Customer Reviews: Primos Truth Cam 46 Camera
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on October 2, 2010
Well about two weeks ago i purchased this camera... it was much much better than my Wildgame innovations s2, until it went insane:
I came out to check the pictures and it had 15 (3burst shots, brought the SD card up to the house and had lots of nice night photos on it... brought the sd back to the camera. loaded it and went to arm the camera and it starts taking pics w/o counting down like its supposed to, so i went into it and tried fixing settings but it takes pics about every 5 seconds so you cant get anywhere... it now just freezes the screen and takes pics... i even turned it upside down on the floor and you can hear the faint click it makes about every 5 seconds... anyways working on that with Primos ATM, hopefully i just got a dud. so your wondering why i gave this a 5 star review at this point, well here's why:
-Takes awesome night pictures!
-Trigger time is very fast... birds can't even escape it's grasp
-it is very simple to use/set up and has lots of wonderful options like shot bursts and adjustments to how many LED's you use
-Battery life is awesome, 2 weeks in the woods and its at 96%
-Day pics are even better than the night pics
-Camo- nice when all the black ones tend to draw thieving paws' attention
-Pre molded hole (i'd recommend masterlock's python)
-i also like that it counts down from 30 til' it arms so you have some time to figure out if its where you want it ( my WGI just kind of goes into sleep mode so you shut the door and run i guess)

Cons (other than the obvious):
-There is a click when the shutter opens... deer seem to only notice it if they are within 5 ft.
-The mounting strap idea is absolutely terrible! i wish they'd tossed a couple holes in it for bungie straps like the WGI has
-I dont know if it effects anything, but i did notice after rainfall the bottom lip of the camera tends to have water drops there that gather... wasnt an issue for me at least.

Overall- great camera wish they'd put a bit more thought into the mounting of it because im not buying their bracket for [...] bucks, hopefully that will come on the next model, and if they make the shutter silent it will be the perfect cam for the money! i'd Recommend this to anyone... really the click isnt that bad and ive only had 1 3-burst shot where a deer looks up from 1st shot and runs in second shot (although the deer was probably 2 ft from camera). looking forward to the one Primos sends me for the one that broke. Don't be put off by the click... Get this camera-its the only one you'll ever buy!

-Edit, Got my new one and it's working brilliantly, 2 nights resulted in 81 pics, very nice night pics and caught a squirrel on the move during the day, quick shutter speed :)
-Edit: After 2 straight weeks in the rain there's no water on the lower lip of the new camera, wondering if thats why the other one broke, either way, its still working great :)
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on December 12, 2010
This camera has worked well for me. With rechargeable batteries, I've taken 429 photos in a week and still had 50% of the battery life left. As for the external power port, I tried it, but the battery didn't last as long as the internal rechargeables did! If someone has a solar panel the external power might be a good option.

The camera is sometimes slow switching between day and night photos. At dusk the photos are sometimes too dark and at dawn they may be white(I have another brand that does the same thing). However the trigger speed is very fast capturing animal movement easily.

One thing I don't like is the limited delay choices for taking photos. There is only a 1 minute delay and 30 minute delay option between shots, none in between. Other cameras I have offer a 5 and 10 minute delay.

Overall, this is a good camera. I've used it now for 8 weeks and captured some great buck photos!! I would definitely recommend it to a friend!!

Dan R.
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on September 19, 2011
I have 2 Primos 60 that have been in the woods for 2 solid years and have worked flawlessly. I needed 2 more and decided to go with the 46 because I set the 60's down to 5mp. Now here is the ticket to set them up. I have the swivel mounting brackets so I can get them up about 8 foot off the ground then go on Ebay and get you some ammo pouches cost about 3 bucks a piece on Ebay and 6 volt 4.5ma or 5ma battery's cost about 12 bucks they fit perfect in the ammo pouches 2 drywall screws through the pouch into the tree and your good to go. I also have solar panels that 2 screw in the tree for mounting to keep them charged. It is a little bit of a expense but after it is done all you have to do is check your sd card no maintenance at all. and the camera being up in the air tends to not spook the deer at all since they are more worried whats on the ground. Really haven't had any deer ever even look straight at the camera after the shutter goes off on the first picture. Seems like putting it 8' up takes care of the inferred lights and the shutter click also the sticky fingers might not be looking up. These cameras have worked above my expectation. You read reviews and find people that have great luck with the product and some that got it out of the box and it's junk and they will return it and not get another one to give the product a chance. From what I have read Primos will go above and beyond to try to stand behind their product. We live in a world of Hi Tech electronics and I am sure not 1 of us has not bought a gadget that did not work or was total junk so that being said Take my word these cameras for the money are great. Hope this helped as I hardly ever write reviews but wanted to give my input in the product and my mounting.
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on September 14, 2011
I own 10 of these models and absolutely love them.

