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on August 15, 2009
I watched Primeval Series Three, hoping that it would be as great as the first two series. And it turned out to be just as good as the other two series! We get some great new human characters and cool creatures, in this third series. Sadly, the last episode of series three, leaves us with a cliffhanger ending!

Hopefully, when the movie version of Primeval hits theaters, we will get to find out what happens to Abby, Connor, and Danny. But, for now, we'll just have to wait and see. The DVD set contains all ten episodes of Series Three. The episodes are listed below and contain spoilers.


Episode One- An exhibition of ancient Egyptian relics comes to the British Museum and an anomaly opens in a mysterious monument called the `Sun Cage'. A Pristichampsus, believed in Ancient Egypt to be the demon Ammut, emerges and proceeds to wreak havoc in London. Cutter, Abby, and new head of security Captain Becker pursue it through the city while Connor and new recruit, the Egyptologist, Sarah Page try to block off the anomaly and prevent more Pristichampsus from coming through. Meanwhile, Lester encounters a new adversary: the ambitious Christine Johnson.

Episode Two- Three teenage boys break into a house and a Future Gremlin attacks them. Only one boy manages to escape. With the anomaly closed, the Gremlin remains stuck in the house for the next 14 years, by which time Cutter's model has led him to predict that another anomaly will appear in that very house. He sends Connor, Abby and Jenny to investigate but the three have a run-in with the creature and PC Danny Quinn, who is trying to find out who murdered his brother.

Episode Three- An anomaly opens in a London hospital, causing several Diictodon to emerge. They promptly chew through the power cables cutting the power to the building. Cutter, Abby, Connor and Becker arrive to investigate as does journalist Mick Harper, who wants to get evidence of the creatures to expose to the public. Meanwhile, Helen, "The Cleaner" and their clone of Cutter infiltrate the ARC so that they can ask the real Cutter about the mysterious artifact. When the real Cutter returns Helen confronts him, informing him that she has to stop the ARC's research from destroying the world at any cost...even if it means killing her husband.

Episode Four- Mick Harper steals an anomaly detector from Jenny's car and uses it to track down an anomaly at an airport, bringing Nigel Marven with him to identify the creature, yet when a Giganotosaurus comes through the anomaly, the team has to not only stop the dinosaur destroying an airport and a Boeing 747, but also stop the journalists from broadcasting its existence to the world. Luckily for the team, they have unexpected assistance from Danny Quinn, who manages to lure the creature back to its own time.

Guest appearance by Nigel Marven

Episode Five- Danny Quinn is drafted in to help the team when a fast-growing flesh-eating fungus from the future is transferred to the present by a businessman's assistant, who in turn passes the spores onto his employer, Sir Richard Bently. Bently slowly turns into a Fungus Creature as a result. The team manages to bring the creature back to the ARC, where Jenny is trapped in the main control room with it and forced to fight for her life. After her recent discovery of Cutter's picture of Claudia Brown and her near-death experience, Jenny decides that she's had enough: she resigns from her job at the ARC, leaving the team in Danny's hands.

Episode Six- When the ARC is taken over by Christine Johnson and the military in search of the artifact, Danny and the team flee to a safehouse in the woods: in truth, an old cabin that has been abandoned since the 1930s. With no technology or weapons but their own resourcefulness, the team not only have to defend themselves from Johnson's soldiers, but also a pack of carnivorous Terror Birds that emerge from a nearby anomaly.

Episode Seven- A Dracorex comes through an anomaly, trying to escape from a 14th century knight who believes he is hunting a dragon. The team are forced to find and save the life of the Dracorex, and return the confused knight to his own world before he kills anyone, out of belief they are demons.

Episode Eight- An anomaly opens at a race car test track and a Megopteran, a insect from the future, comes through. It is carnivorous and lethal, and the team must draw on all their resources to get it back to its home. However, things get complicated when Jack decides to find out what his sister Abby really does for a living, and inadvertently drives through an anomaly into a future world inhabited by future predators. The team must now make a dangerous search mission to the future to rescue Jack, then escape with their lives.

Episode Nine- The team have to deal with a herd of Embolotherium from the Eocene. Danny arrives with a mysterious woman called Eve who he first saw in the Future; having rescued her from Christine Johnson, they endeavour to save everyone from the stampede. Upon their return to the ARC, the team are shocked to discover that Eve is Helen Cutter in disguise, who takes Johnson hostage. Holding her at gunpoint, Helen steals the artifact and vows once again to stop the ARC's research destroying the world. Helen then leaves Johnson in the future, where she is torn apart by a future predator, and makes her escape. The team decide they must find and stop Helen before more people die as a result of her actions.

