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VINE VOICEon April 3, 2010
As an iTouch owner, I had used a clear screen protector with generally good results, although there were a very few bubbles that weren't really a distraction once the device was in use.

I had pre-ordered an iPad on the first day that they became available to order and knew that with the much larger screen, I would definitely need a screen protector.

My iPad arrived today (April 3rd) and I immediately attempted to install one of the three "Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors" as son as I removed the iPad from its box.

The method of installation was basically the same as for the iTouch screen protector that I had previously used. First you peel off one side of the backing with a tab. You then place the screen onto the iPad screen, trying to do so without leaving a lot of bubbles. I tried as best I could to align the screen hole over the iPad button and then slowly applied the rest of the screen moving from bottom to top. Unfortunately after applying the screen and then removing the outside of the clear screen with the other tab, I was left with a LOT of bubbles.

Hoping to do better I repeated the process using the second of the supplied screens. My efforts the second time were a bit better in terms of a smaller amount of bubbles, but then I noticed a piece of yellow lint that had been left by the supplied yellow cleaning cloth that I had used to wipe the iPad screen. When I tried to remove the lint with the cloth and replaced the clear screen back onto the iPad screen, there was a noticeable smudge.

I was now down to the last of the three supplied screens and repeated the process again except this time I discovered that when applying the clear screen to the iPad screen DIAGONALLY starting from the bottom and moving toward the top, you can do so leaving almost no bubbles at all. You will also need to be make certain that the sides of the clear screen and the iPad screen are aligned exactly or you will be left with a long bubble down most of one side.

After going through all of this trial and error, I was finally able to have a clear screen in acceptable condition with only a few bubbles. I only hope that readers of this review will learn from my own initial difficulties and not have to use all three of the supplied screens before arriving at a satisfactory result.
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on April 10, 2010
This product works great once you figure out how it works.

At first glance it looks like 2 pieces stuck together that you have to pull apart.
It then appears that you should apply the thin one to your iPad. wrong.

The thicker side still has an invisible piece stuck to it.

You apply the thicker piece smoothly over your ipad and then squeeze out the few bubbles you see.
rub the whole face now to get the invisible layer to stick.

You then Peel Off the thick piece and you will see that another layer is present on your iPad.

This would have been nice to include as instructions but no instructions came with the product.
I would say that is pretty rude considering you cannot even see the piece that will be used.

So I bought the pack of 3 and got my last one to work. I figured it out on #2, #3 was perfect.
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on July 7, 2010
I've applied this type of screen protector in the past (on my iPod Touch, Nintendo DS / DSi, and my PSP). Using the tips below, I was able to apply this LCD screen protector 99% bubble free. I was actually pleasantly surprised I was able to do this since it was by far the largest screen protector I've ever applied.

The instructions that come with the package are not very helpful. Below are mine. Hope they help.


1) CLEAN the surface of your iPad. Use a microfiber cloth and even use a compressed air can if you want to be sure. Position yourself or a light so that you would be able to see ANY specs. Any leftover specs will raise the screen protector and will give you a bubble that you CANNOT remove. Keep the iPad's screen OFF so you have a better chance of seeing any specks.

2) First remove the plastic envelope/pouch that directly contains the screen protector.

3) Without removing and of the backing, place the screen protector with the hole over the iPad's circle button. Now you know exactly how much leeway you will have.
Also make sure that the circle is popped out of the screen protector.

4) Find something flexible and semi-rigid to push away the air bubbles. You WILL be getting air bubbles as you apply the screen protector. The trick will be to remove them as you apply the screen protector. With smaller screen protectors, I've used credit cards. But in this case, the screen is bigger. I've found that the plastic Staples cards you get in the mail (the ones that the size of postcards) are very helpful for this task. Your second choice may be a credit card or the very thin, plastic window of a cheap picture frame. Whatever you use, make sure it has a sizable straight edge and no sharp corners (You don't want to puncture the screen protector).

