my sons to play with using their own money it was a BIG LET DOWN. Could not return it for exchange, refund only So I an going to build them trays that are good quality instead of crap. And NO I would not recommend this to a friend or enemy.
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on February 13, 2016
These are a nice quality set of numbered poker chips. I had about 500 blank chips and decided to upgrade to a numbered set. Now I don't have to keep reminding people what the chip values are. Also, I bought the set of 500 chips as well.

The chips are not casino clay ones but they are perfect for home games. However, there isn't any $10 or $50 chips. Not a big deal but I decided to buy $10 chips separately. Only one gripe so far for the chips is that one of the $25 chips had a $500 label on one side. I removed the label and had to sharpie in "$25". It's the only chip that I have ran into so far with a misprinted label.

My set came with 2 decks of blue playing cards and a black cut card. The playing cards are standard index and are decent quality with a plastic coating. I wish they came with 1 red deck and 1 blue deck because we use 2 decks at a time during play. I bought a bunch of red decks separately.

The case is good enough and will hold up for a while. I wouldn't suggest dropping it when full however as it may break.
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on February 16, 2015
This is the perfect sized set for 6-10 players. The chip weights feel good and the best part is the values printed on the chips.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to re-explain chip values to players when using non-printed chips. This solves that problem entirely by including the face value on both sides. There are plenty of chips to go around too, so you can have high stakes or low stakes poker games.

For someone looking to start a poker night once a week, this set does the job.
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on December 6, 2012
I have played countless hands in countless places with friends in the past 8 years of playing poker. I have never owned a poker set of my own since one was always present at the places I visited. I decided to get this set and it's really cool. When it was handed to me, it seemed almost too heavy for just a bunch of poker chips (around 30 lbs). But besides being heavy to lug around for periods of time, it's fantastic. The only thing that would make this set absolutely perfect would be $50 chips. They have a number of $25 and $100 chips, so it's not really a problem, but just a nicety. Chips feel great on the felt and are easy to shuffle when not in play and quite stackable. If you're an experience poker player, this is a pretty good deal and I'd recommend this set for any casual poker player as well.
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on January 27, 2013
I chose this rating as this set is very nice for the price. The only issue of note with this set is the handle on the case itself which has not presented any issues but feels cheap. The chips themselves are excellent. Would recommend this set as a good starter set for anyone.
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