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on May 8, 2013
I decided to go with this stove after reading the one and two star reviews for similarly priced Coleman stoves, even though this stove doesn't have many reviews behind it. I read some reviews about it on another website and they seemed to vary, but it sounded better than Coleman for the price. I decided to try it out before actually taking on my camping trip having seen people having problems with other stoves straight out of the box. Even though something is new, still seems like a good idea to give it a test run..and no better time than a hot evening when one doesn't want to cook inside :D

Similar to another customer, one of the tabs to the windscreen had to be slightly tweaked to align it with the slot on the windscreen. Really easy, not really even a concern. The burner control works beautifully from just a faint flame to full-bore, with no problem keeping the flame adjusted to every level in between. A little problem I had after using it the first time, the burner position warped slightly after cooking on it, but I was able to adjust it back into position pretty easily w/o any problem. Otherwise one end of the burner flame will be closer to whatever you are cooking so be sure to watch for that. The piezo twist ignition worked fine the first time, however the next day (perhaps because I had to readjust the burner position) I had to twist it a few times to light the burner I had cooked on. Then I turned it off and turned it on with the first twist. Weird. The other burner (which I didn't use to cook on) lit instantly every time. Also, the very first time lighting the burners, it took a few seconds for the flame to encompass the burner. Probably just a first time usage thing. The other website where I found reviews said main problems were trouble lighting and temperature control.

Overall a good stove as far as I can tell by the trial runs I have given it before my camping trip. I only made a couple of grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches on it, but it grilled them perfectly...tasty :) Only complaints I have is the slight warping of position of the burner when initially used (easily fixed), the carrying "handle" is a rectangular cutout in the bottom of the stove, and it is currently not easy to find a bag on sale specifically meant for this stove. However if one notes the dimensions of the stove one can easily find a bag to fit the stove. I found the "Camp Chef Carry Bag for Mountain Series Stoves" fits this stove perfectly. (link:
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on October 7, 2012
So I got this stove recently for car camping type events. I could have gone with the green brand but the equipment snob in me saw this and just couldn't turn it down. Build wise it's made pretty well and is very sturdy. All of these things are made from pretty thin sheet metal so no matter which one you get it is what it is. One of the wind screens on mine didn't quite hook onto the lid hook the way it's supposed to but I put a little micro bend into the tab that holds them together and voila, problem solved. This one also has the built in piezo lighter which works most of the time. On the maiden voyage this weekend I had to use a match once to get one of the burners lit. No biggie I suppose but there it is. The grill is very beefy and the knobs do not feel flimsy. The built in carry handle could use a little better design. I guess it's in keeping with the general square edge feeling of the whole unit though. Weight wise it's pretty hefty. It definitely doesn't feel like a piece of junk. Finally, how well did it cook? (or how well did I cook??) Well I'll say that I've never eaten so well on a camp-out before in my life. I used both burners at once for the evening meal yesterday and it performed flawlessly. We also boiled an infinite number of kettles of water....and it boils them very quickly. And after the whole weekend (two nights) I still have fuel left over in the bottle! I don't know about the fuel efficiency of any other brands of these things but this one is superb. Two bottles of propane will take you quite a ways with it. I guess the btu output is accurate. It definitely has some cooking power and I was able to dial back the burner to get a really good simmer. Finally, I suppose one of the things that swayed me to get this one is that this unit comes with a short hose adapter so that you could hook it to a 20lb canister or the small fuel bottles without having to buy an additional adapter.

So to conclude. I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could. Small mark offs for the wind shield tab not fitting correctly and the piezo not being 100%. Like I say, small stuff. Nice beefy stove. Doesn't feel like a toy. Miser with fuel. Great heat control. And it's not the same stove that everyone else at camp has! I would definitely buy it again.
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on December 21, 2012
We used it on a two week camping trip in October, cooking for five. It has lots of room for two big pots. Good flame control. The automatic starter worked well. At our local propane supplier we bought the converter attachments and a 1 gallon refillable propane tank rather than using disposable bottles and that was very efficient. Bottom line, it might be a bit more expensive than, say, a Coleman but we have none of the complaints we read about other products either. Highly recommend this Primus.
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on August 12, 2013
I admit that this review might be premature, but the details are fresh in my mind. I bought this stove to camp with this past weekend, and we just returned. If I had to sum it up in one word I would say: adequate.

The build quality of the stove is okay for what it is. All of these stoves feel flimsy, and frankly they are. But that's the price for being able to lug around a 2-burner stove. They need to be rather light, so I can accept that. I love the way the stove looks, and it opens and fits together perfectly. The burners and the grill look great.

The stove INCLUDES a propane tube and regulator.

