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I was fortunate to receive an autographed copy of Jane Fonda's' Primetime' book a
week ago and started to read it immediately. I am a fan and follow her blogs and thus
was offered her book. This is her fourth book, and follows "Coming Of Age' where she
explored her life until the age of 60. Now she enters her seventh decade, and found she
is the happiest she has ever been. Jane Fonda researched many articles and subjects for
this book, and she has brought us the best advice she has found. More than advice this
book looks at how Jane and her friends have lived their lives, and what she has discovered
that helps to make her the healthiest and happiest. She brings us the best of Jane and the
best of our third act, what she calls 'Primetime'.

One of the biggest obstacles that most people face in moving ahead is that they really don't
know how to go forward. The best method is to look at the past and analyze what has occurred.
Find out where you have been, and then try to arrange a plan for the future- a life review.
Jane Fonda suggests using a stairway and steps as a metaphor. It sounds complex, but once you
read about the steps, it seems so plausible. Jane Fonda is very explicit in her discussions of
sex and sexuality in our later years. She discusses quite openly how to promote the best sex life
you can have, and the steps to take to get there. Jane shares her life. She lets us know where
she has been and where she is now,and where she hopes to be in 5 or 10 years. She is in a constant
state of learning, taking on new challenges one after another.

There is much discussion of nutrition and exercise, all that we know and some I was not aware of.
Friends, the importance of friendship in our lives, people and animals. Working or volunteering in
our communities, it gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Finances and what social
security really is and how to apply for it. Meditation and taking time for ourselves. Becoming whole
and how to prepare for the best time in our lives is the main message, interspersed with many stories
so wonderfully told. There is so much to this book, that I would recommend it to everyone over fifty-
oh, yes, men as well as women. There is a great deal that most men will want to know, even if the chapters
on sex are what gains most of their attention. This is a book that encompasses much of what we may want
to know and learn as we enter our 'best years'. Changing our perspective from yuck, growing older, to
whoopee, growing into our best years!

The greatest potential for growth and self-realization occurs exists in the second half of life. Carl Jung

Highly highly recommended. prisrob 08-09-11

My Life So Far (with Bonus Content)

Jane Fonda: Prime Time - Fit & Strong
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In this wonderful new book on aging, the author Jane Fonda explores a new model for aging in the current longevity revolution--one that integrates learning, production, and leisure (all three stages of life) throughout the life stages instead of compartmentalizing them to youth, adulthood, and retirement--and how this integration can play out. She uses the metaphors of the arch (the old way of aging) and the staircase--continued ascent, especially in a spiral--the new way of aging. This book is about the last third of life, beginning at age sixty--for boomers and seniors, both male and female. Even though the author's perspective will appeal more to women than men, the book is informative and intended for both men and women.

The author discusses eleven key ingredients for vital living and successful aging: (1) not abusing alcohol, (2) not smoking, (3) getting enough sleep, (4) being physically active, (5) eating a healthy diet, (6) brain health through learning, (7) positivity, (8) introspection and life review, (9) connection, (10) generativity, and (11) caring about the bigger pictures. She covers these areas in depth, including working out (with an actual workout for older folks in an appendix)--which you'd expect. She includes a very frank, helpful, and in-depth discussion of sex (including masturbation, sex toys, and erectile dysfunction medications) in an open and tasteful manner. She also discusses practical social problems of aging like poverty, nursing home care, elder abuse, etc. She includes the topic of meditation--a work-"in"--as well as well as the discussions of working out.

The book is heavily based on current research in aging, but also includes the author's valuable personal experience and personal interviews. This is the best part of the book, I think. Jane Fonda's perspective is unique and her writing style is always excellent--she is an intelligent and articulate author and a courageous, real, compassionate person. Her book is not dry but fun to read. It includes numerous black and white photographs as well as an index. Filled with powerful life lessons and wisdom, this is the most exciting, hopeful, positive book I've read on aging well, at the same time being practical and realistic and not romanticizing the losses and challenges of aging.

Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2011
My wife is a big fan of Jane Fonda and I bought this book as an anniversary gift for her. When it arrived I took a quick review and decided I would read it myself. My wife and I are in our sixties and try to eat well and exercise regularly and we are the targeted audience for the book.

Jane does a good job of pointing out many useful hints for dealing with the issues of ageing both physically and mentally. She covers areas such as health, exercise, food, sex, self-understanding, keeping young mentally, social growth, and touches on spirituality.

Jane makes the case that from 60 on can be years of growth and self satisfaction if we focus and plan for this period. I liked and agreed with much of what she writes about. I am in my 60's and have been spending the last few years redefining who I want to be. I have focused on fitness, diet, and health like Jane suggests but I also spend an equal if not more time on my spiritual development.

Jane has a chapter on dying but it is very superficial. She does not provide much real insight in how to cope with the ultimate issues of sickness, death, loneliness, separation from families, etc. Jane's book is upbeat and encouraging but when most people look at their lives they fall far short of this ideal presented by Jane.

I think the book is excellent and will be useful for anyone 50 plus. However, it is not the total answer for achieving happiness in our later years. I would advise readers to also look at books concerning spiritual growth. There are many fine books that deal with these issues and depending on one's religious and spiritual background I would suggest reading what gave you most satisfaction when you were a child. No matter how we have lived we generally are tied back to how we were formed as children. As Jane says in her book we are all faced with our mortality and untimely we will die. I find that my friends and those who also spend considerable time giving and sharing of their talents and working on their spiritual growth in a serious manner are most happy. When the hard times time and they will at some point it is good to be able to fall back on deeply developed spiritual principals. When we become sick it is too late to start this development.

Again, I found the book to be most enjoyable and full of good advice. However, I think Jane would agree that this is only a start and all of us need to continue to grow as we age.
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on August 9, 2011
You are definitely ready for "Prime Time" no matter your age, gender, current state of health, or circumstances.

You will learn so much from reading this book because Ms. Fonda consulted top researchers in every field mentioned on the cover and provides personal and intimate insights from her own life as well as from her friends and family. This is not recycled information from 6 month old news programs or magazine articles--it's cutting edge in its content and its concepts.

"Prime Time" is almost 500 pages of practical advice, new and old wisdom, and shared stories. Ms. Fonda skillfully weaves your story into hers, and you'll feel like you're having coffee with a close friend. That said, it's definitely not a fluffy book--the medical research is fantastic.

As Ms. Fonda quotes in an early chapter, old age is not for sissies, and she provides in "Prime Time" a new template for aging--and that means for all of us--in the 21st century. In short, she says to stay connected, take time, laugh, love, plan, pray, and strive on because it's all worth it.

Highly Recommended. Five Stars.
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on August 26, 2011
This is a very useful "how-to" book but, I made the BIG mistake of buying the Kindle edition. Most of the important parts, dvd, videos , good instructions to simple,do-able exercises are all missing!

Dont make the same mistake!
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on August 22, 2011
I love the photos and intimate stories Jane Fonda shares of family and friends. She has woven just the right amount of anecdote with research making this an entertaining yet highly informative everything-about-enjoying-life- to-its-fullest read. Baby Boomers especially will enjoy Prime Time. I got my copy at my local library.
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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2011
Let get it out of the way first, I am a male in my 50's and yes, as far as I am concern Jane Fonda brings a lot of baggage but if we are intelligent and matured adults, we need to see what is important and ignore or forgive a person's past and see her as human being, not a celebrity who is rich and famous but as a person who bleeds and hurt just like us( in nicer surroundings) but is like us, getting old and wondering what to do. Yes, she is fortunate to be rich and famous thus she can get advice from the best and the brightest in the world which will not be possible for you and me. I want to hear what they have to say. That said, lets talk about the book.
She makes a good case for planning in our third act as she calls it-which starts around 60. She talks about the first two acts of being rehearsals and the last act, the finale-the best part where it all makes sense. She gives us a sense of urgency, if not now , when?
You have to plan for your third act, it will be here before you know it. She makes a point, if not the point of the book, embrace your third act. She talks the importance of exercise(no surprise there) and diet and the importance of friends. We have to plan additional 35 years of life why not make it as the song says, the best it yet to come. She talks about the importance of meditation which she took up late in her life and how it grounded her.

