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on October 15, 2013
I tested this charger with multiple devices (iPad2, Galaxy S4, iPhone 4s, HP Touchpad, BlackBerry Torch 9850, and BlackBerry Bold 9930). All devices seemed to charge just fine with this charger except the HP Touchpad (slow to charge).

When plugged into the HP Touchpad using WebOS it gave message: "Device May Not Charge. Your device is connected to a charging source that provides less than the recommended voltage or current....". This happened trying to charge it on any port. I also have CyanogenMod 10 installed on my HP Touchpad. When booted into this OS it charged on port 1-3 but not the Sum/U port. When charging the HP Touchpad with the Bolse wall charger, it did charge slower than using the OEM charger. I also tried charging the HP Touchpad all by itself on the charger but I didn't notice any improvement when doing that. In charging the other devices I noted above, I did not notice a big difference between using the Bolse wall charger and the OEM charger.
iPad2 and HP Touchpad charged at same time:

Bolse charger - 55% at start - 65% after 20 minutes (using iPad/U port)
OEM charger - 55% at start - 64% after 20 minutes

HP Touchpad
Bolse charger - 62% at start - 68% after 20 minutes (using Universal 1 port)
OEM charger - 62% at start - 75% after 20 minutes
Galaxy S4 and BB 9850 charged at same time:

Galaxy S4
Bolse charger - 7% at start - 22% after 20 minutes (using Sam/U port)
OEM charger - 8% at start - 27% after 20 minutes

iPhone 4s
Bolse charger - 79% at start - 94% after 20 minutes (using Universal 1 port)
OEM charger - not tested
BlackBerry 9850 and BlackBerry 9930

BlackBerry 9850
Bolse charger - 3% at start - 35% after 20 minutes (using Universal 1 port)
OEM charger - not tested

BlackBerry 9930
Bolse charger - 65% at start - 85% after 20 minutes (using Universal 1 port)
OEM charger - not tested
I was supplied an evaluation sample in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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on October 8, 2013
The Bolse 4-Port USB Charger is a compact, well-built device that is just a little bigger than a box of toothpicks, yet will charge four separate devices simultaneously. I found it to be a really great piece of equipment: lots of uses, very reliable, quick, and extremely easy to lug around if I want to travel--its plug even folds inward when not in use. And it's extremely lightweight.

The ports are labeled as
PORTS 1 & 2: Universal
PORTS 3: Universal/iPad
PORTS 4: Universal/Samsung

As stated, all ports are considered to be universal, but the instructions note that ports 3 and 4 are to be used IF ports 1 and 2 do not charge specific devices. I've read in a couple of reviews that these particular ports (3 and 4) have been constructed with alterations to the D+ and D- ports (as well as a couple of "pin" specs), but I'm no electrical genius...please look elsewhere if you want those specifics.

What I CAN tell you is that this is a great little gadget. Every device I wanted charged was done so quickly and efficiently, and this tool helped immensely there. Think of how many times someone says out of the blue that they want to head out in 20 minutes, and a glance at your phone, Kindle, iPad, whatever, tells you that it needs to be charged, and quickly. Well, this not only did that, but has the capacity to do so with four ports concurrently. The total output is four amps. (Be aware, though, that charging several devices simultaneously will slow down the speed of charging--which makes complete sense, but it bears being stated.)

Think, too, of the convenience of having less to carry around: I throw my gizmos into a messenger-type bag when I'm heading somewhere, and it's a chore carrying around the separate chargers for my Kindle Fire, Samsung phones, and my daughter's iPad and iPhone. This is a BIG improvement. And if you are heading, say, to a motel or any other place where wall sockets are not easy to come by, this is a really helpful apparatus.

Another thing I liked about the device is the beautiful iridescent blue LED glow that it has when in use...not only does it make the item easy to find, but it also signifies that you have an electrical device plugged in that you might want to check. About the only down side to this is that you might want to place a small cloth over it if you are charging something in the same room you sleep in.

My only recommendations would include a better written set of directions (though very coherent, they aren't very extensive), and maybe a slightly clearer representation of ports 1 through 4 on the device itself...I'm an old fart, and it's hard for me to read the tiny print on the present device.

Bolse's specification sheet states that the charger has "Intelligent overheat, overcharging and over-current protection built in." Its warranty is for 12 months from date of purchase, and it covers manufacturer's defects, but note these two caveats:
1. The warranty is void if the apparatus is considered to be damaged or misused; and
2. You must still possess the original receipt. I'd consider keeping it and the warranty, directions, etc, inside the box and somewhere accessible.

On that note, the device seems hardy and well made. I did drop it twice from the height of a wall socket--(maybe a foot or so)--and the device showed NO signs of damage.

One final thing: I was supplied this product free of charge with no other conditions other than my writing a fair and honest review (which this is).
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2013
I recently received two different quad port chargers to consider for review (complimentary) the same day, so I had something to compare them to.