The performance seems to be the only real down side to this stove. Unfortunately, I can't compare my experience to any other stoves, but maybe you can. Here are the issues:

1) It is nearly impossible to attain a "low" heat setting. I have a coffee percolator that demands low heat after percolation begins. It was extremely difficult (bordering on impossible) to achieve this without getting a flame-out (no heat) on either burner. I would consider this stove to offer heat settings between medium and high only.

2) The control knobs feel "rubbery" or "spongy" when you turn them. Meaning, when you turn them to a specific setting and let go, they will rotate back in the opposite direction a few degrees. The knobs appear to be under tension, so you have to turn them past your desired setting and let go.

3) Both of the burners (but mostly the right one) exhibited some strange gas-flow/ignition problems. This will be difficult to explain, so bear with me.

Upon initial lighting, both burners run fine. However, if you try to adjust them too low they will flame out. Upon re-ignition they will light, but something will be different! Suddenly the burner will be quite loud, and the central part will begin to glow bright red. It's as if some gas is being ignited underneath the burner inside the unit. Turning the burner up all the way will not clear the problem, it will only increase the noise.

When the burners are running normally they will only emit the slight "hisssss" that you might expect. During this abnormal operation, they sort of "flicker" and "crackle" like a flame blowing in the wind. I suppose the burners will still work in this mode, but they become much noisier and I'm not sure if they are safe.

So that's that. I'm going to keep this stove, but I'm also going to send an email to Primus asking them about this noisy burner issue. Let me know if you have any questions.
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on September 2, 2013
The build quality is very good on this stove and it works just fine. I was surprised by how heavy and rugged it is. Easy to set up and use with ample room for large pots. Sometimes, you have to turn the starter more than once to get it to ignite, but this is typical for a piezo starter. Recommended.
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on August 26, 2014
WARNING - great stove EXCEPT; burners may accumulate a white ash inside...very difficult to get out. When this happens, a backup can occur causing gas to escape from the nozzle air inlets and ignite inside the base. Happened to us and burned the table underneath, the igniter wires (burned rubber stinks!) and seized up the valve knob. I'm awaiting a response from Primus on this issue.
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on May 8, 2015
You would think this would be better than the ones made in china, very disappointing swedish crap.
The entire thing is made of very, very thin metal, I could squeeze it with my hand and crush it.
The control valves are very spongy feeling, most likely they use cheap o-rings for the sealing,
and the flame control is horrible. The ignitor never worked at all.
I returned it because of the poor quality.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon February 23, 2016
I love THIS STOVE!!! I have owned the "Green" stove (Coleman), you know the brand sold everywhere BUT this stove is built much better in my opinion!! I feel this is made of thicker metal than others I have used PLUS Primus is a top of the line brand in the camping world anyways!! Even though I own both brands, this is the one I always take!

1.) Primus Products ARE NOT MADE in CHINA!! Not the US either but Sweden.. Mine was built in Sweden, says so right on the stove
2.) Built MUCH better than Coleman in my opinion
3.) Boils water in 3 minutes.. Much QUICKER than Coleman
4.) AWESOME burner control.. Much more sensitive than other brands.. I can turn it down VERY low
5.) Auto Light - Works great most of the time, sometimes though, I still have to use matches.. Not an issue really

1.) As with all gear, please test it BEFORE you need it.. I always open and test my gear at home before a trip
2.) Take matches with you JUST IN CASE!!

Overall: I have no issues with this stove.. My wind screens line up perfect unlike a few reviews BUT these are made of sheet metal so I can see how some might have to make slight adjustments.. The temp control works perfectly even though I have read reviews that this stove runs hot.. I have no issues with mine, I can turn it down very very low!.. The quality of this stove is simply Amazing and much better than Coleman.. I love Coleman stuff, but this stove beats theirs hands down.. Keep in mind, the price is higher than Coleman but one thing I have always learned with camping gear.. Quality comes with price sometimes!! I highly recommend this stove to anyone looking for a nice camping stove
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on July 2, 2013
This stove is amazing! It heats a large soup pot of water to boiling as fast as a gas stove at home. The only problem we had was that the automatic ignition feature didn't work at times, so be sure to bring a lighter just in case. We previously had a Coleman, and this beats it hands down.
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on May 26, 2014
I'm writing this because within the 1 year Primus warranty the plastic shaft of the igniter (red knob) snapped off. Not due to rough handling; just twisting it for a spark. I wrote to the Primus service center ( about my problem, even offering to pay for a new igniter. Received no reply. The stove itself works OK; but now I have to light it with an external flame. I don't like the plastic shaft; I don't like the lack of reply from Primus.
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