Customer Reviews: Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder, White
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VINE VOICEon May 30, 2008
This thing rocks for shredding cheese! My family doesn't like the pre-shredded stuff, and loves to just grab handfuls of freshly shredded cheddar cheese to munch on. However, normally shredding cheese involved grating your knuckles in the process, and a lot of arm muscle. Enter, the Salad Shooter!

I purchased my Salad Shooter last November. I buy 2 lb bricks of Tillamook cheese, and cut them into 5 pieces so they'll fit into the chute. This is the most time consuming part of shredding cheese for me now, and it doesn't take that long! Then, I shred the cut sections of cheese. Yes, the Salad Shooter is loud, but it only takes me seconds to shred 2 pounds of cheese. So, I don't mind the noise.

Clean up is easy. A quick rinse to get the bigger bits of stuck cheese off (not sure if this is even necessary, but I do it anyway), and then everything goes in the dishwasher, except for the motor bit, and that only rarely needs a quick wipe with a paper towel. I love it.

I've probably shredded about 30 pounds of cheese with my Salad Shooter, and it's still going strong. For every family gathering, I volunteer to bring the shredded cheese.... it's just so much easier for me to do it.

*Update: October 6, 2008* I've probably shredded well over 60 lbs of cheese now with my Salad Shooter, and it still looks brand new. Since I wash everything in the dishwasher, I kept expecting rust spots to show up on the metal grating part, but there's no rust to be found. I'm very pleased!

**2nd update: July 2010** Still going strong.... I don't even want to guess how many pounds of cheese I've shredded with this Salad Shooter! :) Shredding blade cone had a hairline crack in the plastic part of it for several months but I kept using it, and now there's a bigger crack near it. Ordered a replacement cone directly from Presto this month, arrived in 4 days. I have a habit of pushing hard on the cheddar cheese in the chute, so I think that put a lot of stress on the shredding cone. 2 and a half years for that first shredding cone isn't bad, though, seeing what I put it through!

*Another update: March 2013* I still use this shredder and it's still going strong! =)
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on November 25, 2008
I should have had one years ago but no one told me how wonderful the Salad Shooter is. My husband loves it also & uses it equally. I keep it on the counter next to the coffee maker with the large slicer attached.
It's small, pretty & gets used almost daily. Cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini - rinse, cut small slice off ends & drop in Salad Shooter. Out the other end come beautiful slices that get eaten in our salads instead of looking good in the refrigerator. Mushrooms slice in a few seconds & look so attractive on casseroles or salad. Wash 3 potatoes, cut in half & insert in SS. I shoot them directly onto a cookie pan. Spritz a little oil or not - add some paprika & grated parmesan - into a 350 oven for 25 minutes & instant potato chips that are good for you. Radishes, celery, lettuce head, cabbage - everything comes out looking beautiful. Switch to grating cone & I can grate 2 pounds of cheddar or other cheese in about 2 minutes. I place it in a plastic tub for use during the week. The SS is easy to clean - no cuts on hands from knives or hand graters. We read the reviews about the noise. It is noisy - for about 30 seconds but who cares? Our cats are not afraid of it. My husband loves salads & makes a big one for both of us. How I wish I had owned this when my children were growing up. It is so light to hold, powerful, pretty - I am going to give it for gifts from now on. I keep the other cones in a zip bag under the counter. I can't find anything bad about this appliance. What a wonderful addition to our family.


Back with more info. After 6 months I am still in love with this kitchen toy. Now - for the men who longed for sliced cheese. Buy an 8 ounce block of cheddar, Monterey Jack etc. set up cheese on end on paper towel or plastic wrap. Use a fairly sharp knife & cut the package in half lengthwise so you have 2 tall pieces of cheese about 6" tall by 2" wide. Place one block at a time in your SS with the slicer cone & shoot slices into a container (I like the plastic containers that come with luncheon meat). Carry your container of cheese slices & a box of crackers to the TV or your computer & you have perfect little appetizers.
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on January 18, 2007
I had a small version of salad shooter, it was great, used it for so many years, but now the blade was dull, and I kind have to push the veggy into the machine to be cut them. I decided the next salad shooter I buy should be slightly larger. So I bought this salad shooter professional series, which is great, having some features that are so important in a kitchen where cooking takes place almost every day: multiple cones to change, large feeding place for the veggy, fast, light, eassy to clean including in the dishwasher,still small enough to store in small spaces,efortless to cut and shread your veggy, no need for knife and cutting board.