Episode Ten- Danny, Abby and Connor travel to the future in pursuit of Helen while Sarah and Captain Becker try to evade Megopterans rampaging through Johnson's old headquarters. Meanwhile, the trio discover Helen plans to prevent the evolution of humanity in order to save the world, resulting in a chase across Cretaceous North America and into Pliocene Africa. Danny confronts Helen at the location of the human ancestor, Australopithecus, only to find she has poisoned a small number already. A Deinonychus that followed Danny through the anomaly charges at Helen and knocks her off a cliff, killing them both. Danny then makes his way back to the anomaly, only to have it close in front of him. Trapped in the past and separated from each other, will Danny, Abby and Connor ever get home?

This set is worth the price range of around $26.00-$29.00. The episodes are great and the action and drama blends well with one another. If you liked the first two series of Primeval, then you will also enjoy this set! Primeval is a great series, and I can't wait for the movie adaptation!

So, my advice, buy this set! It's worth every penny!
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on January 9, 2010
Just like the dinosaurs who decendants the birds are still around even if the larger branches of the species are gone this show isn't dead yet. The only problem with this series is that they never made enough episodes. So that main characters aren't around long enough. They should go for 20 episodes a season like they do in the U.S. I enjoyed this season for it's great stories but they removed the main villian and hero during it, which would take sixty episodes in a American Show. Well at least this fun show will be coming back in two forms: A feature movie, (which may or not be the same actors) and at least two series of 13 episodes in 2011. Not only has Primeval been revived from the grave, it will also get not one but two new series (series=seasons in the US) which will total 13 episodes.
here's the official story:

The fourth season will premiere on ITV early in 2011. The fifth season will premiere on UKTV later in 2011.

Primeval fans will be ecstatic, because the new deal is on top of Warner Bros. continued production of a full scale Primeval feature film.

So we fans fo this great show will get to see more great primeval eps!
The best place to start is season 1 and 2 , which are on a single boxset and then grab this one. THe show has incredible effects and engaging characters. So get primevalized!
on jan 1, 2011 on bbc america this hit show is coming back.
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on August 18, 2009
Handsome Male Lead: Danny Quinn, you are doing it wrong.

Sorry, but Primeval without Stephen was bad enough, but Primeval without Nick? No, not cool. Very much not cool. We stuck around until the cliffhanger end, the very annoying cliffhanger ending since the show has been cancelled and will possibly be sold to America to be completely re-done, but once Dougie was no longer the loveable Nick Cutter the show took a very large nose dive. If you already like Primeval, you're going to pick this up regardless, but new people, be warned: this show has a habit of killing the people you love, or even like, and it certainly doesn't stop in this season. Not by a long shot.
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on February 16, 2012
Primeval is far better than I expected, a fantastic romp, deserving better treatment by BBC. After a long day's work, it's relaxing to watch Primeval's dinosaurs run amuck, and the teamwork of ARC. This underrated series deserves far better than to have had Seasons 4 & 5 fall off the grid. Rex is wonderful, and the whole cast does a bang-up job. Hannah Spearritt is a fine actress, better than most LAers, and all the cast is excellent. Primeval, Vol. 2 (Series 3) features great writing, like the "haunted house" episode, and the wonderful Tony Curran as a medieval knight fighting a dragon in modern-day London. Curran is another underrated U.K. actor, who stole the show in Doctor Who's Season Five as Vincent Van Gogh. Juliet Aubrey is superb as the gleefully bad Helen Cutter. Meanwhile, Primeval isn't even in re-run status, while American "X-Files" (however good) gets airtime. Primeval is a blast. Enjoy!

BBC finally has released Primeval Seasons 4 & 5 as old-fashioned, regular DVDs, not just Blu-ray, for us human dinosaurs! Series 4 and 5 are available, it turns out, in the badly labeled Primeval: Volume Three. It was released Jan 10, 2012. "Primeval: Volume Three" actually is REGION 1, Season 4: Episodes 1-7, and Season 5: Episodes 1-6. Many fans are upset, as the product description made us think this was the old Series 3 here, in Volume 2, and that we had to buy the U.K. version of Seasons 4 & 5 to get anything past Series 1, 2, 3 of Volume 1 & Volume 2. But Volume Three isn't Series 3, it's the NEW Seasons of 4 & 5!