6) Peel away a corner of the backing (The side labeled #1). Don't peel the whole backing off. You'll need to touch the backing in order to reposition the screen protector if necessary.

7) Continue to peel the backing but keep it minimal. You want just enough so that you can position the hole over the circle button. If you don't get it the 1st time, remove from the iPad's surface as little as possible and try again. Be careful to avoid getting any dust on the iPad's screen at this time. This is why it's good to keep as much backing on as possible.

8) After you have adequately centered the hole around the circle button, begin to slowly peel the Side 1 Backing while you use your flexible card to push away any air bubbles. Push the bubbles to the EDGE of the screen protector. If there are bubbles that are difficult to get rid of and if you're certain that's it just a bubble and not caused by specks, then you can gently remove as much backing as needed from the iPad's screen and try again. TAKE YOUR TIME.

9) Hopefully you've managed to attach the screen protector with minimal bubbles. Continue to push away as many bubbles as possible.

10) Now you need to peel of Side 2 Backing. But since the screen protector is already attached to your iPad screen, you will need to be VERY careful and slow. It's possible that the quick removal of Side 2 Backing can lift the screen protector off of the iPad screen and cause air bubbles. If there are air bubbles, use the flexible card to push away any air bubbles.

That's it, you're done. Sit back and treat yourself to a new app.

I liked the fact that it includes 3 screen protectors. I was able to succeed with my first one but it's nice to know that there are backups.

I didn't like the minimal instructions with the package (and the Engrish spellings). This item is very cheap. If it were more expensive, I would expect to get a flexible plastic card for getting rid of the air bubbles.

The screen protector itself has a slightly oily residue. When your iPad is off, you can see it. The residue is not visible when the iPad is turned on.
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on May 10, 2010
I've read most of the reviews for this product and it seems like the complaints revolve around installation. I too went through two before setting the last one down perfectly with virtually no bubbles. Start at the top and make sure the paper tab lettering is facing the iPad. Pull slowly from underneath and you will see that it lays is self down virtually with no bubbles. I just purchased a second set so I have them ready for when I damage the one I just installed.
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on June 12, 2010
I read the reviews and saw that folks had trouble getting it to work on the first try. So I ordered 6. I got it to work on the first try. If you follow the advice of the the previous reviewers you will be fine. The thicker piece on top makes it a breeze to lay down. I had no bubbles after the first try. Just make sure there is no lint on the screen. I had a very small piece On one of the corners but you can barely see it. I swear, when you are laying this thing down it's amazing. It goes down so smooth.
I did have help. One person held it in place. One person used a card to insure no bubbles. I pulled the 1st cover off. I slipped it out from under the bottom starting at the top where the tab is located. When you slip it out you have to hold the whole thing really close to the screen or it will come back up. When you are laying it down you will be amazed that very few, if any, bubbles appear. The few that do are easily handled by the person with the credit card (to smooth out bubbles). I was very worried about getting this to work. I've had so much trouble with cell phones in the past. But the thick card on top is the trick. It wants to lay down smooth. Just use three people. A holder, a peeler, and a bubble handler. Don't forget to take the temporary thick piece off the top after smoothing out the bubbles. This thing is so awesome, I just can't understand why they don't send instructions.
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on June 14, 2010
I spent a lot of time reading reviews before I bought this screen cover, so I knew it was difficult to place. The truth is that getting this to line up perfectly and have zero air bubbles and zero lint (especially with the cloth they provide) is about the same as winning big in Vegas. It can happen, but it most likely won't. I have had an iPhone since the first model and have purchased the new models each release and have placed screen protectors on all of them - pretty much the same process on a smaller screen. So I have some experience at placing these little clear covers. I burned through all 3 of these screen protectors, NEVER getting a perfect placement, no air bubbles and no lint. I could have lived with the first 2 small imperfections, but a tiny hair lint, which shows up massively on a white background, such as when you are checking or reading mail, is akin to seeing a great movie on a theater screen with that little tear right in the middle of the action.

