Customer Reviews: Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call
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on January 10, 2012
This product is compact, well made and well thought out. Ample clear volume and easy to use remote control with omni directional speaker adjustments. The cammo design is very good and well applied giving the speaker a reliable hidden effect when in the field. The many choices of calls and quality of them is excellent and gives me confidence to play them in any of the chosen hunt situations. There is nothing to be embarrassed about when showing this to friends or playing it in a real hunt situation. The range of the remote is adequate to allow a reasonable distance from you to keep prey from associating you with the sound source. I have always used mouth calls and decided to incorporate an electronic call to accompany my own wind driven efforts. After an exhaustive search and much research into the different calls available, the Alpha Dogg was a no brainer. Although, the smaller unit, Turbo Dogg was a close second. Partly my decision was made because of the involvement of Randy Anderson whom I have grown to trust and admire for his contribution to this sport. I'd obviously recommend this product to anyone who wants a good bargain and a reliable, effective call.
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on February 9, 2012
Got the Alpha Dogg call several months ago. Was debating between the latest FoxPro calls but couldn't believe how much they were asking for them. The Alpha Dogg is hundreds $$ less than the FoxPro and performs as good if not better! Small enough to fit in a small backpack or hand carry but loud enough to be used in the widest open of ranges.

The volume of the Alpha Dogg is great! And from of the review I have read on other sites better than some of the FoxPro calls. I had this call on it's middle setting and it was still loud enough to call across an open field into the wind. At the loudest settings it could be used in the open prairies with ease. And the volume is adjustable on the remote at any time. The Alpha Dogg is very portable and has directional speakers to cover every avenue of approach. The Alpha Dogg also has built in legs to get it off the ground which fold up and help to protect the side speakers when not in use or while transporting.

The remote for the Alpha Dogg is much better than any I've seen from Fox Pro and very user friendly. It's back lit with adjustable lighting. Large display and large buttons and shows the length of time calling and remaining in the call sequence as well as list the different calls in order on the a preset expert mode and shows which one is currently playing. The range on the Alpha Dogg remote is listed as 200 yds and I can verify that this is indeed true if not a little understated. There are numerous calls on the Alpha Dogg and even a few routines that are setup under the expert hunt modes that have varying calls as well as moments of silence and varying volumes built into the routine.

Overall impression: Outstanding Call! Biggest and best bang for the buck. Great Features, Great Volume, Excellent Range on the remote and numerous calls available on the Alpha Dogg as shipped and many more that you can download and install yourself.

Highly recommend!
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on March 21, 2014
I popped 2 foxes within 20 minutes of using this call on the very 1st use around 4 pm on an overcast North Texas Spring day.

I originally complained about the remote display being too bright, but a couple of gentlemen left comments on how to dim the backlit screen so now I'm good to go!
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on December 18, 2012
I went with this caller seemed to give the most bang for my buck, first two stands just played with the sounds 1coyote each stand, couple of days later 3 stands 9 coyotes called using the expert hunt mode, ive made 10 stands called in 13 coyotes I think those are pretty good results.
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on January 6, 2015
I don't write reviews. However, two days ago I killed my first mountain lion while using this call. I'm now very confident in it. My one caveat is that you have to be mindful of replacing the batteries as the call will sound poor if the batteries begin to run low (speaker distortion). Also, you get the most volume for your battery life at around 50-60 on the volume level. Above that you really burn your batteries and I think it's loud enough to scare off anything that comes in close enough to shoot. Lastly, you'll hear any distortion much much sooner when using the higher volumes. Even when the batteries are still somewhat fresh. (Especially if you're hunting in 10 degree weather like I have been).
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on February 3, 2012
For the record I think Primos makes very good products. I own a lot of their mouth calls, turkey calls and other products. I orginally bought the Turbo Dog and was very dissapointed in the a product...remote wouldn't work any further than 10 yds away from the call. So I upgradeded to the Alpha Dog. The design is very nice, the calls are clear and crisp. The remote worked much better and I tested it in the Wyoming mountains at 50+ yds away and it worked fine. The issue I had with the unit is that right out of the box the side speakers never worked. One of the big reasons I liked the design of this unit is because the side speakers gave you a larger calling perimeter. After field testing both of Primos electronic calls I just got the feeling that Primos doesn't have the experience in electronics to make a good call or the company they contracted to do the electronic work for them in China is ripping them off.
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on March 13, 2015
The question on everyone's mind: does it bring in coyotes? Answer: Yes. Yes it does. Now, on to a more nuanced review.