For those of you going through Primeval withdrawal, you also might enjoy: Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Story 71). It's the one with the wonky dinosaurs, so be sure to watch the Specials on Disk 2 first, for a great making-of (bemoaning the "special effects"), and an interview with the late Elisabeth Sladen. And it features Jon Pertwee, the closest thing to David Tennant's intense Doctor Who. Primeval's excellent Andrew-Lee Potts should be given a chance to reinvigorate a new Doctor Who.
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on February 20, 2015
The show is great and get you continue to watch episode after episode.
But it was suddenly taken off from the PRIME membership list with no
notice in advanced.

What happened to Amazon ?!
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on August 25, 2013
Primeval is a show where portals to the past and future open up and allow anyone or anything to traverse its way through to the other side. Hows that for a premise to a show? The story-lines are well thought out and the characters develop nicely. The show is very entertaining and has it's moments of greatness. Volume 1 contains seasons one and two. Both seasons together only make up 13 episodes. Now, BBC could have sold each season separately and charged a lot for each one, they did not. They combined the two seasons to give us a fair amount of episodes for our money. I applaud them for that. There are a total of 3 volumes that make up the whole series. My only complaint is that the 3rd volume does not contain the webisodes that are a prequel to the 4th season. But, they are easily found on youtube. The show does not hold with the traditional main characters must survive to the next episode. As you will see main characters die in this series or disappear. *****SPOILER ALERT**** The show starts out with the discovery of what they call anomalies (doorways into the past or future) and our first main character ends up creating a team to investigate these anomalies, with ulterior motives, he wants to find his missing wife. At some point he finds a camera with her picture in the past along with a campsite that has a dead body (not his wifes). In the next season we discover his missing wife is alive but with an ulterior motive of her own. As the series progresses we discover that she wants to destroy all of the human race to make way for a new dominant species to take over the planet as we have destroyed the planet in our future. She eventually kills her husband when he goes back into a burning building to save her, but that takes place in the third season. The new leader of the team ends up killing the wife at the end of that season, but ends up stuck in the past. By the 4th season most of the original casts sans 3 people have been replaced due to being killed off or lost. I am not certain why the writers did this but it lends a certain reality to the series. In that, anyone can be killed or lost. Two of the lost members do return and eventually regain their place on the team. By this time, the organization that tracks the anomalies is being co-run by a scientist played by Alexander Saddig (Dr. Bashir from Deep Space nine). Here he plays a very different character. ****Spoiler Alert Over****

It's a great show, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction, or anyone who is just interested in a look at what might happen if our past present and future merged through portals that show up randomly and in the strangest places.

Ralph J. Fitcher
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on January 5, 2015
There are 10 episodes on this DVD set (a little pricey). There are English subtitles for the hearing impaired and a couple of extras. I was a little surprised that this series keeps getting rid of some of the prime characters. In "season 1", when they entered an anomaly, they "changed" the past (which altered things when they returned), but even in season 3 that still hasn't been explained (they never mentioned what they inadvertently "changed"). I liked most of the creatures better in this season. The special effects are really good. Very well done show.
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on April 22, 2016
The series is centered in London where there are "Anomalies" or breaches in time. These can be to the distant past or even the future. These breaches allow creatures to pass through. To deal with with these events the government has set up an agency called ARC. Season 2 starts with head scientist Alex Cutter dealing with a space time paradox that only he remembers the previous continuity especially the fact that Claudia Brown has ceased to exist and the Season 2 goes from there. It solidifies the notion that changing the past can mess up the present. One thing that remains consistent is the use of the Wilhelm Scream effect in almost every show. As I said it's a British series so a season only has 8 or 10 episodes and it is free with Amazon Prime so it is easy to binge watch. I really liked this series. It's fun to watch.
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on June 8, 2016
I first ran across this show on Netflix a few years back and loved it. While there are parts where the science geek in me has to suspend reality, it is a great fantasy world to get lost in. Great casting, gripping story lines and awesome CGI animals. The only point of the entire series I don't like is Helen, but that's just me.

When the program was no longer offered on Netflix (angry face to BBC) I decided that I would start ordering the DVD sets. Well worth the expense in my opinion. I will certainly be getting the rest of the collection over the next couple of months. But I know what I'll be binge watching this weekend.
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on October 29, 2014
I really enjoy the acting and really obviously fake monsters from alternate world. Something about this series just appeals to me. The interplay between Cutter/Helen & Stephen and also between Connor & Abby. The best and funnies actor has to be Lester!!!!!! I love how Ben Miller comes across as non caring and tough as nails when he is really just a softy.
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