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on July 10, 2012
I am going to write a review of the book, which I did read all the way through, as best I can without getting into my personal feelings about Casey Anthony and Jose Baez. I read the book because after the trial, I still could not understand what actually happened to Caylee, and was hoping to get some new information. The book did not provide me with anything factual that could go towards answering my questions, however.

I have two major problems with the book: (1) Baez uses it as an opportunity to bash Jeff Ashton relentlessly, and arrogantly. He resents Ashton's behavior and characterizations of him, rightly so, and yet stoops to the same level. Baez states that he is a classy, talented lawyer, and yet dives right down into the worst behaviors himself. This made it difficult to read the book for content. (2) The book left many unanswered questions for me:

(a) the alleged sexual abuse. This was never proven, and never corroborated by anyone. Casey told several people that she had been groped by her adolescent brother, but never alleged any abuse by her father, when she had every opportunity and motive to do so, had it been true. In fact, in her jailhouse letter to Robin Adams, she says that she DOESN'T remember her father abusing her, only her brother, which consisted of touching her breasts. Baez, however, states that she told people of "the abuse", but he never says that she only mentioned her brother. Misleading at best, and amounts to falsehood about the abuse statements.

(b) the duct tape attached to the hair mat. I was not present at the trial and did not see the pictures, but in the coroner's report, it is stated that duct tape was attached to the hair mat, and had held the mandible attached to the skull. Baez dances all around this by saying that if the body was moved, the duct tape couldn't have held the mandible in place. Or maybe wouldn't have, or maybe something else. He doesn't explain the duct tape being attached to the hair mat, which indicates that it was wrapped around Caylee's face.

(c) the body was moved. Baez makes a huge case that the body was moved, yet tries to prevent the prosecution from talking about animals chewing on and scattering the bones. He states that he could not, and still cannot, see the relevance of this, even though the judge told him that "you said the body was moved". The body was moved, animals moved the body, nobody argues that animals moved the body, hence relevance. Enough said on that?

(d) Casey's own statements about the smell in the car. Casey NEVER explained the smell as "garbage". She stated on multiple occasions in verifiable text messages that the smell was from "two squirrels", "plastered to the frame of my car", and that finally she had "taken care of it". Interestingly, this phrase "take care of it" is exactly what Casey says that George Anthony told her he would do with Caylee's body. More on that.

(e) George's knowledge of the alleged drowning. There is no evidence or corroboration that George Anthony had any knowledge of, or participation in, Caylee's alleged drowning or removal of the body. Baez asserts on many occasions that Casey used "compartmenalization" as a coping strategy, but never speculates that she might have discovered Caylee's body herself, imagined what her furious parents would yell at her, and then told HERSELF "I'll take care of it", as she said she did with the alleged stinking squirrels on the frame of her car. If she compartmentalized, she could easily have done so in the case of a drowning or other accident. In fact, many of her friends speculated exactly that, that "there was an accident, and Casey told herself a story until she believed it".

(f) the "accident that spiraled out of control". Kristal Holloway is reported to have said that George told her that Caylee's death was "an accident that spiraled out of control". Baez says that he knows this is true, because Casey told him the same story! (Laughable and speaks for itself.) In fact, many people speculated that it was an accident that got out of control: Cindy Anthony, Det. Melich, Amy, Jesse, and other friends of Casey. It was the easiest story to believe, and the fact that George put it forward does not mean that he KNEW what happened, any more than Jesse Grund did when he made the same statement.

(g) the drowning story changed over time, even within the book. Baez reports that one of his "shrinks", as he insists on calling them, was told by Casey that George drowned Caylee deliberately, to cover up sex abuse. To me, this is no more credible than the Zanny-the-Nanny story, or the "timer55" threat in jail. In addition, and this really bothers me because it was never been explained, Cindy Anthony stated in her interview with Dr. Phil after the trial, that she was told (by Baez) that Caylee drowned and Casey panicked. Later she (Casey) went to where she had dumped the body and could no longer find it. Since she could not produce the body, she was afraid her drowning story would not be believed. Why is this story, which Cindy claims to have been told by the defense, so very different from the one that came out at trial? If this story is true, that Casey returned to the dump site and could not find the body (perhaps because it was moved by animals), isn't this more believable than trying to tie in another person without any proof? In fact, it would alleviate the necessity of complicated speculation about Roy Kronk hiding the body.

