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on November 15, 2012
"I almost got killed 3 times in the last 20 min and it wasn't my fault." Wilee (Gordon-Levitt) is a bike messenger in Manhattan. It is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have but he is the best at what he does. When he is given an envelope to deliver he thinks it's just another job. After being confronted by Bobby Monday (Shannon) about it Wilee begins his delivery, but not everyone wants to see him succeed. I have to admit that I was not really looking forward to this going in. I though, how good can a movie about a guy who rides a bike be? While this is not amazing it is a pretty tense and exciting action movie. The race scenes are fun to watch and seeing how Wilee comes up with his routes is interesting to see. I'm not saying this is really something to rush (get it) out and see but it's not one to pass up if you get the chance. Overall, very entertaining and fun to watch. Just a good popcorn type movie where you don't really have to think. Those are good sometimes. I say B+.
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on January 12, 2016
No brakes... this movie doesn't need one! Action packed with tons of bike stunts and uniquely animated "crash" scenes intermixed with genuine crashes and a captivating story line, Premium Rush blows the dust off Kevin Bacon's Quicksilver! Its segmented time sequence might be hard for those who dislike "flashbacks" to enjoy, but each segment ties into one another with fluidity that makes the movie uniquely individual and easy to keep up with. The characters, unlike most movies, do not share the same level of fluidity, instead coarsely interacting with each other in a way that's shockingly realistic. Movies that can capture a human quality are always enjoyable, but Premium Rush goes beyond that with character interactions that are decidedly real world. With only a few slow sections and bloopers for critical viewers to pick out, this is a fast paced one of a kind movie that makes you want burn your tie and shred a fixie!
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on November 14, 2012
Saw this movie back in theaters. As a biker, I thought it had great insight into bike culture. While carrying a slightly predictable plot, the movie was still was very entertaining, witty and funny. Oh yeah, and there is a twist at the end! Decent acting all around.

All in all, I don't buy very many movies but this one I will definitely watch again!
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on January 31, 2015
I don't know of any other movie besides this one that makes a story out of bike messengers and bike culture but, for what it's worth, PREMIUM RUSH was a fairly fast-paced and engaging watch. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee, a New York City bike messenger who's been given an envelope to deliver. However, things get a little hairy when a dirty cop (Michael Shannon) wants to get his hands on it. That's basically it, so for those looking for something a little more complicated or substantive you might as well look elsewhere. Still, there is enough here to recommend. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is as good as he usually is, even for such a thinly written role. The real standout is Michael Shannon, who I've loved before for playing crazy or wacked-out characters. I highly doubt that his character was written so well, so I would chalk a lot of what he did to Shannon himself. He was so fun to watch, and he had a lot of great lines. Other than those two, however, the cast were basically placeholders while character development was all but absent. But yet, the film had some interesting visual elements. One of these that was used several times was when Wilee would come up to an intersection and it would visualize all of the possible scenarios in slow motion. I thought that was pretty cool, even though it got a little tiresome the last couple of times. Also, considering the lower budget, there were fill-in computer animated sequences that mapped a route from point A to point B, I guess as a means of reducing how much footage they had to shoot. I wasn't as keen on that shortcut but, again, it did look kind of cool. The final, but crucial, element which makes this film work was the bike action. It was fast-paced, energetic and filmed well. Not to mention that there was a lot of it, which should come as no surprise since most of the film is was one long chase. Overall, I wouldn't say that the film is that special with the exception of the uncommon subject matter. Bottom line, they were able to take a rather thin conceit, stretch it just enough and add some visual flair such that it makes a decent way to pass 90 minutes.
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on February 23, 2015
There is no way the premise of this movie combined with the actors makes for a good movie. Or is there? I found the movie was fun, fast paced, and had a great storyline, even if it might have been recycled from every dirty cop movie ever made. Gordon-Levitt is a talented young man and he shines in this film.
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on June 4, 2014
Fun bicycle action flick. As in the "2 Fast 2 Furious" movies, everything is solved with a bicycle where the 2 Fast movies everything is solved with a car. It is great to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt evolve in his films. I bought movie to see his acting. He doesn't let you down. Just a fun movie that you can watch and be entertained.
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on January 28, 2013
Good movie, some might say a modern Quicksilver due to the bike messenger action. You've got a nod to current bike culture with the debate between the typical geared/brake bike set-up versus the hip "fixie" culture now with no gears/brakes. Also a very tiny cameo of a modern dirt jump mountain bike. Aside from the bikes, you get a story line that is pretty much what you'll be expecting from the previews, no real surprises or twists, but good none-the-less. I would say this is kind of a light action-drama (most of the action will be from the bike scenes), with plenty of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he's a good actor and we enjoy most of his movies, so if you're a fan you won't be disappointed). On a random side note, we immediately noticed that his voice seemed deeper in this movie for some reason.
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on August 31, 2014
Please keep in mind that this is a Hollywood film, a work of fiction, not a documentary nor a training film. I'm reasonably sure the cast, crew, director, producers, and every lawyer associated with the film disavow any intent of getting people who watch this film to emulate it in their daily lives. Okay? Good!

