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on December 7, 2010
This is by far the best camera I have used. I have both a stealth cam and a moultrie, and the truth cam takes much better pictures, (especially at night...the 60 LED's really light everything up) and the set up is very easy. I have had the truth cam 60 out in the mountains (in very cold weather) for about 3 months and the battery still shows 50%. I love it, and will definitely buy another one.
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on April 11, 2011
I purchased one of these about 2 months ago.

Pros: Takes great daytime shots. Only triggers when something is in front of it. Sturdy construction. Long infrared range (with fresh batteries).
Cons: Sub par nighttime shots (very grainy). Goofy rubber boot over sd slot. Missing most usefull timeout settings (5, 10, 15?) and pics per trigger (2). Lousy buckling system (could not tighten strap).

I nearly returned because of the nighttime quality(you can see what is there, you're just not going to be framing any of the shots), but decided the quality of the triggering made it worth keeping. First camera I've had with no false triggers, EVER! Nearly double the infrared range of the Bushnell trophy cam. The timeout settings is not that big of deal. Have it set at one minute. 5 or 15 would cut down on a lot of the shots of the same squirrel or turkeys though. The rubber boot over the sd card slot works, just seems like it might fall off after a while, and it's on the bottom of the camera, so it's always wet after any rain or snow. I don't know why game cam manufacturers can't make a decent mounting system. The adjustable side of the buckle would not hold the strap at all unless I inverted it so the strap bound against itself (not easy to adjust like that). The slots are too big for the strap and there are no grippers and the angles are wrong. I replaced with a generic buckle from my local Fleet Farm (in the camping section), and that holds the strap perfect. And has any of them ever heard of elastic or bungee? That would make things a lot easier. All in all, a pretty good camera. Could have been a great camera though, with a few modifications.
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on February 8, 2012
I bought our first Primos Truth Cam 60 on August 29, 2011 from Cabelas. It is mounted on our fence next to a major game trail all the time and consequently takes oodles of pictures. If I leave it up without checking it for a month, I usually will have 1000 - 1200 pictures on it, taken in 5 shot bursts. I'm telling you this so you realize that it is in use and out in the wet cold Oregon weather all the time, taking pictures day and night nearly every day.

This review is actually for the second Primos Truth Cam 60 that I bought from Amazon on January 4, 2012. Yes, I liked the first one well enough to splurge for a second..

(1) Battery life is quite good considering the amount of pictures it takes. Both cameras are always set on the full 60 LED setting. We have had the first camera set up for 3-4 months and when I checked it two weeks ago, the batteries were down to 20%. Both cameras are set to take 5 shots at a time, then a 1 minute delay.
(2) There is nearly always something in the pictures. It very rarely takes "blank" shots. I even had five pics of either a mouse or a chipmunk one time. I almost didn't even see it, it was so small but the sensor on the camera saw the movement!
(3) The memory card is very easy to get out and put back in. The slot is in the middle on the bottom and has a rubber plug.
(4) The batteries are also easy to remove and replace.
(5) The hole in the case where the cable lock goes through is nice and sturdy.

(1) On both cameras, they will occasionally take nighttime pictures that are so dark you can't see the subject unless it's right in front of the camera within 10 feet. It's like there is a thick fog or the LED's are not working properly. Sometimes there will be 20 dark shots right in a row (4 five-shot bursts) with hours in between each burst, sometimes only one dark five-shot burst. This problem is very intermittent and I can't figure out any reason for it. I've checked for fog, cold, heat, rain, low battery, SD card problems, and dirty lens but I have yet to find anything conclusive. The first Primos I bought seems to do this far more often than the one I bought here on Amazon. However, it doesn't happen very often... maybe 5 shots every 500 pics or so... sometimes more, sometimes less. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for it that I can find.
(2) The rubber plug/cover for the memory card gets wet and holds water in it. I'm adding this as a "con" but to date, this has not proven to be a problem... yet. It just doesn't seem like a very good idea to have the top of the upside-down SD card sitting in dampness.
(3) This might not be important to some, but there is no tripod-type hole in the bottom of the camera for a mount. Our first Trail Cam was a Moultrie i40 (piece of junk) that could attach to a fence post via a mount. We still have the mount and would have liked to use it on one of these cameras as it worked great. With that said though, it isn't difficult to hook it to a post even without the mount.
(4) A slight annoyance on only the second camera we bought: the door is quite hard to get open and shut. I'm always afraid I'm going to break it. The first camera's door opens and closes perfectly.

You might be wondering why I bought the second Primos Trail Cam 60 considering all the cons I listed... The main reason is because after researching every single trail cam I could find both online and in stores, there aren't ANY without problems of one sort or another! Some of the extremely expensive ones ($400 and up) may not have quite as many cons but they still aren't perfect. Plus, who wants to put an expensive piece of valuable equipment out in the woods on a tree (locking cables can be easily cut) for some thief to either steal or wreck? It would be bad enough to lose a $150 camera as it is.

If we ever buy a third trail camera, I will do my normal research at that time, but will probably end up buying another Primos Trail Cam 60. I don't think there is any better trail cam out there for the price.
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on September 27, 2011
I have had the Primos 60 for 2 months now, and have been pleasantly surprised by the clarity of the photos. I have mine set to 7 megapixels, normal sensitivity and full LED output. I have had the Primos 60 out in all weather conditions, including heavy rain, and the unit functioned perfectly with no water penetrating the case. The batteries have lasted nearly a month on constant, 24/7 usage. We have captured several shots of 10-14 point buck, coyote, fox and numerous other critters. I am very pleased with the performance of this unit.
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on September 14, 2011
It claims that it only takes 1.5 seconds to come out of sleep mode into record mode but I tested this and it's more like 3 seconds which may not sound like much but it can easily be the difference between great pics/vid and just seeing the rear end of animals as they go off screen. Also, the .3 second gap claim between videos isn't accurate.

My camera has a half second "freeze" on all videos at about the 4 second mark. Not a huge deal if you are only using the camera to see what animals are going where when but I like to make youtube videos of the animals so the freeze is annoying.
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Update 21 January 2012: I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they contacted the company, who wasn't answering my emails. This week I received two new cameras, and a return-mail UPS label to send them back the old ones. I'm happy to have new cameras, and hope they last longer than the first ones did, but I'm still angry that their warranty is "limited" meaning you normally have to pay $20 to have your camera repaired or replaced. This wasn't spelled out on their website or on Amazon BEFORE I bought the cameras. These are great cameras as long as they work, but good luck if they stop working. I would not buy these again just based on the poor warranty and poor customer service. I'm leaving my review at 2-stars, since the dispute was settled. Caveat Emptor!
January 6, 2012:

I am leaving my original gushing review of this camera so that you can read about how much I loved them when we first got them. They were purchased in July 2011, and by December 2011 both of them stopped working. We read the manual, checked the batteries, and just couldn't get them to turn on. I contacted Primos to ask for a return authorization, and after several days I received a reply. With the Return Authorization came their instructions to send $20 each for repairs. It says right on their website, and here on Amazon, that these cameras have a 1-year warranty. Mine worked less than 6 months and I am not willing to pay $20 to cover what should have been part of the warranty. Two emails to Primos about this have gone unanswered. I will update this review after this issue is settled. Until then, I'm dropping them down to one star, and might contact the Better Business Bureau too.

Original review:

I read a hundred reviews before buying two of these Primos Truth Cam 60 game cameras. We wanted them partly to keep track of who comes on our land without permission and partly to watch the wildlife. We put out a salt block to attract the deer who live in our woods, and mounted one of the cameras nearby.

We collected the disc today (after 5 days) and were amazed by the pictures! All of the deer pictures were taken at night, since deer like the cover of darkness for feeding. But we had 20 clear B&W photos of deer at the salt block. Two photos showed the deer looking directly at the camera, so they must have noticed the red infrared light or some slight sound from the camera but they weren't spooked by it. The camera took clear nighttime shots up to 30 feet away. There were a couple of daytime shots where we didn't see any animals in the frame, but the pictures themselves were crystal clear and in full color. I posted two of the photos from our camera - you can see them if you look at the photos under the main camera photo on the description page.

I like that the camera is camo colored, so it blends in with the surroundings. It comes with a long belt that can be strapped around larger trees. We are considering buying a locking cable for the camera, in case anyone comes across it in the woods. It also has rubber covers over the disc port and the USB cord port, which protects the camera from rain and dew. There's a button to set when you are ready to turn on the camera that gives you 30 seconds to get out of the way before it starts taking YOUR picture. It comes with a user's manual that explains how to set the date and time, and how to set the sensitivity of the camera so it doesn't take photos of blowing leaves. If set properly, it will put the date, time and moon phase on each photo to help determine when the camera was triggered. It runs on D-cell batteries, which were still fully charged after the first series of pictures we retrieved today. You will need to buy a flash memory card for the camera - I suggest 8 GB Sandisk because it will hold all the photos your camera can take. Perhaps buy two cards so you can switch them at the camera and bring the full one in to view the photos. There is no way to view the photos on the camera.

I love this camera! It's just what we needed and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a mid-priced camera.

Edited 10/10/11: Be sure to register your camera online with Primos, to activate the warranty! There's a number inside the camera door that is specific to your camera.
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on March 3, 2011
I use this to capture the construction in progress on my property - it does EXACTLY as you would expect it to. I have it hanging on a tree and there is easy access to replace the batteries and sd card - by using the picture instead of video format - the batteries are lasting longer and it does not fail to pick up whatever has triggered it's motion sensor, as I have these pictures taken unattended. Once I'm on site, I know the video portion will work as well - a friend of mine used this product and talked me into it - they use the video portion to catch the wild-life and it does a wonderful job as I've seen their posted videos. I'm extremely happy with this product.
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on March 7, 2011
Did much research before buying this camera.Have been using the camera now for one month and getting good results. I use the sensitive setting and it will pickup a squirrel or raccoon at 15 to 20feet. Difficult to read the screen during daylight.I am using the video option. I throw dog food in front of the camera and even the deer stop to investigate.
Satisfied so far.
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on June 2, 2015
Difficult to understand menu system. Instruction book and instructions printed inside case cover are no help. Eats D-cell batteries very quickly even with default settings. Photos are mediocre and I got lots of photos with nothing in view. I moved it around to different locations and it just got worse and worse about false triggering.

WORST OF ALL, it quit working completely after using it for about 18 months. Given how hard it is to setup and use, it's going in the trash instead of back to the manufacturer for repairs. I don't need the hassle. I have 2 Bushnell and 1 Reconyx and they are infinitely better.

Not recommended.
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on March 24, 2011
I own several trail cameras and upon taking this one out of the box and setting it up I was pretty impressed. The LCD menu is very easy to navigate to setup the camera, it has rubberized covers that go over the memory card slot to keep moisture out, when activating the camera on the trail it provides a 30 second countdown timer which is a great feature, the pictures even tell you what the temperature was outside when the image was taken. The problem that I had with this camera is after leaving it on a trail for 2 days, upon my return I found the memory card nearly full with over 2,000 photos, apparently taken anytime a twig moved in the wind, and the batteries drained down to 35%. No animals were captured, just wind. I'm going back out to adjust the sensitivity levels to low (and install new batteries) and will post a reply to this review if that helps or not.
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