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on September 10, 2006
I love this movie. I bought the first release of the DVD without a single feature on it, just so I could watch it over and over. It was the first DVD I bought when I got my player.

I almost fell over with joy when I saw the "Everything's Duckie" edition at Best Buy yesterday. I could barely contain my excitement. FINALLY, I would get to see the ending that John Hughes intended- where Andie (Molly Ringwald) ends up with sweet, lovable Duckie (Jon Cryer) instead of smarmy, sappy richie "major appliance" Blane (Andrew McCarthy).

THE ORIGINAL ENDING IS NOT ON THIS DVD. That is a total rip-off. It says in plain English, on the list of features "Original Ending". Instead of showing it, they talk about it and why it didn't work.

It sounds like the real reason they changed the ending was that Molly Ringwald had the hots for Andrew McCarthy. And if the test audience booed, then they sure as hell didn't show it to a group of high school outcasts.

When the scene wasn't in the special feature, I even went so far as to watch the end of the movie thinking maybe they had actually put it in the feature. But no. For the one hundreth time, I had to watch Duckie make eyes at a rich girl with big boobs (Kristy Swanson, pre-Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Andie make out with Sap-face in the parking lot.


The other features are pretty cool. There are a lot of interviews and stuff. But you can't call it the "Duckie Edition" if she doesn't end up with Duckie. Period.
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on August 29, 2006
Like every Pretty in Pink fan I was excited about the up coming release of the Pretty in Pink Everything's Duckie Edition, the previous DVD edition was lacking in any features. More over I thought I would finally see the much talk about original ending with Duckie and Andie Dancing to "Heroes" by Bowie; well even thought the packaging says "THE ORIGINAL ENDING: The Lost Dance" in big bold letters, this is not the case. The only thing they show of the original ending is footage of them shooting the original ending and brief bits footage at that, the rest is just the actors and the director talking about the original ending. TALK? Is the footage lost? After all the hype online about finally being about to see the original ending and some very deceptive packaging this is a huge let down. I am happy to see this movie get a better DVD treatment, but the other great features on the disc seem over shadowed by this lacking feature that seemed promised. If this is the only reason you are planning on updating your disc is to have the original ending, be warned, if you want interviews with the cast and director than the DVD delivers.
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on August 26, 2002
So here's the long awaited "Pretty In Pink", finally on DVD! I really don't think I need to review the content of the movie- if you are reading this you have probably seen it! I'm thrilled that Paramount has finally put this out on DVD. But... and there is a BIG "but"....
There are no extra goodies on this DVD. The original ending (Molly Ringwald ends up with Duckie) is not here. (Check it out: Andrew McCarthy looks COMPLETELY different in the last seen. His hair is longer, his skin is whiter, and he looks about 10 years older, even though the ending was filmed only several months after the principle shooting ended!) That is a total missed opportunity that legions of Molly Ringwald/Brat Pack/John Hughes/80's teen flick fans have been waiting to see for years! There's not even a theatrical trailer on this DVD! I can understand that deleted scenes, a theatrical trailer- these things can get lost in the vaults over the years. But you simply cannot tell me that they couldn't dig up the video for OMD's "If You Leave" to put on here!
Some commentary would have been great as well! There are all sorts of things that the director could have discussed: OMD originally did a song for "Pretty In Pink" called "Goddess Of Love". When the ending of the movie changed, they recorded a new song ("If You Leave")... "Goddess Of Love" ended up going on their "Pacific Age" album. More trivia: Molly's favorite group at the time, The Rave-Up's, perform in the movie. (Their song wasn't on the soundtrack.) Molly carries a notebook in "Sixteen Candles" that has "The Rave-Up's" handwritten across it.
Watch out for an early performance by Gina Gershon! She barely has any lines- I think she's in about two scenes. You won't miss those lips of hers. Also look for Dweezil Zappa (as "Simon"). Annie Potts practically steals the show in this pre-"Designing Women" performance. Not to be missed!
All in all... this is a great DVD. It's nice to see it letterboxed. Paramount just missed a big opportunity by not going the extra mile by putting out something special for such a beloved 80's movie.
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on July 22, 2001
Pretty in Pink is a 3 thumbs up movie. It's about an underprivileged girl named Andie Walsh. She is bright, beautiful, independent and really talented on the sewing machine (if you know what I mean)Her mother walked out on her and her father 3 years earlier, so this causes her dad to not be able to hold down a job. She's hassled at school by popular "richies." Her best friend, Duckie, who's real name is "Phil," secretly loves her. Her mentor is her boss at a small record store, Iona. Her life suddenly turns up when she's asked out by a rich romeo, Blane McDunnough. They're very happy until all of the richies force Blane to dump her while Duckie is mad at Andie. Now Andie, an underprivileged Cinderella, has to choose between two prom prince's, a rich guy of her dreams, or the person who dedicated his life to her.
This movie has a happy ending and a genius plot that will bring tears to your eyes. I highly recommend this movie for everyone! Molly Ringwald did a stunning performance and really opened up the 80's eyes to what people who aren't rich go through in suburban america.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon October 14, 2002
Pretty In Pink is the classic story of love on the wrong side of the tracks done up in 1980's Brat Pack style from producer John Hughes. 80's teen queen Molly Ringwald stars as Andie, the poor girl whose mother walked out of her and her father's (Harry Dean Stanton) life and caused her father to go into an emotional tailspin. She works at a small, but hip record store with her quirky, but older friend Iona (Annie Potts) and pals around with Duckie (Jon Cryer), her best friend who secretly loves her. Andrew McCarthy is Blane the rich and popular boy who falls for Andie despite his friends, including the lecherous Steff (James Spader), balking at him for going out with poor white trash. The film has a fairly formualmatic plot, but it is elevated above the simple story by wonderful performances by the three leads. Ms. Ringwald is supremely sweet and you feel for her in her tough situation. Mr. McCarthy is amiable as a someone caught between his feelings and friends and Mr. Cryer adds the perfect amount of comedy relief to his character. Mr. Spader is also quite good in his role, but he seems too old to be a teenager and is just a little out of place. The soundtrack to the film is first rate and the album peaked at number five on the charts. This was the last big hit for Ms. Ringwald and the film marked her end as the teen queen of films. Look for a young Andrew Dice Clay who has a bit part in the film as a bouncer at a club Andie frequents.
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2004
....even though I was only four years old at that time. "Pretty in Pink" is a throwback to a whole other mindset that we have definitely lost nearly twenty years later. What is it that we have lost? In my opinion, in the films of today, we have lost a sense of innocence, we are no longer upbeat and it seems to me that many of the films pandered to teenagers and young twentysomethings are filled to the brim with cynicism and leave a sour taste in your mouth, once you have left the movie theatre. I find myself saying, "Did I really pay $7.50 for this?!"