What I like the most about this product is the fact that when I put veggy in it to be cut, shread..., the machine almost vaccum them in to be cut, so I do not have to push it in, probable du to sharp blades an fast speed of rotation of the blades. This way your work is done in no time.

In my oppinion it is a tool you must have in the kitchen.
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on May 5, 2009
The Salad Shooter Professional is a great gadget. It slices or shreds most any salad item with ease. The clean up is so simple.

One problem though. The retaining collar attaches with 3 small plastic tabs. After two uses, two of the tabs broke off, which means I have to tape it on to hold the cones in place. I contacted Presto via email twice, but so far, they have not responded.

Their website offers the collar for $3 plus S&H, but I shouldn't have to pay for a less-than-two month old item with a one year warranty.

I would consider this lack of service when purchasing future Presto products.
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VINE VOICEon August 18, 2007
The SaladShooter is great. Previously, I was unaware that it did anything other than chop up vegetables but I was wrong. It can grate cheese. After reading the reviews about it having this feature, I decided to purchase it and I'm glad that I did. Before, grating cheese was such a chore. Grating 6 blocks of cheese took almost an hour, now it takes less than 3 minutes.
I, of course, don't use the SaladShooter just for grating cheese, I also use it for vegetables. However, the cheese grating feature was the main selling point for me.
I also love the multiple attachments which allows you to chop and slice like a dream.

The only negative is that this product is a real pain to clean. When you're shredding, the food particles do not just stay inside the shredding attachment, it goes underneath it. This makes the interior of the unit very messy. I find that no matter what I slice, food particles get stuck in the crevices of the device.

However, I would still buy the SaladShooter again in a heartbeat. The cleaning of this unit is still faster than the time it would take to manually slice and shred.

Great product.
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on April 1, 2014
After grating off a chunk of my pinkie, I've had enough of my evil grater and started looking for a faster and safer solution to my shredded carrots addiction.
Following tons and tons of research, I bought the supremely ugly SaladShooter. It does what it is advertised to do, and does it beautifullly. I can shred 5 lb of carrots in minutes. MINUTES! Washing them and cutting off all the ends takes more time.

Just why does it have to be so very ugly? It also stains from certain veggies right away, in my case obviously carrots, so I wish it came in red or black instead of offwhite.

I uploaded pictures to show the uglyness of orange stains.
review image review image
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on February 24, 2006
when I bougth this product I never thought that it was going to help me much, but now I can tell you that it has changed my life. I use it for all my salads. I reccommend using it with hash browns, cheese, carrots, radishes, cucumber, sliced potatoes, and so on. Since it has different slicers you can choose whichever you like the best. I reccommend it a lot!
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on November 7, 2007
FOLLOW UP: 1-15-2010

After 2 years of use (about 4 times a month), the plastic gear shaft that plugs into the main mechanism was never properly snug. So, it stripped out and as well, the area where the shaft is inserted into is also stripped, i.e., both the base mechanism and grater holder are stripped.

Maybe the plastic used is too soft?

So, anyway, can't use it at all and there is no way to repair it. Definitely not as solidly made as the ones 2 plus decades ago. Big waste of money. Bought many new graters and no way to use them unless I buy a completely new machine. Do not want to waste my money on a new one. Will buy a food processor instead.


Needs a Second Size Grater

Good old Salad Shooter. Got a cordless one back in the mid-80s and loved it, but they stopped making the battery piece for it and mine died. Should have bought the one with the cord, so I could still use it.

With the Professional version, the blades and feeding shoot are bigger and wider than the basic Salad Shooter, but sadly, there is only one grating blade and it grates in thick results. So, you have to go to [...] to order variable grater sizes.

No fine grating here. That's good for carrots (FYI, celery does NOT grate well in this -- it clogs horribly, use a different blade), but if you want your parmesan delicate, you will need to then put it in a food processor to pulverize it to powder. No in-between solution for thin, grated cheese.

Kind of defeats my main purpose of the shooter. Would have preferred to see 2 types of grating blades in the package.

Easy clean up (except be warned, when you grate cheese a good dollop is left behind the twist-on ring and in the bottom of the shoot). A little clumsy getting the unit to snap together. The old basic Shooter was easier to lock and load.

