Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System
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Prime Bought machine Feb 03 12 first 2 weeks worked great. All of a sudden after 1 cup of coffee in morning it would signal Prime, and blue light would flash as if machine out of water, but the resevoir was full. Turn off machine, wait 5 minutes turn back on still would say prime. Pull plug wait 5 minutes turn back on Prime gone, make another cup of coffee and Prime would come back on. Called Keurig, very nice customer service dept, shipped another brewer out, received today. Is anyone else experiencing problems with brewer indicating Prime.
asked by Evelyn S. Carrea on March 6, 2012
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Yes, I also get the PRIME message.

I've tried about everything. Descaling, blowing compressed air through the holes in the water reservoir/drain where it attaches to the machine, vacuuming said area around the water drain and nothing works for very long. Right now am bypassing the PRIME message by just lifting the reservoir off and putting it back on.

That seems to get rid of the message temporarily. Or at least lets me brew a cup again. Then once it gets done, I get the PRIME message again and have to lift the water reservoir up and back down on the machine again.

This will be going back to Walmart for an exchange this weekend.
Joe Cook answered on March 9, 2012
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same problem with my month old keurig platinum....first cup works but the second has same problem about which you wrote....i take the water container off, reposition it and the flashing blue light stops when i replace the container... and the prime sign goes out...i also notice there is water at the bottom of the machine on which the water reservoir is placed...i dried this with a cloth, replaced the water container, and it worked...not sure if repositioning the container solved the problem or needing to dry out the hole at the bottom solved the problem...very annoying..
harriet sheitelman harriet sheitelman answered on December 30, 2012
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I've had my B70 less than a month and I am now experiencing the "Prime" issue. After 1 cup the prime would flash on the led and the blue light would flash as in the reservoir. I've cleaned, descaled, no success, it would still flash the prime after 1 cup. Turning off and on does not fix it. Only unplugging from the wall socket will reset it and then I'm only able to make one cup before the "Prime" flashes again. I have a 30-day to return it to Sears and will be exchanging this for another. Hopefully this is not a common issue. If it happens to my exchange, I will return the Keurig B70 and have it credited back to account. I'll go back to my trusty cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker.
Carlo M. Santos answered on May 17, 2012
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Unfortunately, this is a very common issue. My second Keurig has started to do the same thing that you describe, which is why I'm on my second Keurig. I'm throwing in the towel when this one buys the farm.
Lark answered on May 20, 2012
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I get this also not even a year old! Not happy!
busking answered on April 21, 2014
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