Picture quality - is very good both day and night. I would say great but RECONYX cameras are great picture quality. That being said, I would pick this camera over the RECONYX due to the much more economical cost. I even like them more than my cuddebacks. I am able to see everything that I need to with this camera. I like the 5.0mp shots because they give just enough detail and zoom ability without using as much memory as the 7.0 and 10mp cameras. The night shots one the TruthCam35 are horrendous but the extra resolution on this one is just what you need.

Battery Life - I have to agree with the other reviewers that battery life using the D cells is lacking. However, if you buy the Steroid Battery Pack (or make your own) then you have greatly increased battery life and the ability to recharge. In the course of a season you actually save money so I don't even use the D cell batteries anymore.

Reliability - very few problems with these cameras when treated properly. If you put them in front of a feeder then move the camera a bit closer and turn the sensitivity down to low. When the feeder heats up in the sun, it can trigger the IR sensor if a breeze comes through. I believe this is why many get "ghost" pictures. I have never gotten a single empty shot. If my cameras are not over a feeder then I keep the sensitivity at normal. I did have one camera go bad this year but I will get to that in the customer service section. A few of my cameras took over 50,000 pictures last year and they are runnning wonderfully. One issue with these is that they do not need to be left out 12 months. I forgot one camera in the field last year and came back to get it and it is the non functioning camera. The battery plug and sd plug are at the bottom and do not give airtight seals. Condensation (im in high humidity Misssissippi) got in the camera and caused some issues over the course of the entire year. This is not a problem if you take care of your equipment like you should. It was my mistake. I only mention it because I do know some like to keep their camera's out all year.

Design - I saw a review wishing they had the bungee cords instead of the straps. I couldn't disagree more. I love the strap as it gives a very secure hold and can go around very small and very large trees. My options opened up a good bit without having to deal with bungees. The size is still larger than the small AA powered models but it's a non issue to me.

IR - This model does not have the IR shield but the deer don't seem to mind. Occasional ones get scared at first but they always come back to the food. I put out cameras 6 weeks prior to the season so the few that are bothered adjust quickly. I leave the settings on all 46 leds because I like the range. After seeing the Truthcam 35 model I do not intend to ever turn down the setttings.

Customer Service - I would give 6 stars here if I could. Primos is a wonderful company. The camera that I left out and broke is being replaced as we speak. I called Primos and told them what happened, I even told them it was NOT under warranty. They gave me a return number and said they would replace it. How awesome is that? Cameras go bad all the time and having a company take care of you regardless is very important to me. It's nice not having to worry about replacement costs.

Overall - If you are looking for a very good camera then here's your ticket. First camera purchasers or experienced ones alike will love this camera. When you can buy 2-5 of these and get almost the same quality as the top tier cameras it's a no brainer. Trail camera's give diminishing returns with price. When you can already see every detail about a deer why spend $300 more just to see those details a tad bit sharper at 20x digital zoom? Primos found the sweet spot with this model.
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on September 26, 2010
I've been using my new TC46 and would like to comment on it.
I selected the TC46 because of it's "better than most" construction, it's 46 LED's, it's high level of features and the name Primos on front.
- Programing is easy
- Triggering seems to working well
- I like the seal design on the TruthCam.
- Easily lockable

- To make it function properly, I've had to use all the 46 LEDs and 5.0MP settings.
- With these settings, battery life is poor.

After placing the cam at my hunting location, the next day I was delighted to see over 60 pictures registering on the readout. While I had the sensitivity too high and got some nuisance trips, I had over 20 pictures of "blackness". That was even with the 46led setting. This is unacceptable since it should of at least picked up a tree at 5' away. I have gotten good night pics from the cam on other evenings. It looks like night pics at 50% battery are not possible because that's the reading I had in the morning. 50% battery is only a couple weeks of life, if that. I emailed Primos and I am waiting to hear their response.
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on January 17, 2012
Camera worked fairly well for about a year. That is when the electronics went haywire and it is now a brick. I sent Primos two emails about the problem months ago with a detailed description of the error message I was getting and they didn't bother to respond. I did a google search as well, the Google search showed I was not the only one to have this problem but there was no fix to be had and serveral folks also indicated no response from Primos. Crappy customer support and a shotty product. Don't waste your money on this camera.
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on January 16, 2012
The Truth Cam 64 was easy to use, and I'm impressed with the photo quality.
Each picture displays the moon phase, temperature, date, and the time.
I'm one of those people who obsessively looks at prices and photo samples and reviews on multiple sites and all that research lead me to this camera. I am pleased with my choice.

To set it up initially you insert your own SD card, install four D-cell batteries, then use up/down arrows to set the date/time and other photo options. For example, I told it to take photos in bursts of three because I'd rather delete extra pictures than miss an opportunity, and I had it use all 46 LED's at night, because I'd rather use the batteries up than miss a shot. However, if I was going to leave the cam in the woods for months instead of a couple weeks I'd reduce the flash to conserve the batteries, and perhaps reduce the burst to one shot to save room on the SD card (if I expected several hundred triggers).