And that is my final criticism of the book: it consists of a litany of speculations stated as fact, without any proof, corroboration, or evidence other than "Casey said so and it makes sense to me". The defense needed to create reasonable doubt, which could have been done without venturing into these complicated stories of hiding and abuse, stories told by a known liar. That Baez did so at trial, and continues to insist that these stories are true, makes everything he says difficult to believe.
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on August 6, 2012
I am kinda glad this book came out. It has not only flopped, but I also believe it has hurt the Anthony's and Casey's chances of getting a book published and for that I am grateful. The book is full of lies that are proven to be lies by court documents. This book has sunk so fast in the sales ranking. Readers that have an interest in reading non-fiction want just that a book based on facts. Rather than help to make him look genuine, the book has made Baez look bad. The mean spiteful way he discribes others in his book, while patting himself on the back, is unbelievable.
My thanks goes out to everyone that has went back and researched the court documents and posted the links to them right alsong side of exerpts from the book. It brings the truth to light.
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on July 9, 2012
Rather than go into a long review ... I'm going to pull a few choice quotes from Baez's novel to literally highlight the absurdity ...

1. 'She had two large bags of garbage in the car and it doesn't smell?'

-Yes, there was trash. Empty trash. Boxes and containers that were empty. Empty boxes don't smell like decomposing babies. Sorry.

2. '"Her daughter was missing, and she parties for thirty-one days." They knew it was improper. Worse, they knew it was BS. They didn't care.'

-Oh how we all wish it was BS ... but Casey DID party for thirty-one days as well as steal and lie and hide the truth. If we're dealing in FACTS (hence a NON-FICTION novel) let's deal in them shall we?

3. 'After she became pregnant, said Weitz, she never once considered having an abortion or putting the baby up for adoption."

-Again, incorrect. There was a chain of e-mails and text messages where Casey did offer her friend her unborn child. These are the fallacies of a rose-colored story ... this is putting lipstick on a pig.

4. "La Bella Vita" was actually a tribute to Caylee."

-Was it now? Because I don't see anything beautiful about only getting to live until your two, being murdered, wrapped up in a trash bag and being thrown away in the woods like trash.

5. "Not only did Casey tell me she was sexually abused by her father, but there was plenty of other evidence she had told other people about that abuse."

-Have we forgotten that Ms. Anthony is a raging, pathological liar? I mean, countless times Baez leans on that as an "excuse" -- oh poor Casey, she is so screwed up, so mentally wounded, she HAS to lie ... but when the Casey-truth fits him and his agenda, he's fully prepared to use it for all it's worth (and it's worth so, so little). Casey is/was/always will be a liar. NOTHING she says can be trusted ... she makes up worlds that are easy for her to live in and when one world no longer works, she plots for the next. How Baez can believe differently amazes me to no end. Casey is ALWAYS the victim, break out the violins and tissue.

Where those quotes came from, there are hundreds more just like them that clutter the pages of this barely readable work of FICTION. Baez is clearly in the wrong business -- rather than practicing law, he should sell snake oil. "The media reality show" as Baez calls it didn't make this case ... Casey did. She, with her actions and indifference, caused the WORLD (not just our little dash of the good ol' US of A) to hate her. That isn't Jeff Ashton's fault, or Judge Perry, or anyone else's ... they all simply had the bad luck of getting tangled up in this and have turned into scapegoats.

If you're contemplating buying the book ... do it. Strange advice for a one-star book, I know. But after reading this slushy novel with it's half truths and full out lies, you'll feel that you were RIGHT ... and that's worth 9.99 ... besides, Baez only get's like .14 per book.

