Customer Reviews: Prepper's Underground Guide to Improvised Weapons! How to Protect Yourself Without a Firearm Using Everyday Items!
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on November 9, 2013
Perhaps a good reason to read this little book is to think about these desperate "weapons" and how poorly this may go. It is about hand to hand combat that is mostly bound to go poorly.
Very poorly -- unless you go over this and realize you should be much better prepared, and not rely on finding a handy broom or wrench to save your life.

Better to arrange some precautions so you will not be in this situation. Yes, out in a car you might want to put a small bat (and ball)- or a screw driver, or golf club just in case. But out walking none of these things will be available. And at home ---- no excuse for needing this.

At home -- do prepare. Drill a quarter inch hole in the floor inside exterior doors about a foot from the open edge for a phillips screw driver - even a broken dead bolt will not matter as the door flops and will not open. Make a loop of nylon strap to go around the knob of the bedroom door, fastened to the frame with a three inch screw and washer -- easy out, very hard and noisy to get in. A safe room for $5.

For any extreme like personal combat have a pocket knife-- a special one, not seen, like Spyderco delica a 2.9 inch blade that locks. Then a panic response to being in a choke hold just may save your life. Have a cop flashlight with 5 or 6 D cells - a club and a light. And a .12 ga shotgun -- double barrel so you can load peas or rock salt in one barrel to scare away, have a great club, and be the winner for sure. Just never, as described in this book 'preppers Undergroun Guide'---be in a fight with an intruder using a bar or soap and a wood spoon. Just don't.
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on July 10, 2013
I have to admit that I was initially put off by the chintzy and dark looking cover, but the title sounded promising and I am glad that I purchased it.

This book is a veritable smörgåsbord of ideas for possible defensive weapons. The author focuses specifically on weapons that aren't really weapons. I guess you could call them dual purpose tools. The author is constantly evaluating how these "weapons" would appear to the police if you were stopped somehow. He focuses on defensive tools that are societally acceptable to carry with you.

The books starts with an introduction to fighting with impact weapons with an overview of why impact tools are superior to using only our bodies, proper targeting, angles, and quite a bit of "legalese" about the use of force. There are better books on the use of force and I would recommend that you pick up something by Rory Miller and skip this section.

He then moves on to innocuous looking items that you can carry with you that will double as impact weapons in a fight. Then the author goes from room to room in the house and highlights the possible defensive tools in each room. The author wraps up the book with some content on edged weapons and how to find or create improvised versions of them.

The book was properly formatted for my kindle and the photos worked very well with the text. It has a linked table of contents that is easily accessed from the "Go to..." menu and you can easily flip from chapter to chapter. The font was larger than usual.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants the upper hand in an unexpected fight. For me, this book opened up a world of possibilities and got me looking at everything around me to evaluate how it could be used as a weapon.

If you enjoy reading about personal security and tactics, I also recommend Tactical Bible Stories: Personal Security Tips from the Bible for more advice on keeping you and your family safe in dangerous times.

If you enjoy reading about survival and prepping and want a slightly different perspective, I also recommend Ultralight Survival: Make a Small and Light Bug Out Bag That Could Save Your Life for specific advice on creating the lightest and most efficient bug-out-bag possible.
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on December 5, 2012
As far as a beginning book on improvised weapons this is a pretty good start. Eventhough I knew about most of t hem there were several that were new to me. The author did give some thought in putting this book together and he did a pretty good job. Even if you don't fall into the "prepper" category there are useful weapons described if you happen to get caught in a spot without a traditional weapon to protect you and yours. I'm sure most people can come up with many others but that is the idea, getting people to think.
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on January 9, 2013
This is an amusing and serious book at the same time. I like the writer's style and as a self-defense teacher for more tha 30 years I am always looking for new tricks, weapons and tactics. I knew a lot of the improvised weapons, but there were a lot of items that I overlooked or did not know. Women, younger and older people should always consider an armed response to an illegal attack, but please think, before you get in a situation with an attacker or with the police .... The writer gives good advice, that's for sure.
I would add some psychology of an attack, because that is very important, the adrenaline rush can disable the strongest martial artist or turn a little boy into a seasoned fighter ... My favourite weapon will always be the folder, but the one I used against an actual attacker was a simple flashlight (AA), what I remember the most about the fight was that the flashlight was very efficient, I was shaking afterwards and later very angry for years.(for not following trough, which is a bad idea.)
Another thing to remember ... train, decide what to use as a weapon before something happens (if possible). When I heard burglars in my house I could not decide right away what to use as a primary or secondary weapon (I have a large collection of all kinds of weapons), now I would go for the impact weapon, that's what the author is trying to tell us in this great, little book.
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on October 19, 2014
Simplistic. Stuff I was aware of but not cognizant about using. Refreshing memory. You can achieve most of the stuff without the book with common sense, but he afforded me the opportunity to review my options. Being 70 I need all the options I can get despite my CCW. He is definitely sensitive about killing an opponent and for good reasons or sensible reasons. Cover could have been more appealing and Prepper's was not essential as it isolates a group. Read it in two days and wandered about the house looking at everything I could possibly do or use for a blunt instrument. His attitude regarding carry of implements made dynamic sense given the military style policing that is occurring today. You can figure most of this stuff out yourself but he certainly reduces the learning curve.
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on January 5, 2013
When most folks thing of weapons, they immediately come up with guns and knives. This little book goes waaaaayyyyy beyond guns and knives. It's downright amazing what/how you can come up with something either moderately lethal or extremely lethal! Kinda scary, but very informative.
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on March 11, 2013
If you don't know everything in this book, or couldn't think of it on your own, you have no chance anyway! I have been in the military and had some training, but I thought this book would have much more. There is nothing more than a page worth of information in this. Hit them with something hard. Use something sharp if warranted. Throw something hard in a sock. Maybe use a chain or a baseball bat. Fold up a magazine. Hit in sensitive areas. There. I just covered about everythng in here and saved you some money!
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on February 17, 2013
I think everyone should read this book. Young or old ,loaded with simple life saving advice. Very easy to understand and information that could save you or your loved ones lives. I am a Marine (retired) and this book helped me refresh what I knew and also had extra info on things I did not know. Look, buy the book. The price is great and so is life.
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on July 13, 2013
The best thing I got about this book is that it has a lot of ideas about survival stuff, I mean, I have my own ideas about improvised weapons, but, not all of them. And also, I never thought about consequences about it.
The aftermath section of the book is simply amazing, all that stuff about questions (and answers) you have to tell the police when the police arrive is a very handy information.
Even the section of "how to use the weapons" was a good idea, nobody was born knowing that. And it is very clear. Maybe you can't believe it, but I have seen lots of people that don't know how to use even a broom as a weapon.
The book is good and a real deal. It is the kind of information that I find it works
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on December 22, 2012
You always hope you'll never need to think about anything in this book but I'd still rather know than not. Particularly good information about how common objects might be misconstrued as weapons by law enforcement.
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