This particular charger is actually more powerful than the other charger I received but is unique in that the ports are each made for a specific purpose:

"Ports 1 & 2 are universal and will charge "almost all devices," including Apple and Android devices."
Both correctly and adequately supplied power to my iPad.

"Port 3 (Universal/iDivice Legacy). This port will also charge most devices including iPad) but this port has support legacy/old Apple devices. If you face any problem charging your Apple devices with Port-1 and Port-2, Please use this port"
While I had not problem charging my iPad on ports 1 and 2, I checked it. It correctly charged my iPad 2)

"Port 4 (Universal/Samsung Optimized). This port is specifically designed to charge Samsung devices (e.g. Samsung Tab). Many other phones can be charged as well using this port. Note that this port will not charge iPod."
I was able to test and confirm that this will charge my iPhone 5s, however it will NOT charge my iPad.

I have given this four stars, not because it isn't an excellent rapid charger (it is), but because not everyone will be able to charge 4 devices using this charger. It also could mean constantly thinking and trying to make sure your device is plugged into the correct port to ensure it gets charged. Still, if you are looking for a charger that will charge multiple types of devices (including the Apple Legacy), this may be the perfect charger for you.

The prongs fold down (and are always attached) making the charger easy to carry with you as a travel charger. If you are aware what the charger does and doesn't do, this will serve you well.

Four and a half stars - just a bit taken off because of the Samsung port that I can't use.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 27, 2013
I was provided a Bolse 4 Port Premium High Output USB Wall Charger for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review, so this is what I found.

What You Should Know Before You Buy:
♦ Four charging ports with two marked Universal, one marked iPad/Universal, and one marked Samsung/Universal.
♦ Small unit with folding prongs for portability and travel.
♦ Extremely fast charging speeds, even with all four ports in use.
♦ One of the fastest iPad charging speeds I have seen (8% increase in 20 minutes).
♦ It got pretty warm when charging four devices simultaneously.

Detailed Review:
♦ Look - The product came in plain white cardboard box with the wall charger and an instruction manual inside. The wall charger has four ports along the bottom of the unit. All four are marked universal with the third port having an additional iPad marking and the fourth one having an additional Samsung marking. The charger has folding prongs that make it easy to store and travel with. It has a single blue light on the front that indicates that it has power when plugged in. Overall, it looks like a well built, solid product.

♦ Use and Performance - I tested the charger in various configurations and scenarios. The results are as follows:

Test #1 (Simultaneous Charging) - The first thing I did was plug in four different products into the charger at the same time. I plugged in my iPhone 5, my iPad 2, my wife's cheapie slider phone and a power bank. The charger had no problem charging all of them. My iPhone even started doing a WiFi sync and completed with no problem. The charger did get quite warm when charging the four devices, but when I removed all the devices and left it plugged in, it cooled off, so it only gives off heat when charging.

Test #2 (Charging Speed) - While all four of the devices mentioned above were plugged in, I kept track of the charging speed of the iPad 2. I had it plugged into the iPad specific port and it showed very impressive charging speeds. The charge percentage increased 4% after 10 minutes and 8% after 20 minutes. These were very impressive results and some of the fastest I have seen after testing many chargers. The result was especially impressive because those fast speeds were achieved while still charging three other devices.

Test #3 (Port Usage) - The last test I did was try out the different devices in each port to see which devices worked with which port. The iPhone 5 charged in all four ports, as did the slider phone and the power bank. The iPad charged in the first three ports, but was not recognized in the Samsung specific port. Keep in mind, the iPad will charge slower in the non-iPad specific ports, but it will charge nonetheless. The charger works with a lot of different device configurations which is very convenient.

Overall, the Bolse 4 Port USB Wall Charger was really impressive. It had excellent charging speeds and the ports had a lot of compatibility with various devices. The prongs fold up and it is a small unit that would be great for travel. If you are looking for a way to charge multiple devices with one charger, this charger is a great option. Highly Recommended!
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Plugged it in and it works-not much more to be expected.

=== The Good Points ===

* It has four ports, which lets me keep three different charging cords plugged in all the time. Hopefully this will lessen their tendency to get up and walk out the front door.

* The 3rd port actually charged my iPad, which seems to be the acid test for chargers.

* In every case (phones, iPads, accessories), the charging times seemed to be about the same as the native chargers.

* I haven't done any analysis to figure out how many amps it puts out, or how many my electronics draw. It is capable of charging 2 iPhones and a bluetooth earpiece at the same time, which is about all I could ask of it.

* Two of the four ports are "special" ports, although they will also work for most standard USB devices. They are clearly marked, if you can read 2 point type.

* The unit will accept 220v, so it is handy for travel.

* You either like foldout plugs or you don't. I like them for travel, since they are out of the way and don't poke and stab other things...but they are a likely first fail point. With the plug folded back, the unit is roughly 1 5/8 x 2 x 3 1/4 inches. About the size of a couple hundred business cards.