That's the book ... in a nut shell. It's all putting lipstick on a pig ... the only variance is which pig we're talking about -- sometimes it's Casey and sometimes it's Jose himself.
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on July 2, 2012
I read the 140 sample pages. The overall impression I get is that Baez is just so, so, so proud of himself and he thinks he's a big star. Baez is so morally deluded and occupied with tooting his horn that he completely overlooks the numerous contradictions he's made throughout his book.

In 2008: Baez preached "Caylee is alive, she is out there and we need to find her. The police are concentrating on the wrong things."

Now: The cops should have immediately realized Casey Anthony was not playing with a full deck and done...what? Stopped questioning her about her missing child? Sent her to one of the mental health experts who DID IN FACT EXAMINE HER and found her perfectly fit to stand trial? He shows absolutely no regard for human life and ignores the rights of Caylee Marie Anthony. Caylee had the right to live and the right to be buried respectfully as a human being and not left in the woods to be chewed up by animals. He also ignores her right to be found during an investigation that her OWN MOTHER obstructed for her own selfish reasons.

I take issue with Baez thinking his personal opinion of Casey's mental health overrides those of the numerous experts who examined Casey Anthony before and even DURING the trial to ascertain her mental health. Baez is as crappy of a psychiatrist as he is a lawyer. What he should have included in his book would be what that mental health analysis taken during the trial indicates.

In 2008 Baez was moseying around with a birthday card Jesse Grund sent Caylee, showing it to anyone and everyone who walks by and commenting on how creepy it is. Much LIKE CASEY ANTHONY HERSELF, He completely ignores George as any sort of person of interest at this point. Then before he got to George, Baez amused himself by going after Kronk and all 5000 Texas Equusearch volunteers in his quest to pin this crime on anyone but his murdering client,

I take issue with Baez's bragging and chronicling Casey's great escape. I take issue with the fact that Casey was laughing and joking with Baez about the fact that she both lied and created Zanny (most likely after seeing the real Zenaida's information at Sawgrass apartments.) This was Casey's daughter that she was talking about and to her it's all a big joke and Baez thinks putting this in his book will somehow endear the public to this monster? I was appalled by how deluded his reasoning is.

Baez did however, say one thing I found very revealing. He said that when he smelled Casey's car, his first course of action was to talk to her about taking a plea deal. Really Baez? A car that according to you, stunk from a trash bag containing empty food wrappers caused such a drastic reaction from you? You smelled something you were willing to call trash at Casey's trial and the first thought that entered your head was to talk to your client about taking a plea?

Most people who watched the trial found it a complete farce. Baez's opening statement was absolutely ridiculous. He attempts to blame Kronk for moving the body and shoots himself in the foot by pointing out that although, according to him Casey did not place the body there, SHE WAS THERE the day that Caylee died and witness to Caylee's death? How does this not make her a murderer?

Another thing I found laughable was the way he spouted off about how cruel the police were for taking Casey to the clinic and breaking the news to her while the evil jail thwarted his desperate attempts to reach his distraught client. How did they torture her? With the truth? Does he think they killed Caylee and threw her in the woods? I disagree with him about the definition of cruelty. I find it far crueler to string the world along, giving them false hope that poor Caylee was alive, to the point where she was empathetically stating she "could feel in her heart that Caylee was still alive", when all along Casey knew full well that she was dead.

Let me also point out that Casey made 200,000 selling pictures of her dead child while entreating the world to find her because she, "Casey was innocent and Caylee was still alive."

At another point, he seems to suggest that Casey was suffering from some kind of PTSD after Caylee's death, yet she was able to tailor her lies the minute they were discovered to fit the story in a way that makes sense? She was able to describe in detail how her child who she knew full well was out somewhere rotting was having the time of her life at Busch Gardens. Or...How about the phone call? How about the fact that Casey lied and claimed she had talked to her dead daughter the day before she was arrested.

Casey Anthony and Jose Baez got their wish. Caylee has sadly been reduced to exactly what Casey saw her as in life, a thing, a bauble that Casey Anthony now wears around her neck. Anyone who thinks this trial was a miscarriage of justice should not allow Caylee to become more of a commodity.