There are a lot of pros to this caller. First, is cost. You get an awful lot for a good price. It comes with 75 sounds, 6 full "Expert Hunts" and has a lot of ability to customize use to suit your tastes or your hunting and calling style. I love that you can build your own hunt/calling set and just let it play. It's loud and the sounds are not only good, but they work. The first time I used the call, I called in a coyote. The second time I used it, I called in a mating pair of gray foxes who were so interested in what they were hearing, they came in about 70 yards downwind of me and still hung around, milling near the area of the caller. They continued to hang around until a coyote came in. Both hunts involved a mix of the "Expert Hunts" and my own sound choices. (Your experiences may vary. I was hunting in locations known to have predators there and scouting is key to good hunting.) The call seems well built and smartly designed. I love that I can change the direction of the speakers to customize how I broadcast calls The remote is really nice. It's easy to use and customizable as well. (One negative reviewer said that the remote is too bright for night hunting and he's wrong. First, you can change the screen to a "night" mode and, second, you can dim that night mode so there is hardly any light coming out of the remote. I wouldn't hold it up to my face, but it's plenty dim enough when you're hunting at night and you have a red light beaming at your quarry.) The unit isn't really bulky and comes with legs that not only protect the cone-speakers in storage, but lift the caller up off the ground so you won't have to find a way to elevate it. You can upload more sounds to it and it holds upwards of 1000. The battery life is good. Invest is some high-quality rechargeables (with an mAh of 2300 or higher) and you'll like what you get from the battery life while you keep your costs down.

I'm not entirely convinced that the speakers handle certain high-pitched calls well at high volumes. This is particularly true of the two side cone speakers. There is a plus side to this negative, however. First, the caller is very loud to begin with and you're probably not likely to be using it at troublesome volumes (over 70 on the volume "knob"). Second, you can change which speakers you use and I found that the center megaphone speaker sounded better when handling the calls at a high volume. This might concern me if I were going to be hunting coyotes on 1000 acres in big wind. Where I hunt, a volume of 40 is plenty loud enough to bring them in. Others have complained that the process of buying and uploading new calls to it is kind of a pain. I sort of agree. While the process of registering and buying and actually downloading isn't too bad if you follow the very detailed instructions Primos gives, there are some things that could be fixed about the process. Namely this: you have to flip back and forth between the sound shopping page and the PDF list of sounds already loaded on the device so that you don't purchase one that's already on your device. It would be nice if Primos flagged the calls on the shopping page, but they apparently are OK with making money off of accidental purchases. Be careful with that. Oddly enough, while copying files to the machine, it told me that there was already a file by that name in the folder on the device. Well, I went and copied--WITHOUT replacing the existing file--and sure enough, it's the same call but with different names. (e.g. "Interrogation howl" and "female interrogation howl.) That's poor file management on the part of Primos. With other calls, they just copied without prompting me to copy or copy and replace.

So far, I love my Alpha Dogg. Five stars...with only a few minor footnotes.

UPDATE, 3/16/15: I contacted Primos 3 days ago about charging me for the same MP3 call because it had a different name. They refunded the money for that particular call. The caller has developed clicking noises during the tracks. I researched that and came across a few others having similar problems (search "clicking" and "white noise" with "Alpha Dogg" and you'll see what I found) and their experiences with Primos varied. Some bad, some OK. In one case, a rep said it wasn't a problem. In another, a rep said it's a problem and replaced the caller. Well, I washed my hands of it and started researching Fox Pro callers. The Alpha Dogg has already been sent back. I'm not going to pay $230 for clicking and crackling sounds on a caller. There are lots of Primos products I like. This isn't one of them.
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on September 9, 2014
I am a skeptical person and always wonder exactly how items work in the real world. I am happy to report that this call works great. I am new to coyote hunting and used the preprogrammed hunts and this call has called in coyotes every time I have used this. Also called in some deer with fawn in distress. The remote control i have used it at about 50 yards worked great can't report on further distances. Battery life is good and the call is loud enough to be heard a long distance. As I said I'm new to coyote hunting and have killed a coyote on every hunt so that has to be contributed to the call. I would recommend this call to anyone
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on March 12, 2013
I tried to crank this up in my living room and almost could not stand the level of noise when turned up close to max. It was very loud and clear. I was shocked at the clarity at the higher volumes. The unit folds up into a compact unit and the remote stores on the back with a secure connector. The side speakers fold back and the sides/legs fold up over the side speakers. The side speakers can be angled to direct the sound in one or multiple directions. The remote worked fine from about 20 yards. I was able to figure out the menu system without reading the instructions. I also added audio fines on from my PC by simply dragging and dropping to the Primos folder when it was connected to my PC. The Pro Hunts are great and take the thought out of what to do or how to combine calls at the right intervals to get the best results. I'd like to see more Pro Hunts available for more species. Overall I would highly recommend this system.
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on February 6, 2015
For the money I excpecte higher quality sound, instead it is very scratchy and squeally. Also, the range and line of sight to communicate with the remote is awefull. Also, this unit burns thru 8 AA batteries after 2-3 trips, if not changed the sound quality worsens yet.
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