Otherwise, seems to be a strong tool (it's a bit loud) -- had it about 3 months; so far so good.
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on January 23, 2012
UPDATE, 5/10/13: Downgraded to two stars. I hardly use this anymore. There are too many things it can't slice/shred well (celery, onions, anything of that caliber); it stains (especially with carrots), is hard to clean, and is loud. Yeah, you can expect it to handle raw potatoes, zucchini, cucumber well. But a regular food processor could do a better job with less rumble, wiggle, and noise. If you have to shred a lot of carrots (especially since the stain lasts), it still works for that, too. But food sticks everywhere in the thing. I understand the problem now: the blades a) aren't sharp enough, and b) are too flat, so a lot of what you're trying to slice, just whirs round between the cone and the motor turning the cone. A real mess.

If anyone claims they can shred cheese with it, they must be nearly freezing the cheese beforehand, and the cleanup must be horrendous. I'm in the market for something to replace this ill-designed airplane. It sits on top of my range ledge, gathering dust, and is not at all easy to store. Seems like all food processors are problems, these days. Original review, follows below.


Just got this from Amazon. Have never used an appliance like this before. So this review will be piecemeal, as I learn the product.

UPDATE in this paragraph: they should redesign the product with a wide chute instead of a tall one, and with a corresponding chute pusher cup. That way, if you divide the chute pusher cup it will be meaningful, and a wide chute would accommodate whole onions and potatoes. They could design a wide chute so that it's sideways, thus not increasing the depth of the machine. End this paragraph's update.

Initial reaction: This is a VERY screechy machine, far louder than a blender. Not a product you'd use for small amounts of food, unless you want wafer-thin slicing (i.e., carrots, using the grey cone). You can slice a few vegetables and clean up in less time than it takes to plug in the product, select the right slicing cone, rinse off the affected parts, and re-assemble. Figure 2-5 minutes wash-up. A simple knife and cutting-board rinse off takes one minute. So you'd use this product if you have a lot of slicing, or you want to do fancy slicing/paring/cutting, or the manual act of slicing bugs you. And with carrots or other vegetables, you must immediately soak the parts, lest they stain. The cones hold a lot of residual material, so if you process larger amounts of food, you might have to take the machine apart, remove the residue, and resume.

This machine won't work well with tomatoes or other fruits/vegetables of like softness, because the flesh won't cut well. However, if you flash freeze the fruit first, you might get better results. (Flash-freeze means putting the fruit/veggie/cheese in the freezer for 10-15 minutes until it's firm, but not frozen).

Also, the product is large (Professional), but if placed sideways, is narrow enough to sit on the top ledge of my electric stove (that jutting-up back portion with the clock and the dial controls, about 3" wide ledge). Neither machine nor cones store handily, but the cones do stack atop each other. Nice that it's white, not black (who on earth likes a black kitchen, yecchhh). Would have preferred a color, but as we all have different color themes in our kitchens, white is better than light-absorbing black. You could take a standard Mixmaster fabric cover (like from the 1960's) and cover it, to create color.

Product disassembles well, and the only cleaning problems will be the blades themselves (within the cones, hence safer); and the socket into which each spinning cone, goes. Means immediate washout after using, to avoid food sticking (use an old toothbrush). Not happy about that, but it beats the typical blender where the blade is at the bottom of the bowl, so you have to exercise caution when you empty the bowl. The other Salad Shooter advantage, is that the cones are easier to change than blades within a typical bowl processor. And let's not even talk about the mandolin slicers, etc.

Manual is well-written. Says it will handle the foods you expect it to handle, will not handle ice, whole coffee beans, will handle nuts. Manual doesn't recommend processing meat or tomatoes.

Usage Results: LOUD. Like a high-pitched chainsaw; five times louder than blenders I remember, sound vaguely like airplanes landing. I happen to like that sound. But if you live with others, don't make any late-night or early-morning meals with this thing. Takes two hands to hold, machine vibrates and whines due to the cone whir, so steadiness isn't easy. The blades are meant for hard foods.

Tried to slice a fresh onion with it, NIGHTMARE CITY. The onion never went throught the grey slicing cone, finally had to unplug, then dip the cone into water to get the small bits of onion there, else had to tap it out of the food chute, largely uncut. As if the blades were too dull, but more likely the slimy film over onion layers (even when peeled) impaired blade slice-ability. Manual says the Shooter will handle onion, so long as you don't grate it. Guess they didn't mean Spanish onion, because the latter doesn't work at all, at least not in the grey slicer. Would have been great to slice onions with it, to avoid tears. Guess again. But the cone just wouldn't slice, no matter how I vertically positioned the quartered onion, no matter how gently, loosely, tightly, evenly or hard I 'guided' the food pusher.