What makes "Pretty in Pink" so good is the great cast. This is truly Molly Ringwald at her finest, cast as a high school senior from the "wrong side of the tracks" who is pursuing a romance with a classmate with seemingly all of the breaks (Andrew McCarthy). Her best friend, "Ducky," is masterfully played by Jon Cryer. Ducky, of course, is interested in her on more than just a friend level, and feels threatened when this new guy with money and popularity comes around to woo his best friend. Ducky has a combination of unusual fashion sense (where did he get those shoes?!), he's got that wonderful combination of gawky teenage vulnerability and stand-up comedy timing to match. The strong cast, along with a great 80s soundtrack that will take you back, great direction and a great plot that challenges us to think about whether your class standing truly determines who you can love in the end makes the film both entertaining and intelligent. This film should be a pre-requisite for young filmmakers and 1980s film buffs alike.
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on November 6, 2003
I liked the main character, Andie (Molly Ringwald) a lot & I was rooting for her throughout the entire film . Maybe it's because she reminded me a lot of myself when I was in high school. She has her own unique style, which she gets flack for by the popular girls. "Where'd you get that - the 5 & dime store?" the snooty Benny asks her. And that hellish scene in gym class made my stomach churn as I recalled my own teen angst ridden days in gym class. One of Andie's best friends, Jenna (Alexa Kenin, who, sadly, died shortly after the film was released) brings humor to the awful situation by flicking Benny off & saying she hopes her breasts shrivel up and fall off. It's one of the many hilarious & memorable scenes of the film.
Ringwald is backed up by a strong supporting cast, including Jon Cryer, who plays her best guy friend, Duckie, who is just side-splittingly funny. In one of the funniest scenes of the film, he gets thrown in the girls bathroom by a group of nauseatingly preppy guys for trying to defend himself. "Wait a minute. We don't got none of this stuff in the boys room. You got doors on the stalls & a candy machine (He points to the tampon dispenser).
Harry Dean Stanton has never been more adorable & endearing as Andie's father. Annie Potts is wonderful as Andie's eccentric mother figure & co-worker. James Spader is Steff, the totally creepy slimeball & best friend of Blaine (Andrew McCarthy). I dismiss the fact that he looked way too old to be in high school because he just plays the part so damn well. He hates Andie & makes fun of her in front of his crowd. Secretly though, he has had a crush on her for years & it kills him that she won't give him the time of day. Ugh, I remember creeps like that in high school.
What I like is that all of the characters we're cheering for change for the better. Iona stops dating losers & gets herself a classy new image. Andie's father starts to get out of his rut that he's been in since Andie's mother left them years before & looks for a job for real this time. Duckie learns to stop making unfair generalizations about the popular people once he finds out Blaine is actually a very nice guy. Blaine learns to do what he wants to do & tells Steff off & makes things right with Andie. Andie refuses to let the popular kids break her. The only thing I didn't like was the unresolved ending that doesn't really leave things on a completely positive, realistic note. Andie & Blaine still have his parents to deal with & if they're as awful as Steff desribed, Blaine just might encounter the two unpleasant words that can pop up in difficult families: disown & estrangement.
Wish the DVD had some special features, but the soundtrack is great & essential to building the perfect CD collection.
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on April 8, 2005
I am a huge fan of the 80's and this movie is really one of the reasons why! This movie includes so many great scenes and such great acting, I don't know how anyone coudln't love it! Molly Ringwald shows off her witty attitude in this fun flick. Anyone can watch it and have a great time, laughing and crying at this beautiful story about a sweet, poor girl and handsome, rich guy.