Secondly, I played with the last one before taking it off due to the above mentioned issues and the feel and responsiveness of the pad changes. Things were slightly less responsive and, as another reviewer mentioned, fingerprints on the screen protector were nightmarish compared to the actual screen. I bought the $599.00 version and did not spend that kind of money on a visual, interactive touch device, to have the screen less than perfect and slower to respond. I will wait till apple or another vendor actual produces something that is worth buying to protect the screen. In the meantime, I purchased the Hard Candy case with the shield cover for transport.
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on June 1, 2010
After a bit of effort, I managed to get the screen lined up properly and put on my ipad with few bubbles.

But I found it useless. I use my ipad as an eBook reader, and I found the quality of the display severely degraded (and unusable for reading books) after putting on the protective screen. I took it off after 5 minutes and am currently using nothing. I'm still looking for a usable protective screen.
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on June 28, 2010
When I first installed it, I neglected to follow the final step in the directions. The result was cloudy, checkerboard looking, and just plain awful. It looked like it had scratched and streaked from the squeegee too. I thought I had wasted my money.

There is a top layer of protective film that you are supposed to remove after install.

Once that film is removed, the result is a very clear screen protector that I am very pleased with.

It's a bit grippy at first (as are all screen protectors) but a few days use or a buff with a microfiber cloth and it feels great.

Use a pair of latex gloves when you install and you can reposition and touch both sides as needed without screwing it up.

I am very very pleased -- once I noticed the second protective film layer.
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on April 19, 2010
Just got in today my 3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors for Apple iPad and went thru all three and non worked. Notices after that all three had an indent in the plastic causing a bubble. Also this 3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors for Apple iPad are NOT cut correctly to fit the iPad. They are off center.
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on May 3, 2010
For it's very cheap price, you get what you pay for.

I had no problems applying the screen protector. It just needs alot of patience. Before you start anything, make sure you are in a lint free environment (which is impossible). Using the cloth included, wipe the screen clean. You will notice that any finger prints or skin oil residue come right off. That is the special coating Apple uses on all their touch devices. First, I peeled off the number one layer. Yes, there are tabs with numbers to peel of the right layer which makes me wonder why other reviewers would confuse the protective film from the actual screen protector. The instuctions tell you specifically to remove tab 1 first. Some people would keep tab 1 on and start applying the sceen protector but, I figured that peeling off the tab 1 after would cause some air bubbles to appear.

Next, I dry fitted the screen protector with tab 2 side down. The hole was a tight fit with the edge of the screen protector right on the lip of the metal lip of the iPad. Hold the screen protector in place. Then, I peeled just the corner of tab 2 back to apply the screen protector. This takes some skill as I removed the corner with a little movement as possible. Still holding the screen protector in place, I made contact with the iPad and slowly peeled away tab 2 film. Still going diagonally and still going very slowly, I use the cloth to wipe the screen protector and applying pressure to the contact area. If an air bubble forms as you are putting it down, gently lift the specific area and re-apply. Air bubbles will usually form if you are placing on too fast. If a random lint gets under, take the plastic cover it came with or tab 1 film and use the corner to take it away. If you cleaned the screen properly, you would only have lint appear at the sides which get drawn to the application process because of the static electricity generated by the cleaning cloth and the separation of the film and screen protector.

With alot of patience, you will have the screen protector on lint and bubble free. I was able to do it on one try. I did have one lint that got away but it was way on the side and could not been seen when the iPad case was put on. NOTE: the iPad case is a very tight fit and probably should not be used with this screen protector. I used the iPad case and it caused a bubble to form on one side (not very noticable). This was caused by the case pushing against the screen protector edge. This cannot be avoided. It is the tight fit of the iPad case that will cause this.

On another note, you will notice that after use, there will some skin oil residue or finger prints. When wiping with the cloth, the residue will not clean as easily as it did when you cleaned the iPad screen before you applied the screen protector. Again, the iPad has a special coating that makes it easier to clean. I used the screen protector to prevent any scratches. Good luck.
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