Ever since I first watched "Bullitt" (starring Steve McQueen, 1968) I've been a fan of GOOD chase films. Gods know there are plenty of BAD films in this genre. Watching a GOOD one is that much more pleasant.

That this is a chase film relying on bicycles is even better. Yes, I'm a person who rides a bicycle daily. Because I do so I believe I see things that those who don't ride miss. Barring a few minor things this is a GOOD bicycle movie as well.

The chase scenes are terrific! There are bike-on-bike chases and car-on-bike chases and both are so well shot that I kind of forgot where I was. I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not very familiar with the geography and physical layout of Manhattan as I'm sure there are a few edits that violate space-time as we know it.

One of my favorite things about the film was the three times the lead character was shown discovering a route through traffic. There's something about finding that bike-shaped hole that draws me in.

The lead characters, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez and Jamie Chung, do a great job (though not Oscar winningly so). There isn't anything particularly new in the storyline, plot, or character relationships but what's there is presented in an entertaining manner. I never cringed during any of the love-interest scenes or the character-development dialog, both of which can be fatal to a movie like this.

It seems Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a great deal of his own riding up to and including the crash that sent him through the rear window of a cab. I believe the director used some of that footage in the film. Stick around for the first bit of credit roll as you will see the crash results.

If you want this to be an anthropological study of the NYC bicycle messenger culture you will be disappointed. You might get a Hollywood version of it, largely through the use of extras, but it isn't real.

If you want to complain about the characters riding in traffic, violating laws, and the whole "brakes are death" thing . . . well, go elsewhere. This is entertainment, damn it! ;-)
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on March 4, 2015
I'd like to give the movie 4 1/2 stars. If you are a fan of road biking, this is a must-have movie. I was not impressed with the female lead's biking skills, nor her role in the story *at all*. As a female cyclist, I found that very disappointing. It was a little unbelievable that a skinny rider using a single gear bike could best a someone who was clearly a very strong athlete on a top-of-the-line racing bike - in a straight race. That was implied in the first scene. The underlying plot is simple, so you don't have to think about it much (which is good). The actors playing the hero and antagonist were really great. Especially the bad guy.

Buy the movie!
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on April 21, 2013
"Premium Rush" was apparently a late-summer release -- not usually a help at the box office. I don't know how it did in that regard but I found it to be very exciting and visually involving with some good touches of humor along the way. The lead character "Wiley" is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whom I consider to be a very gifted actor judging from some of his earlier films, notably "Mysterious Skin" (2004) and "The Lookout" (2007). He is also fine in this film with great screen presence and physical ability; he did many of the risky bicycle stunts himself. He plays the part of a delivery guy on a bike in busy Manhattan who is attempting to deliver a package that his adversary, well played by Michael Shannon, wants to grab before he can deliver it.

Basically this is a rather simple set up story wise, but the cinematography throughout Manhattan has to be seen to be believed. The camera car is the real hero of the film and is shown in the special features section as being a highly maneuverable vehicle having a camera arm in its roof extending several feet beyond the front or back of the car. I imagine the cinematographer would be sitting in the back seat with camera controls and a video-assist set up providing control of a Panaflex hanging from the end of the arm resulting in the some very nifty shooting. Watching on a flat-screen of a decent size, the viewer's sense of motion and involvement is undeniable. Gordon-Levitt's "Wiley" character hooks us right from the start and we are on the bike with him thanks to the subjective POV shooting made possible with the camera car.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had a few small but important roles in some recent big-ticket pictures; I'm predicting that his blockbuster is not too far away. :.
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