I should mention that the Amazon listing currently says that the cam, "Supports up to 8 gigabyte SD card" but the instruction manual (copyright 2011) on my Truth Cam 64 (model 63020) says that all Truth Cams now support 32 gigabyte SD cards (I bought mine on Amazon in January 2012). If you put a 32GB card in this baby you would have a hard time trying to fill it with photos. Sweet!

Using the camera is easy too. Simply strap it to a tree, turn it on, push the RUN/WAKE button, close the cover, and stay out of its way. It does a 30 second countdown before it'll start taking pictures.

My game cam has taken pictures of me and couldn't tell it was snapping pictures, however, deer seem to be looking at it when it takes a pictures of them so they know something is up. It does not frighten them off by any means. I think they just see the activity light.

Personal recommendations:
1) If you want to check the photos but continue using the cam, get a second SD card. That way you can trek out to the camera, swap SD cards, and head home for viewing.
Heck, if your camera uses and SD card you can save a few bucks by swapping it out with that card.

2) For security's sake take advantage of the molded security cable hole and buy a security cable. I got the Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable on Amazon. This will let you lock it to the tree. Of course, anybody with time, tools, and determination can still steal it, but it will deter casual theft.
Without the security cable (or a security box) people can unclip the strap and carry off the camera in seconds.

3) If you fill out the registration card they give you a 180 day warranty, but if you fill out the registration online [...] they upgrade that to 1 year warranty for free. Plus, it saves you a stamp.

UPDATE: I have used the Truth Cam continually in the field now for six months. I have had to change the batteries one time, and my second set is now at 60%. Considering that it is *always* running and has taken around 4,500 pictures (some video too) I think that's pretty good.

I had mentioned that I couldn't see lights when it took pictures, but that was in bright conditions. I have approached it in the evening and I can see the red motion detector light come on and the green light as well, and when it takes a night-vision shot you can see the 46 LED's give a faint red glow.
The deer looked at the lights for the first few months, but now they seem to ignore the lights completely. If you're trying to take a picture of people I think they might notice it at night if they look directly at it.

I am very pleased with my purchase, and would still recommend the camera to anybody. The camera has taken pictures of deer, raccoons, squirrels, a couple bobcats, and a coyote. It also has pictures of dogs, cats, and family members.
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on October 31, 2011
I purchased this camera as a tool for hunting. The camera and IR flash work well. I would say that the picures during daylight hours are very good. As with other cameras in the price range, night pictures are good. If you down load them to a program that allows you lighten the background the are in the great category.
The one thing I did observe was that some of the LED icons in the menu have disappeared. You can still tell what the menu reads but I think that a camera such as this shouldnt be missing any of the icons after only 2000 pictures.
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on August 27, 2011
Despite some pretty negative comments, I went ahead and got one of these cameras.

Bluntly, this is an incredible game cam, especially for the money. Don't read into that as though the camera is missing or lacking anything (I wish the video had sound), but I've had tremendous success in capturing moose for our upcoming hunt.. day, night or in between.. all the photos came out great (I'm uploading some to customer images).

Setup was a cinch.. put in some batteries and a SD card and strap it to a tree. I adjusted the settings to maximum sensitivity and 9 shot burst, so yeah, I have a lot of pictures of swaying bushes, but after a month and a half and ~4,000 pictures, the el-cheapo Rayovac batteries in it are still showing 70%.

If you're on the fence, buy this camera. My uncle is going to get rid of his fancy-schmancy $350 camera and buy a couple of these ones, since they simply out-perform his, hands-down.
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on November 25, 2011
After searching many game cam listings and reviews, I purchased this unit to capture wildlife activity around my home. I had nothing but troubles with this unit from the beginning, and I'm very sorry I didn't return it. For starters, the unit doesn't always trigger reliably when it should. Sometimes, in broad daylight at close range, the unit would not always trip (maybe 30% of the time). Night triggering is almost non-existent, although the few times it did snap the night photos were actually pretty decent.

Here's the really bad part - I don't know what the trouble is with the snap timing on this camera, but even though there would be many pictures on the card, none, I mean none in 11 months had even ONE thing of interest in them, except for me pulling the card out or putting it back in. That's with obvious deer signs (droppings and tracks) within just a few feet of the camera. I can only assume that the deer triggered the camera, but were out of the field of view before the snap occurred - very disappointing.

Finally, the unit eventually quit turning on - not even with new batteries. I found if I brought it indoors to "warm up" it would start functioning again, and then cease to work after a day or two. What good is a trail cam that is that sensitive to temperature and moisture? I mean it's supposed to be used OUTDOORS. In the end, nothing would resuscitate the unit, and it wound up in the trash - replaced with a Moutrie unit that thus far, is far superior. I couldn't even return the unit to Primos, because even though I'd gone through their online registration when first purchased, they had no record of it.

I can't discourage you enough from considering this cam.
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