=== The Not-So-Good Points ===

* It has a blue LED to tell you that it is powered on. It will also serve to light up a bedroom or a hotel room when you are trying to sleep.

* A number of the reviews have called the reliability of this unit into question. Mine has held up for a week or so of pretty heavy use, but time will tell. To be honest, these things seem to disappear before they wear out, so not too big a deal for me.

=== Disclaimer ===

I received this unit directly from the manufacturer as an evaluation unit. I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in the manufacturer, its employees or any of its suppliers.
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on June 8, 2013
Love this rapid charger. Charges my Galaxy S3 in a short time and the other sockets are great to be able to charge other devices or power USB devices simultaneously.

I strongly recommend this multiple socket rapid charger for multiple USB devices. GREAT FOR TRAVEL TOO!!
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on September 26, 2013
**Update at bottom of review, took 1 star off**

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in a marketing trail of this product. I went into it with some minor hesitation but I must say I have been very pleased with the performance of this unit.

In our Kitchen we have a 3' section of countertop next to the fridge that has turned into an electronics parking lot. This is where we charge our digital toys. I have to admit that it gets pretty cluttered with a power strip and multiple USB chargers all going to 3 tablets, 3 phones, a digital camera and an Ipod.

It was getting to a point were was just plainly ridiculous. In order to charge something you first had to untangle the wires and figure out what was to which charger and which charger went to what device. Like I said it was just ugly and the kids made it worse by not being careful when plugging and unplugging their stuff.

By eliminating all of that I now have 1 charger plugged directly into the wall outlet. I was able to eliminate the power strip and all the chargers. I still have the 4 wires since there is no way to eliminate that and when my son needs to charge his Ipod he needs to swap out a cable but still its been a pretty big win for the counter.

About the device.

The unit can handle charging 4 items at once.

This is a slick little device. Size wise its pretty small at 3 1/2" tall by 2" wide and under 2" thick. it features 4 USB outlets along the bottom of it and has a small blue/ purplish LED that tells you when it has power. I like the fact that its considered a "fast charger" In our family the younger kids love playing with their tablets. The problem for us is that they always leave them sitting on a sofa or coffee table and they never seem to be charged when they want them. This device allows you to plug your Ipad or Android tablet in and get a decent charge in about 30 minutes.


I ran 4 devices on this for a week straight.

2 10" Samsung Galaxy tablets
2 Samsung S4 phones

mixed in a few other devices.

I did not notice any perceivable difference in charging rates between the 4 ports. Not sure how you would even test that as charging rates would vary based on existing battery charge and age/ condition of the battery.

Overall I couldn't be happier with this product. It Charges fast, can handle charging multiple devices at once its compact and clean looking and will charge every device that you can throw at it. As for negatives I couldn't really come up with any. I know that some reviewers have had problems with their but mine is running like a champ.


Small compact package
quick charger Gives you a USABLE charge in 30 minutes
can charge 4 items at once

It failed to cook my pizza, just kidding I did not find any


UPDATE 10-9-2013

I am removing 2 star from the item. I have experienced 2 small issues that some other reviewers have reported.

First off I have started to notice the "charge differential" were one port charges at a faster rate than the one next to it. Secondly I have noticed that charging large items such as tablets does drain the speed quite a bit. I still like the charger and the convenience of having 4 ports still out-weights the loss a a little speed. Overall I am still very pleased with it and I still think its a 4 star product.

About my reviews.

I have a pretty basic rating system

3 stars = meets expectations, in order words it does what its supposed to do.
1 & 2 stars = fails to meet expectations, doesn't cut the mustard.
4 & 5 stars = exceeds expectations. Its gotta REALLY rock to get 5 stars.

I try to be as detailed as possible without getting technical. There are a lot of reviewers out there that just give too much info I try to keep it simple

If you have a question about the product or review, post a message in comments and I generally will respond within 24 hours.

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on April 30, 2013
Works exactly as hoped. I have an iPhone 5, an iPad, a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, and an AT&T Unite mobile hotspot device and this will charge them all, at the same time. The reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 starts is the annoyingly bright blue LED on it - it is so bright you think an alien ship has landed in the room when dark. The charger works so well that I just tape over the blue LED and march on. I like a light that tells me it's working, but this one is simply *way* to bright.
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on July 26, 2013
I used it to charge and iPad 4, an iPhone 5, and a Nexus 7 simultaneously, one night, the iPhone5 started beeping on and off, when I checked the charger, it was hot and smelled like it was about to burn in flames.
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on June 9, 2013
This item is great so far. It is much cheaper than other brand that does the same thing. As of right now I have 2 Samsung phone and 2 apple products charging on this item with no hiccups. It does get a little warm but nothing to worry about. This item charges very quickly so it saves time when you need a quick charge to go
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