One of the most important part of the book for me is the life review-where she talks about your life and what lessons could be taken out of it. She talks about forgiving the people that hurt you and to plan your third act as a metaphor- an arch that goes up and up not a stairway that goes up then down. She talks about sex and how people should look at it differently as you age but it could be just as exciting.

She also talks about how valuable time is and you don't have time to waste and as this age you learn by default what is important and what isn't. Most important, you get to an age where your terrible childhood is less important and when you get upset or angry ,it does not last as long as before. It seems like she is saying : Age with grace. LIve as your life depends on it.

Generativity is a concept she talks a lot about and that is giving back and building and nourishing the youth of today. I read it on my ipad and the book had an enhanced feature with videos and home movies, very impressive.

In summary, I enjoyed this book more then what I thought, I wrote down a lot things I did not know like palliative care in hospitals, I never heard of it and is very important for anyone sick and in hospitals. I learn to look at aging more positive and hopeful, I do believe that Jane Fonda did a community service by writing this book about getting old with grace and style.
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on January 14, 2012
Talk about someone living a complete life. I'm reading Robert Redford's Bio right now and the one thing that they both have in common is that they both have tried to squeeze every bit of life out of their existence. I have nothing but admiration for Jane Fonda and all that she has endeavored to do in her life. She's not afraid to show her vulnerabilities either. Anyone who has ever had a negative impression of her, will certainly find a lot to absorb in this book. There were good reasons for everything that she did and she's not afraid to talk about her mistakes. She's the perfect example of someone who wasn't afraid to run at life, while trying to live up to her ideals, knowing that there would be consequences and willing to deal with them. Besides all of the personal things you learn about her, she has gathered an incredible array of the top doctors in their chosen fields to talk about everything from nutrition to sex. As a person who just turned 70, I found it very encouraging and uplifting.
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on August 25, 2011
It takes someone like Jane Fonda, with her lifetime celebrity status, to be able to sit down and talk with the experts about life and the changes it brings. The book is also a type of life review for her. I am not big on reading, but I have really been enjoying this book. It is a feel good book, welcoming the aging process, and your role in it. You make it good, or not - choice is yours. She serves as a role model to all of us, at 73, that we can look and feel good; it just takes the obvious commitment to a healthy lifestyle and positive mind.
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on November 5, 2011
Jane Fonda's book gives advice on growing older gracefully. The topics covered in the book include fitness, food, sex, spiritual growth, and the brain. Fonda has done a lot of research for this book, it includes lots of interviews with experts and people that have learned to age well. There is also interesting scientific research included that backs up a lot of the tips given in the book. By also using experiences from her own life journey, Fonda gives a guide to what we can do to face growing older the best way we possibly can.

I have to admit that this book is not what I expected. I knew it was about dealing with growing older, but most of the book dealt with what to do when you are in your seventies of older. I am not their yet so I found some of the book not relevant to me right now. Having said that, I still liked the message Fonda gives on trying to stay positive, eating well, exercising, staying connected, etc. It was all excellent advice. I also liked the personal stories and pictures that were included in the book. She has lived such a fascinating life, I always enjoy reading her personal stories, both the ups and downs, and how she got through them.

There were times when I thought Fonda did give too much information and some parts I found myself skimming over. The section on sex had way more info than I needed! Other than that I am glad I read this book, there are many useful ideas that I think can make growing older easier and more enjoyable. Jane Fonda really is a great role model for how to face growing older and how to enjoy every day you are given.
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