One thing we can take solace in is that Casey Anthony HAS NOT been able to profit from her daughter's murder. Everyone who was unhappy with this verdict should continue to boycott her and her sleazy, lying of a lawyer and NOT buy this pathetic, trashy book which isn't worth the paper that it's written on.
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on August 11, 2012
The book was boreing and I almost had to put it down before finishing it. I borrowed it and am so glad I didn't waste money buyingit. Just another attempt to make money off the poor baby Casey killed. She should be sitting on death row. Baez don't quit your day job, this book is terrible.
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on July 25, 2012
This book almost left me speechless but also provokes a venting rant! It is mind boggling Jose Baez had the nerve to spew his and Casey's lies and fantasies in print. It was bad enough to listen to him in the media for years and then at the trial.

He whines about the media but then brags about using the media. He whines about Judge Perry limiting him in terms of witnesses, evidence and questioning of witnesses. Give me a break!! I watched that whole trial and Baez was all over the place. So much so, I found myself embarrassed for him when Judge Perry was trying to teach him the law.

Baez tells us Casey feared George could of been Caylee's father. In the trial he was also trying to bring out that the family had "feared" Lee was Caylee's father. At the same time Lee was only said to have "felt up" Casey. Then we have Casey telling the psychologists this....

Danziger also revealed what Anthony told him about how Caylee was conceived and that she suggested it may have happened against her will: "Took two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out unclothed bottom. Don't remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she became pregnant."

As far as Caylee drowning and Baez saying he believes this because he couldn't disprove it, with evidence. BULL! Show me the evidence that George called Casey from work and told her he took care of everything. I can show you evidence George did call Casey from work BUT she DIDN'T answer the call. Plus, I can show you evidence Casey called George but he DIDN'T answer the call.

Baez claims the duct tape was never wrapped around Caylee's mouth. How was it not?? How in the world was her mandible still attached to her skull? He talks about Kronk out there moving the body around and the drenched (jaw) is still attached! Impossible, unless something was holding it there. Tropical Storm Fay came through here (I'm 50 miles away) and drenched us in rain. I had the lot next to me under 6 foot of water, until January. How did poor little Caylee's jaw stay attached to he skull?

On page 14 of the autopsy report, in the third paragraph, it states, "grayish colored tape was noted covering the mouth and nasal aperture areas." In this picture of a skull, you can clearly see the nasal aperture areas. The duct tape was placed from the lower chin- mandible, and covered the mouth and nasal aperture areas- Caylee's nose".

Why does Baez lie about Casey having an AIM/AOL account? I thought maybe he misspoke but then heard him repeat it twice in the media.
Why does Baez refer to a deputy officer as a detective. Why the River Cruz crap? So what if George cheated. Baez says Caseys 31 days doesn't mean anything but River does, insane...more sensational??