YOu can never get tired of this movie, because each time you watch it the more fun it is. Andie is a poor girl who is really a truly amzing person inside, but she has feelings and emotions like everyone else. She and a handsome guy who goes to her school and has a lot more money than she does show off their impressive, fun, and totally 80's story. This movie is overall perfect for anyone!
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on October 25, 2006
I know it's probably all been said, but yes, I was extremely disappointed to not see the original ending included in the movie. So I watched the extras, shivering with anticipation for this mythical "original ending." Let down AGAIN! We aren't even given a final version! Bah! Sorry, but I've always rooted for Duckie. He at least deserved some screen time dancing with his true love.

BUT- it's still a great movie, and the other extras are quite satisfying, such as the "Favorite Scenes" which includes Duckie's infectious dance to Try a Little Tenderness and the fight between Duckie and Steff (you have to love that shot of Duckie peering over the edge of the balcony down at Steff, staring him down with the look of death).

I was really disappointed to not hear from James Spader on the extras. He's always been my favorite jerk. "You got a problem, friend?" And those linen suits and penny loafers with no socks?! I just can't get enough of his smug, self-satisfied rich boy.

Also, hearing the cast talking about John Hughes' directing was interesting. You see how he got the most from his actors. And the more I watch this movie, the more I am convinced there has never been a stronger teenage actress than the likes of Molly Ringwald. Her pout, her passion, her fury- the quintessential redhead. "What about prom, Blane?!"

SO, in conclusion, the DVD is worth watching (or renting) but I don't feel the need to replace my VHS copy just yet.
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on September 25, 2006
This review will not debate the merits of the movie or how it stacks up against other teen movies. Rather, it is a review of this DVD edition and specifically the special features, of which there are many. If you are a fan, you will want this, even if you already own "Pretty in Pink."

The original ending, where Duckie and Andie end up together, is discussed by the various principal actors, including Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, and Jon Cryer as well as the director. You will find out why the original ending didn't work, and how the final ending was arrived at. There's also a "making of" featurette where we see the actors, director, etc. discussing the movie at the time it was being made and also new footage where they are looking back at it from 20 years down the road. A lot of time and effort was put into this DVD and I think it is nice the actors, director, producer, etc. took the time to reflect back on this film and what it meant to them. Yes, I know, it's just a movie and not an all-time great at that, but it's one I have a tremendous soft spot for and if you do too you will want to own this.

I will mention for all those curious if James Spader makes an appearance that I don't think he does, although there are a couple of special features I haven't viewed as yet.
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