REVIEW UPDATE: It works fine on carrots, uniquely paper-thin: impossible to do that by hand, or with any other type of blender/processor I've ever used or seen. Shoots out in an array, if you want to 'design' as you shoot, but the output is sporadic: don't move the Shooter too quickly. This was the main reason I wanted the Shooter, as I hate cutting carrots. So it was worth buying for this function alone, since I'm a carrot junkie.

(No extra charge, onion-disaster consequence: throw onion in with Family Size Mushroom Soup can plus one can Mackerel; add water, smoke flavoring and powdered garlic to taste in greased caldera, heat on low for an hour until onion is soft. Tastes great hot or cold.)

It did chop cashews well, though very messy to clean. Less mess, had I used a conventional food processor. So this product won't replace a food processor.

Edit again, 2/2012. Finally tried it with yellow and like-shaped squash. Grey cone is for paper-thin slices, but the white cone is better. Thinner slices 'stick' better to lettuce, etc. but a slightly thicker slice means better taste, so use the white cone. Tried the grater cone, too. Cleanup is a hassle, you have to rinse everything IMMEDIATELY; again, carrot slicing stains everything, so you MUST soak or rub off the stain. More cleanup than with a regular food processor -- but no food processor I know of, can slice so evenly and thinly. Same for the grater cone.

Grated size is a lot thinner than the size of the holes, which I don't much like; thickly-grated items have more taste. Thinner is prettier, but do you make food to look at it, or to eat it? I dread the idea of shredding cheese with this, unless the cheese is almost frozen, for it will stick to the cones and everywhere else inside -- cheese grated too thinly, loses its taste.

That division inside the pusher cup for a 'small load' is useless; never split the pusher cup. Instead, If the vegetable is longer than the chute, use your hand to push the vegetable while you run the machine, until the remainder of the vegetable is somewhat below the chute top. Then 'top' the vegetable with the pusher cup. Apply even pressure.

The funnel is tricky. Food gets stuck in it, unless you wiggle the Shooter from side to side (turning your wrist back and forth) while also with your other hand, pushing the cup down while running the machine. So the funnel dumps the grated material in clumps.

The directions warn you not to use this for celery, with good reason: the strings will create a nightmare. But I just now (3/4/2012) used it on celery and the slices came out wonderfully. Yes, some strings wrapped around the cone, but they rinsed off easily. Hint hint: after you process other veggies, do the celery last. They tend to clean out prior residue, don't know why. The slices are too thin for my liking, but you need them thin for flavoring sauces or soups, stir-fry, etc. Yippeee!
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on October 10, 2013
The cones that the Professional Salad Shooter comes with are:
Ripple cut cone
Medium shred cone
Thick slice cone
Thin slice cone
and a Funnel guide

If you want any other cones, go to gopresto .com:

Medium Slice Cone
Fine Shred Cone
Super Shred Cone

Hubby and I do pizza night every Friday. This means, we make 4-8 pizzas from scratch and invite everyone whom can come over. It was super annoying having to have one person grate cheese all night, so we started buying per-shredded- talk about more expensive and it had a "waxy" texture; because that is what the manufactures put on the per-shredded cheese so it doesn't stick to itself. Finally, at a totally non pizza related event, I was telling my friend how I made my own laundry detergent which involved grating a whole bar of soap and a little old lady whom overheard the conversation asked if I had tried a salad shooter to grate the soap- than ranted how great it was for cheese. Long and short of it, turns out my mom in law had one- which was a gift and never used. I used it during a huge family get together at her house when we were making cheese and it was like I had invented fire. Everyone at the family gathering went nuts. How many years have we spent grating our own cheese?! Needless to say, We are all in love with the salad shooter. I love this one because it is twice the size of my mom in laws, and I believe the motor will hold up better (after about 10 minutes of using her small one, it starts to smell, but it has been sitting in a cupboard for who knows how long). Buy this thing if you cook!!
To be honest, it will take up some space and it isn't that pretty to look at it- but it is so awesome and worth it!! This unit is twice the size as the ones from the stores. It is fairly easy to wash if you just rinse it out as soon as you are done using it. The cheese goops up in it sometimes, but that isn't an issue. Sometimes when assembling for use, if you don't push the cone in all the way, the salad shooter wont start, so just push and jiggle the cone until it goes.
P.S. I also ordered the small shredding cone from the presto web site for mozzarella- don't waist your money on the tiny hand crank cheese shredders like olive garden has.
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