I could go on, and on, and on but I won't. I can only say I can't believe this publisher labeled this book as non-fiction. Please don't waste your money on this tasteless, classless, pity me garbage.
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on July 9, 2012
If I could give Jose Baez book zero stars I would. It offers absolutely no new information about the murderer or the trial as I watched every minute of it. I didn't spend the money on this book nor would I contribute to both the Sociopath Baez or his baby killer client. Don't waste your hard earned money on this Sociopaths book who is making money on precious Caylees murder by his client Casey Anthony. Please don't spit on her grave as her family has done over and over again.
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on July 13, 2012
Jeff Ashton complained in his book and I called it "sour grapes". More surprising to me still Jose is complaining in his book AND HE WON THIS! This is really strange to me because I have been following this case from day one and I am one person who in my own mind has given Casey the benefit of the doubt that maybe just maybe this was a reckless accident. Some things pointing in that direction are the similarities to the Jon Benet case involving "staging" where it appears in both cases the duct tape was put on as later; not pertaining to the death itself. I can't go into Jon Benet, that would be way too long of a tangent except to say PATSY WROTE THE RANSOM NOTE! Follow me on this please: Casey originally intended to bury Caylee in the backyard which is why she borrowed a shovel. I never felt she would bury Caylee in the backyard with duct tape on her mouth. No, that seemed to me something she switched to later coinciding with the "kidnapping" she is telling everyone happened by "Zanny the nanny". She was making it look gruesome because after all she is saying she wasn't the last one with Caylee. But she cannot resist placing a heart sticker on the duct tape to show however twisted affection for Caylee..placing a heart sticker on the tape first and then intending to kill Caylee with it doesn't fly. And placing frantic calls to Cindy on Cindy's cell in a period of four minutes smells like panic; panic goes towards reckless accident; and Casey's first thought being that she is going to tell her mother but then chickens out and stages this whole scenario with the nanny. Most likely if this is an accident it's through trying to drug Caylee so she will sleep longer; much more likely than any drowning. I didn't like the "diary page" being passed around as supposed evidence because it was clearly written years before Caylee's death so it certainly wasn't a confession to anything. BUT LET ME SAY THIS; FIRST OF ALL GEORGE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CAYLEE'S DEATH; WHATEVER HAPPENED BE IT A RECKLESS ACCIDENT OR INTENTIONAL MURDER IT WAS AT THE HANDS OF CASEY. IT WAS NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT CAYLEE WOUND UP WHERE CASEY BURIED HER HAMSTER WITH A HEART STICKER ON THE "BURIAL BOX"! AND GEORGE DID NOT MOLEST CASEY..ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY ANYONE SHOULD BELIEVE THAT. CASEY WAS NOT PROTECTING CAYLEE FROM HIM AS BAEZ SAYS BECAUSE WHY THEN DID SHE LEAVE CAYLEE WITH GEORGE MANY TIMES WHILE CINDY AND HER WENT SHOPPING AND HE BABYSAT CAYLEE!! ALSO THE JAILHOUSE TAPES; REMEMBER THOSE? WHERE CASEY TELLS GEORGE HE IS THE BEST GRANDFATHER AND A WONDERFUL FATHER!! I MEAN, COME ON! AND GEORGE KEEPS BEGGING CASEY FOR ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF CAYLEE AND SHE SAYS SHE DOESN'T KNOW; LEONARD PODIA WAS AT THEIR HOUSE HEARING GEORGE GETTING ANGRY WITH CASEY AND DEMANDING SHE TELL HIM WHERE CAYLEE IS AT BUT TO NO AVAIL! NONE OF THESE THINGS INDICATE ANY CONNECTION WITH GEORGE TO THE MURDER OR MOLESTATION!! Okay, so George is out of the picture. I am almost certainly with reckless accident and ordered on Ebay but have not watched yet Untraceable which is the movie Casey and Anthony watched together on the very night Caylee went missing and I hear it has somebody duct taped in a trunk; so the duct tape once again looks like a staging; an idea she caught on the movie. So just when I am hugely leaning towards accident I NOW DON'T KNOW AGAIN BECAUSE OF BAEZ'S BOOK WHERE INCREDIBLY HE IMPLICATES CASEY UNKNOWINGLY THINKING HE IS HURTING GEORGE! He says "someone" looked up on AOL Messenger "foolproof suffocation" and at first the wrong spelling clues him into George because George spells things wrong and he has AOL Messenger, not Casey and ties it in to looking up about suicide which George later attempts and this is done at the time supposedly according to George Casey already left. AND ALL THAT RUNS THROUGH MY HEAD IS FOOLPROOF SUFFOCATION which goes along with the duct tape over the mouth and nose! So now I am left wondering if Casey looked that up; something I never thought before because I never heard of this search until Jose "brilliantly" brings it up himself to try to implicate George tying it into suicide. GEORGE WOULD NOT EVER THINK TO ATTEMPT SUICIDE BY SUFFOCATING HIMSELF!! Jose, remember pills like most other people's attempts including George's ultimate attempt?! There would be no reason for George to look up Foolproof Suffocation so if that's true that stuns me! Also, that had nothing to do with the drowning that Jose is believing happened accidentally when Casey and George were together! That was a crazy curve ball that hurts Casey if anything although that was clearly not Baez's intent. AS A SIDE ISSUE ARE YOU KIDDING ME; STICKING IN A PIC OF GERALDO ON A BOAT! I am figuring that most be why Geraldo wrote that bogus review on the back of the book saying Assumed Guilty and Helter Skelter are the best crime books OF ALL TIME..HELTER SKELTER YES BUT PERSUMED GUILTY HELL NO!! Like Ashton said in his book without realizing how it came across; only Casey knows what truly happened. This remains true the reason why the jury was faced with the dilemma of setting her free even if they didn't like her although when I heard the head juror say he wasn't sure if George murdered Caylee I realized the jury was a can short of a six pack. It will likely remain a mystery until the end of time. For anyone thinking George had anything to do with this ask yourself this: WHY DID CASEY HAVE A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY FOR THREE YEARS AND COUNTING AND SUDDENLY WHEN FACED WITH THE DEATH PENALTY SHE HAS A WHOLE NEW STORY. DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER HOW MANY DIFFERENT VERSIONS JORAN VAN DER SLOOT HAD REGARDING NATALEE HOLLOWAY?! It's not a good sign when somebody has to lie like that but in the case of Casey she was lying long before anything happened to Caylee creating a whole job she went to without really going so if anyone is flaky enough to recklessly but unintentionally kill their daughter then after not being able to initially reach their mother twist an accident into murder, Casey would be the one. Others I would appreciate your take on looking up "foolproof suffocation" the day of Caylee's death, George has no reason whatsoever to be doing that but Casey maybe?? Also, whether you are a fan of Nancy Grace's or not, it was disrespectful to the case for Jose to put a photo in the book of Jose kissing a cardboard cutout of Nancy and saying they made up; in other words, joking around about an extremely serious case..when really, Jose Baez is a joke himself!
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on July 9, 2012
There have been many books I've read that weren't my cup of tea but I'd still give props to for getting the story right or for being well written. This book is neither.

This book is a mess of inconsistancies, mistruths, and out and out slander. Nowhere does it address the 'real story'. Nowhere does it tell us how things came about from the defense side. It tells some lies and sadly gets many details wrong, things the most distracted of tv viewers would get right. The plot Mr Baez weaves contains horrible lies, inane name calling rivaling a fourth grade mentality, and stolen tv plots from movies and South Park.

I was left with a slight headache, a sense of disgust, and too many unanswered questions like these:
- if the defense team knew Caylee was dead why did they go on tv claiming law enforcement wasn't looking hard enough?
- why did the defense team encourage witnesses like Ms Buchanan to lie?
- why did the defense team dig deeply into the lives of the good souls who searched, using their own time and moeny, for Caylee? in fact why did they allow those good souls to keep looking when they knew all along she was never lost?
- who collected the money from all those defense team tv photo ops and interviews, who sold those photos and where is the accounting of the money?
- why did the defense team squander the taxpayers of Florida's money on silliness and stupidity if they knew all along that Caylee was never missing?

so many more questions, many more important and dealing with the lies of molestation but I will not address those disgusting lies. None of these questions answered in this farce of a book. This book is a tribute to Mr Baez's ego, a hodgepodge of lies and slander, and should not be considered nonfiction or true crime. It is a fantasy and a picture of the worst of our countries law system. Good defense attorneys should take heed of the damage Mr Baez has done to your profession. Shame on your Mr Baez, shame on you.
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on August 27, 2012
I actually enjoyed this book, in a watching-a-train-wreck sort of way. However. For those of you who are short on time, let me give you a brief synopsis.
JOSE BAEZ: "The police were out to get me/ The prosecutor was out to get me/ Judge A was out to get me/ And then Judge B was out to get me too! Casey Anthony is a beautiful person. Besides: ha ha. I won."
Save yourself the time. Just don't bother.
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