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Color: BlackPackage Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My experience with the Primula Tempo ended after 4 days of use due to a long crack that developed in the glass beaker. The crack was not due to mis-use as I will explain.

I want to be clear that in my review I "compare" it to a Bodum French Press that cost about $10 more than the Primula (at the time of my review, November 2012.) However, my rating of 1 star is not how well the Primula "compares' to the Bodum, it is based on the fact that this French Press is of poor quality and craftsmanship regardless of its price.

I have used a French Press to make coffee for years. It's one of my favorite ways to make coffee primarily because it makes an excellent cup of coffee with a minimum of equipment. Before the beaker cracked, the Primula Tempo made as good a cup of coffee as any French Press would make. The filter did as good a job as other French Presses I've used in keeping the grounds out of the coffee.

I do not find clean-up of a French Press to be as much of a chore as some people make it out to be. Although Primula claims this is dishwasher safe, I hand wash the beaker after each use; less chance that it will hit something during the dishwashing cycle.

The French Press that I've used for years is a Bodum. Naturally, I compared the Primula Tempo to the Bodum since it was a convenient point of reference. If you are interested in seeing my review of a Bodum French Press which includes instruction on how to make coffee in a French Press you can see it here...

Here is what I discovered in my experience with the Primula French Press:

-Overall, the Primula Tempo is of a lesser level of quality when compared to the Bodum.

-The glass beaker in the Bodum has a capacity of 34 oz, whereas the capacity of the Primula Tempo is 32 oz. That is not useable capacity but the maximum amount of water you can put in the beaker to fill it to the very top.

-The Primula Tempo glass beaker feels fragile. The glass beaker of the Bodum weighs 284 grams vs 245 grams for the Primula Tempo. Although the Bodum beaker is 2 oz larger in capacity, the thickness of the glass is greater and that is a difference you can see and feel.

-When I compare the visible glass quality of the Primula Tempo beaker to the Bodum, The Primula Tempo glass has visible vertical lines in it and does not seem to be of an equal quality to the Bodum beaker.

-The Primula Tempo mesh filter is of a thinner gauge wire and feels less substantial. The wire mesh filter in the Bodum weighs 5 grams, whereas the Primula Tempo filter weighs 4 grams.

As with any glass French Press you are not to use boiling water. The water should be just off-boiling. When you pour the hot water into the beaker you should give the grounds a stir but never with a metal utensil. Only use wood or plastic otherwise you risk scratching, chipping, or worse, breaking the beaker. I have used my Bodum French Press for many many years. It's still going strong. The Primula Tempo beaker cracked on me after the 4th use. I did not damage the beaker due to mis-use and used the practices I've discussed.

I have contacted the company that distributes the Primula Tempo (Epoca International) to get their response and will amend my review once I've heard back from them.

The Primula Tempo is Made in China.

UPDATE: 12-4-2012 : I have tried several times to email someone at the company and so far have not gotten a response. I used their website contact form and also an email address that I found. So if you also want to count "customer service" as a criteria an whether you want to order this, the lack of response speaks for itself.

UPDATE: 12/6/2012 - I finally received an emailed response from the distributor and they are sending me a replacement beaker. I'll update my review as necessary.

UPDATE: 12/10/2012 - I received the replacement beaker today. It is flawed. There are at least 3 or 4 sharp bumps of glass on the inside of the beaker and several apparent scratches in the glass. When washing the beaker by hand the glass bumps scratch my skin. The scratches on the glass will weaken the glass and eventually could cause this beaker to crack as well. Total crap. I am reducing my review to 1 star. This is a very poor quality French Press.
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on August 12, 2015
I bought this French Press knowing that it was maybe not the best, but based on the 4 out of 5 stars it would work adequately. However, after a couple weeks of use, it developed a crack in the bottom and spilled hot coffee all over my work desk. I examined the bottom, not able to find the crack, but it made a noise telling me something was loose. I eventually popped the bottom out to examine it and saw that it was made of thin glass, unlike the sides, which were thicker (see picture). If anything, the bottom should be the thickest because that's what's going to have the most contact with other surfaces. Will buy a better one next time.
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on December 18, 2012
Color: BlackPackage Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've only owned one other coffee press, a Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34-Ounce, Black which I've enjoyed using for a couple of years now so I'll use it as a comparison point.

This coffee press makes 6 4 oz. cups of coffee, which is about the equivalent to 2 standard American cups of coffee. The large flat knob on top of the plunger feels sturdy, which I like better than the small round ball on the Bodum. I've found this press just as easy to use and clean as the Bodum.

We have used this coffee press nearly every day for the past two weeks and I haven't seen any signs of rust. We have been hand washing it and haven't put in the dishwasher. I don't put the Bodum in the dishwasher either even though it's dishwasher safe too. I feel by hand washing these, it extends the life of them since my dishwater has a high temperature wash cycle which will start to dull plastics.

The glass isn't very thick and has the same thickness as the Bodum. This press is made of borosilicate glass as is the Bodum. According to Primula's website, borosilicate glass is made to withstand extreme temperatures, temperature changes like going from boiling hot water and adding ice, and is used to make European Pyrex dishes.

I couldn't find any information on whether the plastic on the beaker is BPA-free so I'm going to assume that it isn't. The Bodum is BPA-free.

After two weeks of near daily use, I have had no problems with this Primula coffee press. The coffee made with this coffee press is just as great as the Bodum. This coffee press is the perfect size for an individual or two and for the price of 10.00, it's worth it if having a BPA-free products isn't a requirement.
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Color: BlackPackage Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I get two mugs of perfection from this little press. So let's say what the ad should say: It holds about 28 ounces liquid--just under 4 cups and shy of a full quart. The glass is a standard 32 oz. chemistry grade glass beaker housed in a plastic outer casing with handle. Borosilicate glass takes the shock of winter room temperature and boiling water like a champ. I am glad the manufacturer used this high grade glass rather than anything cheaper, if you remember chem lab. And because it is glass and easily cleaned, this same press can as easily be used to brew loose tea. Just be sure to pour all the tea after 5 minutes to prevent bitterness developing. The size is quite portable, good for trips, the office, school dorms, after a quiet dinner and anytime you might want a cup of coffee without a lot of fuss. After you pour, a quick rinse cleans the mesh and beaker; grinds remove just as easily.

I dial back on my burr grinder Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, Black (SEE: my review) to get a medium to coarse grind. You do this so the fine mesh on the press works to trap the grinds underneath and does not clog. The tightness on the press seal keeps the ground down and out of your cup. I'll report back on how well this critical mechanism holds up with daily use. Out of the box it is as good as it gets. Tight and precise, the results are five stars. I hope after five hundred presses I can say the same. All of the quality comes down to the build of this simple mechanism. Out of the box I see and feel no design flaw or build weakness. Balance the price against your expected life for the press and go from there.

The rest of the success of a fine cup of coffee is brew method, which you probably know. A French Press is an easy way to get top results from your beans. I use 5-6 rounded tablespoons of medium grind for this size press. I steep the grinds for about 5 minutes once the water is added and stirred. You can adjust the strength by varying the amount of grinds in the pot. Or, if you prefer more bitter flavor, extend the brew time.

The proper temperature for brewing coffee is near boiling, say, 200 degrees. So I put my kettle on to boil, and when I get a gentle roil, I pour directly onto the loose coffee in the beaker and with a little altitude to aerate. Electric tea kettles give a nice steep temperature. Most coffee makers brew too cold, leaving half the flavor behind as the water makes a single pass on more finely ground beans and the result to my taste is disappointingly watery.

The piping hot water across loose grinds steeps the coffee, like tea. Just remember to stir before you let it steep. The religious will use a non-metallic stir. I pull the plunger up against the top of the cover in the full upright position and place on top the beaker to cut down on heat loss. Use a TALL tea cosy while steeping, especially in cold rooms. Or you can swaddle with a dishtowel.

When time is up, depress the plunger. The grinds magically are pressed and trapped at the bottom and no longer mix with the liquid. You can do many movie scenes for the entertainment of guests. Pick your favorite demolition. For the advanced ham, you can announce to the guests, a la, Alec Guinness in The Bridge on River Kwai -- "What have I done".

Should you prefer a cold brew, then let the water steep overnight in the frig and plunge. I am happy with the price, ease and results and recommend this Coffee Press for a good cup of coffee.
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on February 17, 2015
This is my second time ordering this product. The product has broke both times, this time after only a couple weeks. I hate to leave a poor review, however I cant find anywhere on Amazon to contact the seller and notify of the problem.

The place where the shaft meets the screen has dislodged, so where the screen now just floats above the coffee and doesn't stop the grinds. I didn't complain and repurchased the first time, however I genuinely think I have a defective product.

I would love to speak with the seller for a way to return/get a new product. I really do enjoy the product when it works correctly
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2013
Color: BlackPackage Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Brewed perfect coffee quickly, with very little grounds in my coffee mug. The glass is fairly thick, and the mechanism works smoothly. The whole thing fits together well.

I have used coffee presses before, and I was leery that this one wouldn't work as well because it was a cheaper press in terms of cost. However, I was impressed as it works as well as the more expensive presses I have used. There isn't much more to say. I bought this to take on trips, so I could drink my own coffee instead of having to drink weaker coffee. It works perfect for this function! I would buy it again, unless it breaks easily, but only time will tell.
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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2012
Color: BlackPackage Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this press through Vine so I could have a second press for times when my other is in the dishwasher. This press says it is for 6 cups, but they mean the cup size that comes with fine china. First, it holds 28 ounces of water if you fill it to black decorative ring at the top. Filling to that level will get you two standard mugs of coffee, plus maybe a half a mug more. Filling it to about a half inch below that top balck line gets you two mugs worth. The mesh filter at the bottom works but is flimsy in comparison to more expensive presses like the Bodum, so I am concerned that it will wear out quickly and allow grounds to get through. I made a direct comparison with the Bodum's, which is quite firm. In addition, the lid is not notched like the Bodum's so it spins. This of course means you need to make sure you line it up properly in order to pour without a mess. I personally prefer a bit larger press, but if you only need two mugs of coffee this press can handle it. I will post a picture that shows it next to the 34 ounce/8 cup Bodum press so that it is easier to see it's actual size. Overall, it works fine, is an inexpensive alternative to a Bodum press, and did not let any coffee grounds through.
review image
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2012
Color: BlackPackage Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I originally ordered this for use with loose tea and herbs because I do not like messing with tea balls or filling tea bags. I thought it might just be easier to mix a blend directly into this pot and use the press feature that way. And it did work perfectly for that. I have so far tried it on an orange blossom/ whole leaf white tea blend and a much smaller cut chamomile herb tea... they both turned out beautifully. No floaters or bits to pick out and cleaning up from this was so much easier than a tea ball. I used the enclosed scoop for my tea and it worked out fairly well. Plus I loved watching the tea infuse to the perfect color in the clear glass beaker.
The box claims this is a 6-cup pot, but the side of the box defines a "cup" as 4oz, so in reality they expect you to make do with 24oz of liquid, even though the carafe actually holds several ounces more than that.

Everything comes apart for cleaning. The beaker slides out from the handle, but it is not necessary to remove it for cleaning. I have washed this several times in the dishwasher and it has been fine. The press also screws apart into 6 pieces for cleaning but I think that would not need to happen very often. See my photos.

** HERBALISTS.... After I got to looking more closely at this product I decided to see if I could modify it a bit to decant some echinacea tincture I made. I am always looking for a way to avoid the messy cheesecloth squeeze and I think this coffee press has done the trick for me.

Here is how I did it.... I dumped my jar of tincture mix... herbs and all (1 pint, 50% alc, aged 6 weeks) into the glass beaker. Then I unscrewed the parts of press and placed the lid off to one side. I put the press back together exactly as it was *except for the lid*... I did this so that the plunger could go ALL the way down to the bottom of the beaker instead of stopping just shy of the bottom. I then started pressing the echinacea and pouring the resulting liquid a clean jar. I think I got as much liquid out of the herbs using this technique as I usually do just using my hands and cloth.
Then I emptied the used herbs out of the beaker bottom, poured the strained liquid back into the empty beaker, swirled it around, put the press plunger back in and re-strained the tincture again.... just to make sure all the tiny herb bits were out. I poured the resulting liquid into amber dropper bottles, labeled and stored. Washed the whole thing out, then reassembled the press as it was before. It was the perfect size for this job and absolutely NO mess... I'm happy.
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on December 15, 2013
Since college started i've become a coffee snob. I switched to fresh grind and french press about 3 years ago during my first semester of college and will never look back. I've used multiple sized bodum and other brand french presses. This one has lasted several months and makes a fine cup of coffee.
For best results:
1. Boil 1 liter of water
2. Grind coffee fresh and coarse while water boils
3. Allow water to cool to 180F degrees.
4. Dump grounds into french press
5. Slowly pour water over grounds
6. Stir once
7. Wait 4-6 minutes (longer for more acidic taste)
8. Press very slowly, it should take about 30 seconds to make a complete plunge.
9. Clean with warm water only, rub the inside out with a clean hand under the faucet. Never use soap or a sponge.
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on June 21, 2015
The day it arrived, I used it right away. A few hours later, I was cleaning it out, patting the bottom to shake out the clumps of coffee grinds, and sure enough the glass bottom broke out. That's when I realized how thin the glass really is.
review image review image
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