Customer Reviews: Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
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on August 29, 2008
First of all, the reason we bought this is because, in general, percolators make great tasting coffee. They can turn even the worst quality beans into a good cup of coffee. Initially, the Presto lived up to our expectations. And after doing the following, it is once again making great cups of coffee.

Tip #1 - Grind your coffee using the appropriate setting.

After some usage, we would at times get a mouthful of grinds. We realized it was important to use the percolator setting on the coffee grinder at the supermarket. Since then, an occasional coffee grind finds its way into our cup.

Tip #2 - Clean the filter basket with a brush.

Despite cleaning the pot before each usage, the coffee was gradually getting weaker each day. We then realized that the holes in the bottom of the filter basket were clogged. We could not unclog them using a sponge so I started poking each one individually with a toothpick before deciding there was no way we would have the time or patience to do it every day. So, we tried a brush with plastic bristles and, within seconds, the basket was completely unclogged. So, we bought a small brush with a long handle and use it to clean the filter basket and the bottom of the pot.
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on January 18, 2007
I thought my Hamilton Beach percolator was decent for the price, I even wrote a review about it in December, 2006. One week later, this 1-year old coffee maker was barely keeping the coffee hot. Then I visited my son in Alaska at Christmas and noticed that his 6-yr old Presto percolator was still delivering great, hot coffee in record time. I returned home, ordered my Presto 12-cup percolator and am highly impressed. It's lighter, easier to load, easier to pour, easier to clean, perks ultra-fast and makes a great, hot cup of coffee. Because of its lighter stainless steel pot, it cools down faster if you want to make a second batch of coffee right away. (We make two pots and pour the first batch into a thermos for back-up when company comes) Based on its performance, I'm surprised the price is so reasonable.
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on February 28, 2009
I am a coffee drinker, and have been for decades. I have tried most systems out there-French Press, Filters of all kinds, stovetop espresso pots, etc. Of all of those, French Press makes pretty good coffee. But this Presto percolator extracts more flavor than any of them to my taste.

Here are some clues. The kitchen fills with the smell of coffee brewing. It's nice, and I haven't smelled that wonderful, welcoming smell in a long time. The coffee comes out rich and thick. For those of you that use cream or milk, you will still have a decent coffee flavor after the addition.

The pot itself is a fairly simple device. I am sure there is a micro-processor thermostat under the black base, but still a simple device. All parts are Stainless Steel. The pot, the basket holder, the basket and the basket top. No plastic touches the coffee. Parts, should they become damaged for any reason are easily available from the Presto site. But with reasonable treatment these are sturdy, workable pieces of coffee brewing goodness.

The brew cycle is regulated by the amount of water in the pot. I have tried making four cup, six cup, eight cup, and ten cup batches. Following the directions that come with the pot or that area available on the Presto site will yield weaker or stronger brews according to your taste. One just has to experiment a bit to get a feel for it.

The brew cycle ends with a flourish of percing. Then the light on the front goes off. Here's what they don't tell you. Wait another minute or so till the last batch of water filters through the basket, then open the top take out the basket top and then the basket and brewpipe. Pop the top back on. The coffee will stay hot for as long as you leave the pot plugged in. And at a good hot temp, too.

This holding part of the cycle is a double edged sword. Coffee definitely looses its full flavor after a while, but the coffee will stay hot for as long as the pot is plugged in. I recommend making several smaller batches over the day rather than just brewing a big one. That hassle aside, I haven't yet let the pot burn with no coffee in it.

All in all, this Presto pot brews a great cup of coffee in batches from four to twelve cups. Best purchase to my quality of life I have made in some time. Highly recommended.

1/27/2014--The Presto 02811 still percing away! I have experimented with different coffee grinds and techniques. Now finers grinds flow through the basket holes leaving considerable sediment in the pot. More coarse grinds don't, BUT you either have to use more coffee to get full flavor or find a way to extend the brew.....Here's my solution. I grind my medium roasted beans one notch before the coarsest setting on the grocery grinder. This results in very little sediment in the coffee pot after brewing. I will put six tablespoons of ground coffee into the basket. Then I get the pot, add the brewing tube, and fill the pot with ice from my freezer to the eight cup mark. Then I get filtered chilled water from my fridge dispenser and also fill the pot with water to the eight cup mark. Now add the covered basket to the pot, snap on the pot cover, and plug it in. This tastes really good to me when it is done, though it takes a bit longer in the brewing.
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on May 20, 2015
The nut that secures the heating element is made from aluminum. Other reviewers have stated the heating element is aluminum as well.

Some reviewers have commented this coffee pot lends a metallic taste to the coffee. I too found the coffee to have a strange taste which got worse over time.

After discovering the nut corroding at the bottom of the pot, I called the manufacturer. The manufacturer confirmed via email the nut was made from aluminum.

See attached photo depicting the corroded aluminum nut at the bottom of the pot.
review image
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on January 9, 2010
This makes great tasting coffee. I used Auto drip for years, but nothing beats the taste of a perc. Bought this on another site.
I put the water in, then I use a standard auto drip filter, push the filter down kinda center, til it pokes a hole in the filter, then form around, then add your coffee,keeping a finger over the tube hole, to not let coffee down the tube. or use one of the flat disk filters. When its perked, you also can carefully remove the basket and tube, and put top back on, then when you pour the coffee, you should have no coffee grounds at all. Using a filter media is a must to keep from having the small holes clog up in the metal basket, and if it does, it takes forever to unclog each hole with a needle or pin or toothpick. So use the filter trick. I set this up and plug it in, and then take my shower every morning, and when i get out its ready to drink. Less than 10-12 mins for a perc is fantastic, and well worth it. Wish they made autotimers for percs, but you could set this up, and use a on off plug timer to have this auto kick on, and perc, and shut off at certain times. I only drink columbian coffee and I cant tell you the difference it makes when made in a perc and not a auto drip.
Had this product for over a year and use it every day. Still percs great hot coffee. Would buy again. If you want clean the inside, use a cascade dishwasher packet, put it in the basket without a filter, and run it with the full 12 cups like your making coffee, then after it sets a few mins. unplug it, rinse it well. And the coffee stains residue is gone. Update had this for 5 years still going. I use it every day. Only wish is I wish they made the basket lid when it stay on more secure like the Faber Ware perc.
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on June 19, 2014
Great looking coffee pot that's easy to clean, just rinse out and dry. Makes anywhere from 2 to 12 cups of coffee at a time and does so pretty quickly. Power cord is a bit short, coming in at 24" in length but I'm sure longer replacement sizes are available elsewhere. Although I can recommend this coffee pot for the great coffee it makes please be WARNED... this coffee pot makes very hot coffee and the outside of the stainless steel container is extremely hot, not to be used on counters where children may be present and also keep any type of bread wrappers (plastic) away from this unit for they will surely burn and stick to the coffee maker. Otherwise an excellent product.
review image review image
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on September 12, 2006
I have used this percolator every day for 9 years. It gives me great coffee every morning!
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on May 2, 2007
I've used every type of coffee maker around. I look for all stainless- that means NO plastic or aluminum contacting the water----this has been a great product for me--I love perked coffee. When I'm not using this I use a Cona glass vacuum maker--- I'm a purist about materials and coffee making. Presto has been the most reliable of all my electric percs. It's all stainless.
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on April 6, 2009
I've had this pot for about 2 yrs now and love it.
However I have recently noticed the 12 min brewing time was getting longer, up to 20 min. I thought I had to replace it as being defective.
Turns out the 2 screws on the bottom of the unit were coming loose, I just tightened them up and now it's back to a 12min brew cycle.

Another 12 months have passed aprox and I have noticed that the brewing time is getting longer again. Aprox 16 min instead of 12.
I also noticed the 'click' of the temperature sensors (thermistors) happens more frequently and the pot not 'perking' as much.
So one of the 2 sensors is getting weak and shutting off early, cycling the heating element more often and extends the brewing time
as the water doesn't heat as fast if it keeps shutting off.

Remove the two screws on the bottom and lift off the black base and you will see 2 brown sensors held down on the bottom of the pot by a metal band.
One is closer to the center and mounts on the side of the center heating unit.

If your brewing time is getting longer, gently lift that sensor (or unscrew the one hold down screw) and slide a small piece of Aluminum foil (1 layer thickness) between the sensor and the pot Make the foil the same size as the bottom of the sensor (aprox)so it doesn't contact any electrical contacts.
There is some white grease that conducts heat more efficiently, which in this case you don't want so don't worry about it.
The foil still conducts the heat but makes the sensor 'less' sensitive. And this will bring your brewing time back to the 12 min point.
You will also notice that during the 12 min brew cycle the pot Perks more like it did when it was new!!!

The other Sensor (furthest from the center) mounted on the bottom of the pot still turns off the pot when the overall temp of the coffee reaches it's limit.
I tested the pot with just water and it brings the temp to 178 deg which is the same as it was before the (aluminum foil) fix.

8/26/2012 I am very pleased to say that my "Presto" is Still working like new!
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on October 27, 2012
I bought this percolator for my husband and one of the main reasons I did so is because it is advertised as being made from stainless steel. The pot and basket are stainless steel but the socket that the tube fits in to that shoots the hot water up to the basket is NOT. In fact, it is aluminum as is the nut that holds it in place. I did not realize this when purchased as these parts are a silver anodized colored to look like the stainless pot but they have oxidized and turned black in which residue comes off terribly when cleaning. NO, it's not from the coffee, it is oxidation and when you clean the pot with "dip it", it turns a grey color to which a magnet will not stick. Comparing this to an older Farberware brand, it is obvious the parts in question are not stainless steel. We've had this percolator for about 6 months and I'm back to order a new 12 cup Farberware as it still has an all stainless steel interior and we feel that if we are going to develop alzheimers later in life, it's not going to be from drinking aluminum